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Ironfang Invasion

So...as a group when a new AP is about to start, the players all get together to plan a theme for the party to give the DM fits.

For example: In Shattered Star, we made a party of Vikings. Skald, Fighter (Combat stamina is bloody brutal), Bloodrager, Rogue/Arcanist, and Blight Druid.

Notice no primary healer type.

In this one, I’m the DM.

My evil friends came to plot and plan the following:

Level 1
Half Elf Warpriest of Milani
Half Elf Cleric of Milani
Asimar Cleric of Milani
Human Paladin of Freedom (of Milani)
Elven Cleric of Sarane

Now they are in the forest
Level 2
Warpriest 2
Cleric 2
Cleric/Rogue 1/1
Paladin 2
Cleric/Wizard 1/1...Aiming at Mystic Thurge.

Apparently my warnings on how brutal the campaign is was taken to heart...

The evil grins on their faces..I’m still laughing.

Oh and they all took Ironfang Survivor...

Slot zero and themes are good

The party I run to is "all human, all from Phaendaer"

I’m not familiar with slot zero?

Stupid question but why would this group give the GM fits?

Well, they will never suffer from a lack of healing, buffing, damage mitigation, negative condition repair, etc.

Warpriest (archer build) and Paladin (sword and board) leads to damage dealing and tanking,

Mystic Thurge, while slow, has incredible flexibility, and brings the blast.

This theme is not giving me the same level of angst as the Viking party is giving the DM for Shattered Star, but the first two sessions is escaping the village, they were never concerned. They had healing to spare.

Veldan Rath wrote:
I’m not familiar with slot zero?

Sit down before character roll up and discuss things! So you dont end up with a hobgoblin in an IF party etc

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All divine teams tend to be rather strong. But depending on your multiclasssing goes, they could fall pretty far behind the skill curve, which will make some parts quite difficult.

The lack of wild empathy also hurts. Honestly, it looks like a pretty generically powerful party, but I'm not sure how much it plays to the strength of Ironfang. My group got by without a cleric for a long timez. Druids, rangers, sorcerers, and hunters would be my pick for steam rolling this campaign. Animal companions are also really good here.

Well, they are crushing everything.

Warpriest 6 (Archer build)
Cleric 6 (Buff focus, aux melee)
Paladin 6
Cleric/Wizard 3/3 next level is MT
Cleric 3/Rogue 3

So far, very rarely are they surprised, out class most opponents with their AC, and 2 major damage dealers.

The Cleric/Rogue has insane diplomacy, so all of the non-combatant encounters go their way. Wood Giant and Treant are friendly. Even managed to convince Veld to join the refugees.

They are almost done with Fort Nunder’s vault section, and then will be on their way to Trevelay.

The only tough encounter for them was the final battle with the trogs.

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