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Full Name

Rirsa Loldan


Female Human


Warlord 3/ Sorcerer 4/ Bladecaster 7 (VMC Bard)// Champion/Archmage Tier 6


HP:226/226/ AC 27, Touch 18, Flat-Footed 21,/ Fort+19; Ref+16, Will+20/ Aura of Indomitable Presence 30'/ Miss Chance 20%






Neutral Good


Yes; Actually


Good Question!


Common; Celestial.


Arcane Commander; also now a headmistress- and talent scout.

Strength 14
Dexterity 23
Constitution 19
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 21

About Rirsa Loldan

Rirsa Loldan; Angelic Font CR17
Female Human Warlord 3/ Sorcerer 4/ Bladecaster 7 (VMC Bard)// Champion/Archmage 6
NG Medium Humanoid (Human; Mythic; Psionic)
Init+9; Perception+19

AC 27; touch 18; Flat-Footed 21
Fort+19; Ref+16; Will+20
Defensive Abilities: Arcane Shield; Mythic Saving Throw; Unbreakable Gambit; Martial Counterspell
SQ 30’ Aura: Indomitable Presence

Speed 30ft
Melee 2H Silverwing( +3 Keen Shocking CI Estoc)+22/17/12 (2d4+14+1d6 electricity/15-20 (9 Dexterity; + 3 Enhancement))
Melee 1H Silverwing+22/17/12 (2d4+9/15-20(6 Dexterity; + 3 Enhancement)
Melee Mithral Short Sword+20/14/9 (1d6+5/19-20)
Melee Touch+22

Heavenly Fire as Ranged Touch (1d4+2; 8/day
Ranged Touch+22
Special Attacks: Arcane Strike, Mage Strike; Manuevers; Spells; Spell-Like Abilities

✓=Spell/Spell slot used

Divine Source CL 14th
6th- (Analyze Dweomer), Anti-Magic Field, Stoneskin, (Primal Scream), Blade Barrier
5th- Spell Resistance, Righteous Might, Dispel Evil
4th- (Arcane Eye), Imbue with Spell Ability, Spell Immunity, (Paragon Surge), Holy Smite,
3rd- Dispel Magic, Magic Vestment, Magic Circle against Evil,
2nd- Magic Mouth, Bull's Strength, Align Weapon (Good Only)
1st- (Magic Aura), Identify, Enlarge Person, Protection from Evil
Domains (Sub-Domains):Good; Magic(Arcane); Strength (Self-realization)

Sorcerer Spells Known CL 10th
(4/day)5th- Angelic Aspect; ✓✓

(6/day)4th- Greater Celestial Healing; Dimension Door; ✓✓

(7/day)3rd- Haste; Heroism; Vampiric Touch;✓✓

(7/day)2nd- Blade Tutor's Spirit; Glitterdust; Embrace Destiny; See Invisibility; ✓

(8/day)1st- Shield; Wave Shield; True Strike; Moment of Greatness; Sonic Scream; Bless ✓✓

Cantrips- Detect Magic; Read Magic; Light; Spark; Arcane Mark; Prestidigitation; Mending; Message; Root; Acid Splash

Bloodline: Celestial

Warlord Maneuvers Known (✓=Readied) IL 12th
Stances:Stance of Arcane Steel; Inarguable Presence of the Sleeping Goddess; Primal Warrior Stance; Scarlet Einhander; Battle Mantra ✓

5th- Ruby Zenith Strike✓
4th- Reunion in Dreams✓
3rd- Disparity Blow✓
2nd- Adamant Will✓; Bloody Riposte✓
1st- Body of Delusion✓; Primal Wrath; Hunting Party; Scything Strike✓; Prince's Attitude; Harmony Shattering Strike

Disciplines: Golden Lion; Scarlet Throne; Primal Fury; Sleeping Goddess; Thrashing Dragon; Solar Wind

STR 14, DEX 23, CON 19, INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 21
Base Attack+12/7/2 CMB+13; CMD:29
Feats:(Granted Bonus Feats:Power Attack; Combat Expertise; Deadly Aim)
Arcane Strike; Weapon Finesse; EWP: Estoc; Eschew Materials; Combat Casting; Spirit of the Corps (Teamwork) Improved Counterspell; Toughness; WF: Estoc; Leadership; Arcane Shield;

Mythic Feats: Dual Path; Mythic Arcane Shield; Mythic Weapon Finesse

Mythic Path Abilities: Fleet Charge;Path Dabbling (Mage Strike);
Always a Chance; Armor Mastery (Light);Incredible Parry; Divine Source (Good; Magic); Path Dabbling(Spellbane Counter Strike); Divine Source (Strength- Sub Domains: Self-Realization; Arcane)

Traits: Unorthodox Method (Piercing Thunder for Sleeping Goddess); Natural-Born Leader

Skills: Perception+19; Perform (Oratory)+22( May Substitute for Sense Motive and Diplomacy); Autohypnosis+19; Spellcraft+18; Knowledge (Martial) +25; Profession(Cook)+ 19; Acrobatics+16; Athletics+12; Knowledge (Arcana)+25; (All other Knowledge Skills are +8)

Languages: Common; Celestial

Special Qualities: Power Points (8/8); Bardic Performance (19 rounds/day); Gambits (Unbreakable Gambit; Victory Gambit); Force of Personality; Mythic Power (11/15; Surge 1d8); Warleader (6/ day); Battlecaster's Strike (6/day); Arcane Steel; Arcane Recovery; Arcane Ruin

Worn Gear: +3 Keen Shocking Cold Iron Estoc (20,350) (Silverwing); +3 Mithral Shirt ( 1,100); Ring of Foe Focus (10,000); Gloves of Arcane Striking (5,000); Headband of Fortune's Favor (7,700); Cloak of Elvenkind (2,500); Handy Haversack (2,000) Scabbard of Vigor (Short Sword- 1,800)

Consumables: Scroll of Break Enchantment (9th-1,125); Scroll of Teleport (9th-1,125); 5 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds (5th- 3750); 2 Potions of Lesser Restoration (5th; 1500) 2 Potions of Protection From Energy (Acid,5th,1500);
2 Potions of Protection From Energy (Electricity,5th,1500); 2 Potions of Protection From Energy (Fire,5th,1500); 3 Antitoxin (150); 2 Tangleburn Bags (300); 5 Flasks of Acid (50)

Other Gear: 50' Silk Rope; Hooded Lantern; Bedroll; Blanket; 3 Flasks of oil (In pouch 1) ; 2 Pouches; Waterskin; 5/days Trails Rations.

gp:5,816 sp:0 cp: 3

Rirsa favors arcane magic and skill at arms; attracting worshippers who follow one or both of those paths. Even her Clerics tend to either be skilled with the Estoc or practice arcane magic. Her Highest level Cleric is a Half-Elven man Mystic Theurge (favoring Arcane) named Gadion.

Religious basis: Rirsa's Religion is the result of a lifetime of a particular upbringing tested in a hostile world. She teaches that individual growth is the most important thing to concern yourself with; as long as it doesn't impede on the growth of others. She believes that people should look at others as individuals who deserve the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise; but to also trust their instincts on the matter (in a rough translation; take them at their word until proven otherwise or they give you reason to believe otherwise - don't let titles and appearence and rumor decide for you).

Think about your actions- a life lived without at least some forethought is a life filled with regrets… She teaches that people should make decisions that influence the world in the way they want it to be; instead of allowing themselves to get caught up the moment. She realizes that you can't spend all the time doing this; but she advises her flock to at least try to take time to reflect on their decisions and their possible outcomes.

Self-sufficient cooperation- Individually people should always endeavor to be the best they can be with minimal reliance on others; because they can't always be there for you. On the other hand; you cannot be prepared for every possible situation and should have allies who can help you when you need it; as long as you help them when they need it.( Think of a dock; what supports that dock? The pillars; of course. They bear the load; but what happens when they place a heavy load closer to one pillar than they others? The other pillars still support the dock even though one pillar bears most of the weight; and the dock as the whole pulls through. If the pillar cannot bear the weight at all; it snaps- and the dock goes with it.)

(On a side note; the fastest way to stop being a Cleric of Rirsa is to rely too much on the spells she grants without at least making the attempt to stand on your own occasionally. A couple of examples: Making a Survival check to gather food and the casting create food and water is fine; not bothering to make the check because it's a bother is not. Casting buff spells to stand against a worthy for is fine; casting those spells to kick a goblin commoner's face in or to have another fight your battle for you is not.)

Recognize when it is time to help someone, and when they need to face their own struggles- Referring to the beggar example above; if he is an obvious alchoholic- you can't help him change unless he actually wants to change- and if you help someone; actually help them- do not simply hand a beggar a gold piece and call it a day; find out why they are in that situation in the first place and figure a way to assist them without doing it for them. If someone faces a trail of that would help them grow; don't cheapen by doing it for them; assist them instead.

Disagreements are fine- if two people are of different kinds on a subject; they can both still be valid interpretations… be yourself; and as you wouldn't have another's world view stuffed into your mind; do the same.

‘Sarvollas is broken’; they said…

A scant seventeen years ago; the first born of house Loldan was born on the northwestern coast of Chevain; her blood; a mix of Celestial and Fey Heritages awoke earlier than any in her family expected; she was fortunate to have a family that was at least expecting it however; and they immediately started teaching the ten year old child how to control herself; Her father taught her basics of Martial Arts, and her mother showed her how to control Magic… and her Grandfather showed her how they should be as one.

An ancient Archmage called upon her and others in a grand tourney when she turned sixteen. Her grandfather argued with her parents for three days whether or not she should go; but she made up her own mind before then- and decided to show the world what she could do.

She learned one very important truth from her grandfather- she was destined to be a symbol- and symbols are no good if they are never seen.

'I will help you fix it’ I replied…

The tourney turned out to be more than a mere contest of champions. The Archmage was looking for people to track down artifacts to stop the lower planes from opening permanent gates into the world. Rirsa was the first step forward; along with seven others… started gathering artifacts; unaware that storms gathered around the world; including at home.

The first hints was dealing with bandits attacking Chevain; they were Rocian soldiers disguised as bandits; ordered to test the defenses of Chevain. Rirsa and the others drove them off before moving on to their next artifact; but not without a new companion, her cousin- Carie- who promptly began to follow along; and saved their lives more than once with her perceptive mind and sharp blade.

Their journey continued; defeating wars and building a legend both as a group; and as individuals- especially Rirsa- who's talents often carved open an easy path to victory.

They went to the Continent of God's; Vaeitros… and bore witness to the apathetic despair of its people.

They found the artifact hidden there; but the Rocian Emperor Grodvellos found allies with which to fight them; the first was an elf who tried to scam Rirsa's friend’s ( a Weregryphon prince) empire into an uprising- they put a stop to that- and then proceeded to fight their rival who set the whole thing up. Meanwhile; a man who specialized in hunting shapechangers began to harass the party as well. An undead army plagued Rirsa's good Dwarven friend's people and they discovered a dead knight of significant supernatural power. He was felled quickly by the Dwarf's hands in a duel. But it was nothing more than information gathering for the Roc Empire's assault on Chevain.

‘with what army?’ they laughed…

The two Armies met on the outskirts of Riven; the capital of Chevain. The group stepped out onto the field; and were quickly separated by the mass of the two colliding forces. But Rirsa; channeling all of her arcane fury spotted the Emperor riding into the fray… with but a whisper she teleported into his path; one hand extended… his Lance at the ready; he charged- only to watch the blade glide away from her body and into both of her waiting hand She planted her feet and lifted him off his feet, slamming him into the ground. His honorguard charged in while climbed to his feet; they didn't last long.

“I don't need one.’ I answered…

They stood thirty feet from each other; blades drawn...one heartbeat passed… then another… and she charged. Each blow she rained upon him cracked the earth… Grodvellos attempted to respond in kind; but found striking her to be as difficult as striking a hurricane.

Grodvellos’ armor, shield, and sword glowed brightly in the night; but then it stopped; suddenly; as Rirsa thrust forward with all her might. Her Estoc pierced both the shield and the armor; and she found her strength even greater than before; whispers came in on the edge of hearing… a she sliced through him like butter; and heard the snapping of steel as his armor and weapons broke apart rusted away. She shone as bright as a star; though it faded… not the whispers; however or the sense of purpose, stronger than it had ever been before. The last few months has been a daze; as she crushed a burgeoning tyrant of the seas, slew the same dragon her founder fought, and has been searching for new students for the Loldan Academy. Her friends that survived the battle journeyed to the Abyss; but her path took her and her cousin to other planes of existence.