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The City knew it was fighting a losing battle. It could see, and feel it’s citizens dying in the areas it still had control over. But it wasn’t in it’s nature to surrender. It was, in fact, literally against everything it was. And so it hurled the remains of the Tower Guard into the gaps of it’s defence, plugged holes by collapsing walls and hurled what magic remained to it with terrible force.

All it could do was buy time. But it watched as the tiny band of people joined those fleeing to the docks. When the hordes tried to attack, the City replied in kind - fountains flooded, plazas collapsed. Anything to safe the people, and the hope they carried. The City sacrificed parts of itself as it needed, and if the magical core that held what it thought of as itself had a face, it would have smiled doing it.

A roaring discharge slammed into the tower that held the City’s mind, and it knew it’s fight was done. Now blind, unable to contact anything but the pitiful remains of the Guard nearby, it nevertheless was satisfied. The ship had sailed. The key was safe. It would live again, one day. When it was time.

Life is a series of meetings, it is said. Your life included the monstrous Zhen Halfblood, a giant of a hero that you hold in some regard. Whether he’s family, friend or acquaintance it’s hard to not be impressed by an eighty year old man who can still swing a great sword bigger than most men one handed. The last you hear the old man was going on yet another adventure.

Now, you’ve been called to his home in Katapesh. Zhen is dying.

Shocked, you travel to the city to hear why the old man wishes to see you, and hear his final requests. In doing so, you will uncover the story of a long forgotten city, an ancient weapon and a truly sinister plot.


This game is going to be somewhat Kingmaker Lite with a dose of the Mythic rules - you, the Player Characters, will head towards the island city of Khalharum - the City of Seven Towers. There you will need to rebuild the city into whatever you can think of. But the city is mostly in ruins. Worse, it's located on the North Coast of the infamous Stonespire Island - a few hundred miles from Okeno, the site of the largest concentration of slavers in the Inner Sea.

But if you can hold what is yours, then you'll get more than you bargained for…

I’m looking for six people to play through. One spot has already been reserved for my wife to join in. She isn’t sure what she’ll be playing quite yet, though.

GM Quirks
- I will be using simple combat maps, made via google docs. If you don’t keep your position correctly updated bad things may occur.
- I will make use of third party materials for NPC's on occasion.
- Make sure to include history and personality in your applications. Crunch is important, but fluff is where the character is made.
- I’m fine with characters knowing each other pre-game. In fact, I love seeing the opportunity for RPing between siblings, friends and spouses.
- Characters who are able to make items (such as scrolls, or wondrous items) cannot use such abilities to get cheap gear at the start.
- I expect a post once a day. The odd day off is OK (although I will skip you in combat if you don't post in 24 hours) but any more than that and I will want to be informed.

The Crunch

Level: 3 plus a CR +1 Template. If you wish to exchange a level for a CR 2 +2 template (making you a level 2 character with a CR +2 template attached) you may,
Stats: 25 points buy
Books: Official Paizo products and stuff from Super/Rogue Genius Games is fine. Other third party products and 3.5 stuff needs to be run by me, but I like seeing third party stuff.
Starting Funds: 3000gp
Traits: Two traits, one from the cunningly crafted list below, or three with a drawback. I will also consider Christina Style’s Major Drawbacks in exchange for a bonus feat or two more traits, but it will really have to be a drawback for you. No sneakily taking Magically Inept as a Fighter.

Campaign Traits:

Halfblood - Zhen had many children, and even more grandchildren. He tends to spoil them rotten...
Effect - You start with an additional 1000gp and the Halfblood last name. Don’t worry about race - many of Zhen’s children were adopted. This may have other, surprising, effects.

Saviour - At some point your fast actions saved Zhen or someone he cared about.
Effect - You gain a +2 bonus to initiative or a +1 to your Reflex Save.

Cast Iron Gullet - One day you were heavily into your cups when a Orc challenged you to a drinking contest. Grimrod Guthook, Zhen’s travelling companion, is famed almost as far for his iron belly as his axe work. Although you didn’t outdrink the Orc, you did impress him, and he introduced you to Zhen as someone who could, ‘Hold his ale’, a rare compliment indeed.
Effect - Gain a +1 bonus to your fortitude save, and half the DC of any alcohol related saves.

Child of a Friend - Zhen travelled with many people over the years, and kept track of many of them, remaining a friend of the family. You’ve known ‘Uncle’ Zhen since before you could crawl. Zhen taught you from an early age how to move in armour.
Effect - Reduce the penalty for wearing armour by 1, or reduce the chance of Arcane Spell Failure by 5%.

Former Criminal - At some point in your past you worked on the wrong side of law. Somehow, Zhen was involved in setting you on a more solid path.
Effect - You gain a +1 to Perception and Bluff. One of these is a Class Skill for you.

Marks of Power - The life of Zhen is tattooed on his body. At some point, you convinced him to allow you to copy one of them, and it now adorns your own skin.
Effect - Select one spell. The usual upper limit of that spell (such as the +5 to Cure Light Wounds or the maximum of five Magic Missles) is increased by half. You must be a sufficient level to benefit from this increase.

Focused Learner - You have proved to be exceptionally skilled at learning the lessons Zhen imparted, and it shows in your abilities.
Effect - You gain an additional skill point each level, raising the minimum skill points you can earn each level to 2.

Physician - You are a naturally skilled healer. Even though you are relatively inexperienced, The Halfbloods acquired your assistance at some point in the past.
Effect - You gain a +1 to your Heal skill, and add an additional +1 to all spells of the Cure type (including over there usual maximum limit)

Con Artist - You’ve never met Zhen Halfblood in your life. But you know of him, and you know how to impersonate someone who was invited but can’t make it...
Benefit - You gain a +1 to both Bluff and Disguise. One of these is a Class Skill for you.

hello sir,

would this be a reboot of your previous towers game?

the one I didn't make the cut for but was on the back-up list?

sorry, I just tend to remember games that I don't get in for some reason...

Yup, same one. Or rather an updated and tweaked version.

I don't know if I should apply... I am dying to get into a Legacy of Fir game and had a character ready for a very long time.

I know if I apply here then suddenly one will come up and I will be forced to make a really hard choice.

but in any event I will look for some ideas and inspiration for an application.

EDIT: what about a template that is +1 CR at the start but the CR modification increases as you level up?

I'm definitely interested. Are you fine with the Kitsune race? I've been hankering to try one out for a while. Not sure yet what class I'll be going for, but the Kitsune Trickster Rogue archetype is a strong contender.

As far as the template goes, where would you consider the Fey template to fall? (It starts at +1, but grows to +2 at HD 10.) I would flavor the template as being the innate magic of the character's clan of Kitsune.

I would probably pick either the Halfblood, Former Criminal, or Focused Learner trait. (I am quite curious about those mysterious other effects.) I'm still pondering the character's background.

Are races wide open? What about custom races or awakened animals or plants?

does awaken work on an animated cupcake?

OK, let's see;

Edward - Good question. I won't ask characters that take those templates to drop levels, but when the CR would hop up we'll talk about adding some balancing factor, such as having an item stolen or a a curse. I'll work something out with them to keep things fair.

Cydrius - I love Kitsune. One of my favourite characters is a Kitsune Magister (from Genius Games) who became a Lich in my wife's Way of the Wicked campaign. Also, see above - at level 10 we'll add a little de-buff to compensate for your extra mojo.

Oterisk - I'll consider created races. Aasimar is about the level of power I'd be expecting to see. Same goes for awakened animals or plants. One caveat, however - one way or another you will need to be able to talk to other party members. I'm sure that seems obvious, but I've seen characters created who deliberately didn't have common...

Just don't go mad with power and make some horrible, horrible monster.

Sounds fair to me. I'll start pondering my background and get back to you with that. Are you fine with a player leaving the nuts and bolts of equipment as an exercise for "if I'm picked"? (As in pick out the big ticket magic items in the application, but leave the ins and outs of adventuring gear for later.)




Yeah, sure.

To tell you the truth, I've been wanting to make an awakened Bonsai Tree for a couple of years now. But with 25 point buy and Template availability, making a Bonsai Summoner seems like playing on hard mode. Not that I'm against that, but I'll have to see what I can whip up.

Oterisk wrote:




Yeah, sure.

To tell you the truth, I've been wanting to make an awakened Bonsai Tree for a couple of years now. But with 25 point buy and Template availability, making a Bonsai Summoner seems like playing on hard mode. Not that I'm against that, but I'll have to see what I can whip up.

I am Groot!

Woo, the story's coming along quite well, though I need to get some sleep, so I'll finish it up tomorrow.

Would you mind me playing it a bit loose with flavor and giving the character two tails without invoking the Magical Tail ( feat?

With the fey template and the Realistic Likeness ( feat, I figure he might have enough innate magic to justify that much.

Dark Archive

This is probably a long shot, but what would your thoughts be on allowing the Graveknight template (CR +2), but with the evil stuff changed to be neutral or good (sort of like Elven Baelnorns, but less magic-y)?

Oterisk - You could always use Alluria Publishing's Oakling, Jon Brazier's Seedling or Total Party Kill's
Briarborn for a living tree type.

Cyridius - Add combat gear. I'll let you do things like tents, rations and the like if and when you're picked.

And I assume your mean two tails that are simply there, but don't have the effect from the Magical Tail feat? If so, sure.

Seranov - Sadly no. There's a reason they need to be 5 hit dice before you can convert a character to a graveknight. Undead are pretty powerful, with a looooong list of immunities.

However, I'm not against the idea as a concept, and I'm sure we can work something out. Perhaps using the half-undead rules from the Advanced Race Guide in place of full undead rules and possibly toning back a couple of abilities? I'll think it over a little after I sleep.

Dotting for interest!

A question, DM: Judging from the introduction and the campaign traits, Zhed is a good guy, yes?

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JonGarrett wrote:
Seranov - Sadly no. There's a reason they need to be 5 hit dice before you can convert a character to a graveknight. Undead are pretty powerful, with a looooong list of immunities.

The character I'm thinking of is pretty much a Dwarf Lich (but not the "murder a million puppies to become immortal" kind; rather, he volunteered to become immortal to always protect his people) who was tasked with guarding an ancient mountain home, but somehow failed. He sets out to try and find a new, safer place for his people to settle.

Obviously he wouldn't truly be immortal, just damn hard to kill.

Mana wasted mutant

Deformities: 1d4 ⇒ 4

Adahn Cielo - Yeah, Zhen was actually my character from a previous campaign. I have a bad habbit of the showing up on occasion. Zhen was a Large Half-Orc Fighter, and Neutral Good. Although it probably won't get mentioned in the game he also kicked the hell out of the Whispering Way.

Seranov - Solid concept. If you can show me a version of the Graveknight that doesn't have the laundry list of immunities.

Jubal Breakbottle - Oooh, Mana Wastes Mutant. Nice. Nice and close to Katapesh and Stonespire Island too. 4 means +2 to con and natural armour, right?

JonGarrett wrote:
Jubal Breakbottle - Oooh, Mana Wastes Mutant. Nice. Nice and close to Katapesh and Stonespire Island too. 4 means +2 to con and natural armour, right?

Nope, +2 to STR and natural armor. I thought the MWM would enable easy story links. I was using the Deformity to define the character direction. If 1, he would be close to Hellboy, maybe Brawler. If 2, probably a mounted warrior. If 3, definitely not an arcanist. We'll see what I can come up with.


Is Deep Magic allowed?

Ok, I think I got it!
I was going over the variant Half-Fiends in Demon Revisited, and found the Half-Succubus...

Passion (Su): A half-succubus drains energy from a mortal she lures into an act of passion—unwilling victims must be grappled before the half-succubus can use this ability. The passion bestows one negative level. A half-succubus can use this ability a number of times per day equal to her Hit Dice. The save DC to remove one of these negative levels is equal to 10 + the half-succubus’s HD + her Cha modifier.

Change Shape (Su): A half-succubus can use this ability to assume the form of any humanoid creature of her size, as if using alter self, once per day.

Alternate Spell-Like Abilities: Replace desecrate with detect thoughts. Replace poison 3/day with charm monster 3/day. Replace contagion with dominate person. Replace unhallow with greater teleport. Replace horrid wilting with ethereal jaunt. Replace destruction with dominate monster.

Abilities: A half-succubus gains Dex +2, Con +4, Int +2, Wis +2, and Cha +8.

That would make an awesome Sorceress, Oracle, Paladin or whatnot...

...But I'd like to go with a Tetori Monk. :P
Because who needs cheese when you can make the (in)famous succubus in a grapple?

Now there are a couple of problems:
1)I don't wanna be Chaotic Evil, and neither Lawful anti-fun. :(
Would there be a problem of me being Chaotic Neutral follower of Calistria, and reskinning the monk a bit?

2)The template is still ridiculously strong, even if it scales with HD. Can we tone it down? I don't want the Smite Good or the natural attacks, period (I could break my nails!). The other part that worries me is the DR: maybe we could make it come online later?
I don't know about the fly speed, either: removing it completely? Slowing it? Reducing maneuverability?
The other parts looks fine to me: most of the SLAs scale with level, and I trade most of the damaging ones away (I still won't go crazy with dominate person/monster on NPCs though: that's like cheating :P).
The fact that I get 6 skill points + INT modifier will let me do something else outside of combat, and I don't think that's too powerful.


Still working on that application. I have the background up, so I figured I'd put it up while I worked on the character crunch.

Yao Mihara, Kitsune Trickster

Edit: How are hitpoints handled? Max at first level, half-dice +1 afterwards? (So 7 for d12, 6 for d10, 5 for d8, and 4 for d6)

May or may not remember me. But would Saiga be welcomed back into the running or was he killed in an alternate reality? :)

With your requirements no doubt a number of adjustments will need to be made but I would like to stay around his concept if possible.

Dark Archive

JonGarrett wrote:
Seranov - Solid concept. If you can show me a version of the Graveknight that doesn't have the laundry list of immunities.

I will probably be PMing you to discuss this. The concept, in my head, is starting to take shape as a kind of analogue to the golems in Dragon Age: Origins.

I have a few ideas, starting with a Lycanthrope of some kind... but the Advanced Bestiary's Hero Lab files haven't been released yet. XD That should be soon, so I'll be keeping an eye on that... but I can get started on my first concept now if you'd like me to.

Second character idea is a ghost, by the way. XD

Edward Sobel wrote:

I am Groot!

We are Groot.

Nohwear - I'm not very familiar with it. Is there a link on the d20pfsrd?

Adahn Cielo - Let me have a proper look at the template when I get a moment. I'll get back to you later tonight.

Cydrius - I'll scan your background when I have a moment, but yes, full hit points at first, half +1 or roll and hope after.

Saiga - Hola! Yeah, go for it. I look foward to seeing how high you can get your diplomacy this time.

Rednal - Lycanthropy is fun. Is there a ghost template out there? Oh hey, interesting. I'm not sure I'd go for it (undead immunities + incorporeal makes my NPC's sad) but I sup[pose a character might...acquire it during play. Hehehe.

I'm thinking about playing a gnoll for my MWM, because they live in the Spellscar Desert. At 6 RP, they may be under-powered considering your comment about Aasimar's at 15 RP being your target. Thoughts?

Oh, yeah. XD For a long time, I've had an idea for a ghost oracle specializing in curses - but yeah, that might be a bit much, especially with the "don't stay dead" thing.

Fortunately, there are many corporeal options - I'm looking through my PDF of the Advanced Bestiary right now.

Jubal - Aasimar is the upper limit for power. Gnoll is a little on the low side, but it's up to you.

Rednal - Yeah, Undead are a touch powerful. Something with a body works better.

Aw that hurt man, I am a lowly kobold. If I can't talk my way out of things what do I have left? Oh don't pay any mind to this glowing little ball of light in my claws, it's harmless. To me anyways ;)

But I am considering a change now that I think about it. How do you feel about the hybrid classes? Been feeling like playing a melee lately sense I rarely do these days.

How about a Flind? Dropping the racial levels...

My crunch is mostly done, and I'm currently working on my descriptions.

Can one take both a major drawback for an extra feat and a minor drawback for an extra traits?

I like the drawback/benefit tradeoff, since it helps define the character further.

@DMJhonGarret: Ok! Could you give me the go on the alignement thing in the meantime? I can start working on the background that way.

Saiga - Yeah, I know not everyone likes them but the Hybrid classes are fun. Go for it.

Jubaal - I don't mind Flind, but I swear they didn't get such a high statline in Legacy of Fire. +8 strength? Yikes. That plus some templates goes into scary levels. Is there another version with a lower stat bonus?

Cydrius - I'd prefer it if you did one or the other. One bonus feat and 1 trait extra would be a touch much. Unless they both really negatively effect you, I suppose.

Adahn Cielo - Make a custom trait (similar to the Garuda-blooded trait) that allows you to be a non-lawful monk, and I'll allow it. If someone wanted to make a Lawful Barbarian (and not Bloodrager...still weirds me) do the same.

JonGarrett wrote:
Jubal - I don't mind Flind, but I swear they didn't get such a high statline in Legacy of Fire. +8 strength? Yikes. That plus some templates goes into scary levels. Is there another version with a lower stat bonus?
Flinds are as gnolls but have 4 Hit Dice, use the elite array for their ability scores, and are proficient in the flindbar. Flinds are CR 2.

There's this at the bottom of Gnoll, effectively giving the difference between elite and average stat arrays as bonuses.

Basic NPCs: The ability scores for a basic NPC are: 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8.

Heroic NPCs: The ability scores for a heroic NPC are: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8.

So +2, +2, +2, +2, +1, +0, which is quite a bit less than the Legacy of Fire. Let me know.


Yao Mihara, Kitsune Trickster

My application is complete! Huzzah!

If anyone has a character with some kind of tie in Tian or a reason to have been there in the past, I would be more than happy to have some background connection with you. The Yao clan has had many a passing sailor, traveler, and merchant as guests. Perhaps you were one of them?

DM, if you have a moment, I would quite like if you could tell me if any issues are immediately obvious with my application, so I'll know what to fix.

I'll probably keep updating stuff for a bit, if I get ideas before closing. Do you know when you're planning to close recruitment?

Jubal - it'll depend on which Template you take, I think. That plus the Advanced Template would still be mildly horrifying. Which one were you thinking of grabbing.

Cydrius - A quick glance is all I've had time to do (occasionally my work expects work to be done - madness!) but bar some simple editing issues everything looks solid.

Gnoll - Mana Waste Mutant that's it.

Ah yes, I forgot that was what you were going for. Sorry, my brain is slightly toast after a long day. That should be OK.


I’m looking for six people to play through. One spot has already been reserved for my wife to join in.

When you say one spot has been reserved, is that one of the six spots, or are you looking for six more players for a party of seven?

Also, do you know when you're planning to close applications? (I might want to add to my character sheet later, so I'd like to know if I need to hurry with that, or if there's time.)

Third character plan: Something with the Eldritch Template. XD Definitely wanting some electronic help on this one...

I'm planning to close applications on Sunday the 9th. And it's five people plus my lady wife.

EDIT: To clarify; Midnight GMT on the 9th.

Also, while it shouldn't be much of an issue I won't be around much on the 8th as it's my wedding anniversary.

I'm going to back off the Bonsai. As much as I love little trees, I don't think I'll be able to create a race + template that will be satisfactory to me, That's the problem with ideas about things that came before you find the thread. They sometimes just don't fit very well. Thanks for the links to those other plant races, but they are all medium sized, and I was actually looking for something in the tiny range.

In any case, I'm considering an alternative character, possibly something with the half dragon template. I really like that template, and it would be worth losing a level for.

Ok, the building is going well! Planning a monk without low stats is awesome. :D
By the way, how are we doing hit points? Full first level, then Half+1 per level like in PFS?

JonGarrett wrote:
Cydrius - I'll scan your background when I have a moment, but yes, full hit points at first, half +1 or roll and hope after.

That is what JonGarett said earlier, Adahn.

Thanks Cydrius!

I've got the barebones of the fluff done, now I "only" have to put them down in a prettier form. It'll take me ages as usual D:

Story in bullet points, with little or no punctuation.
-Found as a little baby half-succubus by Zhed. As he isn't a paladin that kill goblin babies (I hope!), he left her to be raised by one of his sons.
-Raised by a rich taldan family. Spoiled a lot by her parents and the occasional visit from Zhed. Her parents were a little too uptight, so she flees home to go to Absalom.
-There she finds Calistria and the multiple joys of grappling. While working as a calistrian prostitute, she also takes a liking to underground fighting tournaments.
-To quote a post made by someone long ago on the boards, I see a Calistrian temple like Melrose Place on steroids (with vindictive and lethal elves specialized in information gathering, I'll add): as she didn't want her past-time to become public knowledge, she was blackmailed by another member of the church. That explains why a shapeshifting succubus with 18 CHA isn't rich by now. :P

Personality wise, I think I'll go the spoiled princess route (the Hedonistic drawback will serve me nicely). She loves her grandpa, so any mission that Zhed will give us will be followed thoroughly by her (not without a lot of wining on the road, tough :P).

Ok, I'll get to work! Fluff will probably be done by tomorrow.

OK Adahn, I've gotten around to checking out the Half-Succubus.

Your suggestions work for me. Although loosing Smite Good won't likely be a huge issue anyway. We'll have DR come on at 5th level, and fly can be the same as normal movement.

One thing to note; you don't get the additional 6 skill points, since you aren't using Racial Hit Dice but Class HD.

Yao Mihara (Linking again for convenience. I prefer not to post as an alias unless it's picked.

For those interested, I have a point in my background which I feel would be well suited to linking to the background of other characters.

Somewhere in the five or six years preceding the start of the campaign, Mihara spent some vague amount of time, from a few days to a few weeks, in the ports of Katapesh, accused of being involved with a ring of smugglers after a purchase of several crates of rare tea was deemed rather conspicuous.

With the help of some fellow adventurers, she proved her innocence by helping apprehend the true smugglers.

Might anyone have spent some time in Katapesh who may have been involved with this incident? I'd love to have adventured with you in the past.

I got what I think is a cool idea will try and get posted today or tomorrow. Just a dot for now

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