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Ironfang Invasion

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(Alliteration's always awesome!)

So I usually hang out over in the PFS section of the boards, and one of the things I do to help PFS GMs is that I make stat block documents to help other GMs run PFS scenarios. Since I'll be running Ironfang Invasion starting next week, I have a bunch of prep that I made, so I figured I'd share it with you all.

You can find all that prep at this link: LINK

Note that some of the documents have the word "Edited" in the title. These are the documents with the statblocks that have been edited to conform to my house rules. This means that they have had the following changes:
- Automatic Bonus Progression for all NPCs = to their CR
- All Rogues are Unchained, other classes possibly Unchained to taste
- All Fighters get Combat Stamina for free at 1st level, but they can only use the other ability of combat feats with fighter bonus feats until they hit 6th level.

Also in the drive is the Southern Chesnardo Forest written up using the Exploration/Discovery rules from Ultimate Wilderness.

Yes, I know that's not how apostrophes work.

Scarab Sages

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Question: do you create these manually in Word? Or do you utilize a program to aid formatting?

Sovereign Court

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I have a couple styles in Word that reduce the time significantly, and most of the time I copy/paste statblocks rather than rewrite them, but other than that I do this by hand.

Thread necromancy!

You have my thanks as well. How has the AP worked out for you?

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