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About Priella "The Catalyst"

Name: Priella "The Catalyst"
CN Human (Varisian) Female Oracle 14 / VMC Medium
Age/Height/Weight: Unknown / Varies
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Aklo, Dwarven, Elven, First Speech, Gnome, Halfling, Protean, Sylvan, Varisian
*Under constant effect of Tongues*

Initiative +16
Senses Perception +22; Darkvision 60'
Speed 30 ft.

Max HP: 192
AC: 25 (14T/23FF)
CMD: 29 (26 FF) (31 vs dirty trick; 34 vs trip)
Fort: +12 Ref: +12 Will: +14
(+2 on saves vs divine spells; +5 on saves vs enchantment; immune to confused condition)

Dueling Quarterstaff +17/+12 (1d6+8) x2; Trip (28 CMB/43 CMD for trip)
Dueling Quarterstaff (dbl) +13/+8/(+9 off) (1d6+6/1d6+4) x2; Trip (24 CMB/43 CMD for trip)
MWK Dire Flail (Champion) +17/+12 (1d8+9) x2; disarm, trip
MWK Dire Flail (Champion; dbl) +13/+8/+9(off) (1d8+7/1d8+5) x2; disarm, trip
Heavy Crossbow +13 (1d10) 19-20/x2
CMB: +14 (+16 for dirty trick; +19 for trip)
BAB: +10

STR 18 DEX 16 CON 16 INT 15 WIS 10 CHA 26

Traits: Seeker, World Traveler (Knowledge Local)
Feats: Alertness, Combat Expertise, Dazing Spell, Deadly Aim, Leadership, Power Attack, Skillful Maneuvers (Dirty Trick, Feint, Trip), Tripping Staff, Voice of the Sibyl, Warrior Priest, Weapon Focus Quarterstaff
Mythic Feats: Mythic Spell Lore, Tripping Staff, Warrior Priest
Divine Surge: Inspired Spell
Mythic Path Abilities: Divine Source (Chaos,Void), Faith's Reach, Legendary Item (x2), Sustained by Faith, Tongues
Skills: Acrobatics -1, Athletics +0, Bluff +28, Diplomacy +30, Disguise +8, Heal +10, Intimidate +15, Kn(arcana) +6, Kn(local) +16, Kn(planes) +12, Kn(religion) +6, Perception +22, Sense Motive +26, Spellcraft +13, Stealth -1, Survival +0, Use Magic Device +18
Background Skills: Appraise +2. Linguistics +9. Perform(Dance) +15, Profession(Barmaid) +10, Profession(Courtesan) +10

Special Abilities and Magic Item Effects:

Amazing Initiative: (+3) Bonus of 1/2 mythic tier to Initiative rolls.
By My Name You Shall Call Me: Can hear any time her name is spoken aloud within 1400 miles. Can observe speaker as if using scrying
Combat Expertise: (+/-3) Bonus to AC in exchange for penalty to attack
Dazing Spell: Daze creatures damaged by your spell for a duration of 1 round for each level of the spell; spell uses a spell slot 3 levels higher than the original
Deadly Aim: (-3/+6) Bonus to ranged damage in exchange for penalty to attack
Dimensional Shift: (7d6 + Shaken; 2/day; DC25) Target creature within 30' is teleported 1d3 squares in a random direction and takes damage and is shaken for 1 round. (Will negates, Fort halves damage and negates shaken)
Divine Source: Grant divine spells to followers (Domains: Chaos, Void)
Dweller in Darkness: (1/day) Bring being from the void that acts as if Phantasmal Killer had been cast
Faith's Reach: Divine touch spells now have a 30' range (melee touch attacks become ranged touch attacks)
Festival of the Servants: Planar Ally 1/day; you do not need to bargain for the creature's service
Force of Will: As an immediate action use 1 MP to reroll a d20 or force a non-mythic target to reroll
Hard to Kill: Automatically stabilize when dying and only die at -32 HP
Improved Dirty Trick: Do not provoke aao when using dirty trick; +2 on dirty trick attempts; +2 to CMD vs. dirty tricks
Improved Feint: Can feint in combat as a move action
Improved Trip: Do not provoke aao when using trip; +2 on trip attempts; +2 to CMD vs. trips
Inspired Spell: Spend MP to cast any spell from class list at +2 CL; does not need to be in spells known and does not use up spell slot; limited to spells with a casting time of 1 standard action or less; uses 1 MP + 1 per every 2 levels of the spell.
Leadership: Current leadership score of 22 *currently no modifiers added*
Mythic Power: (15, Surge +1d8) Pool of MP for mythic abilities; regenerates at the rate of 1/day
Mythic Saving Throws: Successful save against non-mythic sources negates all effects
Mythic Spell Lore: Gain mythic spells equal to mythic tier; every time you gain a tier you learn a new mythic spell
Power Attack: (-3/+6) Bonus to damage roll in exchange for penalty to attack
Recuperation: Fully heal on rest, use 1/2 remaining MP (minimum 2) to heal half and restore all non-mythic abilities in 1 hour
Surge: (1d8) Use 1 MP to increase any d20 by listed amount
Sustained by Faith: Require no food, water, or sleep. Spend 1 MP to not need to breathe for 24 hours
Through Ancient Doorways: (14 rds/day) standard action to teleport up to 30' per round, up to 14 rounds per day
Tongues: Understand and speak any language
Tripping Staff: Treat a quarterstaff as if it had the trip quality
Tripping Staff(M): (+3) Add half mythic tier to trip rolls, and a foe that fails to trip you provokes an aao
Voice of the Sibyl: +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Perform (oratory) checks. If more than 10 ranks in a skill this increases to +3
Warrior Priest: +1 initiative, +2 on concentration when casting defensively or grappling
Warrior Priest(M): (+3) Add half mythic tier on initiative and on concentration when casting defensively or grappling; stacks with non-mythic feat
Amelie, Soulbound Doll: See spoiler at bottom of profile
Chloe, the Shrouding Band: See spoiler at bottom of profile
Dueling Quarterstaff: When used to perform a combat maneuver that utilizes the weapon only, grants a luck bonus equal to twice its enhancement bonus on the CMB check, and to CMD against these types of maneuvers. This affects disarm and trip, as well as dirty trick and reposition if a weapon is used.
Field Scrivener's Desk: Unfolds into a writing desk and chair complete with ink, quills, and paper. Creates a 20' radius centered on desk identical to Tiny Hut
Living Garments: On command, clothing changes coloring, fit, and basic design. Clothing always remains clean and repairs 1 hp/round; provides +5 competence bonus to Diplomacy
Ring of Arcane Signets: Pressing the ring against any object or surface embeds a personal mark as if using Arcane Mark; mark remains the same but color and cosmetic features can vary.
Seducer's Bane: +5 competence bonus on Sense Motive; +5 on saves vs enchantment effects and automatically know the origin of the effect; on a successful save the caster believes that it was a successcreates and creates an aura around wearer as if the effect had been successful for the duration of the failed spell.
Soothsayer's Raiment: Gain one oracle mystery; +5% on all percentage based divinationination

Oracle Choices:

Mystery: Old Gods
Curse: God-Meddled; +2 on saves vs divine spells, immune to confused condition, must roll on random effects table whenever affected by a spell from a divine caster
Mysteries: (Effects are listed in Special Abilities)
By Your Name Shall You Call Me
Dimensional Shift
Dweller in Darkness
Eldritch Knowledge (Disintegrate, Starfield, Transposition)
Festival of the Servants
Through Ancient Doorways

VMC Medium:

Seance: Perform a seance taking 1 hour each day. Completing a seance grants the chosen spirit’s seance boon to him. Allies who remain in contact during the seance will also recieve the seance boon, they are able to take other actions during this time.

Spirit: Channel spirits as a medium. One spirit is chosen per day. Begin with one point of influence, and gain the associated spirit bonus of a medium of half character level (7), and the spirit’s lesser spirit power and intermediate spirit power. If she gains 3 influence, she is subject to the spirit’s influence penalty, and at 5 she becomes an NPC under the GM’s control for 24 hours.

Spirit Bonus: +2 to concentration, INT checks and INT skills
Seance Boon: Spells do +2 damage
Lesser Boon: Gain spells per day as a Mesmerist of 1/3 level (at will/3/1), and one spell known per level from the sorcerer spell list. (Spells Known: Prestidigitation, Mage Armor, Mirror Image)
Intermediate Boon: Cast any Oracle spell known without using spell slot; CL and DC for that spell increase by 1; gain 1 influence
Influence Penalty: -2 on STR/CON checks, STR skills, and weapon attack and damage

Spirit Bonus: +2 to attack, weapon damage, STR checks and skills, and Fort saves
Seance Boon: +2 weapon damage
Lesser Boon: Proficient in all martial and one exotic weapon (Flying Blade)
Intermediate Boon: On using a full-attack action, add one additional attack at highest BAB.
Influence Penalty: -2 on Caster Level, INT checks and skills

Spirit Bonus: +2 to AC, CON checks, Fort and Reflex saves
Seance Boon: +1 to CMD
Lesser Boon: Proficient in all armor and shields
Intermediate Boon: DR 3/-, resist acid/cold/elect/fire/sonic 3; add Paladin's Sacrifice to spells as 2nd level
Influence Penalty: always fight/cast defensively, -2 to damage rolls

Spirit Bonus: +2 to WIS checks and skills, Will saves
Seance Boon: +2 to heal from spells and abilities
Lesser Boon: Gain spells per day as a Mesmerist of 1/3 level (at will/3/1), and one spell known per level from the oracle spell list. (Spells Known: Guidance, Bless Water, Consecrate)
Intermediate Boon: Channel energy 1+CHA mod/day as cleric of 1/3 level (10/day, Lvl 4, 2d6, DC20)
Influence Penalty: Must always strike nonlethal in combat, -2 to CHA checks and skills involving worshipers of other faiths

Spirit Bonus: CHA checks and skills +2
Seance Boon: everyone participating picks their preference from the other spirits
Lesser Boon: Use spirit surge (1 inf for 1d6) on attack, damage, save, ability check, concentration, or skill rolled by you or any ally within 30'
Intermediate boon: Use a standard action to give all allies +2 on either saves or attack and damage for 1 round
Influence Penalty: -2 to WIS checks and skills, must be "nominally in charge" of allies or lose spirit bonus and seance boon

Spirit Bonus: +2 to DEX checks and skills, Reflex saves
Seance Boon: +1 to any one skill and it is a class skill
Lesser Boon: 2 skills are class skills and gain 7 ranks each
Intermediate Boon: Sneak attack for 2d6; all targets are flat-footed for the first attack against it automatically, regardless of abilities or feats
Influence Penalty: Cannot recieve Aid Another benefits, allies using beneficial touch spells must succeed at a touch attack for beneficial touch spells; can still waive the saving throw on beneficial non-touch spells.

Spells Known and Divine Source SLAs:

*Spells designated with (M) are mythic version as well*
L0 (at will): Create Water, Detect Magic, Hovering Gleam, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, Scrivener's Chant, Stabilize, Thunderclap
L1 (8/day): Bane, Barbed Chains, Ceremony, Cure Light Wounds, Entropic Shield, Feather Fall, Endure Elements, Protection from Law, Voidmote
L2 (8/day): Align Weapon (chaos), Chaotic Vitality, Cure Moderate Wounds, Darkness, Levitate, Make Whole, Ironskin, Lesser Restoration, Status
L3 (8/day): Bestow Curse, Cure Serious Wounds, Detect Desires, Dispel Magic, Fly, Magic Circle Against Law, Starfield(M), Symbol of Condemnation, Vomit Tentacles
L4 (8/day): Aura of Doom, Blessing of Fervor, Chaos Hammer, Cure Critical Wounds, Divine Power, Freedom of Movement, Lesser Planar Ally, Planar Binding (lesser)
L5 (7/day): Chaotic Spell Lash, Contact Other Plane(M), Dispel Law, Mass Cure Light Wounds, Nova, Overland Flight, Plane Shift(M), Transposition
L6 (6/day): Animate Objects, Disintegrate(M), Jormungandr’s Call, Mass Cure Moderate Wounds, Planar Ally, Planar Binding, Sensory Deprivation
L7 (4/day): Mass Cure Serious Wounds, Destruction(M), Word of Chaos(M)

Divine Source SLA:
L1 (1/day) Protection from Law or Feather Fall
L2 (1/day) Align Weapon (chaos) or Levitate
L3 (1/day) Magic Circle Against Law or Fly
L4 (1/day) Chaos Hammer or Planar Binding (lesser)
L5 (1/day) Dispel Law or Overland Flight
L6 (1/day) Animate Objects or Planar Binding

Gear and Equipment:

Combat Gear:
Dueling Quarterstaff (4600g / 4 lbs)
Soothsayer's Raiment (By Your Name You Shall Call Me) (9300g / 40 lbs)
Heavy Crossbow (50g / 8 lbs)
Crossbow Bolt (20) (2g / 0.1 lbs)
*MWK Dire Flail (690g / 10 lbs) (for Champion spirit)

Magic Items:
Chloe, the Shrouding Band (--- / ---)
Living Garments (5000g / 2 lbs)
Seducer's Bane (9900g / ---)
Ring of Arcane Signets (1000g / ---)
Handy Haversack (2000g / 5 lbs)
Field Scrivener's Desk (5400g / 2 lbs)

Adventuring Gear:
Belt Pouch x2 (2g / 1 lb)
Chalk x5 (5c / ---)
*Chalkboard (1g / 2 lbs)
*Courtesan's Kit (10g / 5 lbs)
Dice (1s / ---)
Ivory Dominos (1g / 1 lb)
*Holy Symbol, cold iron (Nethys) (5g / 1 lb) (for Heirophant spirit)
Hypnotist's Locket (15g / 1 lb)
Ink, colored (16g / ---)
Inkpen (1s / ---)
Journal (10g / 1 lb)
*Journal (40g / 4 lbs)
Kite (1g / 1 lb)
Prognostication Manual (30g / 3 lbs) (+2 to prognostication)
*Spell Component Pouch (5g /2 lbs) (for Archmage spirit)
*Spider's Silk Rope, 100' (100g / 4 lbs)

Explorer's Outfit (free)

Additional things bought with starting gold:
Soulbound Doll (4300g)
Spellcasting services for permanencied darkvision (5410g)

Current total wealth: 2406g 7s 5c
Items marked with * are normally in Handy Haversack and do not apply to encumbrance
Priella's Encumbrance: 68 lbs
Carrying Capacity: 100/200/300

Background and Ascension:

Priella was born and raised as the member of a humble Varisian traveling clan. As she matured, she begin to work in towns that they visited as a courtesan, barmaid, and dancer in order to earn extra money, and while on the road she learned the art of fortune telling. She showed great promise in the use of the harrow deck for her tellings, but as she trained her readings became quite unusual and strange side effects would materialize. Her clan realized that she was not receiving guidance from the spirits of the Harrow, but instead from some other unknown force. Over time they realized that she had somehow developed a connection to the Old Gods, sometimes known as the Elder Gods or Great Old Ones. Out of fear that this would taint or harm their clan, they forbade her to continue using the harrow deck and as soon as they could gather enough assistance to support her they tearfully sent her off to make her own way. She missed her clan but did not resent them as over time she understood their fear.

Priella channeled the void and the alien entities' desire for change and entropy. She reveled in her power to affect the world around her through randomness and even embraced the madness that sometimes came as a result. As she grew in power she began to understood more of what they represented and found she did not agree with all of their urges, specifically the pervasive evil and penchant for wanton destruction that they desired.

Over time she realized that their goals and intellects were so different from anything she, or anyone on the spectrum of known planes, understood. She knew that she could not keep their wills at bay forever. She was too addicted to the power that came from their influence, so instead of trying to find a way to close the connection she looked for a way to mitigate it. She took up studies in the occult and invited spirits to also channel their power through her, but unlike most mediums and spiritualists she did not try to control these spirits; she let them lead her. She innately understood that if there with multiple entities inside her balancing the urge for wanton destruction and evil that it would be easier to keep it at bay.

To this end, she began to randomize her actions as much as possible, and allowed the spirits free rein to channel through her. This combination of randomness and multiple wills allowed her to suppress the alien evil that had permeated her being, but at the same time caused her to lose her autonomy as a single entity.

Now she travels the material plane as a catalyst of change. What remains of Priella's will still maintains a balance between good and evil, but the rest of her is lost in the multitude of personalities and urges that share her physical form as well as the alien urges that she still receives through her connection to those patrons. This loss of a concrete single will has caused her to transcend normal mortal limitations and become a true avatar of chaos, material change, and the randomness that exists between the stars, always pushing to make the world different and interesting while still somehow staying just barely dominant over the multitude inside her in order to maintain her balance between the extremes of 'good' and 'evil'.

Appearance and Personality:

Priella has the appearance of a normal human woman, but her physical features are constantly changing. Her eye color, skin tone, hair, and other cosmetic features are always in flux, and her height, weight, and body style tend to modify themselves as she channels different spirits or uses different abilities. She rarely has any drastic metamorphosis and is always recognizable with only some difficulty as itself.

She is generally friendly and agreeable, and continues to stop in towns to spend some time working in a tavern, dance hall, or teahouse using the skills she learned as a young adult. Through these jobs and her vast travels she has become quite social and often uses her abilities to deal with people through sensitivity or lies to enact change as much as she uses her more unusual abilities. Priella is always worried that the Old Gods will take direct notice of her and has a healthy paranoia of people she suspects might be agents of those entities, and of being the target of detection magic.

She is quite likely to join up with a group or take on a task as long as it incorporates some form of change as its goal, and will do her best to subdue her more dramatic urges in order to work with others. She is at heart a recluse, however, and has spent long periods of her travel working alone and only interfacing with others while working or in order to fulfil her current goal.

Priella's Demigod portfolio:

Priella's portfolio revolves entirely around change for its own purpose. Some of the changes she enacts are beneficial, some are not, but everywhere she applies herself ends up completely different than it was in one aspect or another.
Alignment: CN
Areas of Concern: Change, Unpredictability, and Self Empowerment
Domains: Chaos, Void (Strength next time)
Subdomains: (Protean and Self-Realization next time)
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Symbol: A eye with a white triangular pupil
Sacred Animal: Voidworm
Sacred Color: White
Obedience: Focus on an urge that you did not fulfill. If the urge was to do something that can be changed immediately, do it. This could be something as small as rearranging the dishes in your kitchen or as drastic as changing your profession or leaving a long time lover. If the urge was something that can no longer be acted on immediately, meditate on how doing so would have affected you and those around you. Gain a +4 sacred bonus against confusion and domination effects.

The Cult of the Catalyst:

Priella's followers are as varied as she is. There is a core group of followers who travel in her wake. They seek the experience of watching her work and reveling in the change she enacts but mostly watch her from afar, interacting more with her herald than with Priella herself. There are also small gatherings of believers in areas the has traveled through; people who directly felt her influence. Lastly she has adherents who travel their own path either solo or in small groups, seeking to enact their own changes in her image.

Most of these people are those who are drawn to the need for change. They include people who are oppressed or stagnant in their lives, people who research new or banned magic or technology, and often simply lunatics. There are also commonfolk whose lives she has affected who do not push for change themselves but simply see her as a savior after her influence changed their lives in a beneficial way.

Priella's herald: Tirfa is a huldra who fell in love with an Ulfen warrior and joined him in his travels. As they adventured she began to miss her untamed northern homeland, and when he joined the Ulfen Guard in Taldor she began to resent him for what she felt was an attempt to 'tame' her by bringing her to this awful civilized and ordered place. She smacked her mate into ugliness and left him, headed off to wander this strange land. During her travels she commonly fought against those who attempted to expand order and civilization into the wilds, either by harassing their troops or by seducing them and attempting to change their ways. During one of her harassment missions she encountered Priella, who was simply traveling through but in the process was wreaking havoc on the same target due to her own desire to keep order from affecting the wild. Tirfa was fascinated by how effective Priella was, and began to follow her out of curiosity and eventually joined her out of friendship. Now she travels with Priella, sometimes joining her in her random tasks but just as often acting as a intermediary between Priella and her followers, as Priella herself is sometimes too separated from reality for the average person to be able to understand or deal with directly. Tirfa is a Huldra with class levels in Fey Prankster Bard, preferably going Enchanting Courtesan once she has 5 bard levels.

Relationship with other Demigods and Dieties:

Existing Pantheon: Priella does not interact with full fledged dieties on a regular basis. Most of their interests are outside of her always changing scope, and she pays no attention to their goals. In most situations she feels more of an affinity for the Proteans and other inhabitants of the Maelstrom than with those that are commonly viewed as deities. There are some exceptions:

- The Old Ones or Elder Gods are her greatest influence, mostly because of the way they act through her. Their thoughts are alien enough that she does not understand them or know in any given situation whether they are acting as allies or rivals, but she is unable to completely leave their influence behind. Hastur's dreams and Xhamen-Dor's transformations are the two that speak to her the strongest, but Priella will attempt to distance herself from them whenever possible.

- Gozreh is the deity that she admires the most and she sees him as an ally. The seas and weather are unpredictable, everchanging, and their effect on the things they touch leaves nothing the same, which Priella finds quite endearing.

- Nethys is another deity that Priella views as an ally. His domain over magic, his descent into madness, and his frequent interaction with the Proteans who allow him to maintain his realm on the plane of Maelstrom all impress Priella. She strives to emulate his approachability and his willingness to work with any and all deities.

- She has a healthy respect for Desna and Calistria. Desna's sense of freedom and travel speak to her, and as lust is a force that commonly causes changes, she admires this aspect of Calistria's domain.

- Although Urgathoa's narcissistic desires and most of her interests disgust Priella, her push for self-expression is admirable, and Priella has great respect for Urgathoa's divine origin, where she refused to be judged by Pharasma and instead returned to the world forever changing the rules of life, death, and undeath.

- Despite Sivanah's provenance over illusion and madness, the fact that the Proteans bear her ill will pushes Priella to do the same, although she does not know the cause of that rivalry, she suspects that there is good reason for it.

- Priella generally sees any Lawful diety as at least a casual rival, not understanding why they would be so tied to unchanging rules, but she does not actively oppose any of them. The two exceptions are Asmodeus and Lissala, who she despises and would refuse to work with due to their rabid promotion of contracts and obedience.
Demigod Personal Relationships:

Saint Ulliaza - Priella sees her as an ally. The understanding that revolution is not just a social force but a personal one as well is something that Priella wishes more people understood. Their paths have often crossed, with Priella providing support to Ulliaza's revolutions through magical assistance or acting as a distraction, or occasionally just for an interesting jaunt through the planes.

Alithea - Priella has concerns with Alithea's hobbling of powerful magic, and realizes that Alithea views of her are probably not 100% positive, but they have successfully worked together in the past. The shared goal of knowledge and freedom of the self has allowed them to bond despite their differences, and they have formed a tentative friendship around that core.

Adventures in Zirnakaynin, or The Day Priella Met Ulliaza and Alithea
Having heard much about Nirmathas as a newly formed nation of self reliant free thinkers, Priella was drawn to explore it and see how exciting a truly 'independent' nation could be. While traveling through the Bloodsworn Vale en route to the new nation, she encountered a ragged group who had barely escaped a Drow raiding party gathering slaves. Incensed that someone would oppress this people that had newly gained their self rule, she provided the survivors with some food and shelter. She left them to make their way back to Skelt while she headed into the Darklands to investigate what was preying on her new friends.

After some time tracking slavers while being distracted by the exciting landscapes and new creatures found under the earth, she made her way deeper and found the Drow city of Zirnakaynin. Upon approaching the city, she disguised herself as one of the dark elves and planned to enter and explore when she saw a middle aged Garundi woman in a plain white gown and realized that this might be the Alithea person that she'd heard about in her travels. Even if it wasn't, this woman was definitely suffused with magic. Curious, Priella followed her through the city until they were quietly hailed.

The Drow woman who hailed them introduced herself as Ulliaza, who was in Zirnakaynin on a mission. She had realized that these two odd travelers might be useful and asked them to help her break into the Tower Solacus to free as many slaves as possible, while also causing problems for the House Vonnarc that ran this school for wizards. Seeing that Alithea was on board Priella happily agreed to assist, not just for the people of Nirmathas but because it sounded like great fun.

While Alithea worked on disabling the arcane wards and protections on the tower, Priella summoned some Azuretzi and proceeded to wander into the tower. She played with the wizards and guards and created as many distractions as possible for Ulliaza. She strode from floor to floor, tripping anyone who tried to cast a spell, teleporting guards from room to room, and establishing that the people of Nirmathas had a protector. After some time enjoying herself, she wandered back out of the tower to see how the other two quasi-divinities had fared, leaving behind a trail of proteans, animated objects, confused and crying Drow, and one very confused Bison that had appeared from somewhere.

Seeing that the other two women were safe, and there was a rather decent sized group of people freed by Ulliaza, she offered to help escort them to safety. En route she got to know a whole new group of friends, both divine and common. Once they were near the surface and seemed to be safe she left them to continue her travels through the upper level of the Darklands looking for more excitement. She had completely forgetten about her plan to visit Nirmathas. She should probably head there one of these days.
Demigod Theoretical Relationships:

Maika - Although Priella is not a fan of Maika's transactional rules and contracts, her overall mercenary nature and the fact that she does not put any caveat on the ethics or intent of the person purchasing spells fall in line with Priella's beliefs. She would be a welcome ally for the right cause.

Rthignynt - Priella knows little of Rthignynt, but what she has heard leads her to believe that this would be an ally. The concept of a mold changing as it rose to sentience is extremely exciting to Priella, but as their paths have never crossed she is wary of trusting hearsay involving Rthyignynt's intents.

Amnon - History is important as a record of change, and Amnon's physical transformations interest Priella, but his lawful focus worries her.

Calxakti - Although prophecy is not always to be trusted, as circumstances can and should change, Priella highly respects Calxakti's role in changing people's lives and the fact that he has no disdain for madness.

Teras - Priella would work well with Teras if he requested her aid or their goals aligned. Battles are chaotic and a great force of change, but she realizes that she might have some personality conflicts due to his lawfulness.

Kage Kurai - Priella respects him for his solo quest to do what he wants instead of bowing to others.

Avram - Priella sees Avram's main goals as perpetuating the existance of a culture that removes choice from its members, and as such is not a fan. She would work with him if he requested her aid but their immediate goals would need to be in alignment.

Ranam - Ranam is not really in alignment or conflict with Priella's goals at all, and as such she has no real opinion of him. They could be allies or rivals depending on the situation.

Caladrel - Priella supports his encouragement of individualism but does not know enough of him to have a real opinion. They could be allies or rivals depending on the situation.

Chloe, the Shrouding Band:

Chloe is an ornate ring with a complex and delicate band of multiple strands of silver intertwined in complex patterns. She has a single oval stone with a white triangle in its center. Both the patterns of the band and the color of the stone are constantly changing and morphing, with the stone not just moving through the known color spectrum but often becoming brilliant colors that cannot be described and are not normally found on the material plane.

Chloe started off life as a Shrouding Band (Ring of Mind Shielding with an additional continuous Pass Without Trace effect). Since ascending to artifact status, she prefers to be called Chloe and has the following statistics/abilities:

INT 18 / WIS 12 / CHA 18 / Ego of 21 (25 if dealing with a non-mythic creature)
- AC 13, 8 HP, hardness 16, break DC of 30
- Speaks Common, Protean, Aklo, Abyssal, Celestial, and Infernal
- Has senses with range of 30'
- The wearer is continually immune to detect thoughts, discern lies, any attempt to magically discern her alignment, and does not leave footprints or a scent trail while moving. Tracking her is impossible by non-magical means (original item)
- Difficult to Destroy: Cannot be destroyed by normal means
- Legendary Surge (2/day): add 1d8 to any saving throw
- Inestimable Beauty: Impervious quality; allows use of bardic performance (distraction or fascinate) at Bard level 6 and Perform +12; Use 1 LP to cast enthrall or hypnotic pattern at CL 20 or 2 LP to use mythic enthrall or hypnotic pattern.
- Eternal Bond: Cannot be bonded to another creature as long as Priella is alive and mythic, if bond is broken, it will immediately resume once Priella is returned to life or mythic status
- Undetectable: Grants Priella the ability to become utterly undetectable while invisible, unable to be detected or scryed by any method
- Intelligent (telepathy): Can hold private mental conversations with Priella as long as they are in physical contact
- Intelligent (Spellcasting x2): Can activate the following spells as spell-like abilities at a CL12:
Disguise Self 3/day
Invisibility 3/day
Detect Scrying 1/day

Chloe shares Priella's paranoia of being tracked or watched by the Old Gods. She is suspicious of anyone acting strangely and will keep Detect Scrying up constantly (1/day with 24 hour duration). Although her other SLAs are usually as directed by Priella, if Chloe detects that someone is scrying on them she will immediately cast Invisibility on Priella and then Disguise Self immediately before the Invisibility wears off in order to protect Priella from being potentially found by the alien entities they both avoid.


Amelie is a doll with a porcelain face and any one of a number of ornate dresses, standing 11 inches tall and weighing 5 pounds. Unlike most children's dolls she does not look like a child or infant, but instead is shaped like a miniature woman. One of her eyes is glass with a brilliant green iris, and the other is a milky white moonstone. She is often found peeking out of aside pocket of Priella's haversack, but sometimes she is carried or sitting on Priella's shoulder. She tries to remain still like a simple doll, but her intense curiosity often betrays the fact that she is alive, as she carefully watches the world around her. She rarely if ever participates in conflicts, but instead acts as a lookout while Priella is meditating, or as a way for Chloe to be able to manipulate items. Amelie's soul shard (the moonstone) is from a woman who volunteered to become a doll, a follower of Priella who wished to experience everything the world had to offer, who was at death's door and did not want to pass on yet.

Female soulbound doll
N Tiny construct
Init +6
Perception +3
Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision
Speed: 20'
AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 13
hp 19
Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +2
DR 2/magic
Immunities: as per construct traits
Weaknesses: susceptible to mind-affecting effects
Melee: Unarmed Strike +3 (1 nonlethal) 20/x2 B
Spell-Like Abilities: (CL 3rd; concentration +2)
3/day—light, mage hand, open/close (DC 9), prestidigitation
1/day—deep slumber (DC 12), levitate
Str 7, Dex 14, Con —, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 9
Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 11
Feats Improved Initiative, Toughness
Skills Acrobatics +2 (-2 to jump), Perception +3, Stealth +13
Languages Common
SQ alignment variation, soul focus
Construct Traits
Damage Reduction: (2/magic) You have Damage Reduction against all except Magic attacks.
Immunities: ability damage, ability drain, bleed, death and necromancy effects, diseases, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, nonlethal damage, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, stuns.

Susceptible to Mind-Affecting Effects: A soulbound doll is not immune to mind-affecting effects, despite being a construct.