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In my game, I use the official unofficial "houserule" of casting PCs and NPCs with real actors, and wondered if anyone else had imagined who might portray the various NPCs? Here is a sample of who I have cast so far:

General Azaersi (Hilary Swank)

Aubrin the Green (Lupita Nyong'o)

Vane Oreld (Nick Offerman)

Jet (Mila Kunis)

Edran (Lin Manuel-Miranda)

Veld (Anjelica Huston)

Scarvinious (Paul "Triple H" Levesque)

Scabvistin (Charles Dance)

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Oh! Now I'm sad that my PCs unfortunately were unable to save Ron Swanson from death. What a great npc he would have been-for me!

And spot on with Houston for Veld;I was even thinking that.

Got my Book 2 characters coming up now, and I have several figured out, but some others that are stumping me. Here's what I have so far:

Vardalel Prennder (Tom Holland)

Halk Grundlechar (Brendan Gleeson)

Bristle Billie (Jeff Bridges)

Eyegara (Gina Torres)

Jang (Amy Ryan)

Gaugagh (Katey Sagal)

Qa'al (Navid Negahban)

The main ones I'm struggling with are Cirieo Thessadin, Cobb Greenleaf, and Salokut. Thinking about Paul Rudd for Cirieo, but I'm not certain.

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Cobb Greenleaf had a temporary stint as a PC played by Jason Statham in our game. It was extremely good.

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This never made sense to me unless I was trying to show portraits on the computer to represent someone. Discovered a couple of years ago that I have aphantasia and that most other people can actually visualise things in their minds rather than just being a metaphor. So this casting never comes up in my games unless I am using a actor's role in a movie to help me with voices for NPCs. So far (getting towards the end of Book 2) we haven't done any "casting", but I might keep it in mind for my players if I need a short-cut to describing them.

One reason for casting, as you said, is so everyone is able to imagine the look and voice. But it's also a helpful mnemonic in adventures with potential dozens of weird-name-having NPCs and enemies.

I also like to frame my game almost as if it's some epic TV series in the grain of Game of Thrones or Lost where the players help me write the series. I provide the setting and they provide the characters; together we weave a plot. Right down to "Previously on..." recaps of previous sessions, cinematic flashbacks, etc. I call the end-of-book boss battles "season finales".

Getting into Book 3 here are some of the big-name actors my table has landed for some juicy roles:

Cobb Greenleaf (Adrien Brody)

Naspen Jarth (DJ Qualls)

Nibbitz (Lucy Davis)

Mayor Thom Crawbert (Bob Odenkirk)

Navah (Sherilyn Fenn)

Seneka Volstadt (Saoirse Ronan)

Venturing into Ironfang Invasion Season 4, we have some great new actors and some returning familiar faces as well.

Origa (Michelle Yeoh)

Iuwlas (Fred Armisen)

Zanathura simalcrum (Angelina Jolie)

Flendak Derth (Jonathan Banks)

Kisegar (Emma Stone)

Novvi (Kate Micucci, met the party back in Season 1)

The party has arrived in Kraggodan. New casting leaks are as follows:

Prince Gorm Greathammer - Kumail Nanjiani

Exemplar Thramirra Greathammer - Mindy Kaling

Hikal Balatum - Erin Kellyman

Royal Archivist Karburtin Lightbrand - Jemaine Clement

Colga of Trudd - Michelle Rodriguez

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