My Adventures with Superman


Not a bad start, covering familiar early Superman ground but still not bad. Everyone feel really young but then that is the audience they are going for.

Interesting choice for the first villain. Merc instead of Shock Radio host. Very different from her original origin.

The things they did with the Jor-El hologram were an odd choice. From the tone of his initial speech he came across as sort of militant & threatening. I honestly thought it was Zod at first. I get the choice though, they wanted to have a scene where Clark felt threatened by his heritage and chose to stay with the safety of the Kents. Later when he goes back and he says "I don't even know who you are" you can see the hologram of Jor-El look hurt in response. Very nicely done

Wel for whatever reason, Episode 3 did not show up here in Canada, at least not on anything I have access to.

Episode 4 was fun though. Dr. Ivo re-imagined as a Tech Bro with a bit of MCU Tony Stark, creating a Personal protection super suit he calls the Parasite 1.0. Needless to say it went horribly wrong

Of particular note however is Ivo's young assistant


They play him off as a resentful helper science minion to Ivo but anyone who knows Superman can figure out who he is pretty quick. Just waiting on the accident that causes his hair to fall out.

Also Lois putting two and two together pretty quickly. Although Clark being a little sloppy doesn't help him hide his ID.

and Jimmy....already feeling the third wheel

Episode 5
Deathstroke (pretty young and still has 2 eyes though)
The General (I am 99% certain it's Lois's father)

and Lois pretty much calling Clark out to his face and not dragging out the "Is he really Superman subplot"

Cliffhanger ending. Jimmy is in trouble.

So The Brain and Monsieur Mallah are adorable together

and they created a bunch of mutants that were pulled right out of Gurren Lagann

and next up...Myxy!!!

oh wow.....He looks like Washu

Interdimensional Peacekeeper?

I can't wait, this is going to be such chaos

I have to say, I do like that Clark is so bad at lying about his secret ID. Dishonesty is simply "alien" to him. He just looks really uncomfortable every time he tries to cover something up. Plus it looks like they will not be stretching out the "everyone is mad cause you lied" thing.

I'm good with a Superman that's bad at lying at this early stage of his career.

Also, yeah Myxy looks pretty Washu-ish. I was expecting more bowler derby and cigar.

ok this episode was really fun.
Myx felt very on character

couple of fun take aways

This is Earth-12
The source of Myx's power is his Bowler Hat.
This version of Lois is "Fun" Lois, at least acording to Myxy
Crab Superman

plus lots of showing off various animated Superman over the decades.

The whole thing with the Bowler hat implies that Myx is adapting his form for the universe he is in. Our traditional Bowler Hat wearing jolly fellow is the "true" form but for Earth-12 he's an anime-imp, because that is what fits here.

Next Week - Super Hearing

Neat! I can't wait to see this. Also cool deal about the hat.

oof...that got rough. Sups getting on hell of a beatdown there

our second appearance of Alex

and Vickie Vale..fair bit older than Lois, which presumably would mean the same for Batman

Such a Gotham City headline

and season wraps up with a tense Thanksgiving dinner, an Alien invasion, Brainiac and what is probably Zod

Also Jimmy is rich now

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