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I'm running PF2 and took a stab at a General Azaersi as Influence encounter. I incorporated some stuff Deadmanwalking already suggested, and like the general thrust of it. I need to iron out some of the numbers: skill DCs, number of rounds, and Influence threshhold, mostly.

General Azzersi Influence:
Female hobgoblin swashbuckler 19

Perception +38,
Will +35

Discovery DC 29 Ironfang Lore, DC 39 Perception, DC 41 Society

Influence Skills DC 40 Vault of the Onyx Citadel Lore (offering insight to maximize her existing resource base), DC 43 Warfare Lore, DC 45 Intimidation, DC 45 Diplomacy, DC 48 Deception

Influence 10: Azaersi swears not to destroy Nirmathas, but still plans to conquer it. She attacks.

Influence 15: Azaersi promises to let the party return to the material plane if they return the Sardonyx Shard.

Influence 20: Azaersi agrees to a cessation of hostilities but requires the return of the Sardonyx Shard.

Influence 25: As IP 20, but Azaersi strikes a 2 year nonaggression pact with Nirmthas.

Influence 30: As IP 25, but Azaersi agrees to let the players keep the Sardonyx Shard so they have some insurance.

Background After the Goblinblood Wars, Azaersi forged an army to build an empire where others had failed. Her mind is as swift as her blade, picking out enemy weaknesses—whether physical, intellectual, spiritual, or tactical.

Resistances Azaersi’s prefers to negotiate from a position of strength. Her Influence DCs increase by 1 for each major ally she has present. Zanathura instead raises the DCs by 2.

Azaersi hates being lied to. A failed Deception check against her counts as a critical failure and causes her to cut the meeting time down by one round.

Petty gloating over past victories gives a -2 penalty on all Influence checks that round.

Weaknesses Pointing out that any of her commanders—Azlowe, Kraelos, and Taurgreth-- are still alive despite facing the party reduces the DC to convince her by 1 for each relevant character.
Pointing out that the Onyx Citadel can be used as a nation lowers the DC by 2.

Willingly offering territory on the material plane, however, lowers the DC by another 3. This also enables the party to use Survival as an Influence skill at whatever her lowest skill DC is, mapping out territory she can utilize effectively thanks to the Onyx Key.

Azaersi respects tactical genius. Successes on Influence checks using Warfare Lore are treated as critical successes. In addition, characters with the Legendary Professional gain an automatic two influence points.

Personality General Azaersi respects bravery, honesty, and tactical genius, while chaos, cowardice, petty gloating, and subterfuge disgust her.

Goal Azaersi seeks to forge a nation for herhobgoblins and other “monsters.”

Counter Influence If Zanathura is present, she attempts a counter influence check every round. This works as the Influence activity, except she reduces the score on successes and adds to it on critical failures. If she feels like negotiations aren’t going her way, she will being using her magic to sabotage the proceedings, generally by using Conceal Spell and various enchantments on the PCs. If Azaersi discovers this, she forbids Zanathura from further participation, but still gets Zanthura’s increased Influence DC as she is nearby.

Opportunity If the PCs present General Azaersi with evidence of Zanathura’s mind control, the hobgoblin is incensed, screaming at the naga for betraying her even after Azaersi elevated her to such power and offered her trust in spite of her army’s reservations. After 1d4 rounds of berating (during which both parties are flat-footed), Zanathura uses 5th level dimension door to flee into the vault’s wilds. This removes her from further participation and nets the party 10 influence points, at minimum insuring Azaersi won’t drop the Vault on Golarion.

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