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Magic and Spells

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Errata and Typos (Magic and Spells)

Welcome to the Magic and Spells Playtest

Hideous Laughter (and similar spells) need extra saves.

Spontaneous Cure / Inflict Spells - For every religion?

Unlimited Cantrips / Orisons - A Rundown

Rope Trick needs fixin'

A few needed changes

Launch Item- is it too good?

Clarification of Divination Schools' Specialist Bonus Diviner’s Fortune

New Spell: Transfigurine

[Animate Object] - Why not a Sor / Wiz spell

Flaming Sphere - How to use it?

Wildshaping / Polymorphing etc

[Design Focus - Spells] Needed Fixes

How many changes?

Why does Wall of Force have to be indestructible?

Secret Page: Fix some vagueness

Solid Fog too absolute?

Detect {Alignment} - Evil Outsiders or [Evil] Outsiders

[Spell] Dispel Magic can be a pain.

Shrink Item spell - what action does restoring the item take?

Magic Item Spells: Dimensional Space

Why Does Enlarge Person and Righteous Might treat projectiles differently?

Scrying -- why you shouldn't fear it.

Spell: Polymorph any object

Holy Lance

Artifice Domain - Prismatic Sphere?

Gate as summoning: too powerful?

[Spell DCs] - Feat option for Flat DCs

Polymorph - I have the perfect solution!

Cure spells, die based on what class its used on...

[SUMMON SWARM] More Swarm Selection Request

Ranged touch spells get BAB progression

Target the ground

Resting and Spells

Adding new spells to a spellbook - too time-intensive?

Metamagic Level Adjustments

Polymorph Suggestion

Opinions on spells that used to help against grapples etc?

Summon Spells - Multiple Summons & New List Attempt

Schools as powers belong in the Wizard Class section

Darkness- What's the point

Enchantment Spells = Broken

Cast spells on the fly from spell book

Ray of Enfeeblement - most powerful spell 10th level wizard can wield!

Animal Growth / Animal Companion

[Spell] Fire Seed

Invisibility & See Invisibility & Similar

The concentration slot - an additional spell mechanic

Error in magic chapter page 194

{Summoning} How many summons are too much?

Spell- Protection from Evil - IMMUNITY to all mental control?

Time Stop - Does the explanation for how it works need rewriting?

Magic Item Creation -Do Spell-like abilities count?

At will cantrips - new tactics may need rule tweaks

Save or Die spells that need modification

Fireball, Lightning bolt and... Cone of Cold?

New Bard-only spells

Bard vs. Cleric: Stacking.

Bard Spell List Additions

Recovery saves

Define magic

Stabilize cantrip is lonely, wants some love.

Spell alignment

Black Tentacles - Is the spell description clear ?

Deities & Demigods Domains, Spells

Researching new Spells II

[Magic Weapons] +5 Special Qualities Request?

Spell- Dominate Person - Could be far worse then death...

Haste / Slow -- and initiative.


Identifying Magic Items

How can a wizard detect a spell effect from Hallow?

[Hideous Laughter] Why the laughter?

[Save or Die Spells] Death Effects and Other Effects

[Spell] Silence.

Divine Power too weak?

Divine Favor - Too powerful:?

Inherent Bonuses - Wishes and Other Bonus Granting Magical Effects

Invisibility-More elaboration on Counters?

Illusion Needs Clarification

Does Magical Healing Need a Tweak?

Alter Self and Monsters

0 level spells and components?

Ranged Touch vs. Ray

[Counterspelling] Replace Awkward Mechanics with Effective Disruption

Request: Enchantment sidebar

How the Force is more exciting then Magic - and it needs to be fixed

1 minute / level spells should go away.

Where have you gone, chain lightning?

Consecrate / desecrate -- and outsider.

(Summoning) Celestial / Fiendish should be casters choice

Light, all day and all night

Spells that affect HD of creatures

Empower Spell [Metamagic]

Mage Hand - Dueling Swords For Everyone

Consecrate & Desecrate need PF treatment

[SPELL] - Gust of Wind

Casting Remove Disease seems weaker than Heal check

Fear Spells

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