Do Spell Granting Prestige Classes count as Arcane / Divine Casting Classes?

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Alright, I may well be hoped up on too many pain killers at the moment thanks to the ever exciting bad back scenario, but I was scanning through Prestiege Classes looking for something cool to do with them, and something occurred to me.

Do Prestige Classes that grant levels in spellcasting count as being a Arcane/Divine caster themselves? Would, say, Dragon Disciple count as being an Arcane Caster Class?

As I said, my brain is well toasted, but I can't actually see any definition in, say, Wizards that specifically say it's an arcane caster - only that it grants the ability to cast arcane spells. So the question becomes does that mean that Dragon Disciple is also an Arcane Spellcaster, as it allows you to cast more spells, or does it's picky-backing nature on another class pre-empt it being an Arcane Casting class itself?

And now for the gouda - if a Prestige class DOES count as an Arcane/Divine caster in it's own right, does that mean if you had a level in Mystic Theurge and took levels in another Prestige Class, could you then select Mystic Theurge as the arcane/divine spellcasting class to gain new spells like, and therefore gain both Arcane and Divine spells as the Theurge usually would while levelling up in another Prestige Class?

I'm oddly curious to see what you folks think, and if this oddity does work as my sleep deprived, pain killer riddled brain seems to think it does, what whacky creations could be made.

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No. Not for the purpose you're thinking of. They are not caster classes of themselves, they grant increased levels of base classes. You don't cast as a Zlevel Mystic Theurge, you're still casting as an X level arcane base class and a Y class level divine class.

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