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The Inquisition forces have faced down the might of Chaos twice no, defending the besieged Hive of Secundas Inisdias from a brutal strike by forces dedicated to the God of Plagues, even defeating a corrupted Astrates. Their next task led them to the hospital ship the Sigilite's Grace which had suffered an attack by cultists. A strange plot that saw the ship's Gellar Field turned against it, forcing it to drag part of the realm of Chaos into the material world. The Acolytes were able to purge the corrupted crew and machinery from the ship.

But the victories have come at a cost. Only two of the Acolytes remain in the service of Inquisitor Darvidia Eliza. For the next task more will be needed. Evidence of a cult has been found on the Hive-World of Piety. If the Inquisition's hand is seen, the plot will vanish into the night parades and mutant population. A subtle touch is called for before the Inquisition can strike...


OK, so we're down to but two characters in this little game, and the Inquisition needs more [s]warm bodies[/i] righteous servants for the cause. The original recruitment and the game itself can be found Here. The current complement is Lothar, a Noble Guardsmen, and Vasyl, Scum. A third player has recently dropped out and may return, but we'll assume not for now.

This is a first edition game of Dark Heresy, to be clear.

Each player has a total 1800xp, plus the 400xp a starting character gets that isn't added to your rank.

You will have an additional six months of funds for your equipment. Feel free to sell of anything you don't need.

All the standard classes, plus the Sister of Battle in the Inquisitor's Handbook, can be played. Alternative ranks can be taken with permission, as some of them are a little whacky.

Backgrounds are also acceptable, although a max XP of 400 can be spent on them.

For a bit more flexibility, you can arrange your stats to your needs.

Thank you and have fun.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Khatapesh was as it always was - hot, dusty with the sands from the deserts, filled with noise as thousands of people went about there business under the watchful gaze of the Patcmasters and their representatives.

It was filled with potential unlike every other city in the world - the potential for an almost limitless profit or an almost limitless fall. The game was knowing when enough was enough and the ledge was too thin for your talents to navigate. And to make sure the ledge crumbled under the opposition while remaining firm beneath you.

Khatapesh was, therefore, the perfect place to find the equipment, manpower and expertise needed to bring the Mithral mines near Khalharum back into service, and to securing the valuable mines themselves. They were distant enough from Khalharum that it was going to be a significant challenge.

But Mithral was one of the most valuable materials known, and there were likely other things in those mines. The risk was high but the potential was higher still.

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Talk about stuff here! Because things.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The voice of Kara Louise comes over the radio, smooth and slow. "So let me tell you about a little town called Shadow Creek. It's a nice little town, about 50 people. Gina's Diner does some pretty tasty grub. But the odd thing is? There's been a lot of folks disappearing on the road nearby. Now, we all know things get a little odd around Mutton County, but I'm hearing people are really concerned about this one. The Police are looking into this one, but I think people should avoid the road between Shadow and the capitol. Well...most people. Maybe a couple of folks with some special interests can take a peek. But remember, don't interfere with a police investigation."


The little village of Shadow Creek has earned the name by being in the lee of the cliff nearby. The centre of town is the heart, including Gina's Diner, a small police station and a few other expensive looking shops. Even the diner seems to be surprisingly upscale. The houses are pretty nice. And yet the town is very quiet. The few people that you can see are moving quickly, looking nervous.

The town feels scared.

"Evening now folks, you're listening to me, Kara Louise, and it's time for the Witching Hour. Now I know a lot of people don't believe in the strange, the odd or the spooky. But everyone in this neck of the woods has seen something a little odd. Heard a strange story they wouldn't believe from anyone but friends or family, may be seen something you can't quite explain. Maybe you should ring in later, talk about it on air. Share the chills"

"But first, a little news for those of you, maybe a little cookier, maybe a little wiser, who think you know what's really going on. If that sounds like you, there's a little town off the beaten track. Back in the woods away, a few dozen families. Had a little hunting trouble a couple of years back. Know the one I'm talking about? Good. Then maybe you should head out that way when you have a spell, because a little birdie tells me they need a bit of help out that way...and now, for everyone else, a little music."


Welcome to Darkened Thresholds, a Monster of the Week game. You will play a Hunter, someone who protects humanity from the things you only see in the corner of your eye and can only hope are your imagination.

The basic premise of this game is that you are Hunters, defenders of humanity against the things the lurk just beyond seeing, the ones who solve the events others write off as weird quirks of fate or bad luck. It's not an easy job. It'll probably kill you. But there's no one else who can do it.



Actually creating a character for Monster of the Week is a relatively simple, easy process that's also partially communal. As a result of this I'm going to start by looking for concepts, rather than characters. The more you can provide and the better idea I can get of the character you'll make and the kind of player you are.

One thing to note is that, at this point, nothing is set in stone. If things change during the creation process that is fine.

With that, let's get to it.

Name: Fairly obvious. Or, perhaps, not. This will likely be the name the character is known by in the game world, but it might be a nom de guerre or a title rather than there birth name. If they had a birth name.

Concept: Just a couple of paragraphs describing the idea behind your character. Perhaps you're a reformed cultist seeking to atone for the wrongs you committed? An assassin who took out something supernatural and dedicated your talents to saving the world? Something called on to this layer of existence with a job in mind?

Possible Playbook: You can find details of the 12 base playbooks Here, and several other possible options are mentioned Here. It should be noted that each character will have a different Playbook, but that a concept can often work with more than one - a succubus could use the Monstrous or the Changeling for example.

Creative Example: Because this is such a different character creation, with so much still in limbo at the end, I decided I wanted to see how you guys handle the creative side of the game. So, what I'm looking for here is your addition to the World of Darkened Threshold. For a character aiming for the Professional Playbook this could be details on your Agency, what it is and how it functions. For others perhaps its a place, an area of weirdness that we'll encounter in the game.

This doesn't have to be related to your character, and beyond the idea that the game is set somewhere in the modern-day US (but filmed in Canada) you're free to do what you want.


Frequently Asked Questions (that have never been asked)

OK, so with that, here's a few bits that might also be useful to know.

I've never played Monster of the Week before! I'm out!

Well, I can't stop you. But Monster of the Week is an extremely simple system to play, and I'll be happy to run you through the character creation and the rules. You can read a brief How to Play although it doesn't contain the entire ruleset.

What kind of tone are you expecting?

The game will be semi-serious with elements of tragedy, but pretty much everything I touch has a certain level of humour built in. Not every game will be a race to save people from the monsters, and not everything happy ending with have a grim twist. Think TV shows like Buffy, or books like the Dresden Files.

What do you, as a GM, expect from us as players?

The thing I really want to see in players is good, consistent posting. Posting once a day would be good, warning me about delays when you can, and the like.

More importantly, this game will live and die on story and creativity - and not just mine. This is a world that I expect everyone to actively add to, and your relationships with other players will mean as much as your battles with the monsters. Don't be afraid to engage with characters and NPC's.

Finally, basic literacy skills. I'm talking real basic - anyone who plays with me for five minutes will tell you my crimes against grammar are great and many - but capitalization, paragraphs, full stops and a quick sweep with an in-browser spell check shouldn't be too hard.


Thank you for taking the time to read all that, and I look forward to seeing you folks later.

So, I've been getting into Urban Fantasy a bit recently, and feel like playing something a little different to Pathfinder, so I've been considering running Monster of the Week, a game inspired by stuff like Buffy, Supernatural and the Dresden Files (all three are specifically mentioned) and run using the Powered by the Apocolypse System.

So, first and foremost - it doesn't matter one jot if you've never heard of the game, played a PbtA game, or the like. It is extremely simple to play - you'll never roll anything but 2d6, and I don't even roll that. If you have a concept I'll be more than happy to walk you through how the game works and character creation.

Secondly, this game is a much more narrative based system than something like Pathfinder or D&D - even which Playbooks you choose will affect the story. The Playbooks for the Chosen and the Summoned, for example, suggest a certain level of...apocolypse, which might otherwise not feature in the story.

As a result, I'll be working heavily with players to make the game world and story. Your choices, from character creation onwards, will affect the world.

So...anyone want to make a Hunter and try slaying some monsters?

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The smell of ink and paper dominate the room, the quiet murmur of pen whispering across parchment drowning out the rain outside. There are a dozen things to be done before an Agency can function in Lethe, and far more bits of paper to fill.

But the fees have been paid, permissions have been granted and the final forms are before you all.

The elven Clerk across the desk scribbles a few final lines, and pushes three bits of paper across towards you. Each has a title above it.

What is the name your Agency will be known under?

"A brand is important, after all. People need something they can recognize. A name should be inticing, and if possible advertise what the people behind it hope to achieve." The Clerk clicks there tongue.

Where is your agency's building be located?

"Tradition states that an Agency has a physical office to allow people to find it, and acquire its services, without hunting across the city. Location can be an important factor. A small, expensive office in the Central areas will show you're looking for a higher class of clientelle, whereas a rambling office on the Arch suggests you want to focus on aiding the poor. Most agencies choose a location that fits with there goals." Shrugging, the Clerk adds, "And some choose the oppsite, hoping to tap new markets or simply because they're perverse."

What facilities are within your Agency?

"Some jobs require certain facilities, such as an alchemical lab or holy shrine. You'd be surprised. You can rent such, of course, but if you already have what people need, it pays to show that."

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Heyo folks. Let's get the party started. As you'll see in gameplay, we've got a bit of foreplay to start with - filling out the forms!

Bureaucracy simulator, go!

Basically, you'll be deciding on your Agency name, its location within Lethe and what facilities you start with. The building you have will have 1500gp worth of rooms within it - how you choose which rooms you have is entirely up to you, although the obvious choice would be splitting it equally between the party, or doing so after you have bough certain essentials.

Here is the list such, just use the GP prices.

This is also the time to start interconnecting your characters, who should be at least familiar enough with everyone that you're willing to form a business with them. If you guys want to be lovers, friends, acquaintances or rivals - I'll leave that to you.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The central square of Secundis Insidia is a cavernous place, spanning what would amount to three levels of the Hive if they were with the usual plastcrete flooring and ceranmite floors. Instead, in the centre of the floor and at the heart of the Hive itself is the Basilica Decus, the grand cathedral of the Hive, reaching into the ceiling far above and deep into the roots. Here, however, is the main nave, where each day hundreds of thousands come to celebrate the eternal God-Emperor of Mankind and His great Works. Each stained glass window shows a scene of the Emperor, or one of his Blessed Saints, bringing peace and glory to the Universe through word and deed and sword and fire.

If the Cathedral is the heart of the hive then the buildings on the edge of the square are the vital organs needed to keep it healthy. The Arbites Fortress Precinct loomed to one side, ready to stand against those oppose Imperial Law. The Administratum dominates another area, spanning into the heights like a lesser copy of the Basilica.

The Shrine Mechanicus sits to another - low and long, as though trying to avoid comparisons, and surrounded by servo skulls and Tech Priests. Great exhausts reached out to the walls, where the plumes were extracted of any useful matter before finally being belched from the Hive.

And between these great buildings were the smaller. Shops of every class, from those selling the finest good crafted by the Hive's Magos to stalls selling Soylent Viridian of various textures and consistency - but not flavours.

A grand hotel was no a Barracks for regiments of the PDF and Imperial Guard, with squads marching in and out. If not for the glowering presence of military police, the Adeptus Arbites and even a contingent of Battle Sisters guarding the Cathedral the square would likely be chaos. As it was even the most unruly trooper looked elsewhere for there fun.

Tensions were high in the square, with many speaking in low, hushed tones, high born and low meeting in groups of there peers after service or before stalls. They said the enemy was making a push again, and even with the newly arrived reserves, the defences were stretched. They said that the attack was coming to a final head. They said that Great Houses were moving to Insidias Primaris, and taking their holdings with them. They said that soon the battle would be street to street, hab to hab, and once that happened it would take the Astrates to save the Hive. They said-

It was more of a sensation that a noise, as if the very air was rendered, screaming. It took a moment for the senses to catch up, to understand the gaping hole that now rent the side of the hive, to realize the wave of cool air following the heat was that of the outside.

The South wall was...gone. Jagged edges of rapidly cooling metal, still red from the blast, surrounded the hole that had torn into the Hive's guts. Beyond...a blasphemy. A Titan sized thing, pointing the still glowing barrel of a massive version of the Melta Gun at the Hive, but covered in runes that made the eyes water and the stomach churn. The monstrosity could not be a Titan, however - it was coated in plants and roots, trees growing off and out of its carapace. No smoke rose from the vast machine, and the sound of toremented metal and grinding ceramite came with its withdrawal.

As it pulled away and out of sight there was the sound of air being pulled into intakes as four air craft appeared. Three of them were strangely shaped, wraped in vines and covered in moss and rust and eye watering sigils. The fourth dominated the others and, while coated in the same strange filth, the machine could only be a Devourer Dropship to anyone who had military experience.

It was as the twisted dropship descended at a shocking rate that a voice boomed over the vox, "Priority Notification: All reserves to converge on the Basili-"

The vox cut out with the shriek of a machine-spirit in agony, and another voice - deeper, melodic with a strange gurgle, took its place. "We bring His gifts. From root to stem, you shall know them. The gift of life. The gift of mercy. Free from pain and hunger. All bow down before his name. All rejoice in Nurgle's blessings!" The dropship roared overhead and slammed into the Cathedral door, the smaller ships landing around it. In less than thirty seconds since the outer hive had been breached the enemy began to pour out, the Sister of Battle meeting them as the first screams began...

Hola, boys and girls. Welcome to the game. Now, I know what you might be thinking - we are so not equipped for this - and you're totally right. I promise my goal here isn't to throw you into an impossible situation. More will be revealed as we go.

To be clear, you are somewhere near the edge of the square, away from the Cathedral proper, and the seven of you are relatively close to each other. The how and the why you're there are up to you.

Introduce your character as you will, and react to the situation unfolding as your character would. The next couple of posts are designed to bring you together. Once that's done, things will get a little less rail-roady.

Have fun!

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Heyo folks. Chat amongst yourselves.

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The Imperial World of Inisdias Minoris, deep within the Drusus March of the Calixis Sector, is not an important world to the Imperium. A few small hive cities dot the landscape, several shrines and Cathedrals of some note, but much of its is farmland dedicated to feeding the sub-sector.

But that doesn't mean it's not a target.

It started with rebellion, a small town refusing to give its part of the Imperial Tithe. This was broken by the soldiers of the PDF and the Adeptus Arbites small precinct, but by then the whole region was restless. Several of its neighbours began to rebel, and more forces were call in to quash those too.

This was an obvious thread, and met with obvious force. But the problem with the obvious is you often fail to see what is less so. Nearly half way across the planet, something else had landed...

It has been two years since those first, easily defeated rebellions. Two years since every battle won turned out to be a pointless distraction, a phyric victory that let the Enemy grow elsewhere. Now the Hive City of Secundas Insidias is in danger of being attacked, layers of PDF trenches and the cities own defences standing between the citizens and the enemy.

The planet may not be important, but is part of the Imperium. The Imperial Guard has been dispatched to crush the attack on the planet, and rumour has it that Emperor's Space Marines have sent a strike force too.

All the citizens must do is hold out...

You are one of them.


Hola, and welcome to my run at Dark Heresy. I'm Jon.

The idea of this story will be to follow a story all the through to Ascension level, with a few twists and turns along the way.

The Crunch

You will be starting with 400xp in addition to the 400 you can spend as part of character creation, meaning you're 100xp off second rank.

You may play as any of the classes from the Core Rule Book, plus the version of the Sister of Battle from the Inquisitor's Handbook. You may take alternative ranks with my permission - check with me first, however, as some have unusual or powerful talents.

In addition to your starting gear and funds, you have three months worth of coin as well.

You may also take background packages, although only up to 400xp worth.

Your character may or not be part of the Inquisition at this point, as you prefer. Characters who aren't will be inducted after a introductory adventure.

So, I've got some ideas for Dark Heresy. I was curious to see if anyone was around who might wanna play.

This would be a path of my own creation, occasionally bulked out by pre-written scenarios that I've edited to fit (it takes a little less creativity to do that than constantly come up with all new materia).

Players would start at 400 xp (not including the 400 xp a starting character gets that doesn't count towards you rank) and would have three months worth of cash on top of the starting funds. This may seem a touch generous, but it's nice to have players who survive...for a while.

Fate Points will be recharged at the end of each section, along with XP, although each scenario will likely comprise two or three sections.

Don't get too excited and start forming characters, since this is just an interest check - I'd want a party of at least 4 Acolytes.

Yes, this will be using 1st Edition as I'm not familiar with 2nd. Most resources will be allowed, although nothing too insane - the Crimson Guard, Grey Knights and Deathwatch will all be strictly NPC's in this.

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Talk about cool things here.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

As many stories do, this one started in a pub.

Few of those bars vibrated to the brutal beat of the music, however.

Sanctuary was perhaps more accurately described as a club, but the bar itself was long and solid, a heavy oaken construction stained dark by the years and countless coats of varnish. The man behind, tall with a shaved head and a Northern English accent that thickened when amused, annoyed, frustrated, sad or on a day with Y in it, served drinks to the club goers with skill and occasional disdain for American beer.

Midwinters Eve was an impressive event, and although just days before the more traditional celebrations it was quite the event. Perhaps people wanted to blow off steam before they spent the end of the year in a more traditional setting. Or maybe people simply couldn't avoid a good party. And Valda Simmons threw a hell of a party.

Many wore fancy dress, dressed in the whites and blues and silvers of winter, or dressed as fairies and spirits. Others were simply dressed to party and dance, although anyone with sense chose something warm on the shortest night of the year.

Of course, that was just the party for normal folks...

The second floor of Sanctuary was normally just as packed as the bottom, but today anyone without one of the special invitations was...discouraged from seeing the entrances, or even noticing the second party up above. Even with it, it was an act of will to notice the stairs wells leading up.

Upstairs was...different. Glowing lights danced among the crowd, cool the touch. A pretty girl danced, the gossamer wings of her costume remarkably lifelike and shedding motes of light. You could swear the man acting as a bouncer had a greenish tint to his skin. And the trio at the bar were awfully small...

But the bar was free and the table laid out with food, the music low and easy to dance to. The general gist of the conversation said Valda herself would be out shortly, and everyone was to mingle and have fun.

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Dear Friend

As you know, I, Valda Simmons, am holding a party at the Sanctuary Bar. Because I find you amusing, interesting or know you occasionally reduce those that offend me into something that looks a nasty ketchup accident I am sending you this invite. Remember to bring it because I assure you, you'll miss half the fun without it.

Love and kisses


Good evening, and welcome to Fevered Dreams. The set up for this game is a series of shorter modules, set in the modern day world. The twist is that you're privy to the Other Side, the underbelly of magic that exists within the world.

Fevered Dreams is a modern campaign, set in today's world. Your character is fully aware that magic exists, as they have some of the supernatural about themselves. Perhaps they have no idea as to the wider realities of such things, and perhaps they're a fully trained spellcaster who has been taught to fight the the dark things that prey on unsuspecting mortals. Either way, you're about to learn a lot more.

Because I'll be using a fair few house rules, combined with new background, most of the information is housed on the Fevered Dreams Website to make it easier to edit.

Character Creation


Character Build

Level: 5 plus a CR +1 Template. If you like, you can swap a level out and make it a +2 Template. If you choose a template which increases in CR at a later level we will discuss then any balance issues that might arise. Please note that any level restrictions remain in place, but alignment restrictions are removed so long as it makes sense.
I should note that picking a Template simply to make yourself awesome isn't the best plan here. I would suggest choosing one that fits the character, not fitting a character around a Template.
Stats: 25 points buy. You also get an additional +1 from 4th level.
Race: Any race that can pull off looking human is acceptable. This needs to function at all times, without equipment or duration limits.
Class: Most classes are acceptable. However, classes that walk around with wild animals or unusual creatures may have some difficulty in getting around. The Vigilante is also an effective choice, as most of the game will remain in the town of Fever.
Divine based classes should choose a favoured weapon that makes sense for there personal religious leanings.
Books: All Official Paizo products is good, with the exception of the Sacred Geometry feat. That thing was evil.
Stuff from Super/Rogue Genius Games is fine, with the exception of the Eldritch Godling.
The Spheres of Power rules system by Drop Dead Studios is accepted merrily and even encouraged. Those who have access to the Spheres of Might early access may use it, on the understanding that you will need to update as it does.
Pack Magic by Radiance House is also acceptable.
You may also use Psionics and Path of War by Dreamscarred Press.
Other Third-Party material on request. I will need some way to review it, however.
Starting Funds: $5500
Other Rules: Both Background Skills and Automatic Bonus Progression are in use.
Traits: Two traits, one from the cunningly crafted list below, or three with a Drawback.
I will also consider Christina Style’s Major Drawbacks in exchange for a bonus feat or two more traits, but it will really have to be a drawback for you. No sneakily taking Magically Inept as a Fighter.

Campaign Traits

Arcane Battery
Ever since you were a child an excess of magic has caused sparks in your life. Valda taught you how to master this ability, and save money on batteries.
Benefit: You can recharge electrical items, a surprisingly useful ability, and additional add 1d3 electrical damage to melee attacks.

Business Associate
You have worked for a time with Valda, and it comes with a few benefits.
Benefit: You gain an additional $1000 plus $500 per level at each level up.

Former Student
Modern spellcasters need to deal with a camera in every person's pocket. Valda made sure you know how to, occasionally, you need to be a little more stealthy.
Benefit: Gain 1 Modern skill as a class skill. Once a day you may cast a spell as though you have both the Silent and Still spell metamagic feats.

You know the town of Fever, and some of the secrets within.
Benefit: Gain a +2 to Knowledge (Local) and make it a class skill.

Old Family
Your family has an old connection the Other. Regardless of the situatiion with your family, Pride in your blood stiffens your resolve
Benefit: Gain a +1 to Will, and an additional +1 against Charm and Fear effects.

Touched by the Twilight
For whatever reason you have an odd connection to the Twilight, and can see into the ruined landscape among other things.
Benefit: Three times per day you can see through up to one foot of stone or other material, or into the Twilight.

House Rules


A few final notes and quirks, to scare off those who remain.

Social interaction, both between party members and NPC's is a must. I will occasionally detour into characters personal stories, run one-on-one games and other oddities. Having your character be a 2d poster that only blends into life when there is something to murder will leave you bored a lot, and less likely to be chosen.

One of the things you'll note is that keeping the Other Side secret is a big thing in this game. Yes, I have listed Rocket Launchers as a weapon. And other unpleasant weapons. But you'll need a way to smuggle those through town if you want to use them. The same applies to monstrous, dragon-like pets, glowing eyes, angelic wings...if you can't look like a business man heading for a jog, you might want to rethink.

I will be basing applications on writing and character first, mechanics second. This means two things - one, I won't be looking to fill traditional roles. If the party rolls out with six monks, then the Monks Strike Back we shall play. Create the character you want, not the roll you think I'm most likely to pick, and I'll accommodate the game to make sure the party is at least functional. Secondly, make sure you create a real live character rather than AmNumbers. You might make the finest cluster of numbers possible, but I'm less likely to pick you if that's all I see. I would suggest either the usual Appearance, Personality and History, the 10 Minute Character Background or a combination of the two, but however you think will make your character come alive.

And as a final note, due to the nature of the this game I may be adding additions to the background, skills, feats, etc. Feel free to update and alter your character to reflect these changes after acceptance

So, I've been working on a campaign that's focused on shorter stories. Some will be part of an overarching plot. Some will just be fun little tales. Some will focus on one characters goals or choices. None will be hugely long, probably the same length as a Pathfinder Society module at most although it will vary.

Players will have the choice to take different missions and jobs. Some may vanish if not done, or doing one job might remove another. These will be decided via vote between sessions. In the case of a tie, I decide and get to laugh evilly when it happens.

If I do run this game, recruitment won't happen for a couple of weeks at least (I have a funeral coming up, and then recovering from said funeral) but I do have a few questions for people who are interested.


I'm currently thinking of making this a Modern game. The system would be Pathfinder - magic and all - with the idea being you're all tied into the supernatural side of things. To represent this, you'd be getting templates. Any race that can pass as human would be allowed. Think the Dresden Files.

Secondly, a mirror to our own world with a similar history and society, only magic is an open part of life. This would mean the odd tweak to history - the assassination of the rich and famous is not much of an issue when they can return based on what's in their pockets - and might include tweaking to laws, such as No Raise Dead, etc. Templates may or may not be involved.

Third would be setting it in Golarion, in one of the larger cities lying around. It's my least favorite idea, but also the one that requires the least work, and I know a lot of folks don't like modern settings and such.

Starting Level.

I'm thinking of starting at level 5. Most builds are at least partially online at that point, but Wizards aren't floating around and shooting Instant Death Beam Spam. However, I'd be interested if anyone else had another opinion.


I am planning to use Automatic Skill Progression and Background Skills, because frankly both are cool. I'm thinking of use Spheres of Power, although I'm not opposed to having Vancian Casting as an option. Psionics and Path of War both seem likely, especially in a more modern game. Those who have the Spheres of Might preview would also likely be able to use that.

So...any interest?

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Katapesh was a dusty nation on it's best days, and today was not the best. A harsh wind blew off the Obari Ocean, bringing along with it the desert sands in a constant, irritating stream. Even the high walls the surround the Temple Graveyard can't prevent it.

The Entrance to Zhen's Tomb is in a small orchard, young trees blowing in the wind but cutting down the dust once more. A pond serving as a source of water for the plants sits at the entrance. The Tomb itself is a heavy granite building, it's stone polished and shined but otherwise plain. The great slabs of stone are cut to such perfection that the building requires no mortar, and not so much as sheet of a paper can be pushed between them.

Standing guard at the entrance are two novices of Sarenrae, young initiates of the Temple still in the early days of their training to Paladinhood, and a familiar figure. Wrapped in robes and with only one arm, you recognize the metallic glint of his skin - Redemption.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

It was a week after the return from Elysium that the Kobolds Belkik Kobolds came to Khalharum with a request. An attack on one of their secondary colonies, by of all creatures a White Kobold. The creature, ravenous, assaulted the food stores and killed a number of the guards. Even the colonies leader and his draconic companion were wounded in the fighting.

Having given aid to Khalharum during the assault by the Shattered Glass, the Kobolds had asked your assistance in hunting down and slaying the threat to their people. Recognizing the description, Nigrum Ensis Halfblood went forth to hunt the creature down.

Five days later, and Nigrum had tracked his prey to and old mine a day's ride from the city walls. The entrance, long sealed, had been town in a callous rage and left shattered at the entrance. From the entrance, Nigrum's eyes could see no end to the tunnel. But he knew that the Kobold would also have night vision and an equal advantage in the dark.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

A hot meal, a warm bath and an evening talking to the Dryad Azerna led the young Witchwolf most commonly known as Aibek to a late evening before bed. Locking the door, they climbed into bed, and fell into a slumber almost instantly.

The dream was familiar, somehow. A room, calming images on the walls. A pattern on the floor - the symbol of the Aibeks, hidden among the pattern of the carpet so only those who knew what to look for could see it, woven in blues and pinks and whites. A mirror dominated one wall, catching Aibek's eye - and the image in it was there own reflection, although perhaps not one any who knew the Witchwolf now would recognize.

And behind, another figure. Dark skinned, with eyes closed a small smile on his lips. Armin Aibek. "Hello, Aiday."

So, in a less than serious game I might be playing in, I was thinking of playing a bard. This led me to thinking...what if I created a character loosely based on the BadPiper? Don't know who that is? Then behold his glory and know fear.

There are two main things I can't work out - how to do some kind of damage with both hands occupied by a set of flame-throwing Bag Pipes, and how to create a set of flame-throwing Bag Pipes. Skald would obviously make a lot of sense - if ever someone was going to magically enrage people to acts of violence, it's that guy - but Bard also offers some useful options and archetypes, so I've not counted it out yet.

Hi there, brave Paizoians. I'm Jon. I'm doing a charity night walk to raise money for Great Ormonds Street Hospital, here in the UK. For those of you who don't know, they're a specialist hospital that takes difficult, long term child patients and makes their lives as happy and easy as they can be.

As a father of four, I'm very happy I've never needed their help. Equally, I'd pleased that they're there. If I ever did need that help, I'd want to be available.

Of course, I'm sure you all want to help - and you can. Just swing over to this lovely link and donate as much as you can, or share it on a social media platform.

If all goes well you may even see me get pranked by my work mates. You know you want to see me in a fun hat. It's worth the price of admission alone.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

It is spring of the year 500 A.O.V. (After Our Victory). Seven years after the end of the Fourth Yerasol War, the shipyards in Flint have completed the first Risuri warship powered solely by steam engine, not sail. Your monarch, King Aodhan, has come to Flint to witness the official launch of this mighty vessel. Wooden-hulled but with a heart and skin of iron, the Royal Naval Ship Coaltongue will act
as a deterrent against future aggression from Risur’s enemy across the sea, the nation of Danor.

The Royal Homeland Constabulary has been called upon to provide security, and you have spent the past several weeks working to make sure this event goes off without a hitch—canvassing the docks, performing background checks on the guest list, coordinating with the local police to set up a perimeter around the royal docks, and following various directives of your superiors.

Now, as a warm breeze off the sea mingles the scents of elaborate floral decorations with the pervasive coal soot that always hovers over Flint, you’re at the first of two checkpoints, working with Flint police to let in a crowd of local citizens who just want to line the streets and cheer their king.

A crowd of hundreds wait at a security checkpoint. In half an hour they’ll line up along streets to cheer the king’s arrival, and you must make sure no one dangerous gets through. You can’t just question the whole crowd, however. You need a clear idea of what appearances or mannerisms might be clues that someone’s a threat for the four groups the Royal Homeland Constabulary have identified as the most likely to attempt something - the Dockers, angry about there recent treatment, the Primalists, angry at new industry, the Gale, agents of the Fey and war veterans, angry that the ship's designer is a Tiefling.

You will need a DC 13 Knowledge (History, Local) or Profession (Soldier) Check.:

Dockers are usually burly working men with eclectic fashion.

Primalists have particular hairstyles, wear sandals, and adorn themselves with druidic religious icons.

Fey saboteurs are typically elves or half-elves with impeccable grooming from their rituals, though they often try to hide this by dressing in soot-stained clothes.

War veterans will usually be either in the mid- to late-twenties, or late-ffties/early-sixties, usually in better fghting shape than common citizens.

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So, I've had an idea for a little while where a group of older, retired adventurers who once travelled together are brought back together by something (the obvious idea being the death of another member, but I'm seeing if I can be a little more creative than that) and a problem sticks out;

Getting Old makes Martials even weaker and Casters even stronger, and that's not really a good thing for Pathfinder. So I'm looking for ways to...balance things back a little. I figure that older Martials will have picked up a few tricks.

So far, I've been plundering the wonderful Ancient Classes from Little Red Goblin Games, and to a lesser degree Mature Character Options from the Four Horsemen of Rogue Genius Games.

Does anyone have any resources that could be useful to me? For that matter, ideas would also be appreciated.

OK, so I know that carrying a sword that's only slightly smaller than the hulking brute who wields it isn't a good tactic. I know that it's not the best things for a martial, or at all optimized.

But sometimes, you just wanna make Cloud Strife weep bitter tears of envy.

So I feel like playing a character that can carry a large sized weapon. Now, I don't know who the poor, unsuspecting victim GM for this campaign will be, so I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to take the simplest route and either used a Half-Giant or a version of Monkey Grip from 3.5.

So instead, I suppose I'll have to use the Pathfinder options - the Titan Fighter who gets a -4 to hit and looses a point of that at third, and every 4 levels thereafter, and the Titan Mauler, who takes a whopping -6 to hit, but looses a point at third and every level after.

Ouch. That's a hell of a penalty for 1d6 damage.

So, would the following work - taking a level in Titan Fighter to get Giant Weapon Wielder, and then three more in Titan Mauler to get to Massive Weapon, and the -1 per three levels to using overzied weapons? In essence, would the reduction to the penalty from Massive Weapon work with the Titan Fighter's Giant Weapon Wielder, as with the Mauler? I'm not seeing any reason why it would only cover using itself, but...I'm not a full rules expert.

After that, I'm thinking of using a Oni-Spawn Tiefling with the Superior Clutch trait. Any other suggestions on race would be appreciated, as well as weapon, and feats for that matter. Power Attack might have to be a bit of a late starter on this one...

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The city has been in chaos. Everyone old enough to search is hunting. The hunt for Princess Amberlae has consumed the populace, the desperate pleas of the beloved Queen Ambervash motivating her subjects to the search. And for those unmoved by patriotism, then the reward is more than enough.

Some people have left the city, assuming if she hasn't been found yet then she isn't there. But...ever since she was announced missing, three days ago, there have been sightings of the Princess. Always within the walls of Valeshti. So you have stayed.

For whatever reason, whether the need for rest or the desire to simply eat real food for once during your search, you are at the Gentler Ambler's Rest. It's one of the finer inns, and relatively full, but somehow you've gotten a room to call your own. No one dares approach the castle these days. The Queen is said to send any servant, noble, ally or enemy she sees back into the city to hunt, no matter the hour.

It is late in the morning, a moonless night, when you hear a crashing sound from the kitchens. The chef, overworked and tired, has long since retired to there room but still, someone or something is in there. Perhaps you could ignore such a noise - after all, the Innkeep owns several cats, perhaps one simply knocked something over - but the bellowing roar of pain is more difficult.

On your approach to the kitchen you can hear, something, moving around. The Innkeep - a tall, close-shaved and heavily built human - stands near the door, backing away slowly. As he moves a shape lumbers into the doorway - a massive brown bear, bleeding from several wounds.

Perception - DC18:
The bear wears no collar or symbol, but it does have a heavy golden torque around it's neck.

Male. Mostly. Human. Mostly. Archaeologist

Speak on the things you wish. Play thread will be up in a few minutes.

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The Story…

Loyal Subjects of the Nation of Ambervale, hear this decree! The heir, your Crown Princess Amberlae, is missing. The circumstances surrounding the event are not known. The Crown commands that all of able body are to search for the Princess. To those who can present her in the throne room, the sum of 25,000 gp. To those who bring the Princess home, titles.

Please...find our daughter.

The island nation of Ambervale. Built on the ancient ruins of older, long lost societies, the island is far enough from other lands to generally be untroubled by other nations’ conflicts. But it’s own cluster of noble houses certainly make up for it by keeping the throne on it’s toes with constant threats of rebellion and war. Raiders from other lands keep the nation tentatively united. Natural resources and ancient artifacts make it wealthy.

But now, the nation’s most precious treasure is missing - Princess Amberlae, heir to her mother's throne, is missing. The tales told the by the palace servants claim there was some kind of fight, and now the Princess and her protectors are missing. The Queen and King are frantic with concern, and have pressed every one in the nation into find their daughter with promises of both gold and titles.

Thousands will be looking for the Princess. But not all of them have fine intentions…

Our tale begins in the early hours, when a strange awakening happens at the Gentle Ambler's Rest...


This game will be more of a game of political intrigue, backbiting and diplomacy than your usual game of Pathfinder. High Court Politics will make up much of the game.

The idea here is to first find the Princess, and hopefully become her inner circle, protectors and teachers in a world of harsh politics and brutal enemies. Or maybe you’ll be the ones in control, masters of a puppet Queen...

Of course, you still get to boot down a door, kill the orc and loot his things from the 10x10 room. But in this case it might be because you’re getting revenge for your mistress’ honour after the Orc ambassador insulted her. There will be plenty of adventure, but it will usually involve a little more planning than everyday adventurers need to use.

As a result, I strongly suggest that characters have at least some social skills. Which isn’t to say that all the characters need to be diplomatic genius’, but the terse wizard who prefers study and the savage barbarian who just wants to break stuff will be seen as weaknesses by many, and targeted by the more socially vicious.

Which can be fun too…

How The Games Will Work

Other than a stronger focus on social situations, the main thing will be the Princess. It’s your job not just to protect her (and trust me, that is no simple task) but to to raise her in the ways of the court and as a Lady. Of course, how you do this will affect exactly what kind of Princess (and eventually, ruler) will emerge.

It is entirely possible to make choices that result in a weak, easily controlled lady who you can rule from the shadows. Or a powerful, forceful queen who ignores your advice. You might as well assume a little message pops up when you make a choice, The Princess Will Remember That because it’s not just how you interact with her, but with others, that will create her Highness.

As for the game itself...this won’t be as long as a Paizo module. Nor will be it shorter than, say, three modules. I imagine this will about 4-5 modules in length, but it’ll vary depending on choices. Explore your characters and the NPC’s and we might push it to six books worth of goodies. Keep to the main plot and you’ll probably get four. I’m expecting about five, but we’ll see.

Each ‘Book’ will also be about a year in game, either by time skips or travel or various delays in such things. This does mean crafters will have a chance to make shiny things.

Game Background

Here are some details about the game’s setting. Although set in Golarion for ease, it’s far enough away from the various main areas that they won’t be especially relevant. The majority of the game will be set on Ambervale, an island nation roughly the same size as the UK. Characters are welcome to come from other areas of the world, as there backstory sees fit (read - Ninjas, Gunslingers and Ninja-Gunslingers, all welcome).

None of this is essential to character generation, but characters of a Noble background or whose backstory heavily involves Ambervale should give it a glance.

Ambervale - the Nation:
The Island Nation of Ambervale is located far to the west of Garundi, one of the stops for ships attempting to reach Arcadia. At its longest point the island is 742 miles long, and at it’s widest 218 miles across. Roughly the shape of an axe, the southern part of the island trails off into an archipelago.

The climate ranges, from borderline tropical on the most southern isles to borderline temperate in the most northern reaches. The various farmlands are capable of producing sufficient food for the population, although famines have occurred on several occasions. Sea food is also common, especially in the coastal and island areas.

The Northern, cooler areas with the heavier farmlands tend to be more developed and civilized than the southern areas, which while warmer lack the soil to grow crops and are based more heavily on a hunter-gatherer life style. Towns down there are reliant on shipments of food and heavier fishing.

The western coast of the island is heavily forested, and covered in mountains. Several of the mountains are active volcanoes, and certain tales tell of a doom to befall the island when all of the chain erupts as one, burying the island and all who live on her shores. Only the city of Centreshore allows passage from the western side of the island.

The Eastern coastline is the most moderate areas, but wracked by heavy season storms.

The Nobility:
Ambervale is ruled by a Monarch and the High Families. They form the Council of Thirteen with the Monarch at their head, the remaining twelve families taking the various seats of the council. On matters of taxation, economics and internal welfare it is the council who rules, with the Monarch as the final vote. On matters of war, law-keeping and foreign matters the Monarch commands with the advice of the council.

When a Monarch dies without a direct heir, the matter of who rules is placed as a vote between the thirteen families, with each putting forth a candidate. If no clear victor can be found, quickly, this often erupts into a Succession War. This can also happen within the Houses themselves, although on a much smaller scale, and it is considered an act of treason for another House to involve themselves in such a matter.

Houses are only partially blood relatives - in reality two members of a Houses may not be related by blood, and most families contain several races. A House is essentially a smaller version of the nation itself - dozens of lesser hours serving under their House banner.

House Archaos - The current rules of the Island, led by Queen Ambervash. Known for their holdings in the south and middle realms of the island, the family came to power during a Succession War. The brutal Archon Guard were a key to winning the war, and have helped to keep the family in power for two hundred years. They rules from the capital of Valeshti in the middle of the island.

House Traegoh - With lands located primarily in the North-East the Traegoh are currently the main rivals to the Archaos. There lands are more stable than most, but smaller. Proud and powerful, they vie to be in position to claim the Throne when the time comes, and rumours abound that they hasten that time.

House Larensh - Masters of the mountains and forests on the West coast. Minerals, both precious and mundane, and lumber are there primary trade. They begrudge the shared control over Centreshore with Garesh, but are not in a position to do much about it.

House Kahlavest - Known for their magical talent and sorcerous bloodlines, Kahlavest are often involved in magical affairs. It was during their last reign that a series of magical academies, meant to study all magical arts and train new casters of all kinds. It is rumoured that almost every member of the House has at least some magical ability.

House Umvarell - A family of crafters and close allies to Family Larenshi. There lands are scattered across the South West and the Southern Archipelago. They forge the finest weapons. Many members of the family are Dwarves or Dwarf blooded.

House Garesh - Garesh are a clan of sailors and merchants. Their holdings are the majority of the Islands belonging to Ambervale. Relations have been strained with House Larenshi, driving the prices of lumber of quality high enough to meet the Garesh’s demand pricey, and occasionally unavailable.

Many of the more popular Gods in Golarion are worshipped in Ambervale, but several Gods are unusually popular.

The Empyreal Lord Valani is popularly worshipped, either for his command of storms or his teachings on Volcanos. Ylimancha is also often worshipped.

Gozreh is also commonly worshipped, as the island has many natural issues. Both storms and the sea are potent in the area.

The Pirate Queen Besmara is also commonly worshipped among some of the less lawful inhabitants, especially pirates and smugglers.

The darker residents of the island sometimes worship Rasvocel, while the nihilistic call on Roqorolos.


Generation Method: 25 Point buy

Level: You will be starting at fifth level.

Funds: The usual wealth be level, 10,500gp. Crafter characters cannot use this to get shiny stuff.

Resources: All Paizo Material is acceptable. I’m open to Third-Party material, but will have to be able to read it over. Rogue/Super Genius Games and Dreamscarred Press’ Psionics are allowed, and Drop Dead Studio’s Spheres of Power system is strongly encouraged over the usual Vancian casting.

Traits: You get two Traits, one from the list below. You may select a third Trait with a Drawback.

Variant Rules: We will be using the Background Skills system and the Stamina rules from Unchained. Fighters get the Combat Stamina feat for free. Other martial characters can acquire it from any bonus feats they may get, such as a Cavalier’s usual bonus feats. Variant Multiclassing is also allowed.

Gestalt - Gestalt rules essentially allow you to merge two classes, taking the best of both in terms of BAB, hit points, skill points and saves, and the unique class features (such as spellcasting, rage, sneak attack and the like). More details can be found Here if you’re not familiar with the system.


Outlander: You were born somewhere other than Ambervale, and people forgive you the occasional gaff.
Benefit: Failing a diplomatic roll will not change the mood of the subject for the worse or count it against you...sometimes. Roll a d10 - on a five or more nothing changes. Each failure you’ve already suffered adds a -1 penalty to this roll. You can only get away with so much.

Nobleborn: Your are born of the Nobility. Your training and wealth reflects this.
Benefit: Knowledge (Nobility) and Diplomacy both receives a +1, and one becomes a class skill. In addition, you gain an additional thousand gold pieces, and continue to receive this stipend at each level up.

Lowborn: Your were born a simple member of the nation, but that means you’ve survived famine and plagues.
Benefit: Gain a +1 to Fortitude or Will. You also gain Knowledge (Local) as a class skill.

Milita: You have been trained as a member of the island’s militia since your were a child, and perhaps went even further.
Benefit: Choose a specific type of Shield or Armour. You gain a suit of this armour 900gp worth of enhancements in terms of additions or materials, and reduce the ACP by 1 and Spell Failure for this by five.

Speaker of the Cant: You have...relations...with the thieves of the nation. You know there secret tongue and signs, and have picked up certain skills.
Benefit: You understand the secret language Thieve’s Cant, and gain a +1 bonus to Sleight of Hand, Stealth and Disable Device

Academy Trained: You have attended one of several magical academies, and have picked up a few interesting tricks.
Benefit: As a favoured class bonus, you may gain a new spell or Sphere Talent every two levels.

Dungeon Diver: You have spent time within one of the ancient ruins on the island, and have both the knowledge and the trophies as proof.
Benefit: Gain an item worth 2100gp or less, and Knowledge (Dungeoneering) becomes a class skill.

Good luck, and enjoy.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

There was...pain. Sharp, brutal agony that left every breath a lifetime of suffering. There are flashes in your mind - flames, shouts of alarm, the growls of creatures and the screams of people. It's a fuzzy, fragmented memory, difficult to hold on to, remember the passage, the crowded chamber, people huddled until there was nothing but standing room. And...something. Something breaking free.

Then, there was darkness. You have no idea how long it lasted, but the sensation of time passing stretches behind you, giving you the feeling it has been quite a while.

And now...there is cold. A bone chilling cold that leaves you numb to the bone. Slowly, feeling returns. You open your eyes as the ice leaves your face. Water drains slowly away, letting you pull in a breath of ancient, stale air that tastes sweeter than honey.

With a groan a door opens before you, revealing you are in a chamber of brass and crystal. Dim light, little more than a candle, stings your eyes with pain as you slide through the door and into the room. A look around reveals more chambers, like yours, empty and dark. Strange crystal glow in one wall, the light that you can see, all glowing green.

You rise, naked and alone, in this strange place.

I'm creating a character whose basically a fire-linked Dwarf Barbarian, with the Fire Totem path. If it's relevent he's also taking VMC with Order of the Flame Cavalier. Given his background and character I really wanted to give him some Fire Ink Tattoos and for those to word, ideally, I'd need Fire Resistance. The only trait I know that gives it is Infernal Influence...which is human only.

Are there any feats or tricks I can grab to get Fire Resistance? I haven't been able to spot any, but maybe one of you nice folks can.

Male. Mostly. Human. Mostly. Archaeologist

Here's where you talk about stuff.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The Sanctuary Bar was once known as the finest place to dance, dine and drink away an evening. Catering to adventurers and richer merchants it was also a surprisingly sturdy building. Thick grey stone walls shed a a mis-aimed spell or the rain with equal efficiency. Indeed, even the most brutal of battles had never left more than a sootpatch, leading to rumours that the building was enchanted.

Maybe those rumours were true. Sanctuary still stood against the bleak weather, and against the undead that had risen. It hadn't been without cost. The now nailed shut front door was visible from the whole common area, and the blood that marred the once beautifully polished oak was equally evident.

But through strength of arms and magic the doors had held. And for now the pitiful remnants of the town that huddle within the walls are safe. Groups of survivors sit at the tables, sleep on quickly assembled pallets or blankets, or eat meagre meals that the inn has prepared.

It's the last one that is growing to be a concern. The Inn's well means it can keep thirst at bay, but it's food is growing scarcer. There are already rumours of parents giving there children there own share of the meals. You don't know if it's the truth, but the tension in the air when food is seen is enough to make you tense.

The tall man behind the bar gestures you and several others over. You saw him in action, and know the big, scarred hands of his are deadly. It only takes one Ghoul having there face shattered to convince you of this. "Well, I dinnae think it'll escape your notice that food's running low," he announced without preamble in an odd brogue. "You've all helped a bit, and I appreciate that. Hows ya fancy helping out a bit more? I gots an idea where we can find grub but I need someone to go and gets it."

The rain hammered down as the footpad pulled his knife back out his victim. His most recent donor collapsed with barely a sigh - always the sign of a most satisfied customer - and the thief set to his work with a will. It was cold and miserable. Ideal weather for his work, of course, as it meant the guards and any potential do-gooders who objected to his business were more likely to be tucked up in a tavern, drinking and eating, but it was still not a great deal of fun from his point of view.

The man’s wallet was barely worth the effort of knifing him - the footpad was fairly sure he’d hit bone and would need to sharpen his knife again - which was not exactly improving his mood. Still, there wasn’t much point in stabbing someone again once they were dead. The last thing he wanted to knick the blade. It was a pretty good knife, all things considered.

The pain was sudden and crippling, dropping the footpad to his knees. His stomach felt like it was about to split, and he was violently and forcibly sick within seconds. If it had lasted seconds, that might not have been so bad, but he was still retching minutes later, the agony in his guts not better. It was hideous. He wanted to ask what he’d done to deserve such a fate but the sight of his latest customer answered that question rather succinctly.

Finally the misery stopped, or at least lessened to a point where coherent thought returned. He was still to his stomach, but the crippling pain was gone and it felt more like the time when he had eaten spoiled fish. It was horrible but it was fading.

Movement to the side caught his eye and he glanced up to see the customer rising to his feet. His jaw hang slack and the vicious stab wound that had punched up into his heart glistened wetly in the light. ”That almost never happens,” the footpad whispered hoarsely from his ravaged throat. The noise the other creature made held no coherence, no intelligence, only a mindless hunger. It’s dead eyes turned towards the footpad, unfocused. But the lunge that followed was surprisingly accurate. Lethally so. Unfortunately, the footpad’s screams soon lost their coherence. Or their uniqueness.

Well, welcome to the game. I’m Jon. I’m an awful person and I want to awful things to four or five of the finest characters. How do you do?

This will essentially be a game about survival. The initial stages of the game will involve surviving the brutal disaster that has engulfed the merchant town of Harper’s Bay. An incredibly powerful necromantic field has settled over the city. Undead are rising on an unprecedented scale. Almost anyone or anything that dies rises once more as a member of the undead.

Harper’s Bay is constructed across three islands at the end of an archipelago chain before connecting back to the mainland by a bridge. Needless to say getting out the town is...less than simple. And remaining in town will be even less simple. Hell, staying alive is likely to be a challenge whatever you want to try. But you are free to try whatever you think will work.


Level: You will be starting at third. All characters

Funds: Average wealth for your level. 3000gp. Crafter characters cannot use this to get shiny stuff.

Resources: All Paizo Material is cool. Third party is happily accepted, but you will need to be able to run it past me somehow so I can see it. Rogue Genius Games and Dreamscarred Press’ Psionics are automatically available.

Traits: You get two Traits, one from the list below. You may select a third Trait with a Drawback. I will considered allowing Christina Style’s Major Drawbacks, depending on the situation.

Variant Rules: We will be using the Background Skills system and the Stamina rules from Unchained. Fighters get the Combat Stamina feat for free.


I’m a slightly kooky person, and I like to use some unusual rules for fun. will also get a free Variant Multiclass. That is, you select one of the Variant Multiclass options and apply them without costing yourselves any feats. You will also get them one step earlier - 3rd level abilities at 1st level, 7th level at 3rd, etc.

For those of you who would like some of the other classes around, please check out The Genius Guide to Variant Multiclassing (Use the Full Size Preview to see some of the options). If you would like to use a Third-Party or Occult class then give me a yell and we’ll hash something out.

Mental Health

This game will not be PC friendly. It will be murderous, and NPC’s may occasionally explode or try to eat you.

As these events happen, you will wrack up mental health points. You may also lose points, depending on how you do and what you do.

When you hit ten points or more you will gain a special template that we’ll work out at the time. This will depend on your character and the circumstances that have pushed your character’s health to such a point, but it might involve your character become reckless (A bonus to hit with an AC penalty), miserly (requiring a will save to give away items) or something.

For every multiple of ten, your health will worsen further, either adding to or increasing the severity of your previous conditions, depending on the exact circumstances.


So it’s a Zombie Apocalypse Game?’s an Apocalypse game. And there will be Zombies. Nasty, vicious Zombies. Zombies with Teamwork Feats! But no, it’s not a Zombie Apocalypse. There will be a lot of really unpleasant things trying to murder you. But being able to kill undead will certainly not hurt.

Why would I want to play? I dunno, why would you?

Well, for me it’s a case of telling a story of tragedy and horror with the potential for great deeds and heroism. For you guys it will be about a slightly different kind of Pathfinder. Encumbrance will matter, camp will never be truly secure and the five minute adventuring day will mean you or your allies starve to death.

What do you think of the recent FAQS? Ehh…

OK, I’m not an unreasonable Deity Games Master Rage Fueled Spite Engine. If a build requires a feat or feature that got FAQ’d into oblivion, I will be happy to hear it. Except for Divine Protection, of course. That thing needed to Nuked from Orbit, just be sure.

What are you looking for from players? I want you to post at least once a day. Everyone has off days, so the odd day missed won't hurt (but expect to get skipped in combat) but any more than that and I like a heads up.

I am also looking for a decent standard of spelling and punctuation. Don't worry, as you can see from my own spelling I don't mean perfect, but i dun lik posts wut look ike dis lol. If I have to translate your application, you're not likely getting in.

And finally, you need to play well with others. Glory hogs will die a glorious death, sneaks will die alone, etc.

What do you expect from my application? A complete, easy to read application. You can format it as you wish, whatever is most comfortable for you, but it needs to be simple enough for me to read and follow.

I also expect history, personality and appearance. They don't have to be brilliant, but I want to picture your character beyond 'FightBot 5000 - now with more sword!'

And don't build a character that cannot function in social situations. I like social. You'll find them cropping up more often than you might expect.

What can you expect of me? Well, I will post every day when I can, and often more than that. Just make sure you leave me something to reply to so I don't have to have a Flesh Golem break down the nearest wall.

I like to use 3rd party material, so expect the odd Tinker to show up among your Goblin enemies, or a Malefactor Ghoul.


Here are some traits for you to enjoy. You will notice the huge, vicious plothook jabbed through each one. Don’t worry about those! It will be totally fine.


Missing Family: You were separated from your family in the chaos of this uprising. You have no idea where they are at the moment, nor do you know if they’re safe, but nothing in the city will stop you from finding out.
Benefit: You gain a +1 your will save, and adds 5 feet to your movement.
Downside: You start with 1d5 Mental Health Points.

Lost Family: Your family was lost in the disaster. Maybe you were there and couldn’t save them. Maybe you weren’t and found the...aftermath. Either way, you know they’re gone, and you want to find out what caused this disaster.
Benefit: You can use Rage upon yourself a number of times equal to half your Constitution Modifier as a supernatural ability upon yourself. If you gain levels in a class that grants you Rage you instead gain your Constitution modifier as bonus rounds of Rage.
Downside: You gain 2d5 Mental Health Points to start with.

Looter: Either from greed or necessity you have plundered supplies from the shops. You found some interesting things...but did some dark things.
Benefit: Gain up to 1000gp of equipment on top of your starting funds.
Downside: For every 100gp you gain add one Mental Health Point to your starting total.

Local: You lived in Harper’s Bay. You’re still living in Harper’s Bay. This is something of an achievement in and of itself. Part of how you’ve survived is
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to both Survival and Knowledge (Local), and one becomes a class skill for you. You also start with an extra weeks food.
Drawback: You will be hit harder moving through town than others. Expect to rack up points at a depressing rate.

Once Bittern, Twice Shy: You were savaged by the undead. They didn’t kill you, but you almost wish they had. They left you with thick scars over a portion of your body.
Benefit: You gain a +1 to Fortitude and +1 Natural Armour as a trait bonus.
Drawback:\ You take a -2 penalty against any saves regarding the undead.

Blessed: Faith has seen you through, and something agrees with you. You possess a handful of Divine powers that might help you survive...if you use them with wisdom and courage.
Benefit: You gain the ability to use as a spell-like ability at will. Additionally, once a day they can use a form of [url=]Daylight for a number of rounds equal to your will save. The undead cannot enter it’s range, and are forced to withdraw from it’s area as fast as they can, although it doesn’t harm them. Once used it leaves the user Exhausted for twice as many rounds as it was used.
Drawback: The Divine Forces that have granted you these gifts gave them to you for a reason. You aren’t sure what it is they want, however, and any action might risk them.

So I'm working on a new campaign that will include Variant Multiclassing as a bonus freebie, sorta creating demi-gestalt. I like for my players to have good choices, however, so I was wondering if there were any fan works or third party products for;

- VMC for the Hybrid and Occult classes?
- Any 3rd Party producer put up the rules for it with there classes?
- Upgrades of the slightly...crappy VMC's for certain classes, such as the Monk.

Thank you.

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So, the new Artful Dodge feat makes me wonder if an Intelligence heavy martial might be a fun, viable and flavourful option...with a crap ton of skills. Not as powerful as a regular strength build, or probably even a Dex based build, but eh. Sometimes we play for fun, not murderous blending power.

Since Artful Dodge allows you to dump down Dex while still making a two-weapon user build, that seems good. And a Student of War allows you to use Intelligence for AC at second level.

And of course high intelligence makes Kirin Strike fun as well. And fairly murder-blendy too.

Any suggestions on a good class to go with it, and complementary feats? Alternative suggestions? As usual, I'm good with third party and 3.5. At the moment I'm thinking of basing this on a fighter, for shock value if nothing else, but also because it hungers for feats to make it work.

My wife wishes to make a Catfolk Bard who uses two Rapiers (thanks Effortless Grace). She'd like to gain access to Panache and some of the other useful Swashbuckler abilities, but is going Bard for the back-up healing.

The obvious answers are obvious Amateur Swashbuckler or a dip into Swashbuckler, but I was hoping for something closer to an archetype that added panache and such. Since that doesn't seem to be possible, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for something close? Third party and 3.5 allowed by the GM. Who is me.

A friend has given me a challenge which has, honestly, stumped me. So, let's see what you nice folks can do. I'm not sure Pathfinder can cope with it, but...

For those who don't know, Unlimited Blade Works is an ability from the FATE series of anime, used by two characters. The trick has two abilities. The first is to call replicas of weapons to there hands during a fight.

The second, the true Blade Works, calls up what is essentially a demi-plane full of every sword, axe, spear, knife etc they have ever seen, and they use them in a flurry of horror.

For full details of the thing, click here.

Suggestions for something close to either of those abilities? And as early as possible. Third party and 3.5 material is perfectly fine to suggest, too.

I'm busy creating a Kitsune character, and would love to have permanent claws to go with a permanent Bite attack. The obvious way to do this would be Aspect of the Beast but I'd prefer to avoid a 2 level dip into Ranger if at all possible. It's certainly not the end of the world if it's the only option, though.

Any suggestions?

Male. Mostly. Human. Mostly. Archaeologist

Well, go on. Talk about stuffs here.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The dry air of Katapesh seared the throats of the unwary, those unused to it's unforgiving nature. Even within the city walls, within site of the sea itself, the air is dry and often choked with dust. Yet Katapesh is, as always, full of life and commerce. The streets of Dawngate bustle with merchants and buyers, and even in this better to do area of the city the cries of hawkers can be heard.

Soon, however, you reach the home of Zhen Halfblood. The large house, surrounded by a well watered garden, is designed for shade and relief, cunning built to trap the breeze from the ocean while covering plenty of protection from the sun. It is also, quite obviously, designed to withstand a small siege - the walls, while plastered and painted with fine images, are thick and tall, and the few entrances have sturdy gates and small groups of guards.

A servant is assigned to escort you in, as you are trusted enough to not need a guard. You soon at a small courtyard inside the house proper. The space if filled with wooden benches, a luxury in the tree starved desert-state, and a small fountain pours cool water into a basin. At one end a table has been set up bearing a selection of foods - fresh sliced fruits, cold meats, cheeses and breads. Spiced wine sits chilling in a bowl oof crushed ice, another small luxury.

At the other end, guarding a door, is a heavily built Orc, Grimrod Guthook, an ancient travelling campanion of Zhen's. Legend tells of Grimrod cutting down most creatures with the huge, long handled axe he holds firmly in one paw, including werewolves, liches, linnorms and one especially unlucky Scum Cleric, who Grimrod went back to find again.

He does not especially look happy.

The servant that escorted you bids you to refresh yourself and rest, as Master Zhen is readied to receive guests.

Talk amongst yourselves for a moment, boys and girls. Once you've all confirmed your presence we shall commence.


The City knew it was fighting a losing battle. It could see, and feel it’s citizens dying in the areas it still had control over. But it wasn’t in it’s nature to surrender. It was, in fact, literally against everything it was. And so it hurled the remains of the Tower Guard into the gaps of it’s defence, plugged holes by collapsing walls and hurled what magic remained to it with terrible force.

All it could do was buy time. But it watched as the tiny band of people joined those fleeing to the docks. When the hordes tried to attack, the City replied in kind - fountains flooded, plazas collapsed. Anything to safe the people, and the hope they carried. The City sacrificed parts of itself as it needed, and if the magical core that held what it thought of as itself had a face, it would have smiled doing it.

A roaring discharge slammed into the tower that held the City’s mind, and it knew it’s fight was done. Now blind, unable to contact anything but the pitiful remains of the Guard nearby, it nevertheless was satisfied. The ship had sailed. The key was safe. It would live again, one day. When it was time.

Life is a series of meetings, it is said. Your life included the monstrous Zhen Halfblood, a giant of a hero that you hold in some regard. Whether he’s family, friend or acquaintance it’s hard to not be impressed by an eighty year old man who can still swing a great sword bigger than most men one handed. The last you hear the old man was going on yet another adventure.

Now, you’ve been called to his home in Katapesh. Zhen is dying.

Shocked, you travel to the city to hear why the old man wishes to see you, and hear his final requests. In doing so, you will uncover the story of a long forgotten city, an ancient weapon and a truly sinister plot.


This game is going to be somewhat Kingmaker Lite with a dose of the Mythic rules - you, the Player Characters, will head towards the island city of Khalharum - the City of Seven Towers. There you will need to rebuild the city into whatever you can think of. But the city is mostly in ruins. Worse, it's located on the North Coast of the infamous Stonespire Island - a few hundred miles from Okeno, the site of the largest concentration of slavers in the Inner Sea.

But if you can hold what is yours, then you'll get more than you bargained for…

I’m looking for six people to play through. One spot has already been reserved for my wife to join in. She isn’t sure what she’ll be playing quite yet, though.

GM Quirks
- I will be using simple combat maps, made via google docs. If you don’t keep your position correctly updated bad things may occur.
- I will make use of third party materials for NPC's on occasion.
- Make sure to include history and personality in your applications. Crunch is important, but fluff is where the character is made.
- I’m fine with characters knowing each other pre-game. In fact, I love seeing the opportunity for RPing between siblings, friends and spouses.
- Characters who are able to make items (such as scrolls, or wondrous items) cannot use such abilities to get cheap gear at the start.
- I expect a post once a day. The odd day off is OK (although I will skip you in combat if you don't post in 24 hours) but any more than that and I will want to be informed.

The Crunch

Level: 3 plus a CR +1 Template. If you wish to exchange a level for a CR 2 +2 template (making you a level 2 character with a CR +2 template attached) you may,
Stats: 25 points buy
Books: Official Paizo products and stuff from Super/Rogue Genius Games is fine. Other third party products and 3.5 stuff needs to be run by me, but I like seeing third party stuff.
Starting Funds: 3000gp
Traits: Two traits, one from the cunningly crafted list below, or three with a drawback. I will also consider Christina Style’s Major Drawbacks in exchange for a bonus feat or two more traits, but it will really have to be a drawback for you. No sneakily taking Magically Inept as a Fighter.

Campaign Traits:

Halfblood - Zhen had many children, and even more grandchildren. He tends to spoil them rotten...
Effect - You start with an additional 1000gp and the Halfblood last name. Don’t worry about race - many of Zhen’s children were adopted. This may have other, surprising, effects.

Saviour - At some point your fast actions saved Zhen or someone he cared about.
Effect - You gain a +2 bonus to initiative or a +1 to your Reflex Save.

Cast Iron Gullet - One day you were heavily into your cups when a Orc challenged you to a drinking contest. Grimrod Guthook, Zhen’s travelling companion, is famed almost as far for his iron belly as his axe work. Although you didn’t outdrink the Orc, you did impress him, and he introduced you to Zhen as someone who could, ‘Hold his ale’, a rare compliment indeed.
Effect - Gain a +1 bonus to your fortitude save, and half the DC of any alcohol related saves.

Child of a Friend - Zhen travelled with many people over the years, and kept track of many of them, remaining a friend of the family. You’ve known ‘Uncle’ Zhen since before you could crawl. Zhen taught you from an early age how to move in armour.
Effect - Reduce the penalty for wearing armour by 1, or reduce the chance of Arcane Spell Failure by 5%.

Former Criminal - At some point in your past you worked on the wrong side of law. Somehow, Zhen was involved in setting you on a more solid path.
Effect - You gain a +1 to Perception and Bluff. One of these is a Class Skill for you.

Marks of Power - The life of Zhen is tattooed on his body. At some point, you convinced him to allow you to copy one of them, and it now adorns your own skin.
Effect - Select one spell. The usual upper limit of that spell (such as the +5 to Cure Light Wounds or the maximum of five Magic Missles) is increased by half. You must be a sufficient level to benefit from this increase.

Focused Learner - You have proved to be exceptionally skilled at learning the lessons Zhen imparted, and it shows in your abilities.
Effect - You gain an additional skill point each level, raising the minimum skill points you can earn each level to 2.

Physician - You are a naturally skilled healer. Even though you are relatively inexperienced, The Halfbloods acquired your assistance at some point in the past.
Effect - You gain a +1 to your Heal skill, and add an additional +1 to all spells of the Cure type (including over there usual maximum limit)

Con Artist - You’ve never met Zhen Halfblood in your life. But you know of him, and you know how to impersonate someone who was invited but can’t make it...
Benefit - You gain a +1 to both Bluff and Disguise. One of these is a Class Skill for you.

Alright, I may well be hoped up on too many pain killers at the moment thanks to the ever exciting bad back scenario, but I was scanning through Prestiege Classes looking for something cool to do with them, and something occurred to me.

Do Prestige Classes that grant levels in spellcasting count as being a Arcane/Divine caster themselves? Would, say, Dragon Disciple count as being an Arcane Caster Class?

As I said, my brain is well toasted, but I can't actually see any definition in, say, Wizards that specifically say it's an arcane caster - only that it grants the ability to cast arcane spells. So the question becomes does that mean that Dragon Disciple is also an Arcane Spellcaster, as it allows you to cast more spells, or does it's picky-backing nature on another class pre-empt it being an Arcane Casting class itself?

And now for the gouda - if a Prestige class DOES count as an Arcane/Divine caster in it's own right, does that mean if you had a level in Mystic Theurge and took levels in another Prestige Class, could you then select Mystic Theurge as the arcane/divine spellcasting class to gain new spells like, and therefore gain both Arcane and Divine spells as the Theurge usually would while levelling up in another Prestige Class?

I'm oddly curious to see what you folks think, and if this oddity does work as my sleep deprived, pain killer riddled brain seems to think it does, what whacky creations could be made.

Heyo folks. My wife and I are busy plotting our next characters, based partially around the Amplified Rage feat. Although one of us will likely not be a Barbarian but one of the other classes that sneaks in rage, such as Viking Fighter or Rage Domain Cleric.

Since we'll be working together a lot, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for feats, abilities, traits and the like that we might benefit from? As per usual for us, we're comfortable with 3.5 and 3rd Party stuff.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

It has been several weeks since the merchantman ship Jenivere has stopped to take on supplies, but the end was in sight. The ship plows the water of Desolation Bay, the site where the Chelaxian fleet of House Thrune met it's end and the gateway to your destination, the former colony of Sargava.

Yet something is off. The crew, usually friendly and cheerful, seem oddly tense and watchful. The captain, Alizandru Kovack, rarely appears on deck any more, and seems strange when he does, distant, angry and suspicious. But when he calls for a meal for the ship's passengers it seems things are looking up.

That meal is the last thing anyone remembers.

A strange, high pitched shrieking disturbs your rest. You are lying on a sandy beach, soaking wet, a hideous feeling of nausea sweeping through your stomach and threatening to force out however food you have managed to consume. As you sit up you realize the shrieking is Gelik Aberwhinge, a gnome from the Jenivere who had hinted at ties to the Pathfinder Society. Gelik is being attacker by three hissing creatures - Sea Scorpions, there tails raised alarmingly.

Around you are several of the ships other passengers, some rising up at the gnome's fearful screams, some of whom are still unconcious. Your equipment is not on you, but piled neatly a few feet away along with some basic supplies.

One of the Sea Scorpions turns, hissing as it spots movement.

Hola folks. If you need help doing anything, look to the "How to Format Your Text" box below the reply box. If you need help, give me a yell. Oh, and for those of you who have a Paizo Account already, click My Account at the top of the page to make a new alias for your character. Helps keep things straight.

Oh, your characters are also Sickened so you suffer a - 2 to hit, damage, skill checks, saving throws and such, and other than gear you would usually carry on a ship - which means no weapons larger than a dagger - your gear is in the pile. You are wearing armour, however. Have fun!

Male. Mostly. Human. Mostly. Archaeologist

This is where we shall be organizing the Serpent's Skull campaign for people. This is currently a closed game, for private members only.

Usual character creation rules, folks. The Player's Guide is found here, one campaign trait and one normal. Drawbacks are allowed.

Current Cast;
Andrew - Undecided
Dan - Garuda Blooded Aasimar Zen Archer Qinggong Monk.
Dian - Natrue Based transforming thief.
Glyn - Spellcaster
Josh - Halberd and Shield Tank fighter

After some issues with my Sorcerer's damage in my recent campaign I've decided to make a Pacifist support character. Basically the concept is that they're perfectly OK supporting and healing other, homicidal characters (especially for cash, as this a Skulls and Shackles campaign) they simply don't harm anyone themselves, won't even carry a weapon or eat meat.

My idea at the moment is an Aasimar Oracle of Life with a focus on channelling. Because that's always fun, or at least effective. I'd appreciate alternative, more original characters or additions to the concept - the single rule is that they can't be capable of hurting anyone. I'm not even planning on de-buff spells. Old D&D and third party will be considered, too.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

The wooded land is a rare site in these times, with the desperate need to grow food such a concern for many. This wood is one of the sources of Shadowvale’s success and prosperity - the conifers rise high into the air and are carefully maintained and cared for. In the distance the city itself rise above the lower valley, smoke pouring from the hundreds of chimneys and smokestacks. Closer, the smoke of the Orphanage can be seen, a smaller bank of fog against the greater. And beneath the trees sit a class from the Orphanage, on a field trip.

”It is vital,” Mistress Marta Ven’ia remarks as she walks slowly around the tree, ”To remember how much we owe to these simple plants. Without them we would not be here, and would not be breathing - the air we breath is cleaned by plants such as these. It isn’t clear what has happened to the plant life below the Fog, but unike the animals it seems largely unaffected. Now, think: How can that be? The sun is life - but it does not pierce the Fog. Why, then, do the plants still grow? How? The answer is we don’t know. But it’s an important piece of information, a clue to how the Fog works.”

The aasimar stops her pacing, and smiles, silver eyes looking on the students. ”You are all familiar with the four elements, yes? Earth, fire, wind and water. Nature needs all of these things. Even fire. I am told that far to the north the world is nothing but ice, with nothing green or growing and few animals capable of surviving. Fire is needed for life. And so, my students, you must find them, in this forest. I’ll let you slip air and earth - if you cannot fathom what you stand upon and what you breath then we have greatly failed in your educations - but the other two may be...tricky.”

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

It is another day within the Shadowvale Orphanage, and the midday lessons are beginning apace. Once class in particular has the honour of studying defensive alchemy - nicknamed by the students to have taken it as ‘the art of learning how not to be blown up.’ The class sits in the small chamber, perhaps studying the slightly worrying blast marks on the ceiling or the odd smell of boiling eggs that pervades the chamber, arranged in a half circle around a raised dais.

”Sapient beings,” Master Vandoe Ilia says as he enters the classroom, ”Today I shall tell you of bombs. Many of you shall encounter alchemists, such as myself in your journeys, and one of the weapons that alchemists love to use is the bomb.” The Master strides to the front of the classroom and hold up a small vial of pale liquid.

The Master glances at the vial as he continues to talk. ”Even if you choose to not use the skills learned here in the way we intend, for you to go out into the world and adventure, alchemist are not uncommon in an age where a hideous deadly gas covers much of our world. Indeed, some feel it is alchemy that spawned the Fog, and alchemy that may eventually solve it. As you are approaching your majority in whichever form that may take you are likely to have to deal with alchemists, and as such, potentially with bombs.”

”As I’m sure you all know by now, I am big on the theoretical. Therefore, I propose this simple exercise - how does one deal with a bomb? You know that they may not simply use fire and force to harm - some alchemists mix a great deal of unwholesome chemicals into those devices. The concussive forces unleashes bypasses the thickest armour. So what do you do?”

Stepping down, Vandoe added, ”I will give you two minutes to focus on a solution. Then I expect to see your findings put to use.” The professor smiled merrily before pulling out a large barrel and pouring the clear vial of liquid inside. Smoke started to rise from the hole. ”Because I am also quite big on the practical side of testing, too. Five minutes, children. Give or take.” Whistling vaguely to himself, the Master strode from the room and closed the door.

The barrel smoked ominously.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

Stupid machine.

GM of all he Surveys - Still sick, but in a different way

'Cos I broke it.

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