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Return of the Runelords

Shadow Lodge

While noticing references to other APs in this one, it got me to wondering: is there at least some mention of every other AP? It sounds like the sort of thing the writers would like to sneak in. So far, from what I've found:

Rise of the Runelords: This is a sequel to it.
Curse of the Crimson Throne: You get to go to Korvosa, and there's a big reference to its events.
Second Darkness: You get to go to Riddleport, and Teaching Drow How Not To Be Evil is a new thing.
Council of Thieves: In Book 2, a Chelish Diva from Westcrown sings a song.
Shattered Star: This is also a sequel to that.
Reign of Winter: Baba Yaga says hi.
Wrath of the Righteous: Nocticula meant what she said.
Strange Aeons: There's an Outer God in this one.
Tyrant's Grasp: There's an event that has nothing to do with this AP, but mentions it's important for that one.

Those are all I've found. Anyone noticed a reference to Legacy of Fire, Iron Gods, Rebels/Vengeance, or War for the Crown?

Could you elaborate? I'd love to hear how these APS were referenced.

Sovereign Court

It is full of Runelords.
Your RotRL characters are in it.

Shattered Star:

It goes to Magninar.
Shiela Hidemarch!

I think the others were explained.

I think it’s just going to link to the Varisian APs.
But writers probably felt more license to tip the hat.

Can’t see how Kingmaker or Serpents Skull will get referenced.

Dark Archive

There was an NPC from Hell's Rebels

Davor Firetusk wrote:
There was an NPC from Hell's Rebels

Which one ?

Shadow Lodge

Which references need more explanation? Baba Yaga shows up here, implying a victorious Reign of Winter; also, a major character is a worshipper of a CN Nocticula, making reference to a Best Ending Wrath of the Righteous. I was being ambiguous mainly to avoid putting in direct spoilers for potentially every other AP.

Also, I couldn't find any mention of anyone from the Shackles, nor political unrest in Taldor. If there was a reference to Ruins of Azlant or Giantslayer, I must have missed them since I have neither AP.

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Lanathar wrote:
Davor Firetusk wrote:
There was an NPC from Hell's Rebels
Which one ?

Ayavah, from the bonus npc section in AP 100.

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