A Grim Moon Looms ; A Young Pantheon Grows (Inactive)

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Several young divinities gather together into a new pantheon, combining their strengths towards common goals. Together, they forge their sparks into the stuff of true gods.


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Fixed, thanks :)

Eagerly waiting to see the roster!

I had planned on getting Veldrin's cult and relationships done tonight, is that acceptable?

Sure, if you feel it changes the impression I have of him, it may change my mind.

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I’ll probably expand my relationships tonight.

Is this relationships things just how Azrielan would respond to the other applicants? Sorta missed that part, unfortunately.

Yeah, pretty much. If you think your character and the other characters know each other already, write about that. If not, write about how your character would think of the other characters.

Regrettably, I was unable to finish my character; I'll have to withdraw.

Checking in to wish everyone good luck, and to ask if Divinity has any last minute questions or concerns I can respond to before selection.

Azrielan’s relations:
Saint Uliaza: surprisingly, even though the Saint is the exact opposite of everything she stands for, Azrielan doesn’t actually want to kill her outright. There’s some delicious irony in the relationship between their two dramatically different ‘falls from grace’ that make Azrielan distinctly curious about Our Lady of Liberty’s inner workings.

Alithea: This one is more simple. Azrielan likes blowing stuff up. Nexian superweapons blow stuff up. Has probably met her on several occasions, whether for simple visits or requests for explosive technology.

Briafel: The “Guillotine” got her attention briefly, but then it became all about honorable one on one fights and rituals and blah blah blah. Would tolerate for his noticeable combat talent and lack of fear of bloodshed, but wouldn’t enjoy.

Rirsa Loldan: hated her from the second she gave her title, Angelic Font. Wasn’t disappointed in her hatred by her teachings of community and working together and not killing whatever you wanted to.

Would probably be okay working with, as she isn’t actually an Angel, but wouldn’t ever call her by her title.

Teras: The most likeqble so far, as Azrielan likes a fighter. Monsters are beautiful to some, which means they, too, must eventually meet their end. Can respect a common bond of fighting and bloodshed.

Priella: Dislikes the chaotic nature of this one, but her view of Lawful is twisted by her own set of specific rules anyway, so it barely means anything.
The whole “inhabited by a bunch of potentially destructive spirits” part is pretty cool though.

Rthignynt: Doesn’t really know what to make of the fungus...thing. Doesn’t really want to kill it first, definitely wants to see what will happen to it.

Maika: Has absolutely met her on her various travels throughout the planes. Doesn’t mind her.

Kage Kurai: likes the assassin part. Finds the scholar part boring, unless the topic at hand is interesting to her. Which has happened.

Amnon: Couldn’t stand that arrogant prick Aroden when he was still around, Hayes Iomadae even more.

Being required to work with Amnon would most likely test her extreme limits of patience and self control. Could be an interesting learning experience for the normally stable undead.

Caladrel: Loves fire. No, really. Loves it. That’s enough for her to like Caladrel, easily.

All of that other stuff is pretty inconsequential to her, but the fire is important.

Calxakti: insanity is her new normal, so she certainly understands. Aroden’s ‘death’ impacted all of the angels originally serving under him, and Azrielan despises him for it.

Sympathizes with Calxakti; out of all of the creatures among the Planes, this is one of the few she still feels any connection to.

Veldrin: Likes evil, likes undead. Seems like a pretty clean fit.

Preferred partners: Would really prefer to work with Saint Uliaza actually. The dynamic differences between the two would really be fun to explore.
Caladrel would be interesting, as she could develop an inhuman ‘crush’ over the man of fire, attempting to show off for him.
Veldrin makes the most sense for an evil campaign, as the two undead would be a good pair together.

Amnon is a hard one to handle, as the servant of Iomadae would inspire hatred only rivaled by Iomadae herself. The rest are neutral.

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Yay, finally done! Took me the entire day to finish, but it was worth it :)

I went with the statblock you posted back in page two and inserted some commentary on why certain things were chosen.

I made two changes based on some things I ran into during character creation: I changed my herald and also made one minor change to my portfolio, from the friendship subdomain to Agathion. While Adol values friendship, there;s nothing in his backstory currently suggesting he holds this sacred or of above normal importance, but there's plenty painting him as an active agent of good and law, making me feel that Archon is more appropriate. See the sta block below for the updated herald.

I'll work on merging the statblock with the previous posts.

Adol Cristin, background demigod lore:

1. What is your character? Where are they from?

Adol is a paladin formerly in the service of Iomedae, hailing from Galt in Golarion and a former venture captain for the pathfinder society. He is known for being a gullible buffoon, which has gotten him into trouble on numerous occasions. For one, he was tricked by a rogue into worshipping a false god, which eventually let to his expulsion from the order of the sword when he was tried for heresy. The twist - as it turned out, he himself had unknowingly assumed the identity of this god, and became stronger the more influence his new cult gave to this 'false god'. He himself is unaware that he is now a god and simply believes it is a natural result of progressing his martial training, along with the power he gains from divine worship of his 'patron', as he once gained from Iomedae. More on his ascension and cult are described under those topics.

A brief personal character background on Adol: Adol hailed from Galt and saw part of his family murdered during the many revolationary struggles. Only he and sister were saved from the guillotine by a mysterious stranger. As he was a child back then, his memories of his rescure are hazy. However, from that point on he vowed to one day return to Galt to at least save his parents' souls and if possible restore order. He has since trained fervently to this goal both as a paladin and broadening his knowledge of the world as an agent of the pathfinder society. Eventually, throughout many adventures and facing many dangerous adversaries, he succeeded in the first goal, but did not have time to go to the second when he was suddenly in charge of a cult.

Adol is an incredibly famous adventurer in Golarion of whom many extremely far fetched stories do rounds; some say he fought a runelord one on one in a sealed tomb and lived. Others say he once literally bit a dragon to death with his teeth. Yet others insist that he released an elemental god from a supposedly unbreakable prison. These tales are mixed with amusing accounts of how he was allegedly tricked by the same certain rogue to perform a barrel dance on the Absalom markets naked, claiming this was the divine ritual of Estivas, his 'diety'. All of these stories, for better or worse, are true.

As a character, he is gullible, honest, righteous and self-sacrificing to the benefit of those he wants to protect. He is a type of lovable strong buffoon that gets into a lot of situations that should be impossible for anyone to handle, yet somehow he usually manages. Traps that are set for him sometimes ashtonishingly work out in his favor. When he entered a room full of hidden demons and they used an ice wall to trap him, they soon learned that it was they who were the ones trapped, with no more fragilke charges for him to take care of.

(He is a continuation of my first PFS character, and many of the events described above hail from actual play. I always hoped I'd have a chance to play him in a higher level campaign, which is why I'm applying :) Some elements of the story were left vague for more potential plot hooks)

2. What is your character's portfolio?

Adol's main portfolio consist of good, law, travel and protection. In general, he does his best to care for and protect those that are less able to fend for themselves. He hates disorder and chaos as it reminds him of his homeland of Galt and how these circumstances can lead to a spiral of abuse of power, suffering of innocents and revenge. He has also seen enough to know that the huge threats that people need protection against aren't always the ones that come knocking on your door by themselves. Thus, he often actively seeks out these dangers to remove them. He believes that even in the absense of found danger, no journey is ever truly a wasted one: there is always something useful gained, whether it be new friends, strategic knowledge of the area, or simply a means to remain fit and better able to defend yourself and those close to you.

3. What does your character look like?

Adol is a youngish Adult male human with fiery red hair and blue eyes. A disarming charm belies well-toned muscles and the subtle grace of a master swordsman. Years of service as a knight protector have left him carrying a large number of scars all over his body - trophies from both hard won duels and results of prologned Shield Other use on allies. He radiates a calming presence of hope, as if being around him instinctively makes you think that everything, no matter how dire things get, will be okay. Some of the more distinctive features of his gear include an armor that sometimes seems to sprout translucent wings of light, a vicous looking Falcata that rends through even anything short of adamantium, and a beautiful circlet seemingly ardorned out of... large teeth...?

In battle, Adol constantly and calmly calls out orders, pointing out possible weaknesses of enemies for his allies to exploit, while placing himself between his allies and what he judges to be the most dangerous adversary. He rallies his troups whenever things go wrong, pushing them to go past their ordinary limits. He performs exploits that may seem dumb luck, such as parrying or deflecting bullets and spells with his weapon, though close inspection reveals that it actually carefully honed skill. When needed, he himself uses his falacta to strike with deadly strength and surprising speed.

Outside of battle, Adol is a jovial youth who enthousiastically asks others about their local customs and traditions. He tends to see the good in people and gives them too much trust, assuming even outlandish or unlikely lies to be true, so long as these do not directly contradict or endanger his values. He is quick to believe enemies that they want to change their ways, since no one is beyond hope. Of course, this doesn’t change that they need to be punished for crimes committed first.

In spite of what might be expected, Adol doesn't do shields. His previous experiences with all end with the shield destroyed, sundered, pilfered, otr otherwise getting in the way. The two of them don't seem to mesh that well. Instead, Adol relies purely on his own skill and faith in Estivas (himself) for protection.

4. How did your character become a demigod?

Adol 'ascended' during a foray into a tomb of a forgotten crusader in Lastwall. It was hypothesized that the wards holding the ancient lich Tar-Baphon trapped were weakening due to a something there causing one of the critical wards to malfunction. During the expedition, he found a single word written on a wall in the complex: Estivas. It seemed this word only operated the level of water in a pool, but both the accompanying wizard and rogue talked him into believing this part was of critical importance, and that reciting this over and over during a flamboyant dance was they key in restoring the lost wards of the complex, as well as purifying the desecrated grave of the knight the wards were bound to. To everyone's surprise but Adol's (since he didn't know any better), this actually seemed to work.

Afterwards, the rogue, pretending to be Iomedae, wrote in his chronicle that Estivas was indeed the secret of the universe and that it was to be worshipped and sought after alongside her. Since then, he has championed the cause of 'Estivas' alongside Iomedae until he was charged with heresy and discharged from the order because of this. Despite this, he is still convinced that Iomedae herself instructed him to do so. Perhaps this is even true, and that it was Iomedae who pushed this rogue to do so, setting him on this path.

Ever since the events in the tomb, he began his string of increasingly diffcult feats that should have been impossible to mere mortals. Among the other examples named previously, he survived being shot succesfully around 60 times in under 30 seconds and constantly resisted being erased from reality by an inevitable. My personal explanation for all this madness is that Estivas was indeed the name of the forgotten legendary crusader and that restoring the wards passed a small vestige of mythic power onto Adol, who then unknowingly assumed his mantle/identity of a guardian of Golarion.

Growing stronger since then is probably the result of a combination of his own advancement, being present when these powerful entities died and their mythic power dissipated and the growing popularity of the cult of Estivas, which grew in popularity with his own reputation.

Throughout his career, he has fought and killed multiple creatures of varying levels of mythic power (multiple dragons, enemy champions with 7 mythic levels, inevitables, etc, can name specifics if wanted. Surviving these probably means he has no shortage of enemies seeking revenge). He was also present when one of his companions recently accepted a deal from Deskari, when she ate one of his hearts heart and in doing so became a demigod herself, a new demon lord of the abyss. He still blames himself for not being able to dissuade her from this course.

The final push for his own ascension came when he visited the red moon of Akiton circling Golarion in persuit of an extremely dangerous Champion. This champion had taken over the planet by force and was ruling it in typical tyrannical fashion, and was worshipped as a god, just as the people there were accustomed to worship anyone visiting them from Golarion as a god. Ironically, while Adol went there with the side goal of convincing them to drop these practices, he wound up as the resident worshipped god when he overcame the servants of this entity in a very public Arena event and consequently slew this champion himself. No amount of insisting otherwise could convince the populace to not worship Estivas/Adol afterwards, and it has since been the base of his cult.

Throughout all of this, Adol still believes he is in fact not a demigod and that it is Estivas providing for his believers, not he himself.

5. Where does your character live?
Adol relocated to the center of his cult on Akiton, a moon circling Golarion. The city has a portal connected to Golarion, specifically to locations related to some Decemverate members, the secret leaders of the society (I am assuming you know all this about the world/setting, but just in case). His connections in the pathfinder society combined with the resources at his disposal as a hero/prophet to the general populace of at least some of the cities of Akiton provide him with the means to get where he needs to be. The society also provides him with intelligence to know when he is needed (if divine instruction to do so is lacking), which is a good thing since he tends to be very busy trying to civilize the barbaric tribes of the moon. This is also what forced him to resign from the official position of venture captain, since he could no longer handle these duties alongside taking care of matters on Akiton.

6. Where in the verse is your cult centered?
-See above.

7. What sorts of people worship you?
-Adol has a reputation of a nearly legendary swordsman. He attracts followers from all walks of swordsmanship, especially swashbucklers due to the flamboyant nature of some aspects of his 'faith', and barbarians due to the ferocity with which he is known to fight (and since most of the people from Akiton are traditionally barbarians). His followers tend to be either wandering warriors supremely confident in their ability to turn fights single-handedly (with perhaps a bit of luck on their side), frontline commanders emphasizing leading by example, or shield bearers who truly believe in putting yourself in harm's way for the weaker ones behind you. Either way, they all seek to bring hope where previously there was none and prefer to act immediately rather than later.

8. Who is your Herald?
Koria Vos is Adol's Herald. She is the main priestress of Estivas, the effective religious leader below Adol himself. She gained mythical abilities directly after Adol became worshipped for killing the ursurper on Akiton. This allowed her to resurrect her dead brother Kol Voss, who had been beheaded by Skelg the ripper in a legendary Arena fight surrounding these events only an hour or so before. Ever since, she has viewed Adol as a patron saint and converted to the faith of Estivas. Along with the brother, she tries to smooth things over between Adol and the barbarian tribes where she can. She often insists on accompanying him wanting to ensure his survival, since she sees in him a chance to genuinely forge a better fate for her people.

She is a reddish skinned Savage woman from the moon tribe, standing well above a head taller than most women of other races. She wears a suitable outfit of mostly Behir leather (as a sign of status) adorned with wool, and a long bone staff made from a behir talon. It’s a point of contention between Adol and her, since Adol admires the magnificent beasts and has unknowingly selected them as his sacred animal. However, she insists is is tradition for those with high ranks to wear this as a sign of power and respect.

Unlike him, her skin is fair instead of scarred, a sign of a life of crafting and worship on the savage planet. Adol once bought her priestress robes from Golarion, which she tore up and now wears scraps of as a badge of honor. The between these scraps, she wears remnants of what looks like a barrel, giving her overall a somewhat savage but also strange and comical appearance.

Her exact statistics will be written out laterif adol makes it through the selection process, but she is intended to be a cleric of Estivas or an Oracle with a mystery befitting Akiton.

Adol Cristin, statblock and tactics:

Combat tactics

Adol is a frontline fighter with a focus on protecting his allies as best as he can. He is a competent damage dealer and durable melee combatant on his own, but his real value lies in protecting and cooperating with his allies. To do this, he has multiple tools.

First, he casts Shield Other on up to four allies targets, three of them with the lesser rod of reach. So long as his allies stay somewhat close to adol (within 190 feet), this means half of all damage they take is redirected to him for the first 9 hours of any mission.
He has fairly high initiative and tends to start combat with using his Inspired Defense* version of inspire courage (which is granted to him by the VMC Bard, flavored as a commander using perform oratory to command his team). This effectively grants all allies a +10 morale bonus to all saving throws, to go with the theme of hope.

*Quick note: Inspired defense is probably one of the most overpowered mythic abilities out there and I would probably at lower it to (inspire courage bonus + half mythic tier) If I were a DM, unless you plan to routinely set saving dc’s somewhere in the 40’s or think you can work around it by starving Adol’s bardic performance rounds, in example.

Adol also has Marshall’s order (rally) for dramatic critical moments. As an (officially former) paladin of Iomedae, Adol can cast Good Hope as a level 3 spell. This doesn’t stack with his inspire courage save bonus, but it does help out his allies in other areas (attacks and skills). He can also cast either Aura of Law or Aura of Good once per day as a SLA from his effective level 8 domain (mythic paradon + divine source) to further protect everyone on his team.

Adol can use his LoH mercy (targeted) to grant an ally an improved sanctuary effect that appears as a solid barrel of light surrounding them. If the allies are grappled, he can use dimensional hop from the travel domain he unknowingly grants himself to teleport them out of it.

He has access to the improved maneuvers feat and can decently trip enemies who try to get away from him, or sunder/disarm problematic weapons/items.

Finally, if an adjacent ally or Adol himself is attacked, he can parry ranged attacks and incoming ranged spell attacks with the cut from the air and smash from the air feats. Adol himself can also attempt to parry incoming melee attacks towards him due to him having a swashbuckler dip, using his limited penance pool. At level 15 and up, Adol would continue gaining levels in the paladin class and gains Greater angelic aspect, which offers a protective arua to those around him. His parries and sanctuary are his main source of defense, not his ac or magical means of evasion.

The above suit of abilities were chosen to go along with his protection and hope themes.

On the offensive side of things, Adol has his mythic abilities of Ever Ready and Fleet Warrior. Aside from being thematically appropriate (an ever vigilant warrior who rushes into any fight headfirst), they synergize with the build very well, granting additional attacks of opportunity and buffing both the attack and damage rolls of those. All his parries (usually used for defense) are attacks of opportunity and thus buffed by Ever Ready (+8 bonus from effective mythic tier 8). He can skirmish without being reliant on mythic haste due to fleet warrior, able to normally move towards an enemy and full attacking afterwards, hopefully parrying the enemy AoO he will undoubtedly have to take to get close.

I took the champion as a dual path with marshall rather than the Guardian as a path since Guardian Ironically does not offer anything defensive to the build that Champion doesn’t already do (if it was mechanically more solid, I'd definitely have taken it for this concept). Also, the champion has some abilities that further allow me to play off of that most of Adol’s worshippers are barbarians and that they likely alter his divine being towards savagery (later abilities such as titan’s rage are champion only).

Adol Cristin
Paladin 12 (oath of vengeance, sacred servant*), Id bloodrager 1 (dedication), Falcata Swashbuckler 1*. Dual path Champion/Marshall, mythic tier 6. VMC Bard (grants bardic knowledge, inspire courage at character level -4, bard casting ability as bard of 1/3rd of character level)

LG native humanoid (male human, adult).
Initiative: 8 cha, 1 ioun stone, 3 circlet, 4 amazing initiative (effective mythic tier 8 due to mythic paragon) = +16.

Special senses: see invisibility (permanent), blind-fight (bonus feat from wayfinder resonance with ioun stone)

Aura: overwhelming good, overwhelming law.

*To elaborate more on a previous post, Adol swore revenge against the grey gardeners of Galt for executing his parents during his youth, per Galtan customs without any trial based on accusations of somehow being enemies of the revolution. If he hadn’t been rescued by a stranger, he and his sister also would have died. In truth, his parents were minor nobles who were slightly better off than the ordinary folk working to restore order, which threatened the power of certain members of the Galtan revolutionary committee. Adol views the Grey gardeners, their effective soldiers, as remorseless killers and believes they are some of the most vile and evil entities in all of Golarion.

The previous reason he hasn’t gone back yet in an attempt to enact his revenge and store proper order on Galt is that he was blindsided by suddenly having a cult to lead. Now, he has an army, but is in constant doubt on whether forcefully restoring order is something he should really do. This would undoubtedly endanger his men and the repercussions of Invading a country on Golarion from one of its moons are not easily entirely foreseen. Where does his loyalty lie now? It it worth sacrificing the men who view him as their leader? Can he really say it’s not personal and for the good of all if he goes through with it?

*I picked sacred servant as I believe being expelled from the order of Iomedae on trials of heresy is something that should have mechanical consequences, in this case losing his divine bond, replaced by a weaker one he effectively grants to himself. This is also the only way for a paladin to get a domain (afaik), which seems fitting for the campaign. Mechanically, planar ally might be used as a get out of jail card since Adol doesn’t have planeshift nor high level casting abilities and could easily get stranded somewhere without outside help.

*Falcata swashbuckler is a representation of having studied multiple forms of combat, in particular the swashbucklers defensive style of swordmanship. Falcata swashbuckler is the most combat oriented variant and grants a fairly savage weapon to use as a favored weapon as a diety. Adol picked this fairly early in his career.

*I picked Id bloodrager as a second dip since it is the only way for Adol to get a rage ability. I wanted to pick barbarian to mechanically adhere to being adopted by barbaric tribes as a patron and leader, but as a paladin Adol is alignment locked out of that class. Adol picked this very late in his career as his ascension has been fairly recent.

His free VMC bard grants him inspire courage, his main buff and defensive ability granted to others, and bardic knowledge, which grants him some knowledge ability in differeing fields representing bits and pieces he picked up during his adventuring career, travelling all over Golarion and into other planes. Aside from knowledge: cultures, which is something he finds fascinating and pays special attention to, his knowledge is mediocre at best and he still relies on advisors for any decently complicated matter.

AC: 29 (10 Base + 12 armor (+3 mythil fullplate), +3 dex, + 2 natural, +2 deflection)
Flat footed: 26. Touch: 15.
During rage: all AC -2.
CMD: 10 + 14 + 6 +3 + 2 = 35

HP: 210 (rage: 238)
(140 (classes) + 12 (paladin favored class) + 28 (con), 30 (mythic tiers, champion) = 210. Rage: +14x2.

Fort +27, ref +24, will +23
Rage: Fort +29, ref +24, will +25.

Base saves: +10/+6/+8.
Modifiers: Con: +2, dex +3, wis -1.
Cha: all saves +8.
+ 5 resistance bonus inherant.
+2 luck bonus (fate’s favored, lucky behir toe)
+1 will Ioun stone resonance.

Special defenses:
-Lay on hands grants sanctuary effect with a willsave DC of 24.
-While using the inspired defense mythic ability, grants all allies a (inspire courage bonus + mythic tier) morale bonus to all saving throws (= +10).
-Immune to fear and disease, grants allies within 10 ft a +4 morale bonus vs fear.
-Can parry incoming melee or ranged attacks with equipped weapon. If wielding his +3 falcata, the parry is done usually at +31 vs the incoming attack, assuming no buffs and size differences (for melee attacks) are active.
-LoH removes fatigue, magic effects reducing an ability score and 1d4 ability damage (mercies: fatigued, targeted, enfeebled, restorative).
-Dimensional hop: teleport 90 ft per day in 5 ft increments as a move action, doesn’t provoke, can bring a willing ally for the same cost in movement.


Attack bonus (keen furious +3 falcata):
14 BAB + 6 str +3 enhancement bonus = +23/+18/+13 vs AC. PA: reduced by 4 to (+19/+14/+9). Crit: 17-20 x3.

Adding rage when using PA: Str bonus to +8, furious weapon increases weapon enhancement to +5, -4 penalty PA = +23.

Damage (no rage): 1d8 +9 (2h str) + 12 (2h PA) +3 magic weapon + 1 martial focus falcata = 1d8 + 25.

(Rage + PA): 1d8 + 12 (2h str) + 12 (2h PA) +1 weapon focus falcata +5 magic weapon = 1d8+30.

CMB: +20 rage: +22. (22/24 for sunder, trip and disarm). Assumes no active buffs.

Conditional bonusses:
-Smite evil grants +8 to hit/+12 or 24 to damage when active and ignores enemy DR.
-Divine favor grants +4 luck bonus to attack/damage when active.
-Good hope increases attack/damage by +2 when active (morale).
-Inspire courage grants +2 competence to attack/damage when active.
-Ever ready grants a +8 bonus to attack and damage of all AoO’s.

Adol’s bow and dagger are backup weapons with minor damage and not used unless he is forced to.

Special offensive abilities:
-Penanche (parry and reposte, usually only parry) up to 8/day, regain 1 penanche on crit or kill. –
-Rage 12 rounds/day
-Smite evil 2x/day.
-L.o.h. 16 times per day, or 20 if divine bond is used for additional uses.
-Bardic performance 22 rounds/day, can start as a standard or move action.
-Can exchange 2 LoH uses for 1 smite evil use.

Divine Source
(Effective mythic tier 8 (tier 6 + mythic paragon)), Domains: Law, Good (archon), travel (exploration)

8th (1/1) – Holy Aura, Shield of Law, phase door.
7th (1/1) – holy word, dictum, greater teleport
6th (1/1) – planar ally (archon), blade barrier, hold monster, find the path
5th (1/1) – dispel evil, dispel chaos, teleport,
4th (1/1) – holy smite, order’s wrath, dimension door, locate creature
3rd (1/1) - prayer, magic circle against evil or chaos, fly
2nd (1/1) - align weapon (good or law), locate object
1st (1/1) – divine favor, protection from chaos, longstrider, expeditious retreat, protection from evil

(Adol tends to use his daily SLA’s for teleportation abilities to get his men around the moon to where they are needed ASAP. The lore explanation for mythic paragon is that Adol has a good part of Golarion's inhabited moon worshipping Estivas/Him and probably has a far larger incoming amount of prayer than a normal cult)

Paladin spells memorized (CL = 9)

Level 1: hero’s defiance x 2, divine favor x 2, longstrider x1 (domain).
Level 2: shield other x 4, locate object x1 (domain)
Level 3: Good hope x 2, haste x1, fly x1 (domain).

Bard spells memorized (CL =4)

Level 1 (4 known, total of 5 casts /day) comprehend languages, clarion call, heightened awareness, liberating command.

Level 2 (2 known, total of 3 casts/day): alter self, calm emotions.

The bard list is picked for flavor rather than mechanical use, such as calm emotions to calm down raging barbarians when diplomacy fails, as it tends to do on his homeworld. Adol tends to facepalm when he’s forced to use this. Alter self is used to scout out areas while appearing like a member of the local intelligent humanoid race, in order to potentially avoid problematic fights. Clarion call is to make himself heard on battlefields or to draw attention to himself during his sermons about his faith. Adol has an active arcane spell failure chance for wearing heavy armor, so his bard magic is unreliable)

Base stats:
22 str, 16 dex, 14 con, 13 int, 9 wis, 27 cha.


1 Noble scion (of war)

1 Improved maneuvers (improved trip, improved sunder, improved disarm > to protect allies better and have more ways to end a fight non-lethally)

3 Unsanctioned knowledge (since knowledge of Estivas definitely wasn’t sanctioned by his paladin order. Spells: comprehend languages (cleric 1), see invisibility (inquisitor 2), haste (bard 3), echolocation (bard 4. The second was used to cast permanency of that effects on him).

5 Martial focus (falcata)
7 Leadership
9 Cut from the air
11 Smash from the air
13 Extra rage

Mythic feats:

-Extra path ability: Mythic leadership.
-Extra path ability: mythic paragon.
-Extra path ability: legendary armor (intelligent, animate, flight) > grants an intelligent armor with a fly speed of 30 ft, average maneuverability (has translucent wings of light that flicker in and out of existence every few seconds, akin to Tyrael from diablo, but not always visible)

Mythic path abilities:
Dual path (1st level, champion/marshall), Fleet Warrior, Ever Ready, Inspired defense, Divine Source x2, mythic paragon.

Magic items along with budget**:

- Ring of evasion (12.5 k)
- Bracers of the merciful knight (7.8k)
- Permanency (See invisibility, 5.6k)
- Icandescent blue sphere Ioun stone socketed in wayfinder (4.25k)
+3 keen furious falcata (4k, +2 enchancement bonus)
Lucky Behir Toe (3.4k) (lucky horse shoe)
+ 1 composite longbow max str +6 (1.5k)
- Circlet of persuasion (2.25 k) (A crown of sandworm teeth made for him by the tribes of Akiton, whom insist that he wears it, even if it isn’t exactly comfortable)
- +3 mythril fullplate (5.25k)
- Lesser rod of reach (1.5k)
- Swordmaster’s flair (1.25k)
- +1 initiative Ioun stone.
- Griffonmane shirt 0.1k.

= 49.5 k

**When making this list of magic items, I made some assumptions based on my understanding of the houserules, inherent bonusses and cohorts. I was previously not familiar with any of these, so there’s a good possibility I’ve gotten things wrong. From crafting in general, my understanding is that making the check means the item is reduced to half the price. From inherent bonusses, I think the intent was that you can pay for +bonusses normally to increase the bonded armor/weapons special abilities, starting at +1 for weapons special abilities at 2 k gold and 1k gold per plus for armor, with the base armor essentially being free (enchanting a +3 inherent armor with a +1 equivalent enchant would cost 500 g instead of the normal 7 k). This cost would seemingly get reduced by half if you craft the items yourself. Is this correct? Also, I’m having some trouble calculating the cost of permanency and how this interacts with followers able to provice spellcasting services and scroll costs. Eventually I decided to go with half the scroll cost for permanency but full cost for making see invis permanent as per the table.

As Adol’s leadership score is very high (38 if I calculated it correctly), and assuming we are using 3.5’s extended table for the amount of followers above score 25, there should be a crafter of any other weapon, armor or wondrous item among his followers, which would reduce the cost of every item by half. The exception to this are the ioun stone, which require caster level 12 to make and need to be done by the herald. I altered the herald from Kol Voss as a male barbarian to his Sister Koria Voss, who is the priestress cult leader (cleric or oracle) while the resurrected Kol Voss is Adol’s Lieutenant on Akiton. This is partly to help out with the crafting budget, but also to make Adol a bit more well-rounded overall, since she could fill gaps in casting abilities if he needed her and Kol Voss would mechanically be a second Adol, only weaker and more AMBARBARIANPOUNCE.

Legendary item: Zeal, signet ring of the eternal protector.

"Whenever a spell or effect causes you to regain hit points, you regain an additional 2 hit points per die of the spell or effect used. If the spell or effect does not use dice to determine the amount of hit points regained, you instead regain 25% additional hit points. If the wearer is a mythic character, the ring grants the benefit of the Die Hard feat for the wearer for a number of rounds per day equal to his or her mythic tier, activated automatically when the wearer falls below 0 hit points."

-Flavorwise, Adol took this ring from the awakening Runelord of Sloth when he killed him in near-single combat. It depicts a Lissalan rune of life that has been crudely etched out into something resembling a barrel. The magic is apparently so powerful it still works regardless.

>Why design it this way?

-The first effect can be found on an Inheritors longsword, with the +1 version of extra hp/die valued at around 4000 gp. Tripling that cost for a +2 version would be around 12 k. Adding 50% for it being either unique to Iomedae or placing it on a different item than a sword leaves it around 18k. The die hard effect is something I found thematically appropriate as a last ditch chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, to keep going even when you know you’ve lost. As far as I know, it is not possible to purchase die hard outside of a training weapon, which is priced at a +1 weapon bonus. I decided to limit the amount of rounds per day by mythic tier to be on the safe side.

-Side justification: I decided to forego the near mandatory feat of Feywild Foundling for paladins and added it to Adol’s unique item to get rid of the godawful flavor of that feat. Also, this iteration solves a problem with healing at higher levels, namely that abilities that heal you tend to not use dice anymore (only Heal as a spell is ever used, which is locked at 10hp/level). For comparison, on Lay on Hands, feywild foundling adds 2/3.5 = 57% extra healing. Toning that down for 25% on general spells and effects seems more balanced, and might also be needed since the campaign gives everyone much more hit points atutomatically while the healing output remains the same.

2 x springloaded wrist sheet, scrolls of obscuring mists x2 and displacement x2 fill out the limited rest of the gold along with some token durable ammunition for the bow and a coldiron dagger and normal falcata as emergency backup weapons.

Traits: fate’s favored, dangerously curious (he goes wherever he thinks danger might be, routinely fighting powers and artefacts that are definitely beyond common sense to face. It’s also a pretty generally applicable thing for any pathfinder).

Skills: 6 ranks per level. Background skills: linguistics, perform (oratory)

Diplomacy: +32. Athletics: +18, Knowledge: culture +21, Survival +14, perception +17, UMD +27, Perform dance +15. Perform oratory +28. Linguistics +18. knowledge planes +11, knowledge nature +11, knowledge local +11, knowledge dungeoneering +11, knowledge arcana +11 , knowledge religion+ 11.

Fly: 7 ranks, 3 dex, 3 class skill, -3 acp = +9, +2 competence bonus griffonmane shirt, +2 masterwork tool (aerodynamic armor adjustments for hovering ) = +12 fly, + 14 for hover.

Languages: Common, Celestial, Infernal, Sylvan, Tien, Abyssal, Azlanti, Elven, Orc, Ignan, Ancient Thalassian, Ancient Orisiani, Draconic, Dwarven, Cyclopean (I’m aware this last one isn’t the official name, cannot find it atm).

Combat gear: Adol wears everything described under his magic items on his person. He has a normal backpack to carry his stuff around in, along with his armor and rations.

Updated herald description (also pasted to orginial first post):
Koria Vos is the main priestress of Estivas, the effective religious leader below Adol himself. She gained mythical abilities directly after Adol became worshipped for killing the ursurper on Akiton. This allowed her to resurrect her dead brother Kol Voss, who had been beheaded by Skelg the ripper in the Arena only an hour or so before. Ever since, she has viewed Adol as a patron saint and converted to the faith of Estivas. Along with the brother, she tries to smooth things over between Adol and the barbarian tribes where she can.

She is a reddish skinned Savage woman from the moon tribe, standing well above a head taller than most women of other races. She wears a suitable outfit of mostly Behir leather (as a sign of status) adorned with wool, and a long bone staff made from a behir talon. It’s a point of contention between Adol and her, since Adol admires the magnificent beasts and has unknowingly selected them as his sacred animal. However, she insists is is tradition for those with high ranks to wear this as a sign of power and respect.

Unlike him, her skin is fair instead of scarred, a sign of a life of crafting and worship on the savage planet. Adol once bought her priestress robes from Golarion, which she tore up and now wears scraps of as a badge of honor. The between these scraps, she wears remnants of what looks like a barrel, giving her overall a somewhat savage but also strange and comical appearance.

Diety Block for Adol Cristin

Alignment LG
Areas of Concern: Benevolence, Civilization, Protection, Exploration
Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Travel
Subdomains Good (Archon), Loyalty (Law), Exploration (travel), Defense (protection)
Favored Weapon: Falcata*
Symbol: A translucent barrier surrounding a knight with drawn sword. The barrier vaguely resembles a barrel.
Sacred Animal(s): Behir **
Sacred Color(s): Red

*If the swordmaster’s flair is ruled not to work with a falcata despite Adol being a falcata swashbuckler, Adol’s favored weapon is instead an Estoc and all his stats chance accordingly to estoc use. This is I believe a fairly common houserule, but I would drop this if we go strictly by raw. I don’t want any rules discussions substracting from play.

** Behirs are enormous, multi-limbed dragon-like creatures that inhabit dry mountain regions and fiercely defend their territories from all who dare intrude upon them. They are numerous and native to the world of Akiton, where Adol’s cult is mainly located. Adol admires the ferocity with which they defend their territory from threats.

*** Adol currently has only the good, law and travel domains and the Archon and Exploration subdomains.

Designate an area outside of your settlement or post that you will patrol for a time of at least one hour. In the name of Estivas, you vow to keep this area safe and will protect anyone there against malicious forces without asking for a reward for this service. If you believe you are unfit for conflict, instead spend this time to train yourself in the necessary skills to defend yourself and others, or deliver a service to your community that helps those in charge of local security or a service that is otherwise genuinely helpful to the community as a whole. Alternatively, you can perform a dance for others in the name of Estivas, which must involve a barrel in some way and leave at least one onlooker in awe of what he just witnessed. Gain a +1 sacred bonus to armor class and initiative checks.

Relationship with other demigod submissions and major canon dieties:

Relations with other submissions:
I went with two points for each submission, one common ground/reason why our characters might get along and one potential source of conflict. The conflict bit is added because stories without any conflict and everyone getting along perfectly tend to be boring. Also, like in real life there are probably bits you like about people and things you like less.

-Adol thinks change can, to some degree, be a good thing. If he hadn't dared changing anything, he would not have started worshipping Estivas and effectively started a splinter cult from Iomedae. Also, some situations (oppression, abuse of power etc) definitely need to be corrected and thus changed. That said, I don't think Adol would have more than passing past interactions with her since they have fairly little in common.

-On the other hand, continuous change based on whims or completely for the sake of it is something he views as very dangerous for the stability of a society. The degree to which the two of them can get along would probably depend on how forceful priella is in trying to apply change to any given thing. If she is forceful, the most realistic reason they'd still work together is because they're forced to or because Priella somehow tricked Adol into an alliance.

-Adol respects the natural cycle of life and death and there's nothing he immediately views as wrong in its portfolio or outlook. Since they don't share much in common nor are direct enemies, I imagine previous interactions were very limited, if any.

-On the other hand, being a mindslaver mold is something that would put even a fairly gullible chartacter like Adol on edge by reputation. There would be at least some distrust to work through.

-As fellow servants of Iomedae, I Imagine Adol and Amnom would work together very well overall. He would also respect the other's considerable knowledge since Adol is aware that he tends to lack the needed information to make important decisions. He is probably someone Adol would turn to often for advice on matters, an advisor or perhaps even friend.
-However, one painful point is that Adol was accused and convicted of heresy by attempting to introduce the faith of Estivas into Iomedae's church. What role did the spymaster of Iomedae play in this trial, of one of her then strongest champions? Did Amnom play a role in Adol being officially excommunicated from the church, which was one of the worst things of his life?

-Adol and Teras share a martial interest and neither is a stranger to conflict. Adol respects Teras' ability to lead his men and can indentify with Teras since he himself is also an ordinary man in charge of a 'cult'. I can easily imagine the two of them going out for drinks together and fighting a few dozen spars for fun.

-On the other hand, Teras is a neutral mercenary with legendary exploits. This probably means he has also done great evil on some occasions so long as the pay was good. This might have harmed forces of good that Adol had personal connections with. What is his darker past, if any?

Saint Ulliaza
-Adol can symphathize with her story, about being a beacon of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, in this case the underdark. Adol found himself in many of those, often by himself, and knows all too well how hard it is to keep on fighting the good fight anyway. He finds the tales of her resilience inspiring, made more remarkable by being one of the rare good-aligned drow. She might even be someone he has a crush on, depending on her disposition and if they've met previously.

-The only real source of conflict in can see now is if her revolution portfolio would carry over to otherwise stable and prosperous cities, who really do not need revolution.

-Adol thinks the preservation of culture and life by itself is an admirable goal. He can especially get behind all life being sacred: no life is less important than that of others, and none should be lost carelessly or to malicious forces.

-Though Nestellbam seems like a very passive character in achieving this, living underneath a mountain and only collecting bits of everything. To really protect everything, Adol believes it's far better to go out, search major threats and eliminate them. Thus, Adol probably views Nestellbam as someone with good intentions but who goes about it in an armchair, ineffective manner.

-Avram and Adol share a lot of portfolio and their goals seem to line up very well. On the surface, they probably get along well.

-Though Adol would likely have some reservations about Avram's claims and demeanor. Avram comes across as a very prideful individual, directly claiming to be the son of a god and a god himself. Adol has had a number very poor experience with beings proclaiming thenmselves as such, like runelords. His exploits dealing with evbicting the Chelish upon his return to Absalom to claim a temple supposedly his do not speak in his favor. Adol probably views him as someone who is too good to be true, too full of himself, with the first cracks already showing. Due to this, Adol would have reservations.

-The quesiton arises to me whether or not Adol would know Ruithvein exists, since he has never been to the revenant court and his portfolio and modus operandi suggest a tactic of waiting, stealth and scheming. Adol would probably be unable to find him. If Ruithvein did contact Adol for whatever reason, Adol as a paladin is inclined to attack vampires on sight. However, Adol has also had one friend, a cleric of Urgothoa, who was a steadfast ally (until she ate the heart of deskari and became a demon lord herself, but even then she still fought until the greater evil was defeated, then vanished). This has taught him that temporary alliances between good and evil can exist. Alternatively, Ruithvein can probably deceive Adol long enough for something that could be perceived as friendship (by Adol) developing.
He could also be that mysterious strenger who always seems to know more than he should, whom Adol would hesitantly turn to for advice if absolutely needed.

-Until Ruthvein no longer needs that and the gloves come off.

-I don't immediately see anything that might conflict between the two of them and thus they'd probably get along. I'd like to know a bit more about him so I could give a better answer on their probable relationship.

Good luck to everyone, and fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping I get to show off what it means to be a demigod of war :).

Wishing I had submitted earlier, so I could’ve gotten some interesting relations/viewpoints from the rest of you on Azrielan. Ah well, such is life.

Good luck everyone!

I mean, if you want a general idea of what Uliaza would think of Azrielan, I can give you it.

Silver Crusade

making one final post here: I tried reposting the second part of Adol's interactions with the other submissions but the site wouldn't let me, I was past the 1 hour mark of still being able to edit my above post :( Anyway, here is part 2 of his relations with the other submissions and major dieties again, linked below. Everything else is already in my compilation post directly above this one, as requested ^ I believe my submission is now completely finished :D

I made a slight edit to Adol's relationship with Iomedae, his former patron goddess, below. The rest of it unchanged from the original post.

Oh, and good luck everyone!

Relationships with other demigod submissions and major canon dieties, part 2:

-Considering he is a hermit-like and his concept as a mad prophet of dreams, I don’t think there have been any previous interactions between Adol and him. In general, to Adol, dreams are dreams and prophecy stuff is something for destined heroes of legends, which he doesn’t consider himself one of. Adol views himself as simply a guy trying to guide and protect his people (and all people) to the best of his ability. So long as Calxakti doesn’t do shady things that threaten stability like frighten the populace with prophecies of doom, they’ll probably get along if needed.

-Adol admires her exploits in seeking out the exploiters of magic and rooting them out, as he does of her stance on magic being a dangerous substance that should be regulated more closely. He probably views her as an elder teacher figure, yet one with a surprising amount of bite; the kind that you really do not want to cross.

-Adol cannot help but privately wonder where she was when he needed her earlier in his career. There was a moment in which a pathfinder team was haphazardly put together for an emergency deployment due to a runelord awakening. This team was woefully underprepared to face a godlike being of magical power wielding an artefact further boosting his skills. Most of his group was literally vaporized only seconds into the fight and Adol himself only survived by the skin of his teeth, unknowingly aided by his mythic power. If a magic abuser like a runelord can just wake up and the diety supposedly out there specifically to stop this cannot be found, is she reliable enough at her tasks? …Or was she deliberately not there for a reason? Are they in league? Alithea is not a good diety…

The Artist:
-Art isn’t exactly Adol’s forte, but he can appreciate it for what it is, when he has some spare time.

-“Um… well… those works are nice and your poetry is great, but are you good in a fight?” :’)

-As a seller of magic services, and a pretty damn good one, there is a good chance Adol has hired her services at a point somewhere in the past. Bringing civilization to a land of mostly barbaric tribes probably requires some magic to smooth things out here and there. Adol respects magic casters in general, especially those (apparently?) capable of casting both arcane, divine and psychic spells, AND crafting whatever magical gear is needed.

-Though it’s a massive waste that a talented caster like her seems to use her gifts only for personal gain. Hiring yourself out to any buyer for whatever except directly endangering others can still be pretty damn dangerous. What are your evil patrons going to do with that artefact you crafted for them? Without an apparent moral compass to guide her, Adol can’t help but view this as a potential threat.

Veldrin, drow lord of Undeath :
-Adol has not spent any time in the Underdark. From Veldrin’s reputation (he seems considerably less covert than the other vampire demigod), I can only assume Adol is aware of him and views him as an enemy. I can’t see them working together unless there is absolutely no alternative. This is probably the only submission whom I couldn’t see Adol willingly work together with unless under the direst of circumstances. There is only so big of a gap between a lawful good paladin and an openly evil drow vampire necromancer he’s willing to bridge.

Henrietta Howard :
-As far as Adol knows, she is a sports goddess who has questionable tastes for the sports she does. He can probably admire the pursuit of a skill as a concept since he did the same when it came to swordsmanship, and can appreciate sporting as a good training to keep the body strong. Beyond that, he probably feels that she wastes her potential as a warrior/protector by mostly sticking to pastimes.

Kage Kurai :
-Adol respects his ability as a vendor of secrets. He might even have acquired his services once, to inquire about the nature of Esitvas, the ‘god’ that ‘Iomedae’ had written him in his journey to worship, yet without further details on the matter. Since this was a rogue tricking him into worshipping a false god, I imagine that Kurai’s search came up empty on the information.

-It probably also came up empty for the inquisitors of Iomedae who came knocking when investigating this same issue. That knowledge could have contributed to Adol’s excommunication from the church of Iomedae. Also, I’m assuming Kurai is smart enough/enough of a bluff to keep his more directly shady practices such as assassination and stolen goods traffic hidden from a more noble warrior-protector like Adol.

I believe those were all PC submissions. If I missed any, then my apologies. Gosh, there were so many and a lot of great ones too!

Major canon diety relationships:

This is Adol’s original patron Diety. During his career as a paladin, Adol tried his best to live by her paladin code. At some point, during the events in Lastwall, a certain rogue tricked him into believing Iomedae commanded him to worship a seemingly non-existing Diety names Estivas alongside her, proclaiming him as a lost god which had secretly been part of her faith all along. Adol, being the too trusting guy that he was, fell for this. He also fell for a number of other ridiculous instructions by this rogue on how to properly worship Estivas (including naked barrel dancing in public, once - the bluff check was really high and the sense motive really low).

While Adol is/was a strong warrior, eventually these kinds of things got him into serious trouble and charged with Heresy, afterwards expelled from the order. He is since seen as a flamboyant heretic they do not want to be associated with. Adol himself still believes he did nothing wrong and only acted on Iomedae’s explicit instructions, and still worships her. How Iomedae now views Adol is probably best left to DM interpretations for potential plot hooks. Does she still contact Adol evenm though his mortal ex-companions view him a heretic? Adol himself probably harbors some feelings of grudge over his conviction against them, as well.

The rogue vanished shortly before the trial and hasn’t been seen since. (I am keeping the rogue’s identity vague to offer potential plot hooks for the GM.)

Cayden Cailean:
Adol briefly sought solace here following his excommunication from the Iomedaean church. His surviving sister from his childhood in Galt, his only remaining family, is a priestress/cleric of the drunken god, still drinking the trauma of the lynch mob away. When Adol realized he was threatening to fall into the same path, he tried to put this behind him and focus more on his then duties as a venture captain of the pathfinder society (whom claimed during the heresy trial that Adol had most likely been under some form of mind control magic).

As a warrior, Adol understands the need for stress relief and many forms of that can be found in Cayden’s temples. He also identifies with being suddenly thrown into a position way above your level of expertise, the way Cayden was. If they ever met, I assume they’d be good friends, even if Adol would privately consider him too irresponsible.

Urgothoa and Deskari
Adol travelled with a priestress of Urgothoa during the later parts of his pathfinder career. This priestress generally wasn’t outright evil, and was a staunch companion to fall back on, something which surprised him coming from one of her worshippers. (Of course, he did not see all the necromantic and more dubious things she still did behind his back). This cleric made him believe that perhaps good and evil could actually work together for periods of time fairly well.

Until one day, when they were sent into the rasping rift to stop a Glabrezu from stealing the recently deceased demon lord Deskari’s power. Playing it as an act of self-sacrifice, she ate his heart from his corpse and became a demon Lord in his stead, so that they could better stop this Glabrezu.

This former ally is probably the main reason Adol is willing to give evil or evil-leaning neutral characters a of leeway in dealing with them, as first impressions aren’t necessarily accurate. Depending on how this ally turned demon lord sees him now, he might have an ally in the abyss, something probably unhear of for a paladin of any kind.

Relationship with the other major gods:
I’m going to give a more broad description of Adol and how he might interact with the other major gods here, rather than writing a single line on each of them. I think this says more about Adol as a character.

Adol is currently still a mortal. He has not had direct dealings with any of the major gods other than Iomedae. He sees himself as a protector of the weaker and that it is the duty of the strong to watch over the weak. He highly values traits such as martial or magical self-sufficiency (the ability to defend yourself and others), bettering yourself in those and having a willingness to act when others are attacked or taken advantage of. In example, there are aspects of Irori he agrees with just as the emphasis on strength with Gorum. He also has some sympathy towards Sarenrae for giving criminals second chances, though he himself prefers actual punishment as a more effective method of keeping society safe from them. He values travel like Desna, though their reasons to do so aren’t entirely similar, with his being more focused on the advantage of having mobile armies to swiftly defend larger territories.

Adol believes in orderly society and loyalty and trust between both soldiers and citizens towards eachother to do what is right, and for his barbarian subjects to suppress their more primal urges to handle things in a less violent manner than they might have done before.
So long as the other diety in question somewhat supports this outlook, Adol has no problem with that diety and can work with that one well.

Whom I’d liked to be paired up with
Since you asked this specifically in your response, the PC submissions that seem the most interesting to me from a story standpoint (also taking alignment and general goals into account) to be paired up with are:

Saint Ulliaza, Teras, Amnom and Alithea.

Of course, I am fine with whatever you as a GM decide in the end.

Brolof wrote:
I mean, if you want a general idea of what Uliaza would think of Azrielan, I can give you it.

I’d love that, actually!

Seeing as how we’re direct opposites in where we began, our paths ro Power, and where we ended up, it’d be interesting to see if Uliaza shares Azrielan’s interest.

Just because you didn't get the pleasure of intercharacter thoughts:

Although Priella's theoretical ideal of the end of the planes and the resurgence of the Maelstrom would in fact come to be if Azrielan met her full goal of destroying everything, she sees it as an ideal and not something that is actually a plausible action. Due to this she would have issues with all of the killing, as it would end so many thoughts and creative potentials and true individuals at the same time that it ended things that actually need to end. She would work with Azrielan if the immediate goal was the right one but would not wish to ally with her on a long term basis unless it was completely necessary.

Uliaza can't help but look at Azrielan with a large measure of pity, and some anger. A figure of justice and hope twisted into such an abomination is a tragedy of the highest caliber, only further exasperated by the fact it was entirely avoidable. As a leader of men, Uliaza can't help but feel anger towards whichever being decided to send those angels to their doom. Her greatest hopes would be to bring her back to something resembling good, but she knows that is a pipe dream. So more often than not, she would stand against the fallen archon.

Unfortunate, but not unexpected.

Perhaps we will get the chance to explore these relationships further. No one ever becomes a better person through working with those who share their ideals.

For the new submissions, Alithea's thoughts:

Adol: I think Alithea would rather get along with Adol. He seems very honest and forthright, qualities she strongly admires. She probably considers him still young, but thinks he'll certainly achieve great things. They are very similarly inclined.

Azrielan: Seems fundamentally opposed to Alithea, using their powers for purely destructive ends. I don't see how we could work together. I don't like being negative, but the consumption by hatred and destruction just seem like polar opposites of Alithea.

Relationships :
As a recent arrival to Golarion; Rirsa has no real rapport with any Dieties; how ever she opposes oppression in any form and will fight to defend those that cannot help themselves- she is dissatisfied with people that are either lazy or impatient with the rate of their personal growth... She would likely get along with Dieties that promote growth and Conviction such as Iomadae; Irori; and Cayden Cailean... And is likely to disagree with any Diety who destroys; causes stagnation or causes needless suffering.

OK. I am ready to select people. Thanks again, all of you! You guys wrote creatively enough that it felt painful to not select twice as many people as I said that I would select.

Please, the following characters report to the Discussion and Gameplay threads:

Alithea, the Unraveling Eye, demigod of truth, protection, magic and self-acceptance.

St. Uliaza, Our Lady of Liberty, demigod of revolutions, subterfuge and good-aligned drow.

Adol Cristin, evangelist of "Estivas", demigod of journeying and protection (and blind obedience).

Maika, Purveyor of Transacted Miracles, demigod of trading magical services for coin.

Rirsa, the Angelic Font, demigod of challenging yourself and arcane powers.

Calxakti, the Sightless Prophet, demigod of nightmares and lost prophesy

Congrats to the winners! I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun!

Can’t help but feel this may have been the wrong game for Azrielan, but I appreciate the chance at having a bit of fun with building her!

Yes, I think that was it for me. Your character had a really solid aesthetic and composition, but I just couldn't see a partnership working out between them and anybody except for Veldrin.

No, I completely understand.

I saw the chance to jump at an evil character, and didn’t pay any attention to the majority of the other applications. It happens!

I'll start putting together my alias in your stated format, and get a post up as soon as possible.

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Thanks for the selection! I'll get a post up tonight and get the alias sorted after that.

Sovereign Court

Congrats to those selected!

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