A Grim Moon Looms ; A Young Pantheon Grows (Inactive)

Game Master leinathan

Several young divinities gather together into a new pantheon, combining their strengths towards common goals. Together, they forge their sparks into the stuff of true gods.


Date: Erastus 18, 4722
Time: 5:00pm
Weather: sunny and clear, light winds

The Pantheon:

- Adol Cristin, HP 204/210 ; mythic power 15/15

- St. Uliaza, HP 136/136 ; mythic power 15/15

- Alithea, HP 161/172 ; mythic power 15/15

- Maika, HP 130/130 ; mythic power 11/15

- Calxakti, HP 206/206 ; mythic power 14/15

- Rirsa, HP 226/226 ; mythic power 10/15


- Carrie, Herald of Rirsa, 130/132

Resource Tracker:
Lay on Hands 13/16 ; Divine bond 1/2
Rage 10/12 ; Smite 0/2
Bard spells: 1st: 3/4 ; 2nd: 1/1
Paladin Spells: 1st: 5/5 ; 2nd: 5/5 ; 3rd: 3/4
Lucky Horseshoe 0/1
Bardic Performance 22/22
Dimensional Hop 90/90 ; Domain Power 2/2

Arcane Reservoir 6/10
Mythic Power 15/15
Ultimate Versatility 1/1
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell 3/3

Spell Slots

Impromptu Sneak Attack 2/2
Mythic Power 15/15
Sacrificial Boon 9/9
Tricky Spells 4/4

Spell Slots

. Agile Feet: 12/12 (rounds per day)
. Armor Attunement: 1/1 (per day)
. Channel Positive Energy: 6/7 (per day)
. Commission Fund: 2,959 GP
. Dimensional Hop: 120/120 (feet per day; 5 foot increments)
. Divine Weapon: 1/1 (at a time)
. Legendary Power: 4/4 (per day)
. Miraculous Accounts: 13/13 (at a time)
. Mythic Power: 15/15 (at a time; regains 3 per day)
. Weapon Attunement: 1/1 (per day)

Occult Skill Unlocks:
. Automatic Writing: 1/1 (per week)
. Dowsing: 1/1 (per day)
. Faith Healing: 1/1 (per day)
. Hypnotism: 1/1 (per day)
. Phrenology: 1/1 (per day)
. Prognostication: 1/1 (per day)
. Psychometry: 1/1 (per day)
. Read Aura: 1/1 (per day)

Power Points 8/8

Bardic Performance 18/18

Warleader 6/6
Heavenly Fire 8/8
Battlecaster's Strike 5/5

Mythic Power 15/15
Eldritch Bolt 11/11
Fortune 3/3
Legendary Power 2/2
Trigger Primal Magic Event 3/3

Spell Slots
7th 4/4
6th 6/6
5th 6/7
4th 7/8
3rd 8/8
2nd 7/8
1st 8/8

1st 7/7
2nd 5/5

A list of locations relevant to the pantheon, places they have visited, and places where their cult can be found.

Handbook of Planes:
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The Material Plane
- - - - -
The Darklands:

The Inner Sea Region:


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Material Dimension: Sarvollas
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An overview of each PC's cult, including their cult center and important NPCs.

Manual of Cults:
The Cult of Estivas

The cult of Estivas is centered on the planet of Akiton, and was founded by one of Akiton's leaders, Adol Cristin. It is mostly composed of native Akitonian barbarian warriors who feel particularly strongly about the faith of Estivas, which is still a small proportion of all Akitonians. Estivas cultists travel the land, protecting natives from powerful Akitonian monsters.

The cult of Estivas is led by Koria Voss, a powerful cleric, and a native, savage Akitonian.

The Cult of the Saint of Freedom

The cult of Uliaza is centered in Golarion's Underdark, in a small city known as Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a bastion of freedom among the cities in the Darklands, and members of Uliaza's cult make daring missions out into the caverns to assault the holdings and properties of the Darklands' slave-holding empires in Nar-Voth and Sekamina.

The cult of Uliaza is led by .

The Cult of the Unraveling Eye

The cult of the Unraveling Eye is centered in the city of Absalom, in a temple built around a powerful magical item that detects upwellings of magic in the world. Alithea's clerics either tend of communities as therapists or, once they become powerful enough, travel and attempt to limit the consequences of powerful magical disasters.

The Cult of the Unraveling Eye is led by Bookworm, a gnomish occultist who resides in Absalom.

The Cult of the Sightless Prophet

The Cult of the Sightless Prophet is centered in the country of Razatlan in the continent of Arcadia. Its proponents are mostly village seers, mad hermits, insane ex-Arodennites, and those looking for a final answer after a life of desperation. As such, there are precious few clerics who follow Calxakti.

The leader of Calxakti's church is much-debated, as his church has little organization, but its most powerful cleric is

The Cult of the Purveyor of Miracles

The Cult of the Purveyor of Miracles is centered on Hyraetan, the City at the Center of All Things. However, the nature of the cult necessitates that most of Maika's clerics travel, going from place to place to ensure that every place has standardized and fair prices for magic services. There are simply too many magic civilizations for her clerics to be stationed in too many stable locations at once.

The cult's most powerful cleric is not their leader, and is the traveling mage .

The Cult of the Angelic Font

Rirsa's burgeoning cult is centered on her homeworld of Sarvollas, by people who know her personally or believe in her legendary exploits from her home nation of Chevain. Rirsa's clerics are almost all aspiring heroes, all people who push their own limitations as hard as they can so they can become the best possible versions of themselves.

Rirsa's most powerful cleric is named Gadion, a powerful mystic theurge studying arcane magic who was granted powers through his dedication.

- - - - -

Campaign Outline:
Part 1: the Pinnacle of Mortality

Chapter One - The Blood of Dragonscar: Brought together into one pantheon, our heroes embark on their first adventure to cleanse a Taldan town of monsters from its mythic, ancient history.

You may use any Paizo material. You may also use material published by Rogue Genius Games, Dreamscarred Press, Legendary Games and Kobold Press. If you like, you may also use ERTW's Beguiler Conversion.

From Unchained, we will be using Deadly Poisons and Diseases, Background Skills, and Automatic Bonus Progression. Automatic Bonus Progression has two adjustments. The first is that the enhancement bonus you gain to ability scores can stack with enhancement bonuses to ability scores granted by class features and spells up to a maximum of +8 total. The second is that you do not have to pay twice for special abilities on purchased weapons. Your attunement enhancement bonus automatically stacks with the qualities that you purchase for your weapon. Unchained Barbarian, Summoner, and Rogue are mandatory. Fighters get Combat Stamina as a bonus feat.

We use some feat tax elimination. Power Attack, Deadly Aim, and Combat Expertise are free options for everybody. The improved maneuver feats have been consolidated into a single feat, Skillful Maneuvers. When you take Skillful Maneuvers, you can choose three combat maneuvers, and you gain the benefits of the Improved maneuver feat for all three. However, the Greater maneuver feats are still separate. Point-Blank Shot is no longer a prerequisite for Precise Shot. Deflect Arrows can be taken by a character who has Shield Focus.

There are some skill changes.

Climb, Swim, and Jump are consolidated into one strength-based skill, Athletics.

Escape Artist, Acrobatics, and Fly are consolidated into Acrobatics.

Knowledge (geography, nobility, and history) are consolidated into Knowledge (cultures).

Whenever you get your Dexterity modifier to damage with a weapon, it counts as precision damage, although it stacks with other sources of precision damage and is still multiplied on a critical hit.

The antipaladin, cleric, fighter, paladin, sorcerer, summoner, and warpriest (and all other classes that get 2 + int ranks and don't have int-based class features) gain 2 additional skill ranks per level. If given an archetype that increases their skill ranks per level, this increase stacks with the increase given by the archetype (for example, a Faithful Wanderer paladin would gain 6 + int ranks per level).

Mythic Nerfs:
Rule 0: The GM reserves the right to add to these nerfs as necessary if a mythic ability grows out of hand.
You only get +1 to stat bonuses as part of advancing in mythic tiers, not +2.
You cannot get permanent bonuses to your stats through wishes in this campaign.

The amazing initiative basic mythic ability is replaced with a bonus to initiative checks equal to one-half of your mythic tier. In addition, as a free action when rolling initiative you may expend one use of mythic power to add your surge die to your initiative roll.

The agile monster template, when applied to PC companions and summons, no longer gives the dual initiative ability. Instead, it gives haste.

The following abilities: champion’s strike, guardian’s call, marshal’s order, and trickster attack abilities are no longer usable as swift actions. Instead, they are standard actions when sued at the cost of 1 mythic power, move actions at the cost of 2 mythic power, and swift actions at the cost of 3 mythic power.

You cannot, for any reason, gain additional attacks at their highest attack bonus from more than one source, no matter how many such abilities are in effect. (Example: haste, champion’s strike abilities, etc.)

If you enter the space of a mythic creature with the Titan’s Bane ability, it is considered flat-footed only against the first attack you make against it.

Player characters (and their allies) can use only one ability that requires the expenditure of mythic power per round. This may be a mythic feat, mythic spell, mythic path ability, a power used by a legendary item, or anything else; if it involves expending mythic power, a character can use only one per round. Characters can use abilities that require spending more than one use of mythic power. Legendary power is considered separate from mythic power.

You are likewise limited to the use of only one ability that requires the expenditure of legendary power per round.

Mythic surges may be spent after a d20 has been rolled, but not after the result of the roll has been revealed.

Mythic power is regained at a rate of 1 use per day. It is refilled to full after completing a mythic trial. This rate of mythic power regeneration cannot be changed in any way through abilities or spells. The GM may allow the heroes to regenerate additional uses of mythic power as a reward for epic feats or good roleplay. At 2nd tier, 6th tier, and 10th tier, the regeneration of mythic power increases by 1.

The foe-biting legendary item ability has been banned. It is replaced with the ability to expend one use of the item’s legendary power after striking an opponent with the weapon to add the bane property against that specific creature (regardless of its type and subtype) for 1 minute. If the item is already a bane weapon against that creature’s type (and subtype, if applicable), using the foe-biting property increases the effect of bane to a +3 enhancement bonus and +3d6 damage, or to +4 and +4d6 if the wielder is a mythic character and expends one use of mythic power as a swift action when expending the item’s legendary power to increase its bane effect.

The Mythic Power Attack feat is now identical to the Mythic Deadly Aim feat, except it applies to melee damage rolls, not ranged.

Mythic Vital Strike is banned.

Instead of granting a flat +20 bonus on the relevant ability check or related skill check, the universal path abilities Display of Strength/Dexterity/Constitution/Intelligence/Wisdom/Charisma grant a bonus equal to three times your mythic tier.

Using the Recuperation mythic ability costs one-half of each character’s remaining daily uses of mythic power (minimum 2).

You need to spend 2 uses of mythic power to use the unstoppable mythic ability to remove a debuff caused by a mythic effect, not 1.

Any ability that allows you to ignore immunity or resistance allows you to ignore up to 5 points of resistance or immunity, plus 5 points per 2 mythic ranks or tiers you possess.

Any ability that allows you to ignore or bypass damage reduction instead allows you to ignore 5 points of damage reduction, plus 1 point of damage reduction per mythic rank or tier you possess. This applies to mythic abilities like the fleet charge champion path feature as well as non-mythic effects like a paladin’s smite evil.

When a critical hit is confirmed against a mythic creature with damage reduction and the attack does not ignore damage reduction, the creature has a percentage chance equal to twice its damage reduction to negate the critical hit and treat the hit as a normal hit. If the creature also has the fortification universal monster ability or a similar ability to negate critical hits, add these two percentage chances together and make a single roll.

An effect that allows you to ignore spell resistance (when it would normally apply) allows you add your mythic tier on caster level checks to ignore spell resistance. You apply an additional +2 circumstance bonus if the target is a non-mythic creature or if you are casting a mythic spell; these circumstance bonuses stack.

Harmful conditions that occur even on a successful save are halved in duration (minimum 0 rounds) if the mythic rank or tier of an affected creature equals or exceeds that of the creature that created the effect. They are also halved (minimum 0 rounds) for a non-mythic creature whose CR equals or exceeds the caster level (or Hit Dice, for supernatural effects) of the creature that created the effect. This does not apply to effects with an instantaneous or permanent duration.

Wild Arcana, Inspired Spell, Arcane Surge, and Recalled Blessing can only be used on spells with a casting time of 1 standard action or less. Using these abilities requires expending one use of mythic power, plus one additional use for every 2 levels of the spell.
For Arcane Surge and Recalled Blessing, you may expend an additional 2 uses of mythic power to cast a spell as a swift action.

Mythic enemies may expend mythic surges as a swift action to add a bonus to its AC equal to the result of its surge die. If the enemy has DR or hardness, the surge die is also added to DR or hardness. If the enemy has energy resistance, it adds twice the result of its surge die to each type of energy resistance it possesses. This bonus lasts until the beginning of the enemy’s next turn; if it expends two uses of mythic power, it lasts for a number of rounds equal to one- half its mythic rank or tier (minimum 1 round).

When the actions taken by an enemy during its turn would reduce a mythic opponent below 0 hit points, it can expend one or more uses of mythic power to survive with 10% of its current hit points (before that enemy began its turn) for each use of mythic power spent. All damage dealt as part of a full attack action is considered a single effect for this purpose.

Language Cipher:
1. Taldane = English

2. Celestial = Hindi

3. Chevainian = Esperanto

4. Akitonian Common = This Dothraki Translator