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Fighter 14, Champion 6| HP212/212|AC:35 FF:28 T:19|F+16 R+16 W+16|Per+17, Stealth+21,Diplomacy +25, Intimidate +26, Know Dungeon+13|Init+9| Foe's Bane 22/22/18, 19-20, 2d6+27+1d6, Hero's Ally 22/22/17, 20, 1d10+5|CMB 15|Mythic Power 15/15



About Teras Captain of the Red Legion

LN Male Human
Fighter 14, Champion 6
Favored class fighter (HP)
Senses Perception +17
AC 35, Flatfooted 28, Touch 19
(+11 Armor, +3 Shield, +7 Dex, +2 Nat, +2 Deflect)
HP212 14d10 +14 favored, Con +28, Champion +30
Fort+16 Ref +16, Will +16
Defensive Abilities
Minor Cloak of Displacement 20% miss chance
Fortified (light) armor- 25% crits or sneak attacks are normal
Speed 30ft or 6 spaces
Foe's Bane (Cold Iron +2 trident, impact, flaming)
23/23/18, 19-20, 2d6+27+1d6 fire (with two weapon fighting penalties -2, and power attack)
Heroe's Ally (Mithral +2 light shield)
22/17/12, 20, 1d10+5 (with two weapon fighting penalties and no power attack)
CMB +15
8 Attacks of Opportunity
Stumbling Bash-Opponents struck by shield bash take -2 penalty to AC until end of my next turn.
Shield Slam Free Bull Rush against enemies hit by shield
Improved Shield Bash- keep shield bonus after shield bashing
Martial Dominance- attempt a intimidate check after confirming a crit
shield mastery- shield magic enhancement works as a weapon enhancement
Aerial Assault- leap and deal falling damage against something flying as an attack
Fleet Warrior- move as a part of full round action
Penetrating damage- treat as if you had one form of damage for damage reduction
precision- +5 to all consecutive attacks
Cavalier-Order of the Flame
Challenge as a Cavalier of his level -2, 1 times
-2 AC against other targets, can make a glorious challenge once target dies to someone within 15 feet
glorious challenge-additional -2 per glorious challenge, +2 to damage per glorious challenge, +(level -2 to damage)
Order Ability x2
Foolhardy rush- as long as above a roll of 11 for init, can move up to movement as an immediate action and is not flat-footed. Though subtract the movement from the initiative check from turns total movement.
Daunting Success- when confirming a crit he can demoralize all foes in 15 feet from him, can be done once per combat.

Domain Spell like Abilities-Law, War
1st protection from chaos, magic weapon
2nd align weapon (law), spiritual weapon
3rd magic circle against chaos, magic vestment
4th order's wrath, divine power
5th dispel chaos, flame strike
6th Hold monster, blade barrier
STR 12 DEX 25 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 21
Feats Advanced Armor Training, Advanced Weapon Training, Combat Reflexes, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Critical-trident, Improved Shield Bash, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Martial Dominance, Shield Master, Shield Slam, Social Bravery, Stumbling Bash, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus Trident, Weapon Focus Dwarven War Shield, and Combat Stamina, Power Attack
Path-Champion(sudden strike)- Crusader (23 score, without other modifiers) , Aerial Assault, Fleet Warrior, Penetrating Damage, Precision, Divine Source (Law, War)
Feats- Two weapon Fighting, Finesse, Weapon Specialization(trident)
Hard to Kill- auto stabilize, dont die till double con score
Mythic Power- 15 times a day
Surge 1d8
Amazing Initiative-bonus to initiative checks equal to one-half of your mythic tier. In addition, as a free action when rolling initiative you may expend one use of mythic power to add your surge die to your initiative roll.
Recuperation heal all damage after sleeping-Recuperation mythic ability costs one-half of each character’s remaining daily uses of mythic power (minimum 2).
Saving Throws
+1 to strength, +1 to charisma, +1 to charisma

-Any ability that allows you to ignore or bypass damage reduction instead allows you to ignore 5 points of damage reduction, plus 1 point of damage reduction per mythic rank or tier you possess
-When a critical hit is confirmed against a mythic creature with damage reduction and the attack does not ignore damage reduction, the creature has a percentage chance equal to twice its damage reduction to negate the critical hit and treat the hit as a normal hit. If the creature also has the fortification universal monster ability or a similar ability to negate critical hits, add these two percentage chances together and make a single roll.

Traits Reactionary, Trusworthy
Skills Acrobatics+15, Athletics +16, Diplomacy +25, Intimidate +26, Know Dungeoneering +13, Know Engineering +5, Ride +13, Stealth +21, Survival +11,
Background skills Appraise +15 profession mercenary +20
Weapon and Armor Training Spears, Armed Bravery, Fighter's Finesse, Focused Weapon (Dwarven War Shield), Armor Training +3, Bravery +4, Weapon Trainging +4
Combat Gear Heroe's Ally, Foe's Bane, Mithral Breastplate (+2, light fortification), Ring of Sustenance, Cloak of Displacement minor, Gloves of Dueling, Handy Haversack
Other Gear traveller's outfit, backpack, blanket, belt pouch, flint and steel, iron pot, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, hemp rope (50ft),sling
Wealth 500 gold

ABP- +2 to charisma, +2 to dex, +2 to wis, +2 to Dex

demigod portfolio:


Who is your character and where are they from.
Teras was born to a small family in Magnimar who was very poor, and looked to help his family. He would go to the back alleyways and find the underground fights. At first he worked collecting money, which he was paid coppers for. As he got older he decided to fight as he barely brought home any money. This is where his skills showed themselves. His agility and speed made him to fast for any opponent to hit and he faster than anyone could stand. As he started to bring home actual money he realized that he might have a way to really help his family. So telling his parents that he was leaving to work with a caravan as a trader he left to try and become a gladiator. He eventually made it to Riddleport where he fought in the arena. It was here he learned to favor the trident and shield. As he fought in combination to demolish opponents. As he started to make more money and really helped his family he decided that he didn't like killing for others sport, though he did confess that he loved combat he didn't like that he didn't chose who he fought. As he left the arena he found a mercenary company in the area called the Red Legion. He decided that as a mercenary he could make even better money and had more say in who he fought. So he joined the company and his skills in battle led him to quickly advance up the ranks. He was given a leadership position leading a platoon of men. It was with these men that he started using the dwarven war shield, as several of his forge masters and his soldiers used it and he valued its use as both a weapon and a shield.

One day the company was embroiled helping to close the worldwound and the company was decimated fighting the demons. But in the fighting he killed several high ranking demons. The company now without its original leader looked to Teras as its leader and he led them turning defeat into victory. With such a great victory the company and their new leader found new found fame. Seeing their leader slay such vile and powerful demons and seeing him lead them to victory in battle he transcended mortality becoming something more.

Character portfolio
He has developed a love for battle and become a counterpart to gorum. Whereas gorum is a chaotic god of war seeking destruction, he is a more focused on the glory of battle and comraderie that soldiers feel when fighting together. He is a patron of mercenaries, soldiers, and others who seek battle but don’t fit into the chaotic nature of gorum.

Commraderie, War, Glory
Domains: glory, law, community, war
Subdomains: cooperation, heroism, loyalty, tactics
Favored weapon: Trident
Symbol: a shield crossed with two tridents, and a wreath crown above the shield.
Sacred Animal: the warhorse
Sacred Colors:gold and red, gold to represent the glory earned in battle and the red represents the blood spilled in combat.

His obedience is simple: you must go to a close friend or ally and offer to aid them with whatever they need and help to accomplish it in some way. All out of the kindness, without a guarantee if money or favor. Those that do this grant a +1 extra bonus to their allies when they aid their allies.

description and personality
He looks like a normal man. He has bright blonde hair but with grey eyes. He wears a breastplate, greaves, and a helmet. He wields a shield and his pilum. His armor is bronze colored and emblazoned with the symbol of his company which is a wreath crown. If it weren't for the powerful personality and the grace and agility he has anyone would think he was a normal man, but his presence exudes power beyond mere men.

He has a very upbeat personality having seen both great good and evil he knows people have a great well of potential for compassion. After years of leading men in battle he has become a leader of men, knowing how to inspire them easily, yet he also knows how to crush their spirits as he has faced many in battle. He is a very relaxed man who knows to love the simple things, yet he also knows that he only truly feels alive in battle and never refuses a challenge. He constantly thinks about the past glories he has and always wishes to outdo them looking to every greater heights. In such a rough life he has learned that few can be trusted, he holds his family and his companions in his company close treating them all as family. With such a value placed on trust he often refuses to lie, seeing that it is something weaker men do to gain an advantage that can be earned on the battlefield

how did he reach divinity
Through a mixture of leading his cult of warriors and slaying great creatures absorbing small pieces of their magical ability and their soul when he kills them.

Where does he live
He still resides on the material plane, leading his company of heroes in ever greater pursuits of glory. Even as he feels more and more godly he wishes to remain with his men as long as possible. Though he knows one day he must leave to keep them safe otherwise they will all die trying to keep up with their captain.

cult of the warrior::

where is the cult located
His cult is mainly located with him traveling the material plane picking up more and more as his glory grows. Though the arena where he fought as a youth in Riddleport has become a gathering place for those that spread his name and spread the word of his deeds.

what kind of people worship him
He attracts those that seek fame and glory through battle, so a large variety of people, from good to evil. Yet he also attracts those that fight together for a greater purpose or who plainly fight because they need to. He attracts a wide variety of people which causes numerous problems within his company of heroes.

who is his herald
His herald is a man who has served in company for a long time by the name of Baintine. He fought with the company for many years but after seeing Teras’ ability and leadership he became his biggest supporter. He is a loyal lieutenant to him in the company and is a capable fighter in his own right but has became charged with divine power as he continues to adventure with his captain. He’s a older man balding but still a giant of a man. He wears full plate covering all of him except his head, letting him see due to his old eyes often making things hard to see. He’s a darkened man olive skin, that’s weathered like leather due to hours spent in the sun fighting and marching. He carries a massive hammer that he uses to crush his foes. He serves as a wise council to his captain while also being a fervent supporter that is most vocal about his captains deeds when Teras isn’t there.

personal relationships::

his mentor was the original captain of the company, Stron. He realized the ability of his young leader and took him under his wing to teach him how to lead people and the duty a leader has to his men to save them and value their loyalty.

He had a rival growing up in Tiny Tim the bully who always fought him in the back alleys of Magnimar. He was a foot taller, 60 pounds heavier. Yet he always fought him as both vied for the few coins that you could win fighting in there back alleys. It was here he learned how to use his agility and speed to beat the much stronger and larger opponent. This would help him for the rest of his life. While one went on the road to fame the other to infamy. He eventually became a warlord that beat to death the leader of an orc tribe and used the tribe to take a city in the stolen lands. He still hated him even as he ascended as he stood for everything he was against. There are rumors that he had found powerful wizards and witches that he forced to enchant him to greater power in efforts to be better than his longtime rival.

He looks to Cayden Cailean as someone who achieved glory and as he ascended to godhood similarly before him. He views the older ascended god as one who through luck achieved what others get through skill, which he admires in a way. He appreciates his fondness for drinking but believes he spend to much time not chairing greater feats of glory, though they’re friendship remains once Teras ascended to godhood.

Iomedae is another ascended that he admires. He respects her devotion to good and her fighting ability but finds her code to strict, believing that even evil can fight well and be appreciated. They maintain a kind of healthy reapect for each other due he finds her company friendly and ability to fight second to none. Similarly with Cayden he grew to know her after his ascension.

Gorum is the only older god that interacts with Teras as they both govern warfare but in different ways. As Teras’ ability to fight become more and more profound, Gorum offered him a chance to be his herald if he passed a test. While enjoying similar to Gorum he can’t stand the way the older god loves chaos and the way he cares little for the reasons to fight only that it happens. So he turned down the god’s offer, this started Gorum’s hatred of Teras. He sent followers after him but all were defeated and with Teras’ ascension the old god begins to worry that maybe his time as a god may be coming to a end. He hates and fears this young god, for he has taken many followers that once followed Gorum.

demigod relationships:

Maika- respects someone who has a very specific code of ethics and tries to treat someone fairly, he questions just how far he would go; possibly selling to enemies but respects his rules.

Priella- he doesn't like that she wishes change for changes sake, as somethings are meant not to change. And questions her sanity for working with so many forces and letting them control her.

Rthignynt- he respects the natural life cycle and how it works though he is thoroughly confused how a ooze can become sentient and eventually a demigod.

Amnon- the use of a spy is something he endorses as sometimes knowledge is a fantastic weapon. He likes the ethics of such a man who is willing to sneak for others that can not.

Saint Ulliaza- a drow as he has learned is something that is evil and seeing a drow wishes freedom and revolution is strange to him. He likes his stance of freedom and liberation yet finds it a oddity.

Calxakti- prophecy is something that Teras doesn't really believe in and after seeing mortals ascend and the death of Aroden he believes you can accomplish anything if you are good enough at it.

Alithea- she has little that he cares for but he respects her rules of ethics, and magic ability as he knows the strength of magic.

Nestellbam- preserving things is a noble idea but to Teras it seems foolhardy as he understands that things die and are gone from existence.

Avram- Teras knows of Aroden and his story is one that inspires him to perform such great feats, seeing aroden's return would be one of the greatest things achieved; Teras would want his name associated with that.

Caldrel- exploration is glory in its own right and Teras respects this, as being the first to discover is a great honor, almost the as glorious as a great battle.

Ranam- Teras has earned a great respect for forgemasters as he has become a leader. Learning of logistics came hard to him but as he becomes a leader he has learned just how important it is who makes a sword compared to who swings it.

Veldrin- he has killed many necromancers and hates its vile touch, but he understands that forbidden knowledge is something that can win wars and earn glory, so he finds middle ground in that. He finds Veldrin repulsive and evil, but knows that sometimes the ends justify the means, and he has no quarrel with him unless he wishes to fight.

"The Artist"- Art can lead to glory in its own way but he thinks it doesn't compare to the glory of battle, he knows that artists like bards though help to spread glory and achieve legend