Onyx Citadel details?

Ironfang Invasion

Anyone know how WIDE the tunnel is that comes out of the Onyx Citadel? In Trail of the Hunted, there is a sidebar. The tower is 50' tall, there is a grand arch, and a 100' long tunnel connecting the two arches.

I don't see anywhere where it says how wide the arch is. It's obviously not supposed to matter, but for my purposes it does affect the rate of deployment of the Hobgoblin army. If they can only come out 2 abreast, that makes a big difference compared to 4 in how quickly they fill the green. Without anything official to go on, I'll assume a 50' tower has a 20' base and a 10' arch.

I finally found the official answer as I'm nearing book 3. I've read this repeatedly and only just now noticed this nugget. Assault on Longshadow, p53, top right paragraph:

A tower of obsidian juts up from the ground. A wide stone
arch opens at the tower’s western side, with a fifteen-foot-wide
hallway that extends into the gloomy structure. Glittering
runes run up and down the surface, refracting even the
scantest light.

This means the catapults WOULD fit through the stone road, as they are LESS than 15' wide. Maybe they just used the stone road to pre-stage them... Hmmm.

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