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So my Return game is going to be hosted on Roll 20. I appreciate the toggle for tags/grid on the pdf but is there any way for me to save the actual maps so I can load them into R20? I've tried using snip but it's a pain to get the map to align properly. I have pretty much zero knowledge on how to use things like photoshop so I'm really hoping there's a way to just save the individual maps from the pdf.

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IIRC, the interactive map pack isn't meant for use with VTTs but for showing to a live party sitting around a table.

To import a map into a VTT, I believe you're going to want the actual adventure PDF, click on the map and select copy, then paste it into Paint or whatever image editing program you have. From there you can save it and then import it into your VTT. Matching up the grids is a pain, as the ones in the book never seem to be quite exact.

I use MapTool rather than Roll20, so I'm just assuming that the process is similar.

Thanks Joana. I'll try from the main PDF and see how that goes. I appreciate the reply!

Another thing you can do is take the tags off of the PDF map and export/save that particular page as an image. I always thought the quality was a little better that way, but I haven't directly compared. (you can then crop the edges if you want)

Don't forget you can hold "Alt" in Roll20 to manually stretch the image without it snapping to the grid. I usually approximate the map by using the tool in Roll20 to select a 3x3 grid. Then I try and align the top left corner if possible and stretch the right and bottom sides using "Alt" to fine-tune the map dimensions to fit the map. It works pretty quickly... usually! At least I find it way easier than trying to edit the map dimension manually or in GIMP/Photoshop.

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