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Not a lot of details yet, but what little is known is that it's about a post-Batman world which "will pick up in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s murder as his “adopted son” (no word on which “son” that might be from the myriad potential options and Robins throughout the Batman canon) teams up with the children of Batman’s enemies after they are accused of killing the Dark Knight."

Also not word yet on how it will or won't connect with Batwoman. Since the description doesn't seem to fit with the Batwoman show, I'm guessing it's on another earth...maybe the same one as Stargirl to continue the theme of "children of established heroes and villains" - could make for a weird but fun crossover with very different views on life between those two sets of characters.

Maybe for the cross over...but honestly this feels more like it is set in the same world as Naomi. Maybe.

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I saw this news the other day. Makes me glad I don't watch regular TV anymore.

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One of the key showrunners is Natalie Abrams who as best as I can tell is one of the better writers on Batwoman.

I recognize this is an extraordinarily unpopular opinion, but I've always felt like the worst thing about Gotham City and Batman's universe is Batman, but I love everything else about Gotham, so a(nother) Gotham-based series about Gotham potentially sounds pretty awesome to me. Although at the same time sort of investigating/wanting vengeance for Bruce's murder feels cliched somehow. I'd rather something just more about Gotham itself and less focus on Bruce. But people always want focus on Bruce even when showrunners can't use the character for various executive shenanigans so it is what it is.

I can't remember where I saw it but I also saw a suggestion it was going to be in the same world as Stargirl. So not connected to Batwoman. (Also, I don't think it is this at all, but this premise would work pretty well for the Gotham we see in Titans, and in a hypothetical world, it would be cool to have a Gotham show in the same universe so Titans stops trying to secretly be just a show about the Batfamily with occasional cameos from other characters.)

Note I don't think the show's been greenlit, it's just in development so any announced details could well be subject to change if the show gets made at all.

Not sure it's extraordinary unpopular, DQ, but it's kind of unpopular. That being said I do agree with you, some times the worst thing about Gotham City IS Batman.

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Trailer has been released, and it looks.....not good. Not only do I not know any of those characters other than Harvey Dent and therefore don't really have a strong (or even weak) attachment to them to want to watch the show, but I definitely don't need another show about the next bat wannabes who have no training, but waltz into the batcave and just become the next batman and frenemies. Too similar to Batwoman's plot, and S2-3 silliness of an untrained Bat.

Also, since this is clearly set at the end of a long Bat career, shouldn't Harvey Dent be Two-face already and not still the DA?

Would have MUCH preferred a live action Batman Beyond show.

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Ya know, when I said, "They should do something like Gotham Knights," the unholy love child of Riverdale and Gotham City was definitely not what I had in mind.

But... it's very CW. It's clear after branching out to different genres, they're buckling back down to what they used to do... well, if not best, most consistently: teen melodrama.

Ah well. It's a good time as any to move on. It's clear they were done with the original Arrowverse years ago and it's time to lead the dead rest.

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They just made up some random kid

Seriously is it that they just had a bad idea for a show and decide "lets attach the Batman name to it" in a desperate attempt to make it last for 1 season.

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