Final combat with final boss, Vol. 6

Return of the Runelords

(I think this thread will have SPOILERS so don't keep reading beyond this post, which I'll keep spoiler free.)

Has anyone actually played this yet?

It's the single most insane thing Paizo has ever published, and I honestly have trouble seeing how the PCs can win. Four 20th level PCs, fully loaded, against the boss... and the other things... and also the special sauce? I'm sure someone will manage it, but if the DM plays it straight and unleashes the full potential of this setup, it's a crapton of damage coming at you really fast. Scry and die / rocket tag may not be enough in this case.

But I don't know. I've never played PF at this level. Would be really curious to hear an account from someone who actually reached Vol. 6. Failing that, if anyone with experience with super high level play wants to take a crack at theorycrafting how the combat might go, I'd be interested.

Doug M.

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