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This looks incredibly exciting!

Looking at some sort of caster, as I haven’t ever played one in a setting such as this one. Can’t decide between Cultist or Witch though.

Saashaa wrote:
Was anyone else making a fire focused character?

I believe there is a fire giant running around, and I’m going for an ice angel.

Think that’s it?

I won’t be taking Fast Healing, as I want it to be a weakness and it also doesn’t fit with her story.

Fire Kineticists have Penetrating Infusion, allowing you to get through fire resist with fire blasts.

But only for fire blasts.

Antipaladin/Oracle undead here, plenty of self healing. May pick up the cure spells just to have them.

Definitely LE, but only because she’s willing to kill the forces of evil and good readily, if it’s within her twisted code of conduct.

She’s a very hateful being, and the idea doesn’t really work without being evil.

Undead evil angel thing that hates both good and evil equally.

Would likely not work well with any Paladin.

spacefurry wrote:

Okay, I've never used the 'spheres' or made a gestalt character. So i had a couple question, to to clarify on what I think its saying.

1) For gestalt characters, they way it looks to be written, each level you can choose new classes for both (or in this case all three) aspects. So its almost like regular multi classing, right?

2) Classes don't have to be modified the 'spheres' options, but can be if we want?

3) 'Sphere' casting completely replaces regular spell use?

The concept I was kicking around was Arcanist / Summoner / Gunslinger, or something like that combination.

Note: he’s using a specific rule where you have to choose one of the three classes to be your ‘base class’, the one you get hit points and base saves and skill points from.

You don’t get to take the best of all three like normal gestalt.

Also I’m having some issues thinking of my artifact, but I have a few ideas I’ll try to piece together.

Ouachitonian wrote:
As you might have guessed when I said Fire Giant, mine will be a bit pyromaniacal. Thinking Pyrokineticist/Barbarian/something. Those classes don’t traditionally sync well, but I wasn’t going to try; at range, he’d be blasting fire all over the yard, then if folks close it’s raging power attack with a greatsword time. A switch hitter build. Probably less caste and more hack-your-face-off than most of the other submissions.

Hmm, your Fire Giant seems a little bit to close to what I had started to think about, so I’ll likely change elements and a few details here and there.

Don’t want too many raging fire monsters running around in one party!

Following through on my corrupted angel/undead combat type.

Abyssal Bloodrager, Fire/Void Kineticist, and Outer Rifts Oracle. Mostly focused on damage in combat, though will have quite a bit of in combat and out of combat utility.

Very angry, very selfish, very destructive. Likes killing evil things the most.

Ouachitonian wrote:
Hmmm. Moving up to level 10, does that mean we can use CR 10 monsters? Or even higher, with 4 levels of CR free, then replacing class levels the rest of the way (I think that would be kind of crazy, though)?

As of right now, he’s restricted it to 41 race points of the race builder.

Gonna have to agree on that. Race Builder has a lot less options available, in terms of abilities and stuff.

Wait, actual Outsider isn’t an option in the Race Builder? That cuts down my build idea immediately.

Maybe I can fix it so that Native Outsider works.

Okay awesome, I’ll get to work in the race part. I much prefer the idea anyway.

Is it actually 41 Race Points?

Almonihah wrote:
I'll vote in favor of "just race-builder it, don't make it more complicated with hit dice". As I've been playing around with possible builds it became clear pretty quickly that the 'optimal' build would involve finding a monstrous humanoid with maximum stats and unusual abilities for their CR. The problem with the idea of 'paying' for CR with racial hit dice is that the original CR takes hit dice into account--so that, for example, a maftet is higher CR than a serpentfolk at least partly because the maftet has more racial hit dice. (And yes I was looking at both of those for my character)

I was under the impression that you don’t get the monster’s ability scores, and just use the normal stat generation method.

In which case you’re giving up class levels for the abilities of the monster.

Krigare wrote:
So for monsters, how does that work with HD above the CR? Like a stone giant is CR 8 but has 12 HD. You only end up with 8 racial HD?

That’s how these rulesets usually handle it, so you don’t end up with more HD than other PCs arbitrarily.

I sorta need the ruling on the monster races and class levels to make my character, so is that the confirmed answer you’re going with?

Ooh that monster class level question is pretty important to me too. If I give up all but one tristalt level I’ll probably change my mind.

I’m assuming that’s not even close to the level of absurdity we can get to.

I plan on playing a Legion Archon corrupted and warped by Rovagug into an unholy monstrosity that enjoys destroying things and likes fire.

Her natural defenses against evil spells and creatures makes her uniquely suited to destroy them, too.

If we decide to use templates for our monster race, but they put our creature over CR 8 (my idea sits at 9 unfortunately), could we be allowed to take from the other two columns?

Or should I go back to the drawing board?

Sounds good! Excited to see what you get together.

Actually applied to that Demigod one with a character that is better fit here, actually.

Count me 100% interested. I have a character in mind already!

No, I completely understand.

I saw the chance to jump at an evil character, and didn’t pay any attention to the majority of the other applications. It happens!

Congrats to the winners! I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun!

Can’t help but feel this may have been the wrong game for Azrielan, but I appreciate the chance at having a bit of fun with building her!

Unfortunate, but not unexpected.

Perhaps we will get the chance to explore these relationships further. No one ever becomes a better person through working with those who share their ideals.

Brolof wrote:
I mean, if you want a general idea of what Uliaza would think of Azrielan, I can give you it.

I’d love that, actually!

Seeing as how we’re direct opposites in where we began, our paths ro Power, and where we ended up, it’d be interesting to see if Uliaza shares Azrielan’s interest.

Is this relationships things just how Azrielan would respond to the other applicants? Sorta missed that part, unfortunately.

Oh drats, I forgot to put in my VMC. It’s gonna be bloodrager, Undead bloodline.

I’ll get the details together soon.

Nevermind, found it.

Do we get one Mythic Feat per tier? Or less? Can't find the info on it.

How does the variant multiclassing work with monster PCs? Is our level always counted as 14, for all purposes?

Wait, what's this about a herald? Did I miss something?

Also, for automatic bonus progression and monster PCs, do we get the level 14 benefits, even if we aren't actually level 14?

I think I have an....idea of what I want to do. Now comes the fun part, getting it all okay'd.

I think it would be a crime NOT to try to get something together in time, honestly. Hopefully I can finish something that will be worthy of being considered.

Oof. That's a tough deadline. Wondering if it'd even be worth trying.

Hey! This looks amazing, and exactly the type of thing I want to use to get back into gaming here.

When's the deadline, exactly?

Are submissions actually closed? I was almost done with my Rakdos Bloodrager/Kineticist.

Alyssa Mirai wrote:

@bigrig107: Kinetic Blast is a Spell- like ability, but all Kineticist infusions are supernatural Abilities, and therefore allowed by rage. SO, you couldn't use an unmodified kinetic blast in rage, but you could basically spend burn every time and use an infusion. Things like Kinetic Blade could be really cool for what you're going for.

Alternatively, the Unchained Barb's Rage Power Calm Stance would let you use Kineticist abilities while in a rage, though you lose the benefits or rage minus the Temp HP.

Whoa, sweet call out!

I didn’t think that’s how it worked.
Are you sure applying an infusion changes it to a Supernatural like that? I think they all use the Spell-lie Ability rules.

Oh I have no idea what kineticist abilities are Spell Like and which are Supernatural!

I’ll be back once I’ve done some more reading.

Edit: Nevermind, Kinetic Blast is a Spell-like Ability. That ended that idea quickly.

Would the Mad Magic feat let me use Kineticist abilities in a bloodrage?

Definitely interested! Thinking a Rakdos Firewheeler, from the Ravnica setting.

Crazy demon worshipping pyrokineticist sent visions of a hellish paradise inside the dungeon.

Likely one side will be Pyrokineticist. Not sure about the other side. Maybe some version of divine caster. Worshipping Zon-Kuthon as an extension of Rakdos?

Can’t get the inspiration together for her character in time, I’ll be bowing out of this one.

Good luck to all, and have fun!

Writing up my story and getting the final touches down for my Sorceror/Oracle illusionist, and I wanted to know where our Mythic power came from? Is that up to us or did the God-King give it to us?

Meh, don’t really enjoy the idea of kitsune.
It’s okay, I’ll make it work with something else, most likely an Aasimar or Tiefling.

But the general idea (classes and whatnot) sounds fine to you?

I think Vishkanya is especially important to her character because I see her as a very manipulative, charm/illusion based character. And Vishkanya fit that idea more over the more brutal or rough nagaji.
(Vishkanya have +2 to Charisma and Dexterity, while Nagaji are +2 to Charisma and Strength.)

Remember, she’d have a million different forms and identies to cover herself with while in town or the like, so fitting in would be an issue. It’s actually her specialty.
She wouldn’t use her poison unless necessary to survive, as that isn’t a part of her identity or the way she works in general.

And of course she’d haves ton of offensive power, what with mesmerist and oracle’s spell lists. The social aspect of her would likely be mainly roleplay focused, as she worries about social connections and drama and secrets and such.

Been brewing for a few days now, and I think I have a more concrete concept together.

How do you feel about Vishkanya? Was thinking about an Intrigue Oracle/Mesmerist focused super heavy on illusions and mind-affecting stuff.

The Intrigue Mystery has a revelation that, at 11th level, allows you to constantly have a shifting polymorph form, as Disgusie Self but permanent, even when sleeping.

I imagine her as a former slave of the Runelord of Xin-Shalast, freed once he arrived and kicked him out.
Spy, secret agent, assassin, defensive mage, very versatile with her illusions and tricks.

Still Amethyst.

Alright, thinking of a heavy illusionist now, NG follower of Sivanah. Amethyst Mage. Protecting allies and armies and resources alike with her powerful illusions.

I've never really focused on or even used illusions, so this should be fun!

Alright, that makes a lot of sense. Back to the drawing board! Probably still wanting to keep to the theme of lawfulness.

Just returning to the site after a long break, and this is exactly what I was looking for!

I was wondering how you felt about a greedy Asmodean who has entered into a willing contract with Aergoreth, giving him his strength with magic and the law in return for wealth and power and the usual accompanying vices.
Using the binding contract as a reason for serving, and also an explanation as for why he just doesn't turn at the first opportunity.
Most likely a Ruby mage, as that's the gemstone of Asmodeus, but a few others could fit as well (emerald for greed, black for general evil outlook/viewpoint).

No specific class combination drawn up yet, but most likely some sort of divine casting thrown in. Don't wanna write up too much just yet, in case the idea doesn't stick.

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