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Ironfang Invasion

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Hello fellow players and GMs!

Inspired by a player of mine that spent way too much time customizing a spreadsheet for my Hell's Rebels rebellion (hi Zim), I've gone ahead and made my own version for the new Militia rules that are used throughout the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path. I have added all of the new actions and changed the Officer titles, as well as added in a column for the Provision Points to replace the Population sidebar for Kintargo.

I've left everything blank so that you can fill in your own values as soon as your Militia is founded and the PCs settle into their Officer roles. The only exception to this is the Training score, which is just a pre-set number because the function to calculate the Militia's Rank, bonuses, and number of actions accepts 4 as the minimum even though it's obviously not. Feel free to change the function, I just thought it would be easier to leave it and start tracking Training after the first week of taking the 'Drill Militia' action.

Here is the link to the sheet. I ask that if you intend on editing it, please make a copy for yourself and track all of your changes there so that I can keep using this as a base template for other Ironfang parties.

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3SecondCultist wrote:
(hi Zim)


Thank you!


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Thanks for the sheet.

I made a few changes to automate some stuff, throwing it back on here in case anyone wants them.


I tried to download a copy of this but the access got restricted as soon as I got in. Could you maybe assist me in getting a copy? Thanks!

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