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Heyo folks. My wife and I are busy plotting our next characters, based partially around the Amplified Rage feat. Although one of us will likely not be a Barbarian but one of the other classes that sneaks in rage, such as Viking Fighter or Rage Domain Cleric.

Since we'll be working together a lot, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for feats, abilities, traits and the like that we might benefit from? As per usual for us, we're comfortable with 3.5 and 3rd Party stuff.

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Outflank is a Teamwork Feat that works well if you are flanking. Combine it with Gang Up [and the Combat Expertise Prerequisite] and you can be adjacent to eachother, Raging, and Flanking for a +8STR and a +4 Attack for a total of +8 Attack and +6Damage[you are using a 2h weapon, right?]. Of course, you probably have to wait until 5 to pull this off, but its still effective as heck.

Buy your caster in the party a wand of moment of greatness. +16 damage on a damage roll (+24 if using a two-handed weapon) is very nice. Have one of your characters use weapons with reach for a little more coverage. Rage Prophet might be fun as well.

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Broken Wing/Paired Opportunists is fun.

The Dirty Fighter trait gives a +1 damage bonus when you and a selected loved one are flanking an enemy.

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Holy Tactician Paladin. AoE Teamwork Feats. Enough said.

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Well, I am setting a possible Teamwork/Party Support Class. Here is what I got:

Holy Tactician Paladin 3
Lore Warden 2
Arcane Duelist 5
Sensei Monk 1

STR - 12-2
DEX - 14+2
CON - 12(+2)
INT - 13
WIS - 11
CHA - 14+2

Base 1 - Flagbearer
Paladin 1 - Weal's Champion, Aura of Good
Base 3 - Dodge
Paladin 2 - Lay on Hands, Divine Grace
Paladin 3 - Battlefield Presence, Tactical Accumen (Lastwall Phalanx), Mercy
Fighter 1 - Bonus Feat (Mobility), Expertise (Combat Expertise)
Base 5 - Outflank
Fighter 2 - Bonus Feat (Gang Up)
Bard 1 - Arcane Strike, Inspire Competence (+1)
Base 7 - Circle Offense
Bard 2 - Bonus Feat (Combat Casting)
Bard 3 -
Base 9 - Cautious Fighter
Bard 10 - Arcane Bond, Inspire Competence (+2)
Base 11 - Blundering Defense
Monk 1 - Advise, Crane Style

- +1 Keen Menacing Scimitar
- Crown of Conquest
- Ring of Tactical Precision
- Banner of the Ancient Kings

With Banner of the Ancient Kings, the Flagbearer feat gives +2 Attack/Damage (Morale), as well as increase the bonus from Inspire Courage to +3 Attack/Damage (Competence).

The Ring of Tactical Precision increases all bonus from Lastwall Phalanx [+x AC/Saves (Sacred) for each Adjacent vs Evil Creatures], Outflank [+2 to Flanking, totaling +4, AoO to allies if crit], and Circle Offense [+1 AC (Dodge) when moving through Threatened Squares of Larger Creatures, if they miss with their AoO, allies threatening that enemy gets an AoO] by 1. The Menacing Weapon increases the Flanking Bonus by an additional 2 as well. This results in:

LP - +x+1 AC/Saves (Sacred)
OF - +7 Attack when Flanking
CO - +2 AC (Dodge) when moving through Threatened Squares

Crown of Conquest gives +1 Attack/Damage/Saves/Skill Check (Luck) when you confirm a Critical. A Keen Scimitar makes this a possible roll of 15-20.

Crane Style/Cautious Fighter/Blundering Defense with 3 ranks in Acrobatics give Adjacent Allies +3 to AC (Luck) when you are Fighting Defensively. Crane Style reduces your attack penalty by 2.

Start off with Lastwall Phalanx to give your defensive bonus. When moving in and going last, you should opt for Circling Offense to proc the AoO for your Melee allies. If going first, you should go for Outflank to help your allies hit by going into flanking position.

Arcane Strike/Crane Style/Cautious Fighter/Dodge/Mobility increases your Offensive/Defensive Capabilities

If everything is set up for your allies, the bonus you are giving to yourself or others results in:

Lastwall Phalanx:
+3(+X+1 per Adjacent) AC; (+X+1 per Adjacent) Saves

+12 Attack
+5 Damage

Circling Offense:
+6 AC (Dodge) to Self when moving within Threatened Squares

Though you are stuck with a Scimitar in One Hand w/o Power Attack, you will consistantly benefit your party with at least +5 Attack/Damage if they are within 30 feet. Gang Up will help you with your ability to hit an enemy.

Both of you take 1 level of Unbreakable Fighter. Then 1 level of Oracle of Life with the Life Link revelation. Use 1 of your feats on Fast Healer.

Congratulations, you both have a rough equivalent to fast healing. (You heal damage every round with no effort or expenditure of resources.) And… added bonus… you can even use this to patch up other people too. After combats, you’d simply slowly heal all your wounds, then the party’s wounds, and without needing spell use or channels or anything.

Now, simply pick up whatever else you like for classes. If either go with barbarian, the lesser celestial totem power would be pretty helpful to bump your effective fast healing up some more.

Teamwork feats and whatnot would be tops with these guys. This line of feats is significantly superior to standard feat (when you get to use them). Since you'll be together pretty much always... there is almost no reason not to take any/all of the teamwork feats that fit your character idea.

Thank you all for the advice. Broken Wing, Paired Opportunist and Dirty Fighter looks very cool, and the Outflank/Gang Up tactic is sound too.

Escape route is quite strong in some situations, too.

One of the most efficient options for teamworking martials is probably Butterfly Sting. One character crit-fishing with kukris, the other dealing huge amounts of damage with scythe-crits.

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