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Strength 14
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Constitution 12
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Wisdom 8
Charisma 13

About Trevor86

I'm a thirty-ish (vague because it makes me feel younger!) physician from the Netherlands. I grew up on the Baldur's Gate games along with the Super Nintendo RPG classics (Chrono trigger, Lufia, etc) and have been hooked on RPG's ever since. I started playing tabletop RPG's with 3.5 but it was a bit too complicated for a group of 14-15 year olds like us to really grip beyond a base level. I moved to D&D 4e from there and then to pathfinder when it became more popular around here and 4e died. Since I was working then and had the income to support it, I frequently travelled between Germany, England and the Netherlands for the weekend-long pathfinder conventions. I would have done this more often but had to skip last year due to becoming a dad and this year due to Covid-19.

Having played most of the later seasons of PFS and through one AP (Wrath of the Righteous), I consider myself decently experienced in pathfinder first edition but not overly so. I still occasionally make a mistake here and there and keep learning from them. I'm not into rule-lawyering and try to avoid arguments about the rules at all costs. They tend to sour the experience for at least 1 person at the table.

On PBP, I'm fairly new and have only started doing this last year. My first experience there was a bit rough since I had to try and get a grasp of things in the middle of a level 15/mythic tier 6 campaign that went pretty wild pretty fast! When the GM stopped there, I paused for six months and came back afterwards. Now, I am in 4 active campaigns and 1 mostly inactive one (see below!)

On posting, I post at least once per day and try to make reactive and engaging (and hopefully amusing at times!) posts, following the stickied PBP guides and commendments on the forum as best as I can. If you want to check those out to get an idea of my posting style, the aliases are Sorogar,. Raesilia, Aradesh, Swaggy and Elrys. Generally, I try to avoid one-liner posts and try to include at least one or two things someone after me could react to.