Close Combatant with Unlimited Blade Works?


A friend has given me a challenge which has, honestly, stumped me. So, let's see what you nice folks can do. I'm not sure Pathfinder can cope with it, but...

For those who don't know, Unlimited Blade Works is an ability from the FATE series of anime, used by two characters. The trick has two abilities. The first is to call replicas of weapons to there hands during a fight.

The second, the true Blade Works, calls up what is essentially a demi-plane full of every sword, axe, spear, knife etc they have ever seen, and they use them in a flurry of horror.

For full details of the thing, click here.

Suggestions for something close to either of those abilities? And as early as possible. Third party and 3.5 material is perfectly fine to suggest, too.

Okay, there is no way in hell I can replicate the full thing described on that page. It's... a special kind of game-breaking. Especially the "and the skill of whoever used that weapon".

For "generate any weapon at will", the Soulknife and refluff the mind blade. Or use Gifted Blade Archetype and grab Call Weaponry.

Look, just look at what the Soulknife can do. For Blade Skills: Bladewind and Bladestorm for true Blade Works; Alter Blade, Fluid Form, Improved Fluid Form, Weapon Special to make different kinds of weapons. You can also do Nimble Blade and at 10th you can grab any Blade Skill by blowing psionic focus (and you grab Emulate Melee Weapon) and have any melee weapon.

Yeah, the actual Blade Works is too anime to actually work for Pathfinder. I was mostly hoping to get the ability to call weapons, and maybe a demi-plane that could be fluffed, later and see if that was enough.

A Gifted Blade Soulknife does look possible, however.

Soulknives are pretty rad, actually. Using Call Weaponry with them is pretty much a waste though.

There's also a Psychic Warrior archetype and several Feats that make you better with Called Weaponry though, so maybe take a look at those options if the main deal is being able to fight with a variety of summoned weapons instead of the Soulknife who's really good with one kind of summoned weapon.

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Hopefully, the Aether Kineticist won't be too fouled up when the Occult book comes out. Could make a nice Gilgamesh build with his Gates of Babylon...... *starts to take notes*

I'd recommend using a system designed to emulate superheroes. You'll have better luck modeling extremely high power abilities in those systems than you will with Pathfinder.

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