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This is more of a concept at the moment than anything, but it seems Magus is probably the best class for performing combat maneuvers. Arcane Accuracy, Spell Combat + True Strike, and would have the Int for Combat Expertise anyway.

I'm not saying throw everything into maneuvers, but maybe getting expertise or improved something every so often, maybe with the bonus feats, seems promising.


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I have a level 12 whip master magus and he trips and disarms like a include a large 8 legged construct...

So yes they are nice. I took the maneuver arcana-trip, imp and grtr trip, and a dusty rose ioun stone resonance power. With my combat expertise penalty included, I have a unbuffed +26, can still up my weapon by 2, haste, bard buff, heroism it can be close to 33-35 which gets most medium creatures on a roll of a 2, and many large creatures that can be tripped I can squeeze it under 10. I have successfully tripped a huge creature when I got enlarged.

yeah whiping tripping magus is realy cool as lvl up you can deliver touch spels at range so it becomes an awsome way of spell combatting

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