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As far as I can tell, there's no obituary thread for this AP yet... so let's start with something close to a TPK.

Name: Riglovik, Fenilan, Alraxia
Race: Halfling, Elf, Elf
Classes/levels: Magus 2, Skald 2, Barbarian 2
Adventure: Trail of the Hunted
Location: Event 3: One Stormy Night
Catalyst: The storm was actually one of teeth and claws
The Gory Details:
Earlier that day, the party encountered the centaur Yorc, whose poisoned apples caused the group's oracle to pass out for a few hours. That turned out to be a really fortunate thing for him, because he missed what came later.

While the oracle was unconscious, the barbarian became aware of the approaching storm. The 3 conscious PCs decided to look for a shelter for themselves and the refugees. They encountered the dire wolverine and, despite their best efforts, were quickly felled by the abominable damage output of that creature.

Using hero points, it was decided that the wolverine encounter actually never happened, because Aubrin finally remembered a hunter's cabin nearby that could provide shelter (area J). And so the 3 heroes have a chance to survive another day...

DMs be warned: the dire wolverine is quite dangerous against a group of level 2's...

Sovereign Court

2 more PC deaths, very similar to one another.

Name: Fenilan
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Skald 2
Adventure: Trail of the Hunted
Location: Random encounter : Molthuni Patrol
Catalyst: Being an elf
The Gory Details: The Molthuni patrol turned out to be a considerable challenge for this level 2 party, but most of all, the patrol’s level 4 captain with his impressive archery skills, flaming arrows and favored enemy: elf. The first action of the first round of the fight was the captain shooting Fenilan with 2 flaming arrows for 27 points of damage, bringing him from lightly wounded to dead.

Sadly, Fenilan was already out of hero points, so that was a real death.

Name: Nestral Oreld
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Oracle 2
Adventure: Trail of the Hunted
Location: H3: The Striking Shadow
Catalyst: Having a constitution score of 6.
The Gory Details: Here too, the first action of the first round of combat was a deadly blow. Shalra shot a “sneak attack” arrow at Nestral. She scored 17 damage (with 3d6), which brought Nestral from full HP to 1 below negative constitution.

Nestral used hero points to miraculously survive this ordeal, but who’s to say how much longer this very fragile character will be able to avoid death…

Sovereign Court

Name: Nestral Oreld
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Oracle 5
Adventure: Trail of the Hunted
Location: Camp Redjaw
The Gory Details:
Poor Nestral was hit by a bomb from Yissti and immediately after by 2 arrows from Scarvinious, without any time in between the two attacks for him or anyone else to provide any healing. He would have died on the spot.

Using hero points, though, he survived to continue the campaign.

Moonbeam wrote:

2 more PC deaths, very similar to one another.

Name: Fenilan
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Skald 2
Adventure: Trail of the Hunted
Location: Random encounter : Molthuni Patrol
Catalyst: Being an elf
The Gory Details: The Molthuni patrol turned out to be a considerable challenge for this level 2 party, but most of all, the patrol’s level 4 captain with his impressive archery skills, flaming arrows and favored enemy: elf. The first action of the first round of the fight was the captain shooting Fenilan with 2 flaming arrows for 27 points of damage, bringing him from lightly wounded to dead.

Sadly, Fenilan was already out of hero points, so that was a real death.

Guess those guys just earned their citizenship.

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We have had several deaths thus far

Name : Pchela
Race : Entobian
Classes : Druid 1
Adventure : Trail of the Hunted
Catalyst : Wolf
The Gory Details : Crited by the wolf on the Bridge.

Name : Aerona
Race : Dhampir
Classes : Fighter 1
Adventure : Trail of the Hunted
Location : Temple
Catalyst : Attacked by a dual wielding hobgoblin. Having a constitution of a 10 didn't help.

Name : Aerona + Krieger
Race Dwarf + Dhampir
Class Fighter + Fighter 2
Location : The Hut
Catalyst : Death by kitty.
The GOry Details : the Cat of the Shack pounced on the dhampir during the surprise round. Then pounced on the dwarf and crited with a bite. Our party now fears cats.

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Ifrit Sword Devil (Ranger) 6

Death 1: Death to the Red Cap leader. Sliced in half by a crit from her scythe. :/
Death 2: Engulfed by Tick Swarm. Sucked dry.
>Opting to NOT revive and drag party down with a severely penalized character.<

Other characters (not mine):
Ajax Suli Sorcerer-attempting-Dragon-Disciple & Omar Ratfolk Ninja: Died to a coup de grace after being captured after a botched rescue mission after a botched guerilla hit on the Red Jaw camp.
[long story: party attempted a guerilla attack on the red jaw camp; dice were going our way- then they didn't. Khedrit and Omar were captured; Ajax tried to "sneak in" to rescue us and failed- and fell down into the alchemist's tent. After a brief interrogation, bbeg coup'd everyone- Khedrit survived.]
Gorignak Half-Orc Witch- also died to Tick Swarm; tried to fly away, passed out midflight- fall damage killed him.

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My first death EVER! Well, other than a PC that I play as GM (argh).

Name: Dread
Race: Oni-spawn tiefling
Class: Hexcrafter (magus) 8
Adventure: Assault on Longshadow
Location: Chernasardo forest, Maenad encounter
Details: It was an epic battle that they simply did not expect. The Maenad confused everybody except the magus. The alchemist eventually dropped himself and the inquisitor with help from the ranger (his AC, a large wolf, spent most of the fight licking a tree, baying at the sun, etc.), and the magus couldn't manage to roll above a 7, missing the Maenad's fairly high AC every time. She finally hit him for 23 dmg when he was at 1 HP. The ranger finally re-focused on her and managed to drop her, with only single digit HP himself. They were 1 bad roll from a TPK, actually.

Epic. One off the best sessions any of us ever had. They no longer trust me. :)

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My dice decided to abandon me...

Shenna, female hobgoblin Skald 7
Death- failing reflex save against a Flame Strike, then failing another reflex save against a black dragon's Acid Breath in the final Ranger fortress at the end of book 2.
She managed to pop off a Haste before being melted into a pile of goo.

She died along side her Bear animal companion [she just called it Bear], who was still a bit ragged after being thrashed about by some Dire Weasels.

i probably could have used a PFS reroll to try to save her, but honestly- i didn't feel her. i liked the concept of her character- an outcast from hobgoblin ranks; but a save/suck caster with a bear animal companion to complement and support the party's only frontliner- a bloodrager- left her as a third wheel. between a ranged fighter/slayer, a kineticist, and the healing specialized cleric, my character didn't feel effective, especially when only two people would often accept my rage song.

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Name: Taznata (Cohort)
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Druid 3 / Sorcerer 3
Adventure: Assault on Longshadow
Location: Area F: Griffon Kill
The Gory Details:
Taznata tried to use Wild Empathy to befriend the griffons, but committed the unforgivable mistake of confusing them with hippogriffs.
Two of the griffons entered a state of frenzy at the insult and pounced on poor Taznata for 80 points of damage, sending her too deep into the negatives for anyone to prevent her death.

I had not expected this easy-looking encounter to result in any kind of danger for the party.
Those griffons can actually do a lot of damage.

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Name: Nestral Oreld and Miriss Obdelego (his cohort)
Race: Both human
Classes/levels: Oracle 8 and Inquisitor 6
Adventure: Assault on Longshadow
Location: Area H: Remains of Redburrow
The Gory Details:
The trench mist engulfed half of the group in its atrocious acidic and deathly essence. Everyone failed their saving throw against it.
The Barbarian had enough hit points to survive the ordeal, but alas, Nestral and Miriss did not.
Nestral cheated death yet again by using his last hero points, but poor Miriss died for real.

The road to Longshadow is long and perilous indeed...

Sovereign Court

Name: Ikrinda Tuzdin
Race: Gnome
Classes/levels: Inquisitor 9
Adventure: Assault on Longshadow
Location: Area K6: Mutation Lab
The Gory Details: In the surprise round, Ikrinda and the group's barbarian both got grappled, constricted and smothered by the lurkers above (or is it lurker aboves?).
The rest of the group focused their attacks on the barbarian's lurker first, as it was more accessible to them.
Ikrinda couldn't do much to damage her captor or to heal herself. Just as the group killed the other lurker and were ready to come to her aid, she got constricted to death.

Using hero points, though, she survived to continue the campaign.

"I got better!"


Name: Kyra
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Cleric 7
Adventure: Assault on Longshadow
Location: Area K6: Mutation Lab
The Gory Details: Kyra ran into the room to help players that had been critically wounded by the lurkers above, only to be grappled herself by the same lurkers and then chewed until dead one round later.

The players had to travel all the way to Crowstump to find the nearest cleric to cast raise dead.

Sovereign Court

Name: Riglovik Ferrens
Race: Halfling
Classes/levels: Magus 8/ Arcane Archer 2

Name: Ikrinda Tuzdin
Race: Gnome
Classes/levels: Inquisitor 10

Name: Alraxia
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Unchained Barbarian 10

Adventure: Assault on Longshadow
Location: Area P (Ecru)
Catalyst: Too many enemies with attacks that auto-hit or aim against touch AC.
The Gory Details:
On a tight schedule (3 days before the invasion of Longshadow), the group decided to leave the Oracle in Longshadow to help getting the defenses ready while the rest of the group assaulted the munitions camp.
They infiltrated the camp by climbing above the wall behind P6. Once they reached the center of the ruins of Ecru, the phalanx troop spotted them and sounded the alarm.
A very difficult fight followed. The PCs took a lot of damage from the troops and took a long time to kill them - enough time for the barghests, bombardiers and golems to join the fight.
Already wounded from the fight against the troops (given their auto-hit troop damage), most of the party (the 3 mentioned above plus a barbarian cohort) fell to the bombs of the bombardiers and golems.
The only survivor was the group's rogue (under the cover of Greater Invisibility). She killed one golem and one barghest before having to flee. She was able to sneakily drag Riglovik's body behind cover and take off with him atop her bronze "dragon/griffon" figurine of power.

Thanks to the use of hero points, the PCs cheated death once again, but Ikrinda, Alraxia and the barbarian cohort are now prisoners of the Ironfang Legion...
Leaving only the Oracle, the Rogue and Riglovik to defend Longshadow...

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Name: Nestral Oreld
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Oracle 13
Adventure: Siege of Stone
Location: Area J17 (Weapon vault)
Catalyst: Double natural 20 for an Attack of Opportunity
The Gory Details: Having defeated the adventure's BBEG just a few minutes before, the party was in a good mood and was just in the process of exploring the last few remaining rooms of the dungeon to "clean up".
In the weapon vault, the Ice Devil Krymous appeared when they tampered with the weapons. Nestral was the first to act and tried to shoot her.
Sadly for him, Krymous had Combat Reflexes, and rolled a natural 20 for her attack of opportunity, confirmed by a natural 20.
The 89 points of damage were enough to kill Nestral despite him being full-HP and having Stoneskin active.

Using hero points, though, Nestral survived to continue the campaign (this being his SIXTH close call with Pharasma so far...).

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Name: Lyndelle Sun
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Ranger 7
Adventure: Fangs of War
Location: L19, The Dragon's Garden
Catalyst: Eygara's AoO as they tried to escape the tower.
The Gory Details: The party had a brutal fight against Jang and company while Ibzairiak was away, but managed to win. Unfortunately, all the Flame Strikes and such alerted the rest of the fort, minus the inhabitants of the lower levels of the tower who had already been dealt with. The party initially chose to stand their ground and fight, but upon realizing how bad the numbers were, opted to flee out the hole in the wall and climb down the tower.

Meanwhile Eygara snuck up on Lyndelle and crit her. Lyndelle tried to use acrobatics to slip paster Eygara and out the tower, failed by a few points. Eygara hit for max damage, and Lyndelle's dead body fell 80 feet out the tower. :( She died having completed her life's ambition of joining the Chernasardo Rangers, though.

Names: Thorn and Kanti
Race: Elf and Human
Classes/levels: Witch 7 and Oracle 7
Adventure: Fangs of War
Location: L6, Courtyard
Catalyst: The same blast of acid from Ibzairiak.
The Gory Details: The party laid an ambush for Ibzairiak. I rolled randomly to determine when he would arrive and got before sunrise. This made his at will 50 foot darkness pretty much unbeatable to a party that only had dark vision on their melee characters and no higher level light spells. Using his Silent Image tactics he baited out their alpha strikes (including trying to collapse the tower on him) and then utilitized mobility, range, and reach to mess up the party.

The casters wound up in the air, with the Oracle of Life in melee range so his Elemental Body could shine through the Darkness. Ibzairiak offered the party a chance to surrender, pay him off in treasure he could give to his beloved, and go on their way with some new scars. The casters flipped him the bird. He then dissolved them both in the same acid blast.

After the party surrendered, Ibzairiak got cocky and bit the arm off the monk-- giving the archer an opening to use the Named Bullet arrow Thorn had prepared before the fight. Thorn's player rolled post mortem to beat his spell resistance. and the auto crit arrow killed the Scar Maker. It was a costly battle, but the ending was amazing.

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Two more-

Phyandra, 9 Human Arcanist (Occultist)
Where: Munitions camp in Book Three, before Siege of Longshadow.
Cause: Bleeding out after being slashed by an Alchemical Golem.

Other PC:
Amill, 9 Suli Bloodrager
Where: Same munitions camp
Cause: Camp Alchemist

To be frank- the party should have fled after realizing there were Golems in the camp.
We took out the guards at the strip mine outside the ruined town, nearly got taken out by the Troops inside- My Arcanist Fireball'd into town, drawing the troops out, and instead of ambushing the troops- we played defensively, and that hurt us more than helped.
Instead of resting up after that fight and going in fresh, we thought we could take out whatever was left.
What was left were two Hobgoblin Alchemists and two Alchemical Golems.

In the ensuing fight, the alchemists went first and managed to block the door way with their Stink Bombs, enabling them to buff themselves up while the Golems came out and slaughtered us. Didn't help that the Kineticist failed his fort save against the stink cloud and was nauseated for four turns.
We were doomed when the Bloodrager, with the cleric behind him- fled from a nearly defeated Alchemical Golem. One good smack would have taken the golem down, then he could have gotten healing from the cleric. He fled- to heal up himself and get some buffs up- leaving the cleric alone against the golem.

By the time the Kineticist had recovered from his nausea, the cleric was downed and my Arcanist, while feebily using a Wand of Summon Monster II, in hopes of distracting the remaining golem, was floundering with single-digits.
The Bloodrager flew in with Mirror Image up in an attempt to draw the attention of the golems. it was at this time, that the Alchemists' Stink Cloud had dissipated, and they came out to carpet bomb the rest of us.
My Arcanist got smacked by the golem down to -5 HP, the bloodrager dropped to the alchemist's bombs- kept alive by Raging Vitality.

As the rest of the party fled, with the Hobgoblins in hot pursuit, i couldn't roll a Death Save above 10... and eventually bled out. The Kineticist was downed and captured [as was the cleric who had stabilized], and bloodrager was stripped and left to bleed out.

This character was built with the intent to craft wands, but never got a chance to...

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Wow, nasty, my party also had a lot of trouble in that munitions camp.

Here's a new one from my campaign:

Name: Zutri Bilfrit
Race: Halfling
Classes/levels: Unchained Rogue 16
Adventure: Vault of the Onyx Citadel
Location: B7: War Room
Catalyst: Quivering Palm
The Gory Details:

The heroes rushed to the top level of the onyx tower to stop its imminent destruction. They engaged Scabvistin and his lone companion: a honor guard. Both enemies rolled a natural 20 on their initiative checks, allowing them to act before most of the party. The honor guard struck Zutri with a Quivering Palm, forcing the little halfling rogue to save or die. She needed to roll a 3 or higher to survive and rolled a … 2.

After the rest of the party slew Scabvistin and his honor guard, they were relieved to see that Zutri had actually survived her apparent demise (by using a Hero Point).

Sovereign Court

Name: Nestral Oreld and Riglovik Ferrens
Race: Human and Halfling
Classes/levels: Oracle 17 and Magus 8/Arcane Archer 9
Adventure: Vault of the Onyx Citadel
Location: H29
Catalyst: Zanathura's prismatic sprays
The Gory Details: In a difficult battle against Zanathura, the party had to endure three Prismatic Sprays. In addition to HP damage, bad rolls on Saving Throws caused the group's Rogue to be Plane Shifted into the unknown (natural 1 rolled on the save), both cohorts to go insane, Nestral to be petrified and Riglovik to die of poison (natural 1 rolled on the save). Nestral received a Stone to Flesh spell during the fight, but rolled a natural 1 on his Fortitude save and died...

The party was able to kill Zanathura's honor guards, but the naga herself proved too much for them, and they had to evacuate the area with a Teleport spell, hoping for a rematch after they had the chance to recover.

Riglovik and Nestral both used Hero Points to survive these deaths, but those were their last ones available to cheat death in this way...

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Name: Alraxia
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Unchained Barbarian 17
Adventure: Vault of the Onyx Citadel
Location: H35
Catalyst: Azaersi
The Gory Details: This one is pretty straightforward. Azaersi got a round of full attacks against Alraxia, scoring 3 hits and 2 critical hits for a total of 362 points of damage.

Using hero points, though, Alraxia survived to wrap up the campaign.

Name(s), Race, Class & Level:
Shaerona, shae Druid 3 (my wife's character)
Astrid, human Wizard 3 (Lyra player's mother)
Lyra, human Ranger 3 (Astrid player's nine-year-old daughter)
Adventure: Trail of the Hunted
Location: H5, Ironfang Supply Wagon
Catalyst: Individualism, Lucky DM rolls, lack of resource utilization
The Gory Details: We've been playing once a month for a while, but the two kids (7 and 9) have a one hour max attention span. I decided to just do set pieces and combine things together. The Supply Wagon encounter also had Yorc, Shalra, Orlu and Carf present. Those four were hidden in the woods. Their tactic was to move in a clockwise direction and focus all of their attacks on whomever was closest and then move on to the next closest.

Some of the players hadn't gone up to level 3 on game day and said it was fine, they'd just play at level 2 and go up later. I said, "No, this is a really tough encounter, you should go up your level." I later emphasized how tough it was going to be and that they should make use of all their resources.

So did the players bring the combat capable refugee NPCs with them? Of course they didn't. Did the adults coordinate with the kids to organize any sort of cooperation? Of course not, they each just did their own thing. Did this separate and expose individual players? Of course it did.

Did the DM roll two sets of 20/20's and another confirmed crit? Of course he did. Does the DM roll out on the table where everyone can see? Of course he does.

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First PF2 converted casualty.

Name: Speedwagon
Race: Halfling
Classes/levels: Bard 11
Adventure: Siege of Stone
Location: G6
Catalyst: Iuwlas
The Gory Details: The party tried to speed rush the morlock warrens before the horse's fly spell could run out. It was going pretty well, until one of the Creepers ran off for back up. The closest ally being Iuwlas. PF2 lacks an ancestor oracle, though, so I decided an imperial sorcerer fit his flavor best. He proceeded to use greater invisibility before joining the fray, and unleashed VAMPIRIC EXSANGUINATION. Little Speedwagon failed his save, then used his lucky halfling to reroll it and critically failed. This dropped him to dying 2, and his hero points couldn't keep up with the black tentacles and cloudkill Iuwlas followed up with. The party retreated back to Longshadow, and used a Resurrection ritual to bring him back. Unfortunately, on their next attempt...

Name: Speedwagon
Race: Halfling
Classes/levels: Bard 11
Adventure: Siege of Stone
Location: G17
Catalyst: Morlock Destroyers
The Gory Details: The party's fighter pushed for a less direct method on their second attempt at the Morlock Warrens, so Speedwagon busted out his Veil spell to disguise the whole party as Ironfang Legion soldiers. This tactic worked well previously, but this time not so much. They encountered a sentry and demanded to see someone important. I flipped a coin to see if the sentry would bring Grax or Iuwlas, and they got Grax. Grax proceeded to lead them to Zanathura... Unfortunately, PF2 Dark Nagas have constant Mind Reading, and the party was found out.

Two boss encounters thus became one, and things looked bad. The party was doing some good work thanks to a Blade Barrier/Wall of Fire combo the monk kept Whirling Throwing enemies through. But a couple Morlock Destroyers (reflavored as Snake Instinct Barbarians) got Speedwagon in a grapple and separated from his friends. The cleric healed Speedwagon, who could have used dimension door to escape. Instead, he dropped a Phantasmal Calamity, centered on himself. The surge of mental damage nearly cleared the board, removing Grax and most of the minions from the fight. Unfortunately, the two Destroyers grappling him survived, and they took him down to 0 again. This time, they weren't taking any chances, and proceeded to tear into his limp body before tossing it into the blade barrier.

Speedwagon's heroic sacrifice turned the tide of what might have otherwise been a TPK, but he wound up chunky salsa, and you can't Raise chunky Salsa.

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Name: Kanus
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Ranger 5 / Cleric 1
Adventure: Fangs of War
Location: Red Rock Revel J23
Catalyst: Biello the ohancanu / player drop out
The Gory Details: The drop out of 2 players in the middle of the Revel (after rescuing Cirieo but before recovering Cirieo's equipment) and the addition of a new player required a little DM fiat. On entering the 3rd floor strategy room Biello surprised the party (who had made no attempt to be quiet climbing the stairs) and scored a critical hit on the flatfooted ranger. Confirming the critical (x3) on an initial damage roll (3d6+9) of 24 resulted in ranger paste (72 hp damage vs 45 hp).

Name: Simon
Race: Gnome
Classes/levels: Sorcerer 6
Adventure: Fangs of War
Location: Red Rock Revel J23
Catalyst: Biello the ohancanu / player drop out
The Gory Details: Biello had been given Cleave instead of Intimidating Prowess, so his first stroke continued through and hit the sorcerer, dealing 27 hp, enough to drop the gnome to negative HPs. A healing burst temporarily brought him conscious, but when Biello finally died he fell on the large wooden table in the centre of the room, knocking it on to the party members on the other side. All made their reflex save to avoid being hit except for the gnome who was still prone and he was consequently crushed, taking enough damage from the table and falling fae to finally succumb.

Name: Toghairm
Race: Elf
Classes/levels: Unchained Summoner 7
Adventure: Fangs of War
Location: Fort Trevalay
Catalyst: Ibzairiak breath weapon

Ibzairiak claimed a member of the party at Fort Trevalay. She was hit by his breath weapon which caused her to be melted away. (Failed save full damage.) So with a heavy heart (the bard wasn't singing.) They bid farewell to their friend. (Her summons just had learned gore!) She was a quiet elf but she touched everyone's minds. (Message). She left a mark upon them all, especially when Ibzairiak used her flesh melted body and ventriloquism to intimidate and shake the gnome bard. (Who still wasn't singing…). She also got a chance to give a final farewell as he threw her off the tower top. (The cowards were hiding inside and Jang wasn't pulling her weight apparently though Ibzairiak before a dragon bane arrow gave him a nice jolt back to his more immediate woes.) It may seem she rushed to meet death at a young age. (She was hasted.) She in fact lived a long elven life. (Not unnaturally long..just the right amount.)
So fare thee well Toghaim, perhaps Bhaktira will find you somehow once again.

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Name: Kasumi
Race: Half-Elf
Classes/levels: Samurai 14
Adventure: Siege of Stone
Location: Reliquary of Ascension
Catalyst: BBEG Elacnida being smart

Gory details: Area J19, the party recognise Dendrak's statue as being that of a hobgoblin. The Party Ranger HATES Hobgoblins so goes to smash the statue. Combat begins.

After smashing the statue, the ranger drops the adamantine axe and draws his Mattock (the weapon all his feats work with).

The Hobgoblin looking ghost does it's Mournful Wail and 3:4 fail their save. 2 run back the way they had come (past the Roper they had impressed with religious matters; the party was going to bring him a Sarenrae Holy Text to study), rudely ignoring it's queries as to how the fight is going?

The racist ranger dropped his weapon and ran the other way, towards the Northwest corner of area J19. Elacnida tried to possess the samurai who used their resolve to roll twice and take the best and passed. So Elecnida manifested from Eustasius's leg which the Ranger had in his bag of holding.

The Ranger failed the save vs. possession.

The Samurai smashed the statue of Dendrak. F in the chat folks.

The Ranger came over and without a word tries to cave the Samurai's face in.


So the Ranger is using his backup, backup weapon to try to kill the Samurai, the Samurai is taking -4 to try to non-lethally incapacitate her friend.

The dice were on the player's side as both were rolling low numbers alarmingly consistently.

Meanwhile the Witch and the Slayer/Sentinel are high-tailing it to the temple in area J11 (coincidentally where their rounds of fleeing got them to.

The Witch activated fly hex and flew towards the ongoing fight, whilst the Slayer/Sentinel ran. As such the Witch arrived at the ambush point the Roper had set itself up in (well, she was 5 feet away from it). Her AC was very poor and the bite hit along with all 6 tentacles. 6d6 strength damage put the Witch on the floor and the poop in the Slayer/Sentinel's britches.

Meanwhile the Fight of the Ages is going on, friend vs. friend, staunch allies that have fought side-by-side through Longshadow's siege, the Deep Roads and basically everything since the 2 deaths at Ibzairiak...

The Ranger won, dropping the Samurai to below zero hitpoints, but the Samurai refused to fall unconscious, remaining standing despite her injuries.

Eventually the Samurai took enough damage to kill her and she fell.

The Slayer/Sentinel fills the Roper full of Bolts and does enough damage in one round to kill it. He then elects to take his vulnerable Witch friend back to the temple.

He spends a few rounds carrying her body to the temple.

The Samurai has fallen, the Ranger regains his Mattock but he has taken a lot of damage.

The Slayer/Sentinel has zero idea the Ranger just killed the Samurai, all he knows, is the fight started because the Ranger hates Hobgoblins.

The Ranger has stealth score above what the Slayer/Sentinel can match on a natural 20. So the Slayer/Sentinel was surprised when the Ranger appeared from nowhere and tried to cave his head in.

So context/extra kickers: The ranger appears to be a Half-orc because his disguise skill is disgustingly good. He is a Hobgoblin in Ironfang Invasion and he HATES Hobgoblins partially born out of a self-hate thing.

The players realised in Longshadow and allowed him to keep his secret as long as he fights hobgoblins... he just killed the Samurai.

The Slayer/Sentinel stepped back and a hail of bolts put the Ranger down (unconscious, not dead).

Elacnida left the unconscious and broken body, but I ruled she had to leave the temple area, she tried to possess the Slayer/Sentinel from outside the temple and he passed the save.

He then put enough bolts into her to 'kill' the ghost.

They had to wait 8 hours for the Witch to regain a point of Strength and the Ranger to recover his hitpoints enough to wake up.

It was then that they found the Samurai's body, the loot and the corpse of the Medusa with evidence on it.

The next session we started with some really tense RP, it was great.

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