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My party

Elf Druid (Herbalism Nature's Bond variant).
Elf Wizard
Human Paladin of Erastil (serves Father Noelan)
Human Ranger (Sky Stalker Archetype)
Half-orc Rogue
Skin-walker Oracle of Battle

It's an interesting mix; no dedicated healer. The Druid can generate a lot of potions, and cast some light healing. The Oracle isn't focused on healing, but can cast some cures.

The pcs in the game im running actually complained a bit about levelling so fast
5 sessions in and they are level 5 and in mod 2. I guess, with it being a bit sandbox, the danger is they can blunder into something a bit mighty for them?

My group is very interesting! We are-

Oreo - CG Hobgoblin Ranger speccing bow with favored enemy goblinoid. He is orphaned.

Celery - CGnome earth kinetic knight. CRUNCH!

Black Coffee and 2% - NG Dwarf skystalker ranger. His hipogriff kicks butt!

Baba Ganoush - LG Human juggler/far strike monk - juggles bottles of beer and worships cayden cailean

Master Broshi - CG Half elf cleric of cayden cailean. Focus on luck, travel, and healing. Plays as a late 50's drunkard cheering us on!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion Subscriber; Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

We are doing Gestalt

Pchela - Entobian - Unchained Monk Menhir Monk/ Entomancer (Thunderscape)
Halt - Shadow Fey - Ranger / Legendary Fighter (legendary games)
Aerona - Dhampir - Occultist / Armiger (Spheres of Might)
Tathserath - Elf - Arcanist / Spiritualist
Krieger - Dwarf - Soldier / Musketeer (Both from Shadows Over Vathak)

Our group likes 3rd party sources.

party have reached the grand heights of level 12, Part 2 of Mod 4

All human / locals from Phaendar

Cavalier, Ranger (groom), Barbarian (ghost rager?), Magus (Myrmidarch), hunter/cleric

2 melee, 3 archers.

Lots of killing

Ah, I see that somebody already performed Thread Necromancy(*). Well, how about a Magus build that can knock all those Goblinoid Humanoids around like bowling pins?

(*)Note: Necromancy is NOT NECESSARILY EVIL.

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