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So I'm working on a new campaign that will include Variant Multiclassing as a bonus freebie, sorta creating demi-gestalt. I like for my players to have good choices, however, so I was wondering if there were any fan works or third party products for;

- VMC for the Hybrid and Occult classes?
- Any 3rd Party producer put up the rules for it with there classes?
- Upgrades of the slightly...crappy VMC's for certain classes, such as the Monk.

Thank you.

Id also be interested in vmc for the hybrid classes, such as a limited martial versatility for the brawler vmc.

I'd really be excited for kineticist VMC support. I was shocked they didn't have it in the release, since the VMC is a brand new and very useful feature I thought they would have tried to pimp out with the OA book as well.

As for upgrades and additional options these might work (note, they might be a little on the strong side). All the info for the unfamiliar classes is on the site:

FFd20 Variant Multiclassing

I can't believe monk vmc takes your armor and doesn't give wisdom to armor class.... Just, what the hell?

I hope occult classes eventually get VMC officially, though to be honest I doubt it'll ever exist outside of homebrew.

Yes, that's something I plan to tweak to make it an actual option.

I think Rogue Genius Games is putting out a pdf on VMC soonish.


Ah, the Genius' are there when I need them once more. Just need to be patient to start this, then.

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