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Ironfang Invasion

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I will be uploading all the maps I have created for the Ironfang Invasion to DeviantArt.

Most are recreation, but some are original for the encounters that didn't have a map and couldn't find an existing one I liked.

So far all of Trail of the Hunted are up. I'll upload others as my players get passed them.

Seems I can't get the link to embed.

Added two more maps to finish out Trial of the Hunted.

Started adding maps for Fangs of War. Right now just Fort Ristin, but I'll had more as my players finish them.

Trail of the Hunted

...and very nice btw

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Glad you're doing this... but I'm 2 books ahead of you! Argh!

Thank you, thenovalod.

Sorry taks. :)

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Very nice job! Have you done any of the maps for the other encounters as well? Currently programming this into Fantasy Grounds for online play and thinking of borrowing your work so that I don't have the "double grid" effect.

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NVM, I think that you got them. Just missed some of them I think.

I have Fort Nunder and Trevalay that I haven't uploaded yet.

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I look forward to seeing those. I finished getting book 1 into Fantasy Grounds today.
Starting on Book 2. Want to be done with it before I start running so that way I don't have to worry about keeping up as much while they going through the adventure.

I also made maps for some of the encounters that didn't have maps, that you're also welcome to use. The two Forts will go up when my player's finish those areas. Also I'll probably start book three in the next couple of weeks.

The Exchange

Thanks a bunch for these!

OMG thank you! I bought the map folio for IFI in PDF format hoping it would have something like this.

Lifesaver you are!

Fort Nunder and Trevalay are up.

Thanks for the maps man.

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