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Sorry I wasn't around yesterday...suddenly very busy at work so ability to goof off at my desk is a little bit more limited.

I will try to make some updates today at lunch and then again tonight after dinner. Will still be able to do once per day, but my previous ability to do more than once per day will probably be curtailed quite a bit.

X-Posting to all of my threads.

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Sorry I wasn't around yesterday...suddenly very busy at work so ability to goof off at my desk is a little bit more limited.

I will try to make some updates today at lunch and then again tonight after dinner. Will still be able to do once per day, but my previous ability to do more than once per day will probably be curtailed quite a bit.

X-Posting to all of my threads.

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday...suddenly very busy at work so ability to goof off at my desk is a little bit more limited.

I will try to make some updates today at lunch and then again tonight after dinner. Will still be able to do once per day, but my previous ability to do more than once per day will probably be curtailed quite a bit.

X-Posting to all of my threads.

Going to have to call it then. Aristotle wins this round by default. All bets on this arena are void. Acrythe, please dot back and let me know if you are still around and interested in participating.

Beansidhe, not counting the weekend 24 hours would have been 16:23 yesterday. Please post by 16:23 cst today or risk timing out of this round.

If you will not be able to make that deadline please message me here or in discord to let me know.

Both but all OOC:

So I made a goof on percpeption this round...I did not notice when Asaakoz asked about perception DCs that Drogo had stealthed at the end of his last round. Because of that Asaakoz would not have noticed the dwarf based on his set of actions.

Here is how I am making it right, X-posted from discord discussion.

loganic (MST)Today at 10:07 PM
Out of curiosity, why was the DC for Perception so much lower than the stealth roll? I probably would be happy to give it to him anyways, just to move it along, (not that it has)
BC4RealzToday at 10:12 PM
I totally missed the stealth roll when I was answering his question...but with your stealth result the DC of 15 would have been the set anyways...
Really he should have made a second standard action perception check though to peirce your stealth, but he didn't know you had stealthed...
loganic (MST)Today at 10:13 PM
I actually mostly hate Stealth, despite that it's undeniable useful tactically
BC4RealzToday at 10:13 PM
I dmed that into a bad spot...
should not respond to questions when tired.
loganic (MST)Today at 10:14 PM
Like I said, that's fine, I was mostly curious if that was going to be generous going forward, but it seems like it won't be
BC4RealzToday at 10:15 PM
No...it should have gone differently...
Should have been failed the free perception check, move 2 south, resolved rest of action...
Only taken a standard action perception if could justify in character the extra vigilance.
That is my bad.
In recompense, you are aware of his position on the map for this round despite not having line of sight...
loganic (MST)Today at 10:16 PM
I kind of agree. Stealth is cover based, so I think it should have gone that I would have gone unnoticed until he was next to me, ie I had no cover
BC4RealzToday at 10:16 PM
Use that to whatever tactical use you see fit.
X-posting into thread as an FYI for both sides.

Having decided to set out in the morning, the group all head to their separate rooms, bidding fair well to the common area and the drinks and games that go with it.

As Dimli dismisses himself from the table, leaving the water mostly untouched Readbeard jeers after him. "The water won't hurt you dwarf! And from the sound of it you should probably cut back on your Dwarven Fireale for a few nights. You are seeing things!"

The night passes quietly, or as quietly as can be expected for an establishment like the Red Dragon Inn. The sounds of bar songs and carousing float up through your floorboards and to your beds through most of the night, but you are used to it and it does not disrupt your sleep.

There is one explosion in the deep night that does rouse you from your sleep for a bit, but you figure it was either Wizgille or that goblin, Nitrel. Either way the smell of smoke is nearly impossible to detect, so the building probably isn't on fire this time.


The morning comes far to quickly for most of you. As you stumble down into the common area it is hard to reconcile how full it was last night with how clean and tidy it looks this morning. Wonderful smells waft from the kitchen as Roxana prepares the morning repast. Upon asking you are informed that the kitchen special for the morning will be poached salamander eggs served with rye toast and boysenberry jam.

"The eggs themselves will have a bit of a spicy kick to them, so make sure you have a drink handy. And if any egg falls onto the table just douse the flames before they get too large!"

Working on getting you guys a little bit of an overland map...hopefully have that sometime soon. Feel free to continue to RP here if you want, or if there is no posts in the next day or so I will move us along.

I am normally around quite a bit on weekdays because I am stuck at my computer at work all day. Weekends are a different story, I maybe get to a desktop once per day on the weekend, but that is not always the case.

So You can expect 1+ updates from me M-F, but then on weekends I will probably get pretty quiet.

Having said that...let me go get an update written. :)

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Random Edgelord Backstory Table: 4d100 ⇒ (69, 79, 95, 70) = 313

Edgy Antagonist - 69 - Barbarians
Edgy Action - 79 - conned
Edgy Victim - 95 - my confidence
Edgy Outcome - 70 - and now I seek to bring back what I have lost.

Acrythe, 24 hours would have hit on Friday at 14:12 CST. Excluding the weekend 48 hours will be today at 14:12 CST, which is in 4 hours. Because I was not paying attention to this and with deference to Mother's Day weekend, I am inclined to provide an additional 24.

Please post by tomorrow at 14:12 CST or risk losing this round by disqualification.

On your second foray into the strange wardrobe you find more interesting

  • 2 more small animal hide folders animal hide with the strange rectangles inside (you have now collected about $150 usd and an array of fake ids and stolen credit cards. you terrible person. )
  • another thicker rectangle made of metal and glass. As you pick it up the glass lights up and there are strange letters and pictograms underneath it. Perhaps a magic mirror of some kind? (Or a smart phone)
  • an open and half full box of white paper tubes. It also contains a clear container with a liquid inside and a small metal wheel on the top (half a pack of cigarettes and a lighter)
  • a stack of papers bound together on one edge. It has tall letters and artwork on the front and is filled with a language you don't recognize. (Paperback novel)

  • Asaakoz:
    Rumaging through the array of outerwear quickly, you come across an array of strange artifacts. (Ooc knowledge in parenthesis)
  • A small metal tube containing some strange pigment. (Lipstick)
  • A folded piece of animal hide with strange rectangular cards and papers of various sizes (wallet, 5 Bill's various denominations, 3 plastic cards drives license and 2 credit cards)
  • A small 4 shot pepperbox style gun
  • A pocket knife
  • 5 separate rings, each with multiple small pieces of metal (5 key rings with various keys)

  • Asaakoz's answer:
    You may make a perception check to rifle through some coats...Doing so will take an action. Depending on the results of your perception check you may or may not find items that I might or might not have hidden there. If you decide to take items from the coat check that are purely flavor that your GM is likely to be amused an allow you to keep those items in future battles.

    You get to know what is on the map before locking in your prepared spells and casting any prebuffs.

    Extenuating circumstances being what they are, you get to have a little bit of forward knowledge while making your level up and purchase decisions. Frankly, going up against Carlos it seems like you need the help anyways. :D

    Avoid getting any more until you have locked in your choices. Then head over to arena A and roll for initative.

    I could not find a definitive answer in RAW fir this big you can then I might change my mind. For now I am leaning towards no as it would no longer be a straight line charge. (the change in elevation means there is diagonal up-back to down-forward moment)

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    Actually according to the latest errata druids don't get spells anymore. :P j/k

    The sheriff leans back on his stool, taking a long draw of the draft as he composes his answers.

    "Brightstone is about a days ride on fast horse. South of here, into the Brooking Cliffs. By foot you probably would need a day and a half...I imagine camping would be needed. I haven't had any word one way or the other that anyone has experienced trouble on the road, but as you say it seems like any trouble that finds you will find its own share of trouble in return."

    "As for the war, that's further south, beyond the cliffs and the mountains. The emperor has seen fit to spark up a friendly little conflict with our southern neighbors. Some trade dispute or another. Alls Im knowin' is a few months ago a captain road through, scooped up all but one of my deputies, every ride-able horse in town, and all of the foodstuffs they could carry; and then rode off on the same wind that brought them in. Paid fair to above market for it all, but its left me in the tight nonetheless. You makin sure that we don't get no trouble from Brightstone until I have time to replenish my guard will loosen up that tightness."

    Over the noise of the music and given the distance Asaakoz only hears that with a DC 25 perception even with you yelling...cause it is one of those kinds of clubs. Conversational yelling will probably have to happen at a closer distance or in quieter environs.

    I am good with that Sayarisha. You also remember that the wand exists and can bring up that convo if you would like.

    The rat swarm seems to not be pressing on the door in this round...maybe the food is working as a distraction? You guys have at least another round to figure out your plan.

    The "glass" reverberates with the blunt force, but does not crack or break as you would expect glass to when pressed. It appears that whatever the material is, it is not as brittle as normal glass.

    @Nairb the Grey I think there's some conflicting ideas whether the center isle of the bar is floor to ceiling, people height, or open, IE Total cover, no line of effect or Improved cover, blocking sight but not effect, or just normal cover

    Can it be shot over, can it be seen over?

    (The spotlight makes it reasonable to identify a characters square and try to shoot over it, especially form the stage)

    Nairb the GreyToday at 10:19 AM
    The area in the middle of the bar is slightly higher than bar height...probably a solid 4' (bars are normally 40 - 42") and has stuff hanging down from above. (like suspended glasses, additional bottle storage).

    I would guess that there is probably an opening of about 2' between the top of the island and the bottom of the low clearance storage stuff. Definitely cover, but it does not block all like of sight.

    Yep, Tie goes to the most dexterous. Aristotle, what you got?

    Drogo Searches behind the bar (Perception): 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13

    As Drogo opens several of the cabinets behind the bar he finds what he would expect for a well stocked bar. One of the wooden cabinets is a cleverly disguised ice box, holding small cubes of ice as well as three tall bottles of clear liquid with strange writing on them. Notably the liquid is not frozen despite the cold atmosphere that it sits in, perhaps indicating an alcoholic nature.

    He also locates a crowbar behind the serving area. Perhaps to be used for opening crates, or the heads of unruly patrons.

    Redbeard, recognizing that Dimli intends to make recompense, nods to him and gestures for him to join the group at the table.

    The beverage that is placed in front of him as he sits down though is noticeably NOT ale.

    Sorry boom, you can't bet against yourself.

    I imagine everyone that knows Eve is a little miffed at her from time to time.

    Okay...just making sure. :)

    xpost RE Doors

    DMoogle-CarlosToday at 8:50 AM
    -Both of the doors you opened were open to begin with @[UTC-7] PaleDim - Asaakoz , @Loganic-Drogo . All interior doors start that way
    [UTC-7] PaleDim - AsaakozToday at 10:05 AM
    Derp, I’ll go add some more movement later today
    Nairb the GreyToday at 10:13 AM
    That is my fault, I contradicted myself in two places...the map says open by default...earlier in discord I think I wrote that they were closed and automatically swing closed.
    I will stay with the open by default though.

    Sorry beetle, boom got there first, so he gets the wager.

    Familiar...possibly have done odd jobs together before. The odds have having worked together before are higher if you are from the same edition of RDI, but still okay if you don't...

    So...Gog, Eve, and Dimli probably have worked together before...but maybe not.
    Wizgille and Kaylin are likely to be more familiar...
    Natyli and Bryn are the odd ones out.

    Take this as suggestions though, I am fine with whatever pairings you guys feel like make sense character/story wise.

    Game play thread is up. I am not great at beginnings...so feel free to RP with Reg for a bit...you can try your hand at negotiating or ask questions to gather more detail.

    Once you are decided on the path forward (I assume you are taking the job because otherwise this is a short adventure) we will set off for the base.

    On the outskirts of the town of Marikest sits The Red Dragon Inn. Situtated just off the road outside the town gates, the inn is the favored watering hole for travellers, townsfolk, and adventurers that happen to be passing through. It is a rowdy place full of good drinks, good games, and good fights. It also happens to be the place that Sheriff Reg Ty-Djarling goes when looking for extra muscle for a job that his to deputies and him do not have the bandwidth to handle.

    He has come with such a job this evening, and is sitting down with various mercenaries and adventurers in the inn looking to put together a group to investigate a nearby keep for him.

    "Ahyeah, I'm looking for some people to head out to Brightstone and take a look around. Make sure them filthy monsters haven't come back. Years ago there was a nice little sister village down there at the mine, and Brightstone kept an eye on it all. Then the Orcs and Goblins came and wiped them out. Started running raiding parties on us here too. When the army came through a few months back they took most of my deputies off my hands, but at least they went and cleared out Brightstone too. I wasa hopin' that they would sit at the castle, make it sort of a base, but apparently it is too far away from the front. So now the keep is abandoned again, and I don't have the hands to keep an eye on it. If ye head out there and take a turn around, make sure it is still vacated, I would pay ye 100 gold each. If'n ye find anything though, well in the interest of keeping Marikest safe I would need you to clear it out again. Get to keep whatever treasure you find with the monsters that be there. And I could probably throw in another 100 each for your troubles."

    As the party discusses their options, the squeaking noises intensify. (The rats are just on the other side of the door now).

    GM Dice: 1d20 ⇒ 12
    GM Dice for something else: 1d20 ⇒ 18

    For the time being there does not appear to be any effort from the mice to breach the doorway. You are uncertain if they can open the door on their own, but as they came from a direction with no openings that you were aware of that would imply that with some effort they can.

    Zordlon, as the discussion turns to strategies to get out of this mess and the effectiveness of the fire before, a thought occurs to you. Patting your various pockets and pouches, you find a slender wand of oak with pyrographed flames licking up the sides. Your mind's eye again pictures the cone of flames that lashed out at you from the first trap you encountered in this dungeon. If someone in this party could activate the item, it could likely make quick work of the rats.

    You rolled really well on what I am considering an inspiration roll, so here's a hint...you don't have to use it, but wanted to make sure you guys remembered it was in your arsenal. And you have a party member that can activate it.

    *retcon*Tobias offers a bet of 300 gp on himself for anyone that is interested in taking it.*/retcon*

    XPost RE New Map rules: Nightclub.

    Asaakoz, you are starting in the walk in freezer...so if you had a companion with you I am sure it would help with the cold...but as Carlos said, the club seems to be abandoned. There are no patrons or staff around.
    I rules question that I have addressed one on one but is likely to come up in some discussions regarding size and the doors.

    The single doorways are large enough for a medium creature to pass through easily or a large creature to squeeze through.
    The double doors are large enough for a large creature to pass through easily or a huge creature to squeeze through.

    Interpretation...that elephant is not fitting in the freezer.
    Also, Carlos knows this...but the elephant is so large that it breaks tables as it walks over them, creating difficult terrain. Carlos will be responsible for placing broken table icons on the map as he moves his elephant around.
    X-Posting to rulings and the thread.

    Alright, based on everyone's votes and my personal preference of not reworking what I have already done, we are going to move forward with Carlos waiting for Bean to be ready. I will start updating the map links now. Once you have looked at the map and your opponent you can decide on any day of preparations (what spells do you pick, what prebuffs do you cast) and then roll initiative in your arena thread. Once both combatants have rolled initiative you may begin.

    With the exception of Beansidhe, all initiative rolls should be completed within 48 hours. From there standard post warnings will be issued.

    Don't let me stop you from doing something you want to do. Just so it is clear that it is purely optional. :)

    Backstory is not needed since we are adopting and adapting existing characters. Eve, you are good to go just with the writing sample you made in recruitment.

    So...with Acrythe ready to go we have a decision to make as a group. At this point I am assuming that Shamanita is not available. Three options!

  • Everyone waits for Beansidhe, matches probably don't start until 5/11.
  • Beansidhe's opponent is the only one who waits. To help make an informed decision I can tell you that Carlos has selected to fight Beansidhe (if she fights). Everyone else would start probably Monday.
  • No one waits for Beansidhe. There is a 1v1v1 match in round 3 as there was in round 2.

    Discuss. Which option would you guys most like?

  • A quick word on tactical movement....I am moving your guys' characters for you quite a bit. Sometimes this is to your detriment as I do not always put you in the most optimal places with respect to tactics.

    For example, right now you guys are clumped in a way that the swarm could really take advantage of, because I am a mean DM...but I am telling you, so I am a nice DM? Meanly nice...Nicely mean?

    Anyways, I know not everyone can make changes to the Map, it depends on what device you use for your forum posting. If you have a specific move to make and cannot update it yourself please tell us where you move (5s 1e for example) and the next person that is able will update it for you.

    As Sayarisha attempts to lead the donkeys through the doorway and into safety their nerves overcome them and they trample past her, braying and rolling their eyes.

    Sayarisha, Take 1d6 bludgeoning damage from angry animals. DC 13 Reflex save for half: 1d6 ⇒ 2

    Afterwards she scatters food infront of the doorway and Dornhold pushes it closed. The more melee focused combatants gather around the door, waiting for what comes next.

    The squeaking behind to door becomes louder as the rats approach. From your vantage point it sounds like they are just on the other side of the wall. For the moment they appear to be content.

    Your characters do not know this, having no lines of sight, but the rats move up to the first square where the food is. They are not yet against the door itself to try to push against it. With the door closed it is impossible to know if the food is acting as a sufficient distraction.

    Okay, looks like we have everyone but Kaylin so far...hopefully she is still around. I am always nervous about the gap between submission and acceptance...alot of times it is so long, I worry people may drop in the interval.

    It might be something for you all to consider purchasing together...since the entire party would benefit from it.

    I have never played an alchemist before...so just for clarity on my part...the spells she "casts" are on herself only...but then you can make potions for those spells...or with the right discovery be able to give elixirs of them to others...right?

    First glance at the party, I am a little concerned that you guys are light on healing ability. No one ended up creating a divine caster. Part of that is they are a little light in the selection of available characters.

    There are a few that have UMD though...so if you want to make minor adjustments to your builds and equipment to make the party as a whole more survivable that is acceptable. So long as the basic concept of the character stays the same.

    Also, having 7 party members instead of 4-6 should help out your survival.

    So, we ended up with 7 applicants. My favorite party sizes range from 4 - 6...but I felt bad about just one person being told "no, you can't come play."

    As such, I have decided to invite everyone!

    Here are the characters that have been selected. If you made multiple selections and feel like your alternate would be a better fit let me know and we can discuss it.

  • Natyli the Witchdoctor - YoricksRequiem
  • Bryn the Boatswain - Brolof
  • Kaylin the Pixie Enchanter - Tiessa
  • Eve the Illusionist - Fallen_Mage
  • Wizgille the Tinkerer - Peachbottom
  • Dimli the Dwarf - AGamer70
  • Gog the Half-Ogre - trawets71

    This is the OOC conversation for the campaign. I am not connecting it to the recruitment thread, hoping that fixes our red text issue. Please go dot in when you have an opportunity. I plan for the first game play posts to happen on Monday.

  • This is the ooc Discussion for our game, it will not be connected to the recruitment thread because hopefully that fixes our Red Text problem.

    Please dot in.

    No problem...I get it.

    There is a door there that can be closed as an action. The doors
    are noted on the map with the short blue lines.

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