Tamaran During the invasion? Status?

Ironfang Invasion

What happened to Tamaran during the ironfang invasion? I thought I read something about it when prepping the campaign for my group, but i cannot find anything anymore. Some players are starting to ask questions about the capital and I cannot find the answers.

Is there anything notable happening there? did it fall to the legion?

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In Book #1, the PC's learn that supplies are being sent down the Tamran highway to the Ironfang Legion soldiers who have cut-off the highway traffic and capturing everyone trying to use the road.

Not much has changed in Book #2.

As Book #3 begins: "Strategists in both Molthune and Nirmathas expect
the Legion to seize Tamran imminently, and the forest
marshal has already begun concentrating what forces he
can around the tiny city to deflect the expected invasion."

At the conclusion of Book #3: "In retaliation
for the embarrassment her forces endured, she (General Azaersi)
dispatches a small army to the east to burn Nirmathas’s
capital of Tamran, hoping the threat of retaliation will
prevent communities from allying with would-be saviors
in the future."

wow ok... thank you. must have missed that. I am approaching the end of book 3 so I should have seen that.

I should really pay attention to what I'm doing. Hopefully the explanations continue in books 4-6.

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