Crazy Cat Lady

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Witch archetype. Or possibly feat or even prestige class.

Replace normal familiar with a cat swarm. If dispersed, takes X amount of time to regroup and return to the witch.

Any ideas to help flesh this out?

Id rather try druid. Just replace rat swarms with cat swarms. Spell component is some catnip. :P

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That summoner archtype with the multiple Eidolons

Umm, Mad Dog Barbarian Archetype, from Animal Archive. With a cat swarm as your War Beast.

I just bought an army of foxes when I wanted to be a crazy fox guy! Who cares if their familiars or not, I had an army of foxes to drive my DM insane with!

Mechanically there are probably quiet a few ways to do it. Personally, I don't think an army of cats would really be that overpowered, but to be fair I've never seen a cat swarm...

Andrea1 wrote:
That summoner archtype with the multiple Eidolons

Why not be both?

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Crazy Cat Lady
You like to surround yourself with multitudes of small creatures

Prerequisites: Familiar class feature, tiny or smaller familiar, do not have Improved Familiar, character level 5th
Benefit: Your familiar immediately joins with hundreds of others of its kind in a swarm. Apply the swarm template to your familiar. If the swarm is dispersed, as long as at least one member of the swarm is still alive it will seek out more creatures of its type. The swarm will reassemble on its own after one week if you have not tried to call another familiar.

Scarab Sages

Now I need to get a ferret swarm into my game somehow.

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