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I was wondering how other people have handled the non-corrupted fey of the Fangwood and what type of societal structure if any they have had in your games?

The impression I got reading through the AP was that the Fangwood is very much supposed to be a fey forest. While some fey are encountered here and there the main focus seems to be around the blight though, with no real detail on how fey society functions outside of this corrupted section of the forest. But it very much seemed that even the uncorrupted section of the forest is meant to be full of fey creatures.

However with all these different types of fey living their lives and causing mischief in one localized place I have been trying to figure out into what societies they would group. How would they interact with one another and what sort of disagreements would be present among them. Is there a leadership structure among then or even several more powerful fey who others flock around.

I know the default societal structure most people would place fey in are the courts (Summer, Winter etc.), but with the way the First World is ordered, around the Elder, this for me does not seem to suit the fey of Galorian. So instead I more imagined them as a patchwork of factions but am somewhat lost into how to fill out the details.

Has anyone built out the working of the fey in more detail or have suggestions on how fey society might look in the Fangwood?

Also happy to be recommended any other media interpretation that don't use the courts for the fey.

It seems to me that you're asking to have it both ways. You don't want a court but you want the structure - of a court. As you stated, the Fey of Golarion are not divided into courts. They're just wild and follow the whims of the Eldest or the Eldest follow the whims of the fey, whichever way that works.

So, no. If you don't want a court, you don't get a structure. The Eldest provides the only structure and beyond that is chaos.

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PFRPGrognard wrote:
So, no. If you don't want a court, you don't get a structure. The Eldest provides the only structure and beyond that is chaos.

I personally would disagree that the only type of structure is a court structure.

If we make a comparison to other cultures in Golorian then there are plenty of structures that do not follow the model of a royal court. The nearest example would even be Nirmathas itself. The country is basically just a patchwork of townships and organizations that share enough commonalities that they will often work together

I guess to phrase my question a bit better it would be alternative structures such as this I was asking if anyone had used for the fey.

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I don't think there is an actual society there. From what we see in Fangs of War, the fey default to just hanging out with their own species in small groups. The Redcaps, the Korrids,the leprechauns, etc. There are some customs the groups have in common, like the Red Rock Revel, but that is really just an excuse to party.

Yeah, the Red Rock Revel demonstrates the Fey pretty effectively. That should be your starting cue for how to portray the Fey. They are disorganized, chaotic, scatterbrained, and will move on to the next shiny thing as soon as the current activity gets too boring. They form cliques and clubs, often according to kind (see how the Korreds, Redcaps, and Leprechauns are all sequestered and plotting against each other) Some are more on the evil side, some more on the good side, but they are all capricious, childlike, and chaotic.

I'd recommend picking up a copy of campaign setting sourcebooks on the Fey if possible. The First World: Realm of the Fey and Fey Revisited have lots of great information about the various types of Fey, their personalities and culture.

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I am currently running this campaign for my players and I tried to emphasize a certain parallel between Nirmathas as a country and the way the fey are "organized" socially in the Fangwood.

The Nirmathi people are very decentralized and highly independent. Likewise, I made the fey similar, and they really are presented that way at the Red Rock Revel, which is basically a nightmare version of a frat party, just trading out greek letters for prehensile beards, hooves, wings, or green knickers. The only one directing anybody is the one everyone else is afraid of, which is exactly what happens in Nirmathas when the Ironfang Legion steps onto the scene. They conquer much of the breadbasket of Nirmathas because they are superior in strength and numbers and of course logistics.

I did add one other detail to most of the fey encountered in the forest - they have a vague memory that they used to be part of one of the most happening fey kingdoms around, but all that collapsed and now they just wander around unguiding doing whatever they wanna do. See book 5 for how that all fits in. Its just some good foreshadowing.

Ultimately, though, its your story that you have to tailor for your players so you get to develop the theme and the organization of the fey in the Fangwood in a way that makes the best story for your group.

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