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Resist Energy (Fire), Communal should be down by now as roughly 50 minutes has passed in game since the combat.

Grandmaster TOZ wrote:
Assuming no one has any more adjustments to be made, I will update again tonight. As I understand it, Rokgurn is following the trail and the party is following on the eagles?

That is the plan. :)

Grandmaster TOZ wrote:
Eagle Aerie has some nice utility as a cross between Summon Monster and Mount. As long as they don't attack, they last 1 hour/level. Once they attack, the remaining duration is rounds. I'm definitely taking notes for my own druids, even if they are not likely to see much more play.

I get this spell as a domain spell pickup. I would not routinely prepare it for another Druid character but if I can afford to keep a 6th level slot open then I could fill it during the day as needed. Generally if your character is spending hours travelling cross-country then a 15 minute break to save hours makes sense. Also if you cast this spell the day before with an extend rod you essentially have free party transport all of the next day. Now that is nice.

Indeed. That is why my Divine casters always have Death Ward prepared. I really do not like energy drain/death effects.

Still overall death by hit point loss is probably the most common way to die. BOL remains a solid spell or scroll.

Edit - @Kasimir - If you do not like the spell you do not have to prepare it. 90% of the time it is a spell that never gets used.

Well we have found a place so we are stopping for a fifteen minute breather before resuming. I would like to top-up as well. :)

Edit - It might be a sprint as soon as we find the Gnome. We need to be able to move at the speed of plot. ;)

Edit 2 - I would really suggest Breath of Life for the Cleric going forward. If it was on the Druid's list I would definitely take it.

Kasimir - I can see that you are low on useful combat spells so we will stop as soon as we are able.

That is pretty neat. I would wager that there are two types of boons depending on how you dealt with Rurat on the chronicle sheet.

Was it possible to negotiate with Rurat?

No Immunity prevents you from being effected in the first place. A better question is what can Regeneration not heal?

Does Regeneration heal all conditions over time? If not how can you model a recovery power that will gradually shake off any type of enchantment/transmutation effects?

An excellent job. It was fun and definitely not a cake walk with two animal companion fatalities and Robyyn hanging on to life by but a thread. I hope everyone had a good time.

@Orst - It was never going to be a TPK. I am sure that my character would have gladly chronicled your character's bravery and sacrifice in the latest society chapbook. ;)

The chronicle sheets look good. I am a bit curious to know how many actual story arcs there are in total?

You would be better off paying for spell casting services as it is cheaper than a scroll. A casting of Raise Animal Companion is 1,450 gp including the 1,000 gp diamond. It is your cash and you get to decide how you want to spend it.

Zombie or Skeleton? :)

Seriously I don't think it will fly with a Paladin in the party. I mean you can ask him...

Of course is it really any worse than summoning Devils to fight for the party?

Edit - Can we finish Rurat off this round? The novelty is starting to wear thin. :)

It is a game so do what is fun. If you want to stick with your animal then you can or you can swap him out for something different. In my experience people generally stay with what works for them until something happens so an AC death is a good opportunity to shake up your play style.

Because they are a Druid. I can see a Paladin or good aligned Inquisitor wanting to raise their AC but Druids typically accept the natural cycle which includes death.

Generally there is no need to raise an AC. In fact Lis would be better off migrating to a higher tier animal now that she is 7th level. Constrictor Snakes are fantastic at level 4-6 but as you level up their weak Armor Class becomes a problem.

Edit - Dolph. Yes one of my Druids had that boon as well on their constrictor snake. Still who wants to pay to raise an AC, especially when the animal really should be replaced anyways. Think of it as a glass half full situation.

Omrax the Bold wrote:

Omrax has been and seen allies swallowed by a purple worm and voracious plants before, and remembers it is not a pleasant experience.

This character has vivid memories of being swallowed whole by a Remorhaz while in Dire Tiger form. From then on he tends to stick to casting spells if he can.

I am glad that you did not have to experience the digestive track of the T-Rex. :)

@Grandmaster TOZ - What can you see from the Pinnacle of the ziggurat?
Does the canopy stretch right up to this structure or would it provide a reasonable view of the battle map?

Dolph, Son of a Shepherd wrote:

I could do without the condescension.

I’m just saying, if I accidentally made a bad call that affected my allies, I would be apologetic and trying to rectify it, not going “whelp! See ya.” This is a team game, and sometimes you need to swallow your pride and be a team player.

I was trying to be amusing but obviously it was not taken that way.

So apologies.

My character did not do anything wrong. Outsiders with a boatload of immunities, high DR and good saves are just difficult for suck and save wizards to deal with. Wizards have a finite number of spells that are for the most part selected ahead of time. The Dweomersink and deeper darkness just added to the difficulty. My character burned through seven pearls of power during this adventure as combats did drag on and on. It was tough and that was part of the fun.

Absolutely. The last battle was a total cakewalk so a little struggle is alright. Of course this is much easier to say when your character is not in the jaws of a mighty t-rex. ;)

Edit - First Dino kill goes to Yuri. Good job.

I agree with the GM.

People please try to do a lot more damage next round or people will wind up being Dino snacks. :)

@Dolph - Pure arcane spell casters need to know their limits and stay the hell away from the front lines. That is why spells like Vanish and Dimension Door were invented. :)

Sorry guys. My character is all out. It was not a friendly run for casters. :)

@Kasimir - The point of that line is allow you a lightning bolt at the end of your casting without spending another standard action. It does prevent you from doubling up as the GM has noted. Strange wording for an unusual spell.

The thought has occurred to me that we can all start summoning our own dinosaurs and have a dinosaur battle royale. :)

Another random thought was the pairing of the pirates and dinosaurs in one adventure. They are separated here but pirates riding/paired up with dinosaurs would be really cool. I know that is nonsensical but thematically it could work well.

Gust of Wind is 50 mph+ so maybe a chance above the canopy?
But maybe it can cause it to be worse as well. Your call.

Edit: The rules favor your position. :)
252 points of total damage is still a lot from one spell.

It is this sort of crunchiness that keeps me enamored with first edition. Granted it can be a pain at time but having pros and cons for both Flying and Air Walking is a really nice in terms of tactical planning.

As for the fire, not really the high winds only fans the fire. Nice try GM. :)

@Hamish - Plot Armor. :) Also the fact that often the scenario writer is not aware of all the game rules. But yes you Air Walk because you are light hence the difficulty with high winds.

It would depend on the type of spell cast. If the spell is weapon-like (like snowball, produce flame or ray of X) then yes but for Firestorm or Lightning Storm then the answer is no.

Also Hunter Blessing is up for Animals only so only for the Dinos at this time.

The Call Lightning line is a 1 round cast so your character is still casting and the bolt will come immediately after you finish the spell right before your next turn.

@Grandmaster TOZ - I am wondering how Rurat is airwalking in these heavy winds without being pushed all over the place. I am thinking Plot armor but maybe I am wrong. ;)

Thanks so much for running. People please remember to cross off the negative soul promise boon in case you forget about the details of this game latter on.

Congrats to our lucky winner. :)

Just for people to remember as Hunter Blessing is up everyone will be getting a +2 sacred bonus to attack and damage vs the dinosaurs as they are animals.

@Grandmaster TOZ - Would it be possible for my hawk familiar to poke his head out of the cage to identify these creatures without being blown away by wind?

To the group - I was going to start off by casting Firestorm on the whole lot of them. Hide from Animals allows for a Will save to the dinosaurs and once anyone attacks an animal the spell goes down so it is less useful than I originally thought.

@Kasimir - Did you cast Resist Energy,Communal(Fire) on the party before? I had assumed that you did because of your OOC post (up above) but I do not see it crossed off your spells prepared so I am asking.

It seems to be a weak party for tier 6-7 and the combats have been difficult and useful at draining party resources. Hence the need for retreat now. :)

Honestly. Needing to retreat from the final battle never crossed my mind and the fact that the dead trolls and snake block our escape route is a bit comical if you look at it with a detached eye.

I am curious to see how it will work out in the end.

Orst - My character identified the morningstar as +1. Really as long as your character smites you will be bypassing the DR. It is an evil outsider so Paladin smite is good! :)

@Grandmaster TOZ - There are a ton of buffs up on everyone but of immediate interest everyone will get +2 sacred bonus on initiative due to Hunter's Blessing. I think that we are ready to get started with initiative tonight.

@Omrax - Your landspeed is increased by 20 feet due to Longstrider,Greater. This was cast before and is just a reminder.

I am really hoping not to have to kill any dinos with this character. He has still not gotten over the death of his pet Ankylosaurus at the hands of the evil rune lord. ;)

Celestial Auroch is not a bad choice considering the DR to overcome.
You could also go with a Lantern(Archon) as they get two ranged touch attacks that bypass DR. They also fly. So this is damage that can add up over time. Also Aid at will is pretty nice so this is probably the best bet.

Your character will need to roll a Caster Level check to cast the scroll as you are not high enough level. It would be 1d20+4 vs DC of 6. A very easy check.

I say go for it.

My character is not going to tell people to grab the loot in the cairn but with the ziggurat shaking it might be a good idea. Especially if you are essentially just sitting there waiting for action.

@Pooka - Gutsy move charging into the Glitterdust with Will saves like those but fortune favors the bold. ;)

Can I start stating out a build for Fairy Tale? Is the concept an acceptable fit for the team?

@Grandmaster TOZ and party - Hide from Animals is up so the entire party cannot be detected by regular animals as long as no one attacks or touches the animals. If anyone attacks the spell is down for the entire party.

@Grandmaster TOZ - Would it be possible for my character to take my familiar with him with Etheral Jaunt ability? When Whisper is in his familiar sachel in Rokgurn's backpack would he be considered part of his equipment?

Kasimir - Perhaps holding off on the air walk until we find a way inside the Ziggarat would be a good idea. In Severe winds it is pretty useless. I know I suggested it before but conditions changed.

I am glad I asked so I can leave my meta morph on the shelf.

My top two picks that I think that would fit well are two characters that I played long-term in a 5th edition Hero campaign so I would just need to convert the numbers over to M&M but the personalities, background and power sets are all worked out.

1) Fairy Tale - An immortal Fey Sorcerer. A Mystic who can shrink down and fly with her little fairy wings. Her power set is mostly transmutation, enchantment or illusion. She does not throw balls of energy or teleport great distances but she can get big, turn invisible, quickly grow grass to form a barrier or trick someone with an illusion. The feel of the character is completely good witch and soft but slightly alien in a good way. Think more tooth fairy and less fey elf.

2) Nimbus - A Speedster that supplements his abilities with technological inventions. Generally his inventions will vary from adventure to adventure depending on what he is working on at the time.
He is perhaps a little too competitive but an idealist committed to pushing the boundaries of science and helping humanity advance.

I would like to join and I am familiar with the rules and own the DC 3rd edition hard cover. It is really a matter of what your team needs.

I am assuming that we can put up some buffs right before we arrive at the Ziggurat as we will have an eye in the sky so to speak.

I will include a list here.

1) Delay Poison, Communal - Omrax,Kasimir,Hamish,Seaward Gull, Yuri, Crazy (2 hours each), Whisper (1 hour). My character has poison immunity.

2)Life Bubble - Omrax,Kasimir,Hamish,Seaward Gull, Yuri, Crazy (4 hours each), Whisper (2 hour). My character has it running from last night.

3)Hide from Animals (Entire Party, including all minions) 2 hours 10 min.

4)Longstrider, Greater ===> Omrax (+20' move, +10' Fly) 13 hours.

5)Heightened Awareness (Self) 2 hours 10 min.

6)Resist Energy(Fire,30) 2 hours 10 min on self unless Kasimir puts up communal version.

7)Remove Sickness 2 hours 10 min on self. Spell recovered with pearl of power.

(Barkskin on self if required)

@Kasimir - Immediately before entering the Ziggurat would be a good time to put up the Communal Air Walk on the non-flyers.

It depends on how close we are to our destination after Travel via Plant. If it is still days away let me know and I can change the plan.

My character will not be slowed tracking or travelling through nature due to Deadeye Lore and I can summon Giant Eagles (4) to carry the non-flyers in the party the rest of the distance.

Will this work?

@Grandmaster TOZ - Travel via Plant (Walk the Lines) makes the most sense to get us close to the center of the island as it does not consume spell slots and is fast and accurate.

My character will be renewing his Barkskin (Extended) if we travel more than 4 hours during the day. I will be keeping adventuring time to a maximum of 8 hours/day to prevent exhaustion.

A 6th level SLA/Spell in a tier 6-7. Ouch.

I felt like we were outclassed before but now I know it. :)

Too bad this is PFS. Otherwise we could accept a bribe from the Pirate captain and accept any coin from the society as well. :)

Come to think about it we can try to scry for either Grandmaster Torch or Elysia. Although they might be shielded and it could give them a heads up.

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