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Classes: Sorcerer and Wizard

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Errata and Typos (Sorcerer and Wizard)

Welcome to the Arcane Playtest

Thought on why I don't like to play low level Wiz / Sor

[Sorcerer Bloodlines] Sorcerers as meleeists

Sorcerer - Bloodline nitpicks

Wizard: Tie school powers to wizard level, not caster level

New help with my sorcerer for my tonite game

Familiars - Everything is better with monkeys

The wizard, arcane bond, and activating magic items

[Specialist Wizard Abilities] - More options per school

Musings on the Sorcerer.....

Wizard School Powers

Sorcerer Bloodline Ideas

Arcane Bond Great concept ... in need of clarifications

Wild Mage Bloodline.

Sorcerer Bloodlines - Claws are too strong

Wizard Special Abilities Clarification

bloodlines are they usefull ?

Hand of the Apprentice

Brief List of Overpowered Wizard Options.

Rules Change Idea: Preparing Spells

Shadow caster of Tome and Magic as a Sorcerer Bloodline

Sorcerer - Extra claw damage and magic gauntlets

Spellcasting - Combined Effort?

Sorcerers bonus spells per day to spell known instead

Alternate Necromancy School Specialist Bonus

School Powers (and I suppose cleric domains) and Caster Level

[Wizard] Toss the Spellbook

[SORCERER] Lycanthrope Bloodline

Evokers Deserve More Love

[IDEA] School Themed Familiar

Sorcerer Bloodline (Extra Planar)

Schools, Bloodlines, and Domains

[Wizard] What does the Universalist sacrifice?

Ideas for additional Sorcerer Bloodlines

Kae's Sorcerous Rambling (10th-level spell)

fix the Sorcerer

Double Arcane Bond?

Wizard's Power Equal to Other Classes? No

[Wizard: Necromancer abilities] Playtest gripes by player

Not sure about the necromancer's control undead ability

[wizard] Universalist metamagic too powerful?

Counterspell as Arcane class ability

Bloodline spells, and specialist abilities.

Name change for "Prohibited" schools reference?

Spellcaster DCs...

Why do wizards max out at 4 spells per day in any given level?

Sorcerer - Unlimited Cantrips and Bloodline Powers

Spell Questions

[Sorcerer - Bloodline] Irrisenian Witch Bloodline

[Familiars Proposal] Familiar Advancement

Opposition School Spells

[Sorcerer] Celestial Bloodline weak against fiends

Bloodline Powers

[Touch Attacks] Holding a charge during a normal unarmed attack

[Sorcerer]: Mechanus / Law bloodline

[Sorcerer] Shade bloodline

Spellbook costs and Scrolls

Sorceror weapon proficiences?


4E Rituals, Anyone like?

First level school / bloodline complications

[Sorcerer Bloodlines] Bloodline Add-On Effects for Spells

[Wizard] Specialization - What changes would you like to see?

Wizardly complications

Sorcerer - Unstagger the casting!

Wizard Bonus Feats

Abjurer and Evoker Capstones

Broken / Lost Arcane Bond

Specialist bonus spells: Um, what?

Wizards - Spells known per level

[Sorcerers and Wizards] Familiars

Wizards - Specialist Critique

Bonus Slots and ability damage

Wizards Are Overpowered

Supernatural vs spell-like

Wiz / Sor: Survivability as a class vs the magic of spells

Umbra Draconic Bloodline??

Necromancer rules from Koblod Quarterly #7

[Sorcerer] New Bloodlines

Combining Sorcerer and Warlock.

To Sneaksy Dragon. Apology accepted. I was at fault Too.

Magic haters, please read before posting in the sor / wiz forum

At will powers that dmg walls and doors!

[Wizard: Divination School] Really really underpowered

Arcane Bond - Unlimited uses?

[Sorcerer] Doomed Bloodline

Gnome Sorcerer & Melee Combat

[Sorceror] Elemental Bloodline Versatility

Take a point from the Wilder for the Sorceror

Sorcerer: Increasing impact of bloodlines?

Generalist & Specialist Wizards: Distinction and Power Level

New Directions, sorcerers and what to do with them

Lessen Restriction on Sorcerers Replacing Spells Known

[wizard] Universalist metamagic too powerful?

Sorceror and Wizard special abilities - Prc Question

Aberrant Sorcerer - Sneak Attack Immunity???

Scribing costs - putting wizards in the poor house

Wizard - Blessed Book

"Spontaneous Casting" for the Wizard

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