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So, I've been getting into Urban Fantasy a bit recently, and feel like playing something a little different to Pathfinder, so I've been considering running Monster of the Week, a game inspired by stuff like Buffy, Supernatural and the Dresden Files (all three are specifically mentioned) and run using the Powered by the Apocolypse System.

So, first and foremost - it doesn't matter one jot if you've never heard of the game, played a PbtA game, or the like. It is extremely simple to play - you'll never roll anything but 2d6, and I don't even roll that. If you have a concept I'll be more than happy to walk you through how the game works and character creation.

Secondly, this game is a much more narrative based system than something like Pathfinder or D&D - even which Playbooks you choose will affect the story. The Playbooks for the Chosen and the Summoned, for example, suggest a certain level of...apocolypse, which might otherwise not feature in the story.

As a result, I'll be working heavily with players to make the game world and story. Your choices, from character creation onwards, will affect the world.

So...anyone want to make a Hunter and try slaying some monsters?

Never played this but I am super down!
Just finished Ash vs Evil Dead and was totally looking for some urban fantasy!

Interestingly, the Wronged - a Playbook that focuses on hunting down a certain monster or breed of monsters for evils done to you in the past - gets the option of a chainsaw as a weapon.

I've been curious for a while about PbtA-based systems, but never played. Are the rules for Monster of the Week available somewhere for free (legally)?

Unfortunately not, but they're simple enough that with the bits that are available for free it can be played.

Essentially, you will choose a Playbook which pretty much doubles as your character sheet. You follow the instructions on there - choose one of those stat lines, choose the moves as each Playbook describes, etc.

Combined with the Hunter Reference Sheet you now have pretty much all the options your character can do. The Reference sheet gives you all the basic moves that anyone can do, and the Playbook has the unique ones.

...honestly, there isn't that much more to it from the Player's side. You roll 2d6 +/- the relevent score, add any bonuses you might get for having special abilities or moves, and that's it.

I would love to get into something more narrative-focused and less crunchy than a 3.x game. I'm definitely interested.

...well there goes my plan to just re-do all my Fever Dreams plots.

No go for it. I'll just mess them up in different ways than I did last time.


Hmmmm... seeing the playbook gives me enough to think on...

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

I'd be interested. I've played a couple of PbtA games and the narrative focus can be a lot of fun; I think it'd work really nicely in the Play-by-Post format. I'll take a look at things and see what concepts shake out.

I'm leaning towards The Monstrous... how would you feel about a were-cat?

If you can make a compelling story for it, it can work.

It seems like we have enough interest, expressed on the forums and off, for me to start up an actual recruitment thread. I'll have something to eat and get to work.

Hey, GM? How serious are you looking to play this? I've got two ideas and both are rather silly.

I'm thinking Buffy/Dresden Files serious. Comedy will be a thing that happens, occasionally in a very surreal fashion, but the premise of the show is about saving people from monsters.

Okay, guess saying what I have in mind might be more helpful than just leaving it at "it's silly." :P Not seen Buffy, but I have read and love the Dresden Files

Concept #1:

The Divine - Take the clumsy, bullied, shy girl archetype and apply it to an angel. The main thing is that she tries, but more often than not it blows up in her face in an amusing way, or at least in a way that can be spun for some comedy. One of the things I'm picturing is that every time some agent of the divine comes to kill her, the charges change. She keeps claiming she's bad at her job despite being pretty good at it.

Concept #2:

The Monstrous - This one's a vampire who's determined not to drink blood and has developed a nervous habit of munching on apples, carrots, or anything else crunchy. If the noise would be too distracting or would cause her to be found out, she'll bite into her arm. She keeps trying to play it off cooly, despite the fact that A) she's pretty socially awkward and B) it's quite obvious she is having to fight the urges, even if she's succeeding for now.

Really it's more the delivery and tone. I can dial it back and they can be serious if the tone calls for it, but I don't know if they'll fit. I'm leaning towards the vampire character and if you want, I'd be more than happy to write some scene out to give you an idea of what I had in mind.

Both of those can work, because neither will get in the way of dramatic scenes where someone's dying or the like.

Two things I will mention, while I work on the application - the game has a rule where each Playbook is unique, as each playbook is meant to be an Archetype - there are plenty of experts in the world, but you are playing the Expert. When you initially create your character, I won't be asking for crunch - more of a concept. If possible I'd suggest having more than one Playbook as an option.

Which brings me to point two - there will be more than the 12 Playbooks listed available. There are even more than this, but these are the ones I have access to. If one of these possibilities appeals, I'll share what you need to know.

The Summoned - A creature from beyond, called to this realm as part of the apocalypse. But just because destiny says so...
Example: Hellboy.

The Exile - You are displaced from somewhere else in time, hunting something across centuries.

The Hard Case - You're a plane old human. But that doesn't mean you're not one of the biggest, nastiest beings to walk the Earth, including angels, demons and everything inbetween.

The Snoop - You're a journalist by trade, and great at sniffing out trouble. Surviving trouble, on the other hand...

The Meddling Kid - Jinkies. You investigate strange mysteries. Dog optional.

The Changeling - You were human...once. But things change. You've changed. Now you're part monster. How good or bad this is depends on you.

The Sidekick - You worship another Hunter. And one day you'll be there equal.

The Leader - You have a team, and you know how to use them. Keeping them alive is not always so easy.

Are you going to be opening a new recruitment thread, or do you want applications here?

Oh, neat! I'd like to see those for my second option, given I'm already not the only one thinking of being The Monstrous. XD

Speaking of which, here's roughly what I was thinking for my character:
he's a were-cat with a lot of knowledge about the 'wierd' world, who often shows up to 'help' whenever there's some sort of supernatural trouble. He *acts* like he's all cool and charming, but really he's a bit too sarcastic and cynical to be pleasant. His knowledge, cunning, and occasionally his claws are too useful to throw him out just for being annoying, so he usually ends up coming along anyway.

He says he was an ordinary man, once, who was unlucky enough to get cursed by an angry warlock for reasons he doesn't know. For a curse, though, it sure doesn't seem to have many drawbacks...

Character secret:
The truth is... he was a street cat that some dabbler in magic decided to use for an experiment. When that experiment gave the cat a human-like intellect and the ability to change forms, the would-be warlock locked him up while deciding what to do with him. Unfortunately for him he wasn't careful enough about locking the were-cat up, and said creature escaped and killed him, then took the various books and things he'd collected for himself. I've debated on what his curse would be--one thought is that he's driven by a greed for power, leading to him 'helping' in hopes to find more eldritch secrets or the like.

I'm being a little slow, but I intend to put up a proper thread either later tonight or tomorrow.

I got ya. Will be waiting patiently. :)

No rush!

JonGarrett wrote:
Which brings me to point two - there will be more than the 12 Playbooks listed available. There are even more than this, but these are the ones I have access to. If one of these possibilities appeals, I'll share what you need to know.

Are these other playbooks custom? If not, where are you finding them? That might be helpful if any concepts rely on similar playbooks.

Most of them seem to be official expansions, with one or two that might be third party. I located them all on DriveThruRPG.

I read somewhere that someone had playtested a "B List Celebrity" playbook. With that in mind, I've got an old idea for a character who would also work as a Mundane, or Snoop, or even Chosen, if I play it right.

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Thank you for the patience, folks, the actual recruitment thread can be found Here. The delay was one part sleepy due to travelling back to my home town for some not-fun stuff, and one part 'how the hell do I recruit for a game where half the character creation is communal?' It took a little time to settle on something comfortable, focusing more on looking at concepts and players than making a character.

Hope to see you all there.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Very interested! I've played a lot of Masks, the Powered by the Apocalypse teen superhero game, and this looks like a lot of fun.

I'm very interested in seeing the Changeling playbook, since I'm interested in playing someone who was human, but now they're not. I see that the Monstrous allows for that sort of origin, but I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of submissions for that Playbook, so I'd like to see what the Changeling does with the concept.

Edit: Wow, I waited all evening for the official recruitment, but when I finally break down and post here, up pops the real thread!

Your timing is excellent. I'll arrange a way for folks to view some of those playbooks as I go, so if someone does have an interest I can message you and share.

Hmm, might be interested. I'll think on it for a bit.

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