GM Toothy's Wrath of the Righteous

Game Master Sir Longears

HP, Sanity and Conditions:
Darrien - 17/22 - Grazed (-0*) | Sanity 31/33 (2 thd) |
Edril - 15/15 - Healthy (-0) | Sanity 35/38 (3 thd) |
Finja - 5/20 - Critical (-3) | Sanity 31/32 (2 thd) |
Ivanna - 2/17 - Critical (-2*) | Sanity 36/36 (3 thd) |
Jiao Feng - 15/22 - Grazed (-1) | Sanity 33/33 (2 thd) |
Matheus Critchton - 16/16 - Healthy (-0) | Sanity 36/36 (3 thd) | (1 Str dmg)

Anevia 17/17 - Healthy (-0)
Aravashnial 35/35 - Healthy (-0)
Horgus 18/18 - Healthy (-0)
Isa 2/2 - Healthy (-0)

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For decades, demons have ruled the Worldwound. Fearsome fiends of every stripe - their mottled skin harder than iron, teeth like serrated blades, and eyes burning with Abyssal flames - roam the ruined lands that were once known as Sarkoris, leaving their mark wherever they go. Four crusades have attempted to cleanse the land, but each seems to meet a worse fate than the last. Were it not for the line of magical wardstones along the eastern and southern borders, the demons would have long ago overrun north­ central Avistan and beyond.

The Fourth Crusade hasn't really ended as much as petered out, yet some refuse to accept that. Amid crippling shortages and record lows in morale among the crusaders, the Mendevian war effort teeters on the brink of collapse. Though the demonic occupation of the Worldwound is growing, as is corruption among the crusaders, a dwindling minority of paladins and priests maintain that the Fourth Crusade is still vibrant and alive, and that the turning point in the war is only a few days away.


:: Kenabres - Arodus 16 - Morning ::

For several weeks, excitement has been building in Kenabres... Armasse is coming! Traditionally an opportunity for scholars and priests to come together to study the lessons of history from wars past, since Aroden's death, this holy day has become more about training commoners in weaponry, choosing squires, and ordaining new priests. Over time, Armasse has grown to encompass jousting competitions, mock duels, battle reenactments, and other festival events. In Kenabres, the festival is eagerly anticipated, for it provides distractions from the horrors of being on the front line of the war. Smiles on faces normally marred by downcast eyes and furrowed brows do wonders for city morale in the weeks leading up to the event.

Today is the first day of the Armasse. Thousands and thousands of people, most of them humans, move around, trying to find a good spot to watch the opening of the festival... others stop by at food carts or booths containing weapons, armors and many trinkets that the vendors insist are able to protect someone against demons... others sign themselves for the physical competitions. A common sight in any border city of Mendev, many are crusaders from various companies and factions, many bearing some sort of banner or tabard.

Despite being a citywide celebration, the majority of the event, including its jousting matches and other entertainments, takes place at Clydwell Plaza, just west of the cathedral and even if it will only officially begin in about an hour at noon, with the blessing of the festival by Lord Hulrun himself, the plaza is already crowded. The plaza, as most of the official administrative buildings, is located on the Old Kenabres district - the original town of Kenabres, perched the edge ofthe cliff, looking down over the West Sellen - just in front of the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell, a champion oflomedae who sacrificed himself to seal a horde of demons within an inescapable prison. The cathedral is a great stone building with a green copper steeple and stained-glass windows portraying the imprisonment of various horrific demons. On the other direction, to the west, it is possible to see the Temple of Iomedae - which is the largest temple in Kenabres expect for the cathedral - and the Kite, a two-story stone keep with an engraved stone kite shield 18 feet long that houses the wardstone that helps keep demons from overrunning the Worldwound's borders.

Feel free to create a scene for your characters. As others will join you, they can continue your scene, thus letting you to interact with each other, or create their own scene. Feel free to create NPCs as you see fit. I'll try to keep my involvement at a minimum.

Just dotting for now. Will be around later today to start posting.

M image for Darrien Fighter 2| HP: 9/22 | AC: 20 FF: 19 T:11 | Fort: +5, Ref:+1, Will: +2 | Init: +1| Perc: +7

Darrien smiled as he looked around the square, the joy on the faces of the festival goers warmed his heart, and the hot delicious food warmed his stomach! He stood leaning on his overly large shield as he finished his first meal before rubbing his stomach. He spoke, seemingly talking to no one, or everyone, his voice was deep, slightly gravelly, calming and was loud even though he wasnt shouting. haha! The food is great here! All that is missing is some good music, and this place would seem perfect. his armor was the only thing that truly gave away he wasnt one of the common folk. He looked down at the dog that had taken to following him.
I say, I may just try another food stand before joining the physical activities. Got to keep my energy up no? BWahahah!

He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. He thinks to himself.
this.. this is something worth fighting for.

He looks back down to his unlikely canine companion Let us go. I still need to sign up for the competitions! he starts to head towards the sign up station but gets distracted by a candied bacon stall.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

"Was this REALLY necessary?", Darius inquired of his foster daughter, his eyes focusing on the extensive backpack she addition to her full armor - the girl was strong, no doubt, but..."Your equipment probably weighs more than you, Finni!(It does) At least let one of us help!"
The girl spoken to, a teenager just over 5 feet, reddish-brown hair and a large scar on her face, violently shook her head:"No, Uncle(He is her non-blood-related foster father, but she never managed to call him father/dad/etc...they settled for calling him uncle)! What if some Sire sees me perform in mock battle and wants to take me on as squire? How would that look if I have people carry my things for me? They'd mock me! No, I'll carry everything by myself!"
A blondish youth walking some paces behind, a few years the girls senior, clad in leather and carrying a bow, asked with a teasing grin:"And how do you intend to impress the good sires present today if you arrive at the dueling fields tired out, sister dearest? By a heat stroke impression or excessive transpiration?"
Faster than her armor would suggest, the girl whirls around and the apple she had been eating flies towards her foster brother, who ducks below the projectile and gets ready for a chase.
Seemingly not the first time they squabble, their (foster) father simply sighs as his eyes follow the apples trajectory right to the back of the head of an innocent bystander.
While her foster brother was clearly amused at the outcome, at least Finja had the decency to look sufficiently guilty, her face already a bright red as the person turned around.
If anybody wants to be that person, feel free - or you may notice the ruckus nearby - in a regular game, I would not use OOC tags that extensively, but wanted to add some context for those not familiar with her background or make clear it's a invitational prompt...if you like getting hit with apples.

M image for Darrien Fighter 2| HP: 9/22 | AC: 20 FF: 19 T:11 | Fort: +5, Ref:+1, Will: +2 | Init: +1| Perc: +7

After getting bonked on his bald head Darrien turns and catches the apple before it hits the ground and walks over to the commotion beaming before letting out a bellowing laugh.
my dear, it seems you misplaced your apple, can't allow such food to go to waste! It looks remarkably crisp! Hahahah. You have quite the arm as well. Apologies, but I couldn't help but overhear, and would like to interject. Now, Would a knight be more likely to pick a squire that is so unwilling to accept help that they tire themselves out before they even reach their destination and thus are of little use then, or worse, a hindrance? Or one level-headed enough to understand their limits and make use of help readily available to them so they are prepared and at 100% at a moments notice and ready to go once the destination has been reached? his voice is calm and friendly. And he laughs lightly before continuing.

Well, I for one would prefer the one that makes most efficient use of resources given to them. After all, what will you protect when you are too exhausted to stand? It's not about if you can or can't, it's about being able to, but not doing so until you have too. It is never wrong to share a load with those that can help you bear it. That said, I've no doubt you couldn't do it alone, but, you don't have too.

He offers her the apple back with a wink before looking to the older man.

good day sir, Darrien, Darrien Rose at your service. Hahaha.

imagine the voice used here, I based my concept around the personality/outlook.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

As the man turns around, Finja starts talking before he even approaches:"Please accept my apologies!", bowing forward so rashly that she almost topples over, straining herself to keep standing, then returning to an upright position before someone can offer help.

Despite the mans calm and friendly tone, and the initial relief that he does not seem to have taken offense, Finja's mood shifts again when he starts lecturing her as well, with the swiftness and suddenness that only young girls can manage.

Rolling her eyes, she responds: "And then what? The good sire picking me would hire an arms bearer for their squire? No matter what my fool of a brother says, I can carry this around all day and not get tired from it!"

The older man who is with the two youngsters, wearing armor under an overcoat - and some small scars on hands and brow where a blade once nicked him, giving testament to him being a seasoned warrior of battles past - responds:"Aye, I know you can, dear...but was it really necessary? You could have left some of it in the inn, you know? It's morning, I doubt any potential Sire has need of...your hooded lantern in the near future!", he randomly picks out one of the items affixed to her backpack.
From a safe distance, the young man quips:"Maybe she wants a second chance at being picked as a pack mule if the Squire idea fails!"

Shooting him a glance that evokes a mental image of thrown javelins, Finja focuses on the man in front of her again, half answering him and her foster father:"I intend to join the crusade. Nobody out there will carry my gear for me. People need to know that they can rely on me, that I pull my own weight despite my age. That I am not a hindrance that endangers others by depending on them to do what I cannot. I know my limits perfectly well, and intend to give my best all day, not just after we've made it to the sparring grounds. Finja of Aaramor is my name!"
Taking back the Apple, she whirls around and throws it at her brother again - who catches it and takes a bite out of it.

M image for Darrien Fighter 2| HP: 9/22 | AC: 20 FF: 19 T:11 | Fort: +5, Ref:+1, Will: +2 | Init: +1| Perc: +7

At the pack mule suggestion darrien half shouts to the boy. aye! A good role! Tell me, do you think you could perform such a role my boy? Heheh. I do wonder.

At the outburst and proclamation, Darrien, who seems to be in his early 30s, shrugs with a grin on his face
the stubbornness of youth. Matched only by the stubbornness of a ram! Hahah! Well then, tell me Finja de Aaramore. Why is it you seek to join the crusade? Tis a noble goal to be sure, but one that will forever change your life. he leans down closer and whispers If it helps, I came mostly because of the great food!

Human Hunter 1 | HP 10 / 10 | AC 16 Tch 11 FF 15 | F 3 R 3 W 2

A tall man wends his way through the crowd, his clothes and armor showing signs of a fresh arrival from outside the city. A watcher could easily follow his progress firstly because of the shaft of the polearm appearing over one shoulder from behind but the second reason is that behind him follows a small mammoth. Smaller than a horse it was obviously a young member of the species but it followed the man without lead and carrying saddlebags.

Kodan turns to his companion sidestepping to fall into line besides. "Walks-Like-Thunder; this is not as a recall. There are more people, but the attitude seems somehow more sour. I do not remember the city as well as I thought. Let us see if we can find Hrondaun's Inn. Let's forget the incident at the gates. Mayhap someone knows of the inn."

Approaching the group of armed and armored people he overhears the word. "food." and steps up. "I beg pardon, would perhaps you know of the Sharp Inn and its location? A place of fine food and safe rest. I seek some directions." while a look of polite hopefulness crosses his scarred face, behind him is a small trumpet that somehow expresses some tired frustration.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

"Why I seek to join the crusade? The demon who did this...", her plated finger traces the scar on her face "...killed my father, my mother, and my brothers. My life was changed 4 years ago, and by Iomedae, I swear I will join this crusade, head out there and kill every last one of these creatures...or die trying!"
Her body trembles as she speaks, but her voice is full of resolve. Clearly, that was neither an empty promise, nor up for discussion.
Her foster father moved up behind her, placing a hand on the girls shoulder, his look one of sadness and resignation. For once, the young man accompanying them stops his antics, just watching silently.

Taking note of the newcomer, Finja, still shaken, is at first astonished by the creature accompanying him - her foster father, unfazed by the sight, answering in her stead:"We are, in fact, staying at the Sharp Inn. If you came from the south gate, you took a wrong turn a while ago. Alas, if you only just arrived in Kenabres for the festivities, I fear you are late - there's no open room left there, I'm afraid. How about your residence, Mister Rose? Where are you staying?"

hp 22/22 | AC 17/15/14 | F+5, R+5, W+3 | Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5 | |Acrobatics +7, Escape Artist +6, heal +7, Linguistics +1, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +7, Survival +4 | Senses darkvision 60 ft. | Init+2; Perception +7

Uhm, excuse me...
As you turn around you see a youngish woman standing in front of you in dirt baked robes. She looks and smells like she hadn't seen a bath for some time and you get the impression she tries to hide behind the iron-tapered quarterstaff she is holding.

I don't mean to be unfriendly or interrupting, but i just overheard your conversation. You are going to join the crusade? I want to go there as well, could you kindly give me directions perhaps? Do they have a recruitment office? Or do you just go to Iomedaes temple? Would you mind if i just follow you there, if you go there at all?

M image for Darrien Fighter 2| HP: 9/22 | AC: 20 FF: 19 T:11 | Fort: +5, Ref:+1, Will: +2 | Init: +1| Perc: +7

hmmm. Darrien ponders on the girl's answer for a moment before nodding and speaking, without realizing it he speaks loud enough for those nearby to hear easily.

I can understand that, however, allow this old man to give his thoughts, take them as you will. One must remember to not lose onesself, we must not allow ourselves to be lost to despair, anger... or hatred. For in doing so we become akin to that which we fight against, that which we detest. Too throw your life away, even if doing so would kill a hundred demons, would mean little, as they achieved their goals, your death. However, if you really want to get to them, fight and kill them all while holding dear that spark of joy and love in your life. Prove to them that what they think makes us weak, can make us stronger than anything. Fight not to destroy what stands before you, fight to protect that which is behind you. Fight not out of hate, but out of love. Darrien pauses for a moment after finishing and shrugs.

well, that is what this old man thinks anyway hahaha!

Upon seeing the young mammoth Darrien let's out a booming laugh. hohoho! What is this, you managed to befriend a mammoth? That is quite a feat! They are powerful and wonderous beats to be sure! there is a slight pause. though,maybe not quite as good as mountain Ram haha!.

When the teifling monk speaks up, Darrien shrugs,
I um, have a general idea where I was supposed to go, though, even if we miss it I can introduce you to my father, he is a man of the crusade, of no small rank, he told me he would meet me here. But, I have yet to see him. Come, we can worry about such things later, you must try the honey mead and roasted lambs leg haha! They are delicious!

sorry to put myself into everything haha.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

The girl listens to Darrien, if only out of politeness, because his words do not seem to reach her: "All it takes for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. While you stay here, enjoying good food, you will grow old and die. These Demons don't age, they don't die. If not us, who will stop them? The wardstones will not last forever. If I wanted to throw my life away, I would be out there, not looking for some experienced Sire to take me on as Squire. Valor pleases Iomedae... and I pray that she grants me one request. Grants me revenge! If hate for my enemies will help me accomplish my goal, it is what I will carry in my heart."
To be fair, your real-life quote about soldiers was made in reference to actual war...not supernatural invading beings driven by their chaotic-evil nature... :)

Turning to the recently arrived woman who spoke up, Finja continues her rant: "Don't even worry about the Temple. They told ME they won't take me because of the wound caused by that Demon. Pretentious bastards. Come with us to the sparring grounds! Many crusaders, nobles or otherwise, will be there - surely we'll be able to find a company, or some Sire, to take us on!"

Her father continues to talk with the man with the Mammoth:"Why don't you come along as well? I heared they arranged for extensive accomodation near the grounds, since several companies and retinues will be staying in the city, well beyond the capacity of the inns and taverns. At worst, you could probably find a tent for you and your tired friend there."

Her foster brother seems to take more interest in the young woman, though, having come closer and asking her after his sisters rant is over:"So, you definitely don't look like a local, and don't know your way around. Finja has her reasons to join up, and I'm signing up to protect her. What's your reason to join the war? Surely not the recent news from the front - Constantine, by the way-" he extends his hand in greeting.

Male Half-Elf Wizard / Cleric

Strolling through the vendor stalls is a young man, ears pointed in attestation to his heritage, expressionless save for a discerning eye. He primarily appears to be looking at books, from frivolous Pathfinder Chronicles to more enlightened tomes of knowledge arcane and extra-planar. From time to time the keen eyed see a coin flittering between his fingers, a gesture that certainly seems random. He strikes up a conversation with one such vendor, asking banal questions about stock and topics on hand.

He seems content not to involve himself in the myriad conversations elsewhere occurring, preferring instead to allow himself to listen and take in information, rather than insert himself into a precarious discussion.

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Just a little bit of information here! This part of Kenabres you are in is mostly composed by administrative buildings, even if having a plaza large enough to serve as the opening for the Armasse. Inns are generally located on the outer rings.

About the crusade, even if the church of Iomedae is the one that calls for the crusades, there are many companies of crusaders. As an example, the crusaders from Andoran are not the same group as the crusaders from Cheliax, or the crusaders of the Pathfinder's Silver Crusade. All these companies have camps located outside the city.

HERE is a map of the city. Once the campaign starts, I'll be fixing it on the header of the campaign and add information to the campaign threat. You all newcomers to Kenabres entered through the Southgate.

It would seem to be though that some of us are natives of Kenabres, per the story of our trait. Correct?

M image for Darrien Fighter 2| HP: 9/22 | AC: 20 FF: 19 T:11 | Fort: +5, Ref:+1, Will: +2 | Init: +1| Perc: +7

hahaha. True, but I think the thought still holds, the best way to handle evil and the like is to keep to heart the small things, the things that make life worth living the things that separate demons and us, the things they don't have. He doesn't mean to play down the heroic aspects of things or of valor, it's just Darrien doesn't have the best diplomacy, so he isn't always adept at describing his thoughts. besides the differences in thoughts adds fun. I never thought he'd change her outlook XD. GM I Will be PMing you about Darriens father, and some questions I had.

Darrien sighs with a smile and with soft spoken words he mutters under his breath with a quick, grimace at the words about the inaction of good people. aye, you are not entirely wrong little one. You are not entirely wrong.

He let's out another small chuckle. As I said, it was just one of the sentiments I took to from my father.

After a few moments he grabs a few candied apple from a nearby stand and giving it to Finja and the others nearby.
but nothing says we can't enjoy tasty foods before we fight! if people are adamant about not taking one, Darrien shrugs with a suit yourself friend

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ScorchedOne wrote:
It would seem to be though that some of us are natives of Kenabres, per the story of our trait. Correct?

Yes, some of you can be natives. My prior post was referring to Darrien, Finja, Kodan and Jiao, who are all outsiders.

Human Hunter 1 | HP 10 / 10 | AC 16 Tch 11 FF 15 | F 3 R 3 W 2

Kodan chuckles his mirth seeming to match Darrien's as Walks-Like-Thunder plucks the candied fruit from the offering. "Watch there my new friend you also seem to have found the secret at least becoming cordial with mammoths." He turns to answer Finja. "I will follow along if you do not mind then. I am acquainted with the Sharp Inn proprietor from the past. I feel compelled to at least seek lodging there first. Also this seems to be the day to walk the city and see the sites. It looks like the population of the world is crowded in here." Kodan continues looking around with the wonder of someone who does not see the inside of a city normally.

Halfling HP 14/16 (2 STR) -3 Critical | AC 17 T 14 FF 14 | F 2 R 4 W 4 | Init 3 | Perc 4 |1st 0/5

A halfing, well dressed servant attire, makes his way through the crowd carefully. The stack of books in his arms held as protectively as possible while also barely below his eyeline. His gloved hands grasp at the bundle as he moves deftly to side step the bigger folk and weave through the crowd. He glances at the stalls more looking for people stepping backwards without looking downwards as he proceeds on a mission to elsewhere in the city.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

@Darrien: Aye, I just wanted to soften the 'blow' of outright ignoring you. Her view is rather extreme to begin's one of the designated goals that she'll be able to grow more mellow, learn to see there's more to life, like candied apples :) Right now, they simply give her energy for the mock battle.

That said, I also involved myself with various people who happened to come along and willingly joined the scene, but I'll try and not hog spotlight by locking people into conversations with 3 personas I run - so only posting when everybody else wrote back or it's been a while :)

A half orc, lightly armored but with a large sword strapped to his back, makes his way through the crowd, having a heated discussion with the elven girl accompanying him. "No, you can't join me. We've talked about this! You're too young, and you're not skilled enough yet. Plus, mom and dad forbade it." He pauses by a vendor, buying a pair of candied apples and handing one to his sister. Turning, his eye falls on the group of apparent warriors nearby. He approaches and asks, " Begging your pardon, but are any of you interested in the Golden Shield's pairs tourney? I'm signed up, but find myself in need of a partner." From behind him, the elven girl says "I told you, I'll be your partner!" The half orc ignores her.

hp 22/22 | AC 17/15/14 | F+5, R+5, W+3 | Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5 | |Acrobatics +7, Escape Artist +6, heal +7, Linguistics +1, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +7, Survival +4 | Senses darkvision 60 ft. | Init+2; Perception +7

Fighting for love? That sounds good. Lamb legs sound even better. Are they free? And what is a mammoth?

Human Hunter 1 | HP 10 / 10 | AC 16 Tch 11 FF 15 | F 3 R 3 W 2

Kodan almost guffaws as there is a small trumpet of protestation from his companion before continuing. "This here besides me is a mammoth. Thick of fur. Sharp of tusk. Sometimes inquisitive and often hungry. Although he is but growing, may I introduce Walks-Like-Thunder." He reaches to ruffle the fur on the head of the creature whose head is at Kodan's shoulder level.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Finja accepts the candied apple, and bites into it. It was crunchy, and sweet...but not particularily juicy. One hand already reached for her waterskin - but it was only morning, and she would need to stay hydrated a lot longer.
With some envy she looked over at her foster brother in his light armor before lifting her hand again, away from the water, and focusing her attention on Darrien:"Thank you. I will agree with you on that, good sir: There are curious and delicious foods to be had at such big social gatherings and events. If you are a connoisor of such things, what is the most exotic food you ever had?"
The man had not pressed his point, instead offering a gift - it would be inpolite to argue any further and she gladly offered a change of topic.
As the discussion around her turns towards the mammoth, she notes "A curious beast indeed. I heared of them, but always imagined them bigger." Extending a hand towards the strange beast, she holds mid-motion, turning to Kodan:"It is ok to touch it?" - the beast seemed to walk freely in the middle of the crowd, it was unlikely it would take violent offense at being touched, but it was still right to ask first.
I think mammoths are further away usually? Not 100% sure without looking it up...

As the half-orc arrives asking for a partner, both Finja and her brother look at him, sizing him up, but it is Constantine who speaks up:"We'll meet on the field, then! My sister and I will participate, as well. It seems you and your elven friend will join, too? That aside, I think Finja signed up for all the tourneys she could fit into todays based on that, if any of your participate in any other competitions: please try and don't hurt her too much, any of you..."
The young man skillfully evades the armed elbow of his sister with the routine of a master, before she adds:"Disregard him...if I meet any of you in a mock duel, don't you dare hold back."

Leaving from the temple of Iomedae, Sayid said a small silent prayer as he entered into the the bustle and reverie of Armasse. His kukri blades whispered silently against his legs as he walked through the masses of people.

He was finally old enough to join the soldiers heading into the crusades. He felt a sense of excitement bubble up within his chest, while an equal dose of reality turned his stomach sour at the horrors that he might face before the next Armasse.

He smiled in a comradely way at the various vendors and other locals that he recognized as he casually browsed through the market. He had no particular wants that he was searching for, just seeking to pass time until the tournaments began later in the afternoon.

Making his way to the dirt pits, he put his name on the lists, signing it with a flourish. As he did so, a shadow passed over the page, a larger person looming behind him.

"Ha ha! So, you got tired of me using you to wipe the walls of the temple, now I am to bruise your ego out in the wider public eh?"

Looking over his shoulder, he smiled into the broken maw of the green-skinned halforc.

"You are welcome to try Trogen, if you can get past the farmers with their quarterstaffs that have come to enlist. Careful they don't put you onto your back again like they did last year."

Sayid stepped to the side and smiled derisively as Trogen used the quill in a hamfist to draw a crude TS on the list under his name.

"Be seeing you in the ring later I guess." Saying the last word Sayid turned his back and lost himself again in the crowd.

Anyone interested in actually having one of these duels? Might be a good way to try out our characters, and show off. :)

I'd be game.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

I would be game, tried to 'herd' people towards the duelling grounds before :) - Less because of the actual duelling, which tends to be a slog between low-level characters, but to get a grip on the unchained action economy.
That, and not all people had their final crunch ready or presented - e.g. Darrien should have too high point buy according to mythweavers and one unaccounted regular Feat. The extra point of Strenght won't make a difference, but having Two-Weapon Fighting or not might... :)

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Despite liking the idea of you making a mock fight, the official fights will begin after the opening of the festival, which is when the game starts. Because of this, you can't participate on an official mock fight. However, the grounds are opened for anyone trying to 'train' or make some sort of 'demonstration'. The city guard will not react poorly unless you cause lethal damage to yourselves.

Male Half-Elf Wizard / Cleric

Noticing a man underfoot with an admirable stack of books, Edril looks on. What self-assurance this small one must have to be carrying so precarious a pile through the streets. He decides to walk slightly behind the chap, and addresses him. "Do you require any aid? Might I relieve you of one or two volumes to make your way easier?"

Male Drow Alchemist 1

Artis pushes his way through the massive crowd, he had never seen the plaza so packed. This was his first Armasse, the build up had been happening for weeks,

He had come not to look to squire for some knight or lord, his time had passed on that and he was happy his parents are decided to train him themselves. Today was about the jousting competitions, mock duels and battle reenactments. He had almost decided to miss it all and just come later on but his cousin Devlin had forced him to come earlier and meet up with his friends.

Vellis was out on patrol, he had hoped she would be back but the time wasn't right he cursed to himself as he read her letter. It had been lonely with his parents missing and no friends or closer family to speak off. But with his cousin back in town for a while there was at least something to be happy about.

As he continued to push his way through the crowds he would spot a few crusaders and flash them a smile and a nod. They were friends of his parents or instructors. They didn't have any words for him about his parents they all seemed distant after the word came back about them. But he kept a brave face, and continued to push on into the centre of the plaza.

He spotted his cousin waved but saw he was with more people than expected and ducked away, he just needed to get out of the mass of people for a moment to just look around. As he emerges he is draw to the large mammoth, he stares a moment picking up the courage and stepping over to the large man and his mammoth. ”Good day.” He nods to Kodan and those he’s talking with. ”My names Artis.” He smiles and bows slightly. ”I just have to say I’ve never seen a mammoth in the flesh. It’s a very impressive beast. What bring you hear today?”

A little late to the party but im going to try and jump in and get some conversation going.

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The almost harried halfing pauses on the street, hearing the voice behind him. Turning he bows, but only slightly so as to keep the balance on his burden, towards Edril. "I beg pardon, but this is burden I carry. I have several volumes to return to their owners around Kenebres and this is unfortunately not the day for such a task. I am Crichton, a servant of the sage Zaul. I do thank you profusely for the offer and but wonder if you would walk besides me. Some people do not look downwards and someone next to me is someone in their eye line." His little speech finished Matheus watches Edril's response with some care.

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"Some training at the grounds prior to the actual games would be indeed interesting." answers Kodan to the half-orc. "Although I would much prefer to reach the Inn to see if there are rooms and perhaps wash a bit of dirt from my throat." As he finishes speaking he hears another compliment for Walks-Like-Thunder. Turning to Artis he says. "And greetings to you to Artis. I am afraid everyone here is giving 'Walks' here a swollen head. I know he is a youngster and I hoped he would not have problems in the crowd here, but this was not the problem I prepared him for!" Kodan starts to chuckle when the mammoth headbutts him hard enough to unsettle his balance and again issues a small trumpet.

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Artis smiles. "I can see why, he'll be even more impressive when he's fully grown." He doesn't reach to pet the creature, he knows normally it's frowned on at least when training war horses. "I couldn't help but hear you were thinking about going to the training grounds? I was hoping to watch some duel and even some of the mock battles." He looks to the others standing around. "Would you mind if I came with you?" He pats at his long sword. "I'd love to train with someone new."

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"Gladly. I am Edril, mage of the Acadamae." He doesn't say much on the trip, occasionally asking direction should the need arise, from his companion not from strangers. He knows his way around the city well enough, having been raised here if not strictly born here. "We all have our burdens." He remarks, at a point when it makes little sense for him to have said it; a recollection from their initial meeting which seems to have slipped his mind but resurfaced unbidden.

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I'd like to welcome the few selected players. As I've mentioned before in the recruitment thread, I'll be on a trip to the Chile Lake District on a delayed honeymoon from 3rd of December to 20th. It would be a disservice to start this campaign right now when I can not guarantee that I'll be able to post accordingly.

To be honest I believe that I should have started this recruitment after this trip, but we can't go back in time (yet). So, while we wait, I'd like to ask you for patience and to continue with the good RP I'm seeing here. As I get time in the following days, I intend to take a look on your sheets to make sure we are ready to go when I comeback.

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As more and more people arrive, strain becomes visible on the else serene face and Jiao Feng begins to look around nervously.
This is truly a big city. So many people and more arriving by the minute it seems. I've never seen the like before. Is there a place nearby where it is a bit calmer perhaps?

She looks at little gathering of strangers, unsure what to expect.
There was talk of lamb that still a thing? And that mammoth, is that for riding or food? And why would you begin to beat up yourself here now? I thought all are going to join the crusade? Haven't you had any combat training before?

Edrils comment makes her chin drop for a moment.
Ew burdens...yes sure, everyone has them. You're a wizard. Can you fly and conjure demons?

Happy honeymoon! I'm fine with waiting till the 20th, thanks for choosing me! If we are in dire need of some more magic, this character could work as a warpriest sacred fist as well probably.

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Edril notices someone is speaking to him that he wasn't speaking to a moment before. "Ah, no. Nothing like that yet. Still a novice." He appears nervous, as can tend to happen with unanticipated social situations.

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With the full sun beating on his neck, Sayid made his way to the main thorough fair in hopes of seeing an exhibition from the temple trainees. Sadly, when he arrived it seemed they delayed the exhibition to after the duels.

Seeing a tall elf walking past with human and a bookladen halfling in tow, Sayid decides to follow, interested in seeing what if anything interesting they have to offer.

娇风 Jiao Feng wrote:
Ew burdens...yes sure, everyone has them. You're a wizard. Can you fly and conjure demons?

"I would certainly hope not. Leave the forces of evil to contend with eachother beyond the barrier, were one brought within the city my brethren and I would no doubt have to respond forcefully."

Sayid allows a small smile to betray that he knows that these would not be involved in such. Certainly not during Armasse.

"I am Sayid Al'Shaytan. Sworn blade of her lady, the Inheritor. I have found nothing of interest during Armasse thus far, but your small troop here intrigues me elf. May I join and escort you to your destination?"

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I am back from my own family trip, have been since yesterday - first, I wanted to say thanks for the pick, I'll transfer to a proper Profile and be back in the Discussion-RP tomorrow.
Secondly: Aye, wait times at the start are never great, but lets think positive...I would, however, request that you open and link a gameplay-thread. By simply posting there with out alias, then deleting the post again, gameplay stays 'empty' but we all get the game listed on our campaign overview.

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Edril you are going for the trapfinding role? I noted you mentioned arcane trickster

Male Half-Elf Wizard / Cleric

I could do that. I'm mostly going conjuror, but I thought due to the fact I need to find a prestige for my "mythic", that rogue -> trickster is easy. Otherwise any prestige I take will include casting, and so I'll have to take a second class that will be suboptimal.

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sorry I've been missing all. Haven't been able to finish up everything fully just yet.

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No worries. I've fallen ill last week and decided to take it easy for a while, too. I also created the proper profile, but call it a superstition, I like the first post of a new profile to be the 'dot' to a gameplay :)
So far, no gameplay thread was linked, and I think no other feedback given, so GM Toothy seems to be....ahem...occupied by his honeymoon. *cheer, cheer*
Either way, I am still not feeling completely healthy again, and working in a business that is also pulled into overdrive during the pre-christmas-weeks. So I'll be patient, but with the RP currently seeming stalled, I'll take it easy for now and look forward to around the 20th.

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Yeah the december flu plagues the land^^ So far i could resist it and hope it will stay that way!

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Hi guys! Got some time to post today and say I'm still here, alive, and following your posts. Before we start the in a about two weeks, I'd like to know some information from you... right now I do not have the time to create such a list, but one thing that is important is to know where you live in Kenabres or where you are staying if you are not from the city. I do not need a proper address of course, just a general style of your home/tavern (like a mansion, a shack or hut, for an example).

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

Thanks for the gameplay :) Dotted already - I understand the OCD, but then, we already got a 'gameplay' opening in the discussion thread, so... :)

Finja, Constantine and Darius arrived in Kenabres a few weeks ago. They quickly learned that seeking a second opinion from Huldrum and his inquisition would not be a smart move - but they did know that Armasse would be in a while, and it would be an option for Finja and Constantine to sign up with a company, or a noblemen.

As such, they knew they would need to stay for some weeks. I did claim Kodan's "Sharp Inn" previously, but that could be retconned. The inn/tavern is solid middle-class, offering food and drink in a common room, and a variety of sleeping arrangements. Due to their travel from afar(and the luggage), Darius opted for renting a private room for him and the kids, for a full month, at a discount, with one hot bath per week included in the fee(bath to be taken in a bathing room at the lower floor).
The interior style is mostly wooden, and the walls are poorly soundproofed, letting you hear talk or snoring from the next room over, breakfast(and food in general) is basic but Good.

The location would probably be near the south gate, south of the 8(towards the wall), between what I interpret as a market to the left, and a park(for training and sparring) towards the upper right.
(Could be that's instead a mansion/villa/rich people district, in that case, simply a different location that about fits the idea, no strong preference).

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I imagined Sayid being sent to a religious/military boarding school when he was young (age 11 through the past 6 years). I assume the Temple of Iomedae has such a program. If not let me know as I will need to rework some of the background and flesh out his family more.

fluid fey-touched Dreamlord

btw, Sayid and others: You can 'delete' your gameplay dot. The game still keeps you dotted and it's listed in the campaign tab. No need to fill early gameplay up with "Dot" posts. :)

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Oh...Oops...My bad. Sorry.

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Edril attends a school which is in Old Kenabres, though his family lives in New Kenabres. Their home is a general home, with a portion attached for the shop.

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