Let’s build in the woods.

Ironfang Invasion

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So, some of my players are over thinkers and anything that sounds strange to them as not right in real life will cause them to question the game mechanic. So, I had to change the provision point system when it came to getting meat from animals.
Small animal is 1+1 for every 5 over 10 on their survival check
Medium animal is 2+1 for every 5 over 10
Large animal is 4+1 for every 5 over 10
They seemed satisfied with that.
Also they saved the people of Gristledown before it could be overrun. They wanted to save another community they couldn’t get to,, so since they were thinking that way I had a knowledge local check rolled and they remembered Gristledown was on the edge of the forest about a day from them.
Now that they have all these people and tools and such from Gristledown they believe they can build some cabins in the woods. Should I discourage this?
The group is now 42 plus 6 PCs. I have named all of the NPCs and fleshed them out with appropriate skills and such.


Book 1 is all about surviving. Building shelters would be part of trying to survive. And Fangwood is going to be crawling with Ironfang forces looking to kill or capture the refugees. So don't discourage them but add it into the story. Without giving away any spoilers, you can use Event 1 and 3 to guide the PCs to the conclusion that they should seek out permanent accommodations. Also, encounters G3, H2, H3, and H6 will contribute to the tension of finding more secure shelter than cabins in the woods.

My player's did the same thing with Gristledown; Day 1 they rushed to Gristledown all on their own. They ended up saving 65 men, women and children from the town and the camp combined. I also named all of the NPC's and provided classes and skills.
They kept moving the camp as I harried them with hobgoblins. They settled at the Wasp cabin first, and then the Hunter's shack grounds, and now they have moved into the Trog caves.
I think if you keep having patrols show up, once their location is compromised they won't stay in one place, but I do think it's some good thinking to build things. I am having the loggers gather resources, and the craftsman will build beds and other furnishings.

Could it be possible to ask for a list of the NPCs, and if you have it in digital already perhaps some more of the info? That would be amazing to have handy..sounds like a lot of work.

It is likely that players will get attached to clear and distinct NPCs. It's great fun to develop character in NPCs that PCs respond to. It's just like Dr. Frankenstein exhilaration over the bride of Frankenstein with the same affect. That bride has a toe tag coming in to story and leaves it the same way. You want your Players to have emotional attachments NPCs. How you handle the life and death of an NPC separates a good GM from the great GM. BE WISE.

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