What did your parties do with excess magic equipment?

Ironfang Invasion

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Ironfang Invasion has a huge amount of found magical gear, which is awesome. It also has limited amount of opportunities to shop, and an entire militia that needs to be outfitted.

So what did your party do when they found their 10th +1 Cloak of Resistance? In most campaigns, the answer would be "Sell it!" but it seems like in narrative the answer should probably be "equip your refugees/Chernasardo Rangers/militia with your hand me downs." My players did this and they certainly never felt under equipped through books 1 and 2. (The archer ranger in particular was really, really well decked out.)

However, there's no mechanical benefit to doing this, and it would be a shame if players wound up suffering for it later because they took the more narratively elegant solution. Especially when it means skipping a lot of tedious book keeping.

A big part of why I'm curious is because I just converted this game over to the Pathfinder Playtest, which uses the silver standard instead of gold. However, even dividing gold values by 10 doesn't seem to accurately model the change. Items have different costs and the WBL expectations seem quite different. As such, I'm probably going to need to adjust some of the big paydays of book 3 anyway, and I'm curious how other folks were looking at this point in the story.

So did your parties hoard every extra +1 item to sell in Longshadow?

My PCs have the most blinged up Leshy armies ever known.

We are know 1/3rd way into book 6. They no longer collect trivial thigs like +2 rings

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Captain Morgan wrote:


So did your parties hoard every extra +1 item to sell in Longshadow?

not every item. There were a stack that got handed down to the rangers and refugees from Misthome. Once getting to Longshadow though, it was a sellers market for items of protection and fighting, so I had the rogue (NPC party member) spend time selling off items and the result translated into over 100Kgp worth of credit. Most of this was soaked up after the siege in crafting and purchasing other items. Economically it made sense to Longshadow - they wouldn't have to pay out on the credit if they lost, but having items to help the town survive, plus a guaranteed injection of work/funds afterwards to re-establish Longshadow as the main trading centre in western Nirmathas gives them bragging rights over Skelt and lifts their profile to Tamran.

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