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I'm very interested but I'm having difficulty coming up with a concept, so instead I'll be randomly rolling my concept and background with help from this guide, as well as the background generator in Ultimate Campaign. This is just a guideline and I'll write out things in more detail later on/change things as I want, but feel free to peek if you want.

A Buttload of Dice:
Randomly Rolled Character: 2d100 ⇒ (6, 14) = 202d3 ⇒ (3, 1) = 41d4 ⇒ 41d6 ⇒ 35d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 4, 4, 3) = 152d4 ⇒ (1, 1) = 22d4 ⇒ (1, 1) = 22d100 ⇒ (81, 1) = 822d20 ⇒ (20, 15) = 35

I am a 65 y/o, 3'9", 135 pound chaotic good dwarf bard lady, ostracized for my religion, cowardly with a distinctive scar. I am represented by the Story Archetypes "Iron Woman" and "Hero's Muse."

Randomly Rolled Character Background: 3d100 ⇒ (75, 71, 61) = 2071d4 ⇒ 44d100 ⇒ (18, 90, 81, 27) = 2161d100 ⇒ 621d100 ⇒ 831d100 ⇒ 231d100 ⇒ 201d100 ⇒ 751d100 ⇒ 181d20 ⇒ 111d20 ⇒ 101d10 ⇒ 71d7 ⇒ 61d21 ⇒ 51d20 ⇒ 91d100 ⇒ 26

I grew up underground, raised alongside my four siblings by my single father, smack dab in the middle of all five of us. My father was a baron and my mother a peasant, as I imagine the mothers of my half-siblings were. I had a habit of winning competitions, and left home early to sing and dance around the world, mentored all the while. I teamed up with an evil spellcaster because I was jealous? And I have no guilt about it. Most of my worship goes to Desna, and I've loved several people deeply in my life. I despise having my trust broken.

Bullet points: CG Dwarf Bard, Desna worship, cowardly and jealous.

Stat Array: 12/10/14/7/14/15, possibly subject to change.

Gonna be wearing medium or heavy armor what with dwarf's alternate favored class bonus (ARG) negating spell failure chance, but focusing largely on buff/heals and direct damage spells.

HP: 4d12 ⇒ (8, 10, 9, 9) = 362d8 ⇒ (7, 5) = 12

Looking at a civilized gnoll barbarian/cleric, attributes as follows:

13/13/13/8/14/12 before anything, 16/14/14/8/14/12 after level up and race mods

Okay, please post if you change your mind on that before recruitment ends, I have a tricky character I wanna work on and one of the options in that appendix added a layer of weird i was quite fond of

Are you allowing the 5e character options in the Midgard Worldbook not also present in the Hero's Handbook? e.g., the gnoll caravan rider background or the Oath of the Giving Grave

Super interested, I have three ideas, all Armor Solarians, all non-core races I'd need permission for. Presented in order most to least sensible:

A, Anassanoi, native to the Burning Archipelago, all in with the sun theme, Solar Armor Solarian, sniper

B, Borai (Ifrit flavorwise, human or lashunta statwise), returning to the Burning Archipelago after a long ass time on Eox, Graviton Armor Solarian.

C, my FAVORITE concept, Uplifted Bear (!!), either sun or black hole solarian, focusing on speed and natural attacks. I like all three of my ideas, but if you okay all of them, this is the one I'll submit.

I am having difficulty coming up with a backstory, I'll be withdrawing from consideration

Dotting for interest, considering an eladrin or half-elf Barbarian7/Vekeshi Excoriant2

Absolutely go for it.

I'd recommend telling your prospective players you are a first time PbP DM in your opening post of Recruitment. That way you get people who are willing to work with you, who will be patient and understanding.

For your first online game I'd personally suggest that you either run just a module or the first book of an AP, ideally one you've read through more than once and maybe even playtested IRL or thru VTT. If you want to do homebrew, I'd recommend the same thing, some shorter adventure you have playtested IRL.

Working with something you know well and have played thru will really help cut the stress, thereby making it easier on you to deliver what you have promised. And at the end of the book/module/adventure, you'll have a better idea of if this is for you, and can decide from there if you want to continue with the same group and story

Grats all, thank you for the consideration, GM

I was an original backer for one of these and I love it for my dice. I've got a large collection and the large size allows me to easily carry two hundred odd dice to and from games easily.

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So I'm still going back and forth tryna decide between the names Gull Peeper (my wife's suggestion) and Geffry (hard g as in Goblin, not a soft g like in Geoffrey), but I'm taking the Acrobat background and Thief racket. Additionally, I'm deciding between the Razortooth and Unbreakable goblin subtypes.

Background is pretty simple, like two years ago I was part of a circus either visiting Breachhill or somewhere nearby, my acrobat partner (Null Peeper or Geena, hard G) and I got really drunk and decided to live here forever, but in the morning they didn't remember and ran back to the circus, expecting me to follow, and regardless of my intentions, I did remember but woke too late to actually make a decision- the circus had left without me.

We performed a double act: I did amazing feats of acrobatics and they picked everyone's pockets, but these days, I'm left to do both tasks, and in the intervening years I have become not very good at either.

I'm answering the Call to Adventure to try and reclaim my life for myself, and stop living in the shadow of my circus days.

I'm leaning toward the Razortooth goblin subtype so I could two handed finesse attack while leaving a hand free to thieve and steal.

I don't have an alias up yet but I'm planning on playing a goblin rogue, just to get that out there.

I am considering either a Mandalorian outcast/deserter (either one of the veteran-of-the-war bandits you'd meet throughout 1&2, or an enemy to Clan Ordo, loyal to Mandalore's dead wife but not Mandalore), or an escaped Twi'lek slave of the Sith Empire (with no one believing their tall tales about their life on Dromund Kass or of the true Sith masters).

I am interested. Star Wars is one of my passions, I am running a Saga campaign set in the Dark Times at the moment, and am a fervent fan of the Old Republic timeline (I've played the first two games several times, and have been an active player of TOR for 7 years- only MMO to ever hold my interest). Depending on the storyline, I would jump at the chance to play at any period within the broader spectrum of the Old Republic.

Oh I understand the root of your confusion now, thank you for laying it out like that. Mechanically, it is something I can do, yes.

A more comprehensive list of forms would be more like 1. undisguised, totally bald but mostly dwarfy looking tiefling, 2. 1, but disguised as a dwarf, 3. 1, but with Shifter Claws activated (more on this in a bit), and 4. a swarm of diminutive and/or fine creatures.

The default Shifter would have even more forms (Wild Shape, Aspects and Chimeric Aspects).

So first off, my pincers and stinger- my Shifter Claws -they lend me no bonus to disguise or anything, so people who knew both Andronikos and the Creature could see through the 'mask' but the blunt pincers and stinging thorax are RAW. Here's the relevant section.

To paraphrase, as a swift action I can 'extend my claws', but since some of the things I can turn into lack claws (e.g. insect swarms), I can also manifest my two Shifter Claws as a bite, as pincers, or as a sting. Since the Pincers are Bludgeoning damage, I've been imagining grass hopper mandibles, just two rocks that slam together to pulverize food, and two little arms that then shove the food into the open mouth.

So when I say natural, undisguised state, that's all flavor, not literal from a mechanical perspective. Mechanically, the only thing different from form 1 (normal tiefling) is he has his Shifter claws out/on. Flavorwise, where other Shifters learn how to turn it on on command, he lived with his so-called Claws out for years, and had to learn or relearn how to turn it off on command, a hurdle he ultimately surmounted thanks to alchemy. So when he uses Fiendish Facade to disguise himself as a dwarf, he's back in the type one form, his like, birth form, Claws off. Sorry I wasn't clear, I get how that's confusing.

It's not even the weirdest thing he can do with his Claws, he can also manifest them as just piles of rats or termites, like his hands were melting into streams of vermin.

GM TWO wrote:


With the Thénardier / Quark parallel, all right, I can see that. Ref: the rough technical build, however, I do have a rule I have which in this case I should point out: If You Say Your Character Can Do It, You Need To Be Able To Do It.

This rears its head specifically at the 'natural and undisguised state'. (I'm going to look past the 'I can't get out of here for 26 years' part.) On reading the 'reverse transformation / suppress the effects' part, it reads that these alchemical concoctions are things he has to consume on a weekly, if not daily, basis, and that if he doesn't do so, his natural form of the 'Creature-in-the-Dark' re-emerges until he can put together a new batch. Am I correct, or am I mis-reading something?

One other thing -- the 'Envy' drawback. Stealing 10gp/day is essentially a requirement for your character; while I am willing to allow that to be 'earned' by way of the Downtime Rooms/Buildings, specifically via either pickpocket/robber teams and/or illegal game rooms, those rooms will a) require something of a significant expenditure on your part, and b) not be able to be used for earning anything but GP. While you can steal on your own otherwise, it should be noted that people living in Isarn tend to be ... not well off. :P

The "natural and undisguised state" bit is another artifact from the Criminal Mastermind build, where one of his classes was going to be Vigilante. I wanted a character whose Social Identity was the disguise and the Masked Persona was his real face. He was (and still might be) always drinking from a flask at his belt that was supposed to force him to stay in a more normal looking state.

Mechanically, the pincers and stinging thorax are both Shifter "claws" that can be activated and removed as a standard action (say, taking a sip from a flask).

But, if I'm understanding you correctly, you're saying that I can't reflavor mechanics, so that part would be excised outright. He would have just kept the shifter claws 'on' 24/7 and had to relearn how to undo it.

And for the 26 years underground, it's super long, yeah, but I figure he went insane after a year or so underground and it stopped being "can't go up these stairs or ladders because they'll get me" and became "I live here now, the only thing that matters is survival, I can't go up there because I can't" until he stumbled across a natural exit to the outside world.

I'm comfortable with those calls for Envy, and I am aware of the general state of wealth inequality in Isarn. It's a drawback, after all. In my opinion, they should be surmountable/handleable but not irrelevant.

GM TWO wrote:


While I would prefer not having two characters be Catacomb Dwellers, I won't stop you. Just a question, though -- how are you going to become a trusted, respected member of the bourgeoisie if (from what I can tell) you spend most of the time out of the way / hiding? And speaking of hiding, I should especially note that if you're going to take 'Fiendish Facade', all of your physical distortion options must be able to be easily, casually concealed as per that feat, i.e. "Your fiendish physical traits are normally hidden by clothing or appear to be markings of another race."

In all honesty, I see you working really hard on the technicals, but ignoring the most important part -- the background. As it stands, Andronikos is a great character ... just not for a campaign where physical and magical combat is infrequent, but social interactions are the lifeblood of the action. Without otherwise compelling reasons (i.e. those in your background/personality/story), there's no way he'd be approached. Might I suggest pausing your work on his technicals and turning your attention to how 'My name is Andronikos, I turn into a bunch of bugs' is going to somehow also be 'I run a successful business doing X, and am gaining respect and attention by others of the middle class for doing so'?

I've been working on his background since the original recruitment. It's crazy long, so I was holding off on posting while I polished it, pared it down, and edited the intent from Criminal Mastermind into Influential Merchant. But for the sake of understanding and collaboration, I'll post what I have so far below. Before that, I'll address your concerns in order.

In re Catacomb Dweller:

It is an artifact from the Criminal Mastermind build, but it's also the only way I can keep his backstory and his motivations in check with being in and staying in Isarn without major rewrites. Like Lili, he does smuggle things in through the tunnels, but their methods and motivations are very separate. He has at most a small team of individuals that work for his alter ego and smuggle individual items into the city for middle-class folks with expensive tastes, but only really by request. For him, the catacombs are a constant escape plan. He knows the paths well, and can disappear in them at a moment's notice. They also represent what he's become, and the depths he's sunk to to survive at all.

In re Bourgeoise:

In the guise of a dwarf, Andronikos runs a bar and casino in Isarn. He even owns a vineyard outside town, presses his own grapes, sells his own wine. In his circle, he is a very public figure, hiding very little. Think of him as part Act 1 Thénardier from Les Mis, part Quark from DS9. His business is/will be immensely successful, but he never really advances in wealth or status; all money that comes in is immediately spent to further future business endeavors (or in bribes or, eventually, spent in favor of the Conspiracy). Sure, he's shady and cheats his customers and engages in the occasional below-board dealings, but he's forgiven for it and celebrated by his fellows in spite of that, for he is at heart a reputable and respected businessman. He invests in other local businesses and lends out what he can, but he always collects.

In re Fiendish Facade:

Despite his full-body alopecia, Andronikos will in most ways resemble a dwarf, but to me the feat also represents a long history of disguising himself, extensive knowledge of wigs and makeup trained into him from a young age.

I don't think any of his proposed alternate physical features make him look exceptionally undwarfly. The three I have optioned alongside my alternate SLA's are blunt teeth, double thumbs and a spinneret. The blunt teeth could be easily obscured behind a false beard. The double thumbs could be hidden in thick gloves that he wears almost always, but since he plays the piano often, it could be a soft secret known only to friends and regulars, a 'natural' mutation that he is at once ashamed of and deeply appreciates, considering his choice of instrument. The spinneret is the hardest sell, but taken literally it doesn't imply a segmented body (though he can grow a segment, mechanically). It's simply the web producing organ. I imagine it would be easily hidden under his clothing (whether it was part of his backside, or elsewhere on his body) but if any were to see it, it would immediately mark him as something other.

They also would each have their place with his alter ego, which uses his alternate Shifter claws to make his appearance even more alien (choosing the Blunt pincers "claw" and the Piercing stinger).

Here is my present progress in rejiggering the background. It's long, rough and unpolished as it stands now, and still in the process of big rewrites. But what I've been working on.

Andronikos was no stranger to Isarn. He had been here long ago. 52 years ago he fled the city as revolution erupted around him, only narrowly escaping capture and Final Death. There was no sympathy for the rich, nor Chelish collaborators such as himself.

He was born Avner Darkbrew to a happy pair of dwarven alchemists in the outskirts of Druma. His mother died in childbirth, leaving his father alone with his grief and a fiendish monster of a child that he did not and could not love. The child was completely hairless, with curious anatomy and a cruel, intense stare. It was no dwarf, and no son of the Darkbrews.

His father taught him to be ashamed of his hairlessness and his sickly and otherworldly appearance, told him he was at best a mockery of a dwarf, but he must learn how to be one all the same. Together, they disguised him daily as a dwarf, hiding his flaws and imperfections in makeup and an imitation of a young boy's scruff and fuzz.

One day, as the pair headed in to market, a most beautiful and strange sight caught young Avner’s attention. A human man, draped in buckets of gold and jewels and wearing a white robe. Despite the dirt and smoke in the air, his robe and elbow-length white gloves dazzled as if newly cleaned and fresh pressed.

"Don’t ever talk to one of those men, except to do business," warned his father. "And even then, be wary. The Prophets exploit those they deal with."

He didn't listen. Every time a Prophet- a Kalistocrat -came to town, he would follow them, watch them. He was obsessed with their flagrant displays of wealth and grandeur.

Once, a Prophet came to market to give a sermon, and Avner made sure to be in attendance.

Everything he said made sense. The gods did not care about their average worshippers. No, he had never seen Torag bow down to assist anyone outside of his clergy. Yet this Prophet claimed that their Prophecies, the Prophecies of Kalistrade, continued to be proven true, even now, some forty years into the Age of Lost Omens.

He convinced the Prophet to take him wherever he was headed next, to teach him the ways of the Prophecies.

The Prophet took him in as his own son, raising Avner in the Prophecies and teaching him the skills and virtues of trade. The Kalistocrat was the first to call him by what he was: a tiefling, a son of fiends. This was good, he said. Meant he would make good sales in Cheliax and their colonies.

He taught him to be fair and impartial in his dealings, but also firm and insistent. He was taught to lie and cheat, told not to rely on on these tools and to use them when only necessary. But the trick was, it was always necessary.

Life as a Kalistocrat also meant following a fairly strict moral code. Never trust that which is free: it is always better to pay for what you need. Never eat meat if the animal was worth more alive: no hens for their eggs, no sheep for their wool, no cows for their milk. Wear gold and jewels in celebration and worship of your own wealth and status. Wear a white robe and gloves so as to not dirty yourself when dealing with lesser beings. Likewise, do not sully your insides with food that has touched the ground: no roots or gourds, only fruit from bushes and trees.

His training complete, they sent him to the Chelish colony of Galt. And no more hiding as a dwarf, no. He would go as himself, a tiefling and proud Kalistocrat out on his own, seeking profit and trade.

In the years that followed, he built a sizable business in Isarn, doing imports and exports. He'd buy just about anything from anyone and manage to turn a profit. And it didn't matter what it was, if you needed something bought or sold, you went to him, and he would sell it for you.

Not everything he bought and sold was strictly legal, mind, and this did not go unnoticed by the governor.

The two struck a deal: Avner could operate how he wished, but acted as an agent of Cheliax. Anything a government agent requested of him had to be done.

An easy decision. It just meant he got richer.

Twelve years in Isarn. The rumblings and grumblings and anti-Chelish sentiment grew louder and more violent by the day. Then they started murdering people. Not just people, but the wealthy and Chelaxian sympatizers. He had to leave. He did not fancy a trip to the Final Blades, no thank you!

In the middle of night, he gathered all his wealth in a wagon and made to leave town. But he was too late. A mob had gathered outside his business; he had been implicated, his name found in some of the governor's papers. Of course, they said, no tiefling could resist working with those devil worshippers.

He slipped away, stripping himself of his gold and jewelry. He had to hide, had to leave, something, anything! Avner found a portal to the sewers and catacombs and climbed in. He would find his way home. He would escape.

He lived in those catacombs for 26 years. None of the Prophecies could help him down here, none of that nonsense about cleanliness or profit. Here, he fed off of rats and insects and worms and unlucky souls who did not even know he was there. Wandering those crumbling and forgotten halls, he grew accustomed to life in the darkness.

The rats he didn't eat taught him their language, and how to navigate their little tunnels. Over time he found his alien anatomy well suited to change and transformation; speaking the rats' tongue or that of the insects' tricked his body into collapsing into hundreds of the things. But turning into termites and ants ruined his face and body, masking him and giving him a set of sharp, clapping mouthparts and a strange sting.

One day, chasing some meat, he found it. A path out of the city. It had taken a quarter of a century, but here he was, standing before the night sky as a free man. Memories flooded back. He had a life before this. He had been a person, once, not some cruel and inhuman thing, nothing more than a Creature in the Dark. He would reform, and all the things he had treasured so dearly would be his again.

But no one would do business with this monster he had become. He spoke all the tongues of rat and insect he knew, but could not dispel the changes. His blunt insectoid mouthparts and inhuman lower body served him in the tunnels but were a liability here. Here in Galt, he would inevitably be viewed as an enemy.

The answer came in old memories, memories that were forgotten before even his exile in the catacombs. His apprenticeship to his father in alchemy, skills he never excelled at or truly utilized, but now his life depended on them.

Through this alchemy, he learned how to reverse the transformation, how to suppress the effects, channel and control them. As his Darkbrew father had taught him, he disguised himself as a dwarf, and called himself Andronikos after his adoptive father, the Kalistocrat.

For over 10 years, Andronikos worked odd jobs, making a name for himself as a reliable sort, until he saved up enough to buy a vineyard outside town, and a slophouse in the middle of it. He converted the slophouse into a bar and casino, and tried his hardest to be kind and congenial with the working man, always willing to lend money to those in need or cover the cost of something necessary- but he always collected his debts.

He also knew the right people. Anything you needed, you could ask Andronikos, and he would point you in the right direction, get you in touch with a little, necessary evil. It just so happened that a lot of times, he was pointing at himself. Through the catacombs and from Andronikos' vineyard outside town, the hideous and reclusive Creature-in-the-Dark- Andronikos' now natural form, complete with pincers and stinger -secreted in small favors for the middle class man with expensive taste. Anyone in the know believed at most that the dwarf was simply on the take; it would be a hard sell for anyone to think that such a kind and welcoming host could be that same cruel and inhuman thing.

Andronikos disguises himself as a plain dwarf, hardy and bushy browed, with a thick red beard and a shaved head. He typically wears a white shirt tucked into work pants and black gloves, left partly open to display his plentiful chest hair and a single gold chain. That he wears makeup is a well known fact; he's aging and embarrassed, he says, but he's also a little effete. Occasionally he'll spice things up with glossier lips or a smokey eye, but he mostly keeps it simple.

But as the Creature-in-the-Dark, in his natural and undisguised state, he is a terrifying sight. His body bends and twists in unexpected ways, and instead of lips or a chin, he has clapping and clacking mouth parts, that drip and drool when they open. His backend bears a chitinous, segmented stinger, and the chitin wraps around to his stomach and legs, keeping his front parts hidden behind that same chitinous carapace. Naked and completely hairless with wet black eyes, he looks very much the part of something from your nightmares.

To further the distance between his two identities, he will often drink gravelly tonic before performing as the Creature.

Genuinely affable and enjoyable, Andronikos is the perfect host. He is loud, boisterous, and talented at plying his wares and convincing people to press their luck gambling. He seems to genuinely care about his patrons and their troubles, offering help where it benefits him. He only takes off his gloves to play the beautiful piano he keeps in the corner of the room, leading choruses of his own design to keep people happy and drinking.

It is largely, however, an act. Andronikos is entirely selfish and motivated by that purest of Kalistradean ideals: money. He longs to return to the splendor he once had and a life he can barely remember, and after twenty years of investment, he is in too deep to call Galt a lost cause. So he plays nice for people he despises and does his best to accumulate wealth quietly, privately, without attracting the attention of someone especially important, lusting after the idea of a Galt free from tyranny, a Galt he can exploit.

I was unable to finish an application in time last go around, but I think I can manage to round it out in a week; I won't need to change much, Andronikos is a good fit for the Merchant.

Samy wrote:
As long as the drow/dhampir alternate racials are from official books, go for it. Remember that dhampirs have a serious problem not only with light, but also with positive energy healing, and I don't think there are any alternate racials to remove that.

No alternate racial traits, but there is a feat for it. Just dropping the link for anyone wanting to play a dhampir.

Looking at an Android Barbarian (via the Empathy feat) named Milady. Whether it's her true name or not, it's the only thing she remembers being called.

Light Crunch:
STR 14
DEX 8+2 10
CON 10
INT 6+2 8
WIS 10
CHA 15-2 13

Math: 63 - 14 - 8 - 10 - 6 - 10 - 15 = 0

Taking Enduring Stoicism as the campaign trait, Alien Origins as the Regional, and either Nanite Revival or Tusked through Adopted if you would allow that.

Attribute leveling would initially go into Intelligence as she gained more and more awareness of who and what she is, then into Strength and Constitution.

TN, looking at Untamed Rager.

I don't know 100% what I plan on doing with the build, but it is more the flavor I am interested in rather than the early access to rage-cycling. Perhaps her anger is a programming glitch or a specific programmed behavior (related to her toothy maw), but she obviously has no answers. I doubt she even knows what an android is.

5 Moments:
1. Being lovingly repaired/nursed back to health by a beautiful half-orc
2. A strange light from above shining on her and communicating with her
3. A painful surgery with no anesthetic
4. Sharing campfire tales with a party member. Spoke of ghosts and horrors from beyond the veil.
5. A recurring dream, flashing images of teeth, strange architecture, and metal rending through flesh.

Hard Limits:
My hard limits really are just rape, sexual assault. Racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia make me deeply uncomfortable, but if they are villainous traits, I can stomach them as long as it is not too prevalent.

As seen on the right, also here except with clothing and huge teeth, either always visible or when her mouth is open. Skin would be smooth and off-white, more like ceramic tiling than anything else.

Questions for the DM:
Would we be allowed to take a drawback, either in exchange for a fourth trait, or even just because? Are we allowed to submit multiple characters?

More details to come.

1. War for the Crown. Book one of WftC (Crownfall) is my favorite first book for any AP (and is also my favorite AP as a whole). I've run it twice and love it love it, super recommend it to everyone, would love to see another game of it on the boards.

2. Serpent's Skull.
3. Mummy's Mask.
4. Carrion Crown.
5. Strange Aeons.

I've been playing on the boards for a year and a half now, no intention to leave. East coast, USA, can't do chat.

It's not allowed by RAW, but I was hoping to take the Mount evolution on my twinned eidolon, with Undersized Mount as a first level feat. The primary issue is by default, the Mount evo only applies to quadruped and serpentine base forms, not the biped or twinned forms. Is that workable or would I need to focus on Acrobatics as originally suggested?

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Shifting my idea from creepy twins to two gnomes in a trench coat.

I'm considering a spiritualist or summoner who flavorwise, is just a pair of creepy twins in college. They are in all the same classes, on the same sports team, date the same people, but one is smart and able and carries them both through school (the spiritualist or summoner), while the other is rough and tough and charismatic and the best of the best at sportsball (the phantom or eidolon). Maybe one or both of them dropped out and they're considering adventuring to get back into the swing or things, or maybe it's just summer break.

Very interested, not interested in joining a Discord, however.

I can only commit to one post daily, but I have several playtest characters that I LOVED playing and am interested in reviving. The only one I'd probably resurrect without severe modifications would be Guy deBarbaro, my 4' Halfling Titanmauler or w/e Barbarian. At higher levels he grows a single foot during Rage and counts as Size Medium and it only gets better from there.

Is gambling allowed in Isarn, and if not, could an enterprising merchant gain special dispensations to run 'imitation' gambling, using only in house currency?

Andronikos is coming along, should be ready in the next few days.

My build is almost up, backstory in the works. Here's the final concept for my tiefling Criminal Mastermind

Andronikos- "dwarf" bartender, gamesmaster, smuggler and the Creature-in-the-Dark: a swarm shifter/gloom chymist, dipping rogue or vigilante. The conspiracy's financial backer and a keen liar and negotiator, uniquely suited to life in the Catacombs.

GM TWO wrote:
Tieflings do not naturally qualify for feats/archetypes exclusive to their parent race; you aren't even a half-blooded fiend, much less a full-blooded one. The 'Racial Heritage' feat tweaks the character into a cross-breed with another humanoid race, not a planar race; it would take at least two, and possibly three, feats to bring a tiefling close enough to qualify for such.

My apologies, I miscommunicated/misunderstood. When you said not just humans you meant variant fiendish heritage, e.g., oni-spawn. I assumed you meant dwarf or halfling, for example. That was my intended question: if a tiefling was part dwarf (or elf or whatever), could they take dwarf exclusive feats and archetypes, and if not, could they qualify as the same race as their parents by taking a feat resembling Racial Heritage.

By your answer, I know now that I misunderstood and I assume the answer is no, but glad to know about the alternate physical features

Very interested, likely submitting a hideous Criminal Mastermind tiefling who lives in the catacombs. A 'law-abiding' businessperson who runs an illegal gambling ring and a black market import/export business through the catacombs. Likely owns a s*#!ty tavern or flophouse of some sort as an excuse to traverse the surface, but does most of their dealings underground. A true capitalist whose drive to end the revolution is trapped wholly in self interest and inspired in part by Quark from DS9.

A few questions first:

If tieflings are allowed to be of any racial heritage, do they qualify for feats/archetypes exclusive to their parent race? If not could they take (a version of) Racial Heritage to qualify as their parent race?

Lastly, regarding your ruling on tiefling's alternate physical features: are we restricted to just one or could we request that you "inflict" several of these upon us? I absolutely adore this table and love rolling on it. Having multiple alternate features would behoove my character's concept as well.

Regrettably, I was unable to finish my character; I'll have to withdraw.

Late submission, but I saw you reopened submissions and I wanted to get one in. Stats to come.

Questions, Henrietta Howard:
1. What is your character?

Handsome Henrietta Howard, like Kurgess before her, is an athlete whose unique skill at competition propelled her forward into godhood.

Out of character, Henrietta comes from a strong and powerful desire to take the Possessed Hand and Countenanced Carbuncle feat lines and use all of them. As an Eldritch Guardian, her hand becomes a familiar and gains the Mauler archetype, allowing it to grow to size Medium and qualify for ridership with the Undersized Mount feat.

1a. Where are they from?
Henrietta is from any large metropolitan area where she could get a new sport to take off and flourish, but she was raised in the Darklands by her half-orc foster mother, and before that she lived in the countryside with her father and mother.

2. What is your character's portfolio?
A natural competitor, her portfolio rivals Kurgess's by default, but rather than be the god of honest competition and the pursuit of physical perfection, Henrietta is the god of winning by any means necessary. Spider racers are encouraged to resort to underhanded or outright dirty tricks to win, and as the founder of the sport surface-side, Henrietta has resorted to some pretty spectacular and low-down, dirty rotten jabs and jibes.

Her areas of concern are cheating, competition, women, and winning.

3. What does your character look like?
Henrietta has grown taller and firmer since attaining godhood, but she is still relatively human in appearance. Her otherworldliness comes largely from Hank, her hand, father and mount. As an undead thing, he is cold and bony, with his meticulously manicured nails being thick and sharp, like shards of bone. Veins bulge over his tendons, always stretched tight, and he is capable of manifesting a single large bloodshot eye on his palm or the back of his, well, hand, as well as a large mouth with sharp teeth.

4. How did your character become a demigod?
A human jockey whose career began by racing dog-sized spiders in the Darklands, Henrietta brought the sport to the surface world only to violently and dramatically lose her own hand to her own mount.

At that point, the disgruntled and disappointed spirit of her father, Hank Howard, began to haunt her, and eventually manifested as her own lost hand, obsessed with injuring her. Under the tutelage of a powerful wizard, she wrested control of her hand back from her father's ghost, and learned to distort and manipulate the phantom limb to suit her own whims and desires.

Rather than use this newfound magicks for any practical cause, she decided to return to her favorite pasttime, and enlisted herself back into the marvelous sport of spider-racing with a new mount: Her Hand Hank.

Having brought the sport up from the Darklands, and with her miraculous comeback story and continued success at the track, she began to receive worship and adoration from rivals, fans and lovers. She is spider racing, even if she rides a hand.

Her divinity has changed little about her daily routine. She spends most nights drinking and celebrating her never-ending series of wins at the track, and rents an apartment above a bar, denying that demi-godhood makes her any different now than she was before.

5. Where does your character live?
As stated above, any large metropolis where a new sport would flourish. This could be the City on the Sun, it could be Magnimar. Regardless of where she is based, she rents a small apartment above a bar, sleeping around and boozing when she is not practicing or competing.

6. Where in the verse is your cult centered?
At this point, her cult has permeated all levels of spider racing as a sport. She's done so much to build and define it past its origins that her legend has even spread back to Darklands. If there is a sort of gladiator-esque plane or world, she likely has some reach and influence there among the less scrupulous folk that live and compete there.

7. What sorts of people worship you?
Anyone willing to cheat or bend the rules in competition is welcome in the Cult of the Hand. Outside of sportsmen and athletes, her cult is primarily composed of cheaters (in both senses of the word), winners, amputees, and the vulnerable and abused.

You said no mounts, but how would you feel about a cavalier/eldritch guardian who uses her own hand as a mount via the Possessed Hand feat tree (Horror Adventures, also World of Vampire Hunter D) and the mauler familiar archetype? It's technically a familiar, I'm just riding it around with a clicketyclack of my own gd nails.

My party was obsessed with the Thistletop NPCs, so I had to keep them relevant any way I could.

In my game, Nualia wasn't redeemed, but diverted from her path of revenge all the same, and in the end viewed as peer and equal to the PCs.

Her plan was foiled, her god abandoned her, Lamashtu's gift- her arm -was ripped from her body, then her and Tsuto were brought to trial in Magnimar by the PCs, only to be imprisoned by Tsuto's distant bio-dad Ironbriar (who I revealed to be their contact with Xanesha).

(As for the others, Lyrie escaped in the melee, Elyrium got kidnapped and trapped in a lantern and was carried around on our gnome's hip, and Orik got hired by the party.)

Having been betrayed by their own organization and left with no powerbase with which to fulfill her contract with her god, they broke out of jail with Lyrie's help, and started trying to take power into their own hands. Still obsessed with the idea of becoming a demon but now with no goddess backing her, Nualia killed a shady demonsgraft seller and implanted everything onto her, giving herself another demon arm, demon legs, a gross black tongue, a large purple heart sized for a cow that could be seen through a hole in her chest, and big old horns, and then went after Xanesha.

The PCs ran into them there and agreed to work together to get the info they wanted out of Xanesha (basically who is your boss so I can go exact my vengeance out on them, too), even trading them Elyrium as a gesture of goodwill.

They sort of remained a relevant rival adventuring party, following the same leads as the PCs , sometimes acting as allies, sometimes as antagonists, until they joined the party for all of the Runeforge (both trapped down there), and then all of Xin Shalast, where Nualia, Tsuto and Lyrie were recognized as Sihedron Heroes alongside the party.

That being said it was a gestalt game with no capital G good PC's, but the point it there's lots of ways to sort of move Nualia out of the antagonist role and fulfill her character arc without fully redeeming her either.

I've loved reading this; it ending is making me very sad indeed.

Calendula sneezes into her hand and wipes it nonchalantly on a painting of Persephone Rahn, Sihedron Hero. The portrait displays a thief garbed in a green poncho with a black scarf covering the bottom half of their face and a close brimmed tricorner hat. All that's visible of the Hero themself is a flash of bronze skin, brilliant green eyes, and a single thin golden braid trailing over the scarf. The painting has a shimmery, illusory quality to it, the Hero's bright eyes seeming to flit this way and that, suspicious and aware.

"I'm not convinced either sword is safe here," Calendula mutters, leaning against the wall.

My ex ended the campaign married to both Aldern Foxglove and Tsuto Kaijitsu, whom she had fought hard to keep alive and redeem (also resurrect in Aldern's case). She's written out their future together, their 13 kids, and has had a lot of professional art done of the three of them (also she herself is an artist and makes art of them on occasion). I'm ecstatic I was able to provide that level of emotional investment for her.

Are drawbacks allowed? I have several characters in mind, are we allowed to submit more than one?

As long as being in three of your games alongside Nikolaus and Jesse isn't too much, I am very interested. Been reading this game for about eight months, am current with it.

Build concept is a halfling witch, heavy focus on halfling jinx, all heals and debuff. Doesn't replace Weyve's summoned creatures but y'all aren't really lacking in combat strength and I love debuffs. Definitely Hedge Witch, maybe also Carteomancer. I'll have a writeup tonight or tomorrow.

I loved some of my characters but yeah I don't need to finish

Dotting as either a CG Elf Ranger/Fighter or a CN Halfling Barbarian/Paladin of Gorum

What do you mean by a link to a campaign on your Beyond account? Would this not take place on this forum?

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Flying home in the morning and then it's all normal again til i move farther down south in like december or january sorry for irregular posting

Tentatively interested? I'll have to give my M&M books a once over, see if I can come up with a concept.

Presenting Mabel Ironhand, Halfling Armored Hulk Barbarian


Init 0; Perception -1
AC 16, touch 10, flatfooted 16
HP 15 (d12+3)
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will -1
Masterwork greatsword d10, +4/+6 to hit, +2/+4 damage.
Speed 15 ft.
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 14
BAB +1; CMB +2; CMD 12
Feats Risky Striker
Traits Athletic Champion (Dip, Perception each +1, Class Skill), Well Equipped (Holy Warrior Package, exchange Longsword for Greatsword), Caretaker (+1 to heal, class skill)
Drawback Mark of Slavery

Skills (5/Barbarian, 3/Fighter) Acrobatics +4/+9, Dip +7, Intimidate +6, Heal +4, K. Nature +5
Background Skills (2/level) Profession (Midwife) 0, Profession (Farmer) 0
Racial Features

Size: Halflings are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Underfoot Dodger: Crowd squares are not difficult terrain, +5 to Acrobatics to move through larger opponent’s squares, replaces Fearless and Weapon Familiarity.
Underfoot: +1 Dodge AC against larger opponents, replaces Halfling Luck
Creepy Doll: no penalty to intimidate larger humanoids, replaces keen senses and sure footed.

Languages Common, Halfling,

Holy Warrior Pack (leaving the shield, morningstar, crossbow and bedroll at home, substituting the longsword for a greatsword)

Armor: Heavy steel shield, masterwork breastplate.

Weapons: Cold iron morningstar, heavy crossbow with 10 bolts, masterwork longsword.

Combat Gear: Alchemist’s fire (3), holy water (4), oil of bless weapon, potions of cure light wounds (2), potion of protection from evil, sunrods (3).

Other Gear: Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, candles (5), chalk (5 pieces), crowbar, flint and steel, holy symbol (silver), mess kit, sack, silk rope (50 ft.), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, 7 gp.

Hook Hand
3 gp

1) Develop character concept. Crunch does not need to be complete, but it can be. Character concept should include the following:

- Class Armored Hulk Barbarian

- Alignment CN

- Characters link to Taldor, and specifically Oparra: How long have you been in Oparra? Are you a resident? If not, why are you here now?
Mabel has lived in the Narrows for ten years now. Born in the Verduran Forest as part of a matriarchal druid circle, that circle was set upon by smugglers fleeing the law. They burned the village and took the children, selling them as slaves in Cheliax. Oppara hasn't beside welcoming but she treasures the ability to help and make a difference on the small scale here.

- Livelihood: How does/has your character make a living?
As part of a deal with her landlady, Mabel runs a free clinic in the Narrows. Primarily, she aids the sick and infirm but she also sees in herself (falsely) a talented surgeon. Almost no one is willing to corroborate this, as her beliefs that pain is the best teacher also means she views anaesthetic as weakness, but when the pickings are slim, you go with what you got, and she's one of the only surgeons in the Narrows.

- Motivation: Why are you interested in Taldan politics? Why would someone take interest in you regarding politics?
It just sort of happened. As a broke lady nonhuman, Mabel inevitably got involved with activism, protesting in the streets with a cadre of others and got in a fight with the city guard. She kicked and fought and screamed but was taken down. Martella was intrigued by her dedication and ferocity and it certainly was not difficult to track her down once she was let out of jail.

- Rollplay vs Roleplay: How will your character contribute to the group in combat? What about out of combat?
Rollplay: All melee, all the time. Mabel’s about stacking bonuses in combat, with the Reckless Abandon rage power, two handed Power Attack, Risky Striker and a bunch of racial abilities that give her bonuses to hit and damage against things bigger than her, she's brutally efficient at taking down medium+ sized creatures, moving freely around the field even in heavy armor. Thanks to a combo of her racial traits and her barbarian archetype, at level 2 she’ll have a +10 to move through occupied squares and be able to make the roll no matter what she’s wearing. Out of combat, she functions more as a tertiary healer, with a terrible heal score but one she keeps updated and buys gear for, to help treat deadly wounds, lost ability points, and diseases.
Roleplay: Mabel’s primary advantage over other people are her profession skills and, again, focusing on the heal skill. This allows her to interact with characters in ways many won’t be able to. Besides that, she’ll keep dip and intimidate reasonably updated, with intimidate suffering no penalties against larger creatures.

- Progression: How do you plan to mechanically develop the character (ie dips, multiclassing, PrCs, etc)? If you don't have a plan yet, that is ok.
Mabel might take one level of cleric just to be able to heal magically? She can’t cast wis spells so it would give no strategic advantage other than like cure wands, but honestly I still might just because she is a surgeon and I want her to focus on that (and oracle does not work quite as well for her). But regardless, after five or six levels of Armored Hulk, she’ll go into Viking Fighter and take that the rest of the way.

- Background: What is the characters backstory? Doesn't need to be a novel, but at least 1-3 paragraphs of an overview. (IE what is your history, what are you doing now and what are you trying to achieve in the future)

As a child, Mabel lived in a druid community in Taldor’s Verduran Forest, up until the community was destroyed and she was kidnapped by some slavers escaping the country. They took her to Cheliax where she worked as a farmer until pulling off her own hand to escape. A traveling doctor and cleric of Gorum saved her life, and encouraged her to enact ’terrible change’ as repayment of her debt to Gorum.

She seeks to emulate that kindness, to heal the sick and needy and to support any who seek to upset the status quo in a way she views as holy.

Expanded Background:
Mabel lived a happy, sheltered life with the gnomes and druids of the Verduran Forest. But then, a young man enjoying the company of their hospitality burned down their little village, and he and his friends smuggled many of the gnome and halfling children across the border, first into Andoran and then Cheliax, where they were sold into slavery. Like many of the other halflings, she spent much of her life chained to a millwheel, grinding flour.

She believes that the reason for her escape was a visitation by her God, Gorum, Our Lord in Iron. One day, all the guards were busy escorting an unruly half orc slave out of the plantation. As they walked by, he stared her in the eye and tapped his manacles twice. Mabel took that as advice and wrenched her hand free, breaking her thumb and pinky finger and running. After a week or two of surviving off the land, illness overtook her, her wounded hand having become infected. She passed out in the hollow of a tree, sick with fever.

By providence (and Gorum’s steady hand), a traveling doctor found her. Not being a very good or knowledgeable doctor, she identified the source of the infection as Mabel’s wretched hand and unclean wounds, but lacked the skills to treat it, so she settled for amputation. When Mabel awoke, the lady told her of her illness and of the luck that brought them together. She also shared her religion.

The doctor- a half orc -, was a traveling Gorumite, who only healed those she felt would bring terrible change upon the world. She said that Gorum was like her, the very first half orc, and during one of the first wars between men and orcs, he fought as a general. For which side did not matter, for just as he routed the the enemy, his second in command, a trusted friend who knew his heritage, revealed his ancestry to the gathered horde, and they turned on him. Gorum walked away the conqueror of two armies, and into godhood.

This story and Mabel’s own connected in her mind. The scarred half-orc that inspired her to escape, could that have been Gorum? Mabel dedicated her life to this idea, to enacting Gorum’s ’terrible change’ and seeking to repay her debt to him, becoming a traveling doctor for the poor and needy, and especially, for those who had the potential to enact great and terrible change.

When she arrived back in Taldor, she knew this was where she was meant to be, where she was supposed to create that terrible change, for nowhere was so desperately in need of change, was as close to it while stubbornly refusing, as Taldor, her childhood home. She traveled through the country, eventually settling in the Narrows district of Oppara.

And after ten years of service to the people and some scuffs with the people in charge, she’s finally been noticed, finally been invited to be part of Taldor’s terrible change.

Honestly, human would have been a much better fit mechanically and changeling gave me very little to compensate for the -2 constitution alone. The character is all touch spells and natural attacks so that extra hit point per level would have been immensely appreciated. But it's an amazing fit fluffwise and drastically improves the backstory from its original form and it's not so much about the build as much as the story

Hoping to have my martial submission up tonight.

Probably my last questions:

Would you allow characters with a prosthetic hand (such as the prosthetic hand item or a hook hand) to use two handed weapons? And how do you feel about the package traits?

Presenting Genever, Changeling and White Haired Witch


Init +1; Perception +0
AC 12, touch 11, flatfooted 11
HP 7 (d6+1)
Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +1
Hair d4 +1/+4, grapples at +9
2 Claws d4 +2/+2
Speed 30 ft.
Str 13, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 11
BAB +0; CMB +1; CMD 12
Feats Mother's Gift- Claws
Traits Bruising Intellect, Pragmatic Activator, Taldan Patriot
Drawback Gills (Fatigue lasts 12 hours of complete rest, Exhaustion lasts 2 hours of complete rest until it becomes Fatigue, -2 to rolls involving holding in breath or not breathing in harmful substances)
Class Features
Skills (6/Witch, 6/Magus) Intimidate +8 K. Arcana +8, K. History +9, K. Planar +8, Spellcraft +8, UMD +8
Background Skills (2/level) K. Nobility +5, Perform (Dance) +1
Languages Common, Tien, Osiriani, Draconic, Aquan

Prepared Spells:
Detect Magic
Dancing Lights
Enlarge Person

King Crab (+4 to Grapple CMB/CMD)
Heels (10 gp)
Courtier’s Outfit (30 gp)
Masterwork Backpack (50 gp)
Witch’s Kit (21-2 because no backpack, 19 gp)
Crowbar (4 gp)
10 bags Marbles (1gp)
46 gp

1) Develop character concept. Crunch does not need to be complete, but it can be. Character concept should include the following:

- Class White Haired Witch

- Alignment NG

- Characters link to Taldor, and specifically Oparra: How long have you been in Oparra? Are you a resident? If not, why are you here now?
Genever grew up as an orphan in Cassomir in the Tandak prefecture, daughter of a traveling Tien merchant and, unbeknownst to the merchant or Genny, a sea hag. Despite the hag's best efforts, at the first opportunity, Genever stowed away on a boat bound for Osirian, where she found prosperity. Despite her harsh early life as one of the downtrodden, she idolized Taldor and longed to go back once she had made something of herself. Now, an educated scholar and accomplished arcane spellcaster, she has come back to Taldor, living in a Lionsgate apartment and determined to show the world that she matters.

- Livelihood: How does/has your character make a living?
In large part because of her expansive education, Genever is a tutor preferred by several noble families, teaching lessons about Taldan history, arcane magic, etiquette and manners.

- Motivation: Why are you interested in Taldan politics? Why would someone take interest in you regarding politics?
As both a woman and a commoner, Genever is a twice marginalized member of Taldan society and, naturally, she seeks to improve that. In Osirian, no one cared about the circumstances of her birth, all that mattered was that she put herself to work and succeed (and succeed she did). She considers herself a revolutionary, hoping to level class boundaries and end sexism in Taldor. Because of this and the expansive network she’s built as a tutor, she is a valuable asset to Martella’s campaign.

- Rollplay vs Roleplay: How will your character contribute to the group in combat? What about out of combat?
Rollplay: In combat, Genever will focus on piling up natural attacks and debuffing the enemy. Despite a middling strength score, the Prehensile Hair Witch Hex (gained at level 6 through Hexcrafter Magus) gives her INT to hit and to damage with her hair. That combined with spellstrike and her White Haired Witch abilities allows her to grapple, trip, and disarm enemies from 10 feet away while simultaneously delivering touch spells to them to inflict entangle, fatigue, shaken and sickened, sometimes in combination.
Roleplay: Despite a pretty laconic and bland personality, Genever is a highly skilled character with points in a lot of knowledge skills and a killer intimidate roll. She is clever and quick thinking but cowardly and timid.

- Progression: How do you plan to mechanically develop the character (ie dips, multiclassing, PrCs, etc)? If you don't have a plan yet, that is ok.
I intend to let the character naturally develop, but after level one or two, will probably stick straight with Hexcrafter Magus to regain the witch powers traded off by the White Haired Witch archetype. Outside of the playtest games, this is my first spellcaster on the boards, and I am excited to play her.

- Background: What is the characters backstory? Doesn't need to be a novel, but at least 1-3 paragraphs of an overview. (IE what is your history, what are you doing now and what are you trying to achieve in the future)

The child of a Tien sailor and a sea hag, Genever was orphaned at the young age of 10, practically raising herself on the docks and jetties of Cassomir. Her mother would lure her to the water and whisper arcane secrets to her, and though she recognized in her her father’s killer, she denied this for want of someone who loved her. In the rain, her mother would comb her hair and assuage her worries, until her thick black hair was as pale and translucent as her mothers. To establish a link between them, her mother gifted her a talking pet, a crab named Old Tom that would tell only truths.

Old Tom reminded Gen of the reasons for her father’s death, and informed her that one day, she too would be caught by her mother. So she ran away to Osirian, where she sought education.

Now a scholar, she returned to Taldor, a land she remembered only with a childlike nostalgia, to find it deeply entrenched in classist, sexist laws, making it nearly impossible for someone not of the gentry to uplift themselves. She sought work as a tutor and now, some years later, has developed a web of influence among the families she teaches. She believes she can educate and change her nation, one person at a time, and fears the day when her mother will call for her.

2) Let me know your time zone and the time(s) of day you will most likely be able to post.
I am based in Florida (EDT) and typically post both in the mornings and at night. If a game is moving quickly, I have been known to post in excess of five times a day. I travel often with my wife, but can still regularly post those days, as they prefer to do the driving. Will post saying that we are traveling when we are.

3) Tell me about your experience with PbP? How many PbP games are you currently participating in?
My first PbP game was a freeform RP that ran for 6 years on the old WotC boards, starting maybe 12 or 13 years ago. I posted every day for the majority of those years, but following its eventual conclusion, I took a lengthy hiatus. Early this year, I jumped back in on the Paizo boards, and have since been an active poster in five other games.

Expanded Background:
Her mother, Angelica, was a sea hag, a nasty thing, full of evil and spite. Through clever magics, she disguised herself as a young woman on a raft, lost at sea. Soon, she was found by a merchant vessel heading to Cassomir, and brought aboard by the captain, a Tien sailor named Jin. They loved each other, or so Jin believed, but after little more than a month of desperate, passionate love, she dived into the water during a storm. And believing that his love had chosen a painful death over a life at his side, he turned to drink.

Eight months later, the hag climbed into his bed and left him their child- a beautiful baby girl with a shock of black hair -, before leaving his life forever. He took the child as a blessing from the sea and named her Genever. But the blessing faded, and the child brought him only sadness and longing for his brief time with her mother, and when she was just ten years old, he dived into the waters during a storm, believing he had seen his lover calling to him from the water. His body slammed into the water and dragged across the keel of his ship, leaving him to drown in pain and agony; but even that did not spare him. He was still aware when the hag- his only love -began to gorge herself on his corpse.

And so she grew up, a dock whelp, running about, hiding from the dogs and the dark things that lurk in Cassomir. She was rarely happy. But sometimes, a woman would sing to her from the water, promising her that one day, the gills on her neck would open, and they could swim together, forever. And when it rained- and she was so fearful of the rain -, that same woman would pull herself out of the water and hold her, shushing her fears and combing her thick, black hair. She would tell her secrets. Dark things. Old things. And the more Genever listened, the more she began to look like her. Her gills would flutter, making it harder to breathe, and her hair lightened, growing greyer and greyer until, one day, it was white.

Eventually, she recognized this woman as her mother. She did not fear her, but neither did she recognize her for what she was. This was the woman that her father would tell her about, day after day, night after night. And the stories were always so sweet, so magical. She called to her mother when she was alone and afraid, and her mother would answer, so eager to prove her love to the young girl so one day. Angelica gifted her daughter a voice to call to her always, in the form of a small crab, with one big claw.

The crab, who she promptly decided was named Old Tom, only spoke truths to the young girl, and when she asked him about her father, he told her. Killed by your mother, he whispered in a voice like the ocean. She will come for you one day, little one. Nothing to be done about it. She will call, and you will answer.

And so she ran. She stowed away on a cargo ship bound for Osirian, and fought and lied and cheated to ensure she would succeed. She manipulated her way into college, then university, studying all she could about magic, nobility, religion, and the histories of the home she remembered so fondly. The place her father had lived. The place where her mother had held her, combing her hair and telling her it was alright.

Her mother had given her one further gift: Old Tom did not only whisper truths to Genever, but also instructed her in strange arcane magics. These, she believed, made her powerful, set her aside as something other, something more.

Now a woman, she found her way back to Taldor, where she found work as a tutor. She had created a fiction of the place in her mind, where everything was welcoming and joyful, but as she spent more and more time in the opulence of Oppara, she found herself newly aware of the truth. Never in her life had she had a true ally outside of Old Tom. This world was out to get her, and she would do anything to change that.

Genever is attractive, with smooth skin, arched brows and long white hair that she keeps braided, typically, with one or both sides shaved, depending. Her hair curls and waves and grows in quickly, often looking unkempt and overgrown. She keeps her nails pointed and fiercely manicured, most often painted with purples, blacks or reds. Most unusually, however, she has gills stretching from her neck to her ribs, feathery gills that gasp and breathe on their own. They do nothing to help her with her breath, nor with breathing underwater. Like her hair, these are a gift from her mother, but one that never took.

Though she is very intelligent, she is also proud and insufferable. A lecture hall enthusiast, many people find her boring, and at times, timid and fearful. She is scared stiff by rough waters, lighting, heavy wind and rain, as these bring thoughts of her father jumping to his death.

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I like 2/6/10, and I would prefer it level as originally planned tbh

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