Camp Red Jaw maps [SPOILERS - GM ONLY]

Ironfang Invasion

The Concordance

My group THOROUGHLY scouted the camp on land and air before heading in. They wanted to create a map of their scouting and so I recreated the camp from hand so I could create a "sketched" map for them. Here are a few files that you may be able to use in your game:

Camp Red Jaw - Sketched
Camp Red Jaw - Grid (4200x2800)
Camp Red Jaw - No Grid (4200x2800)

I hope someone else gets some use out of these! :D

Damn I just ran through this encounter! Nice work. How did you make the map, I can see some repeated textures; draw first then copy paste?

I used DungeonFog to create the battlemat then took that into photoshop to make the sketch.

I'm confused. I used to think Camp Redjaw had high elevation, but it's at the BOTTOM of a Ravine? That makes it so easy for the party to scout them from above or just slide down from any angle.

Pretty sure it isn't.

It is. There's also cages at the top of the cliff containing prisoners and then the harpies are flying high above that.

I was thinking of the Ridgeline Camp. Please ignore that post.

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