Storm of Sinners

Game Master BayouSnowman

Deathwatch campaign based on the Calixis Sector from Dark Heresy.

Here is some general knowledge about the campaign your Character would know. You can attempt to expand on this of course with appropriate skills ect. Current date is 910.M41

New Characters:
Stats are point based buy. 130 points to distribute to characteristics, no more than 20 in one. Currently new PCs begin at Rank 7, so after reducing the 12k all Marines begin with in XP, you are left with XP you may spend towards your PC. Note, using XP for deeds, marks, or hisory (think career path choices) using any WH40k book, you will begin at a lower rank. After your first mission, you will get bonus XP and renown to bring closer to the rest of the kill team. Current starting renown is 50. Wounds and Fate Points both start at their respective maximums (23 and 5 in most cases). Can make a chapter, submit it for a look over though. For your characters first armor you may choose whichever history you wish, any subsequent armors will have randomly generated histories.

Watch Captain Enoch:
You know he is only recently given the rank of Watch Captain. He was assigned to the cabal originally as a Kill-Marine to represent the Ordo Xenos. When the Ordo Xenos' presence grew, so did the need for more marines. He is a Black Shield, but his past is the only thing he is secretive about. He is known to be calculating and sincere in his dealings. He was awarded the Crux Terminatus in the Jerico Reach against a tyranid invasion.

Tyrant Star, What your character knows:
You have heard rumors of the Tyrant Star (otherwise known as Komus) in the Calixis sector since you have been stationed here. Some claim its a black hole that eats souls, or that it is some giant xeno warship that collects slaves. You know the Inquisition knows more than it is telling you, but that is nothing new. One thing that is certain, there are plenty of Xeno and other threats to deal with in this sector. Mass hysteria, riots increasing 1000% Piracy on the rise, and all manner of heresy in the Calixis Sector has lead to the investigation of the Tyrant Star. There is a prophecy that suggests this is the work of the Tyrant Star.

Tyrantine Cabal:
Other than your Watch Captain Enoch, one common figure you all know within the cabal is Inquisitor Van Vuygens of the Ordo Xenos. Originally from the Jericho Reach, he was initially sent to the Calixis sector to look for signs of Tyranids. He theorizes the Tyrant Star might be part of some millennial migratory pattern, much in the same way some insects and animals migrate. So far no evidence backs his claims. You were also introduced to Lord Inquisitor Gathrix, another member of the Cabal, during the pacification of Hredrin.

Ordo Xenos:
There are other Inquisitors, acolytes and members of the Ordo Xenos on the ship, but you have not yet met them.

Ordo Hereticus:
The Ordo Hereticus has a large presence in the Cabal and is ever searching for weakness within the ranks of the Cabal itself. The majority of military power on the Pious Immolatoncomes from the Imperial Guard Storm Troopers led by Colonel Folken and the Adepta Sororitas

The 517th:
Hand-picked from the same world the Black Templars once recruited from, the 517th hail from Cloister, a Frontier World. The men and women from this world performed incredibly well under the rigors of the Schola Progenium on Scintilla.
Commanding the Regiment is Col. Folken. Considered a Maverick by some of his peers, his ability to get the job done speaks for itself and the cabal has learned to value his insight on occasion.
The 517th is a Hunter-Killer regiment, created to support the Adepta Sororitas and adopting to their tactics of favoring flamer based weaponry this regiment makes use of hellhounds and other fast vehicles, including flyers, with heavy flamers.
Trained as Survivalists capable of Covert Stikes the 517th have earned their name “Sin-Eaters” on the front facing witches, wyrds, and psyker mutants in the Calixian sector. The name has stuck with the regiment and many a hellhound has had its 517th label written over to read SIN-Eaters.
This Ideology of Sin-Eating is more than just a name sake. The regiment suffers from a type of Cult of Chivalry and committing a perceived sin, even lying, is punished harshly by the other members. In addition the regiment seems Honour Bound to accept any challenge and takes any slight against their honour very serious.

Ordo Malleus:
There is only one Inquisitor representing the Ordo Malleus. His name is Daemonhunter Ahmazzi. With him seems to be a cadre of acolytes and formerly one Grey Knight known as Brother Jacob.

Other institutions:
The Imperial Navy, Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Arbites, Offico Assassinorum and various other bureaucracies are present on the Pious Immolation.

Pious Immolation:
The Pious Immolationis a modified Firestorm Frigate. Rumored to carry an Exterminatus device. It is the mobile command for the Tyrantine Cabal of the Calixis sector, Offical command base is on Scintilla. The Imperial Navy on board all bear the I of the inquisition on their uniforms and have been through the rigors of the Schola Progenium.

Mission One on Grangold:
Gaius, Hallan, Eremiel, Leon, Tellemachus, and Thedius. A second mission was lead by Brother Lucian Vartas to scout out the mutant threat.

Mission Two on Hredrin:
Leon, Tellemachus, Hallan, Vartas, Thedius, Elyas.

Mission Three on Orendel's Tomb:
Hallan, Tellemachus, Elyas, Arkhos, Leon, Lucian.

Mission Four on Phyrr:
Brother Lucian, Brother Leon, Brother Hallan, Brother Tellemachus, Brother Arkhos and Brother Elyas.

Mission Five above Phyrr:
Brother Hallan, Brother Arkhos, Brother Elyas, Brother Del, Brother Leon.

How Can I spend My Exp Deathwatch has many advancement options. Starting on pg 60 you have General Space Marine Advancement ,Deathwatch Advancement, Chapter Advancement, and Specialty Advancement In addition other opportunities for distinctions and Elite Advancements become available during the campaign.
Are we using the Errata Tables? No.
Does Overwatch make my enemies pinned? Only if making a suppressive fire attack(at -20 BS using full auto) Or in a kill-zone(corridor, tight location).
Can hordes be pinned? Yes, but they get a bonus based on Magnitude and can possibly have a trait making them immune
How do Degrees of Success work? Normally you get a degree of success for every 10 points you beat your difficulty by. So if your WS is 50 and you roll a 40 that is one degree. Some talents and traits give additional degrees for situations. Requisition, is it per team or person? It is per team, a pool to choose from.
Can you activate squad mode out of Combat? With the exception of some situational caveats, no. Some abilities allow you to activate them prior to Initiative, but typically you do not enter Squad mode until you are aware of a threat. You can sustain Squad mode once you enter it however. Some combats are very quick, taking out a scout for instance might just take one roll, if you make it of course. For the sake of brevity I will not roll initiative for combat that is insignificant in size. I make this ruleing based on my understanding of the book, and that you can not make a proper decision until you have some idea of what you are up against. With that being said, remember you can Initiate combat yourself. If you would rather blow some heretic away rather than try to make a deal with him, by all means do so, and once that is declared I may or may not have us roll initiative based on the situation. [
Are we using the Errata or Offical F.A.Qs? No. I think it is simpler to just have one source. Much of this campaign was written before there even was an official Deathwatch game, and I have played through it enough that I feel confident this is not needed and will cause more headache for a simple Play by Post format. I will try to make consistent rulings based on the book.
What is Sanctified? Sanctified removes a target's toughness bonus from Demonic Trait.
Squad Mode, how does it work? You enter squad mode by choosing a squad mode ability. The ones that are available to you depend on the Oath chosen before the mission, and your chapter. Once you have an ability chosen, you spend the amount of cohesion it costs, then spend the amount of action it requires. Some are reactions, some are half-actions ect. Typically chapter specific abilities only effect members of one chapter, but Tactical Marines and other abilities might allow you to give other chapters your benefits.But on 217 it says I can enter squad mode as a free action The way it is written is confusing I understand, they do not properly set up the context. If you read the example though you can see that that is for when you are entering a squad mode ability someone else has activated on your team. Righteous Fury, does it damage a horde? You do one extra mag of damage to a horde for righteous fury.
Half-Actions, can you make two different attacks in a round? No. You can only take one attack subtype per round. This is inline with the rest of the 40k books, and I use them all to some degree in this campaign.
AAR Rewards After Action Review rewards are given to Best Roleplayer, Best Kill, Best Use of a Fate Point, and MVP If you are given one of these awards you will get an honorable mention, or you can replace a burned fate point. 3 Honorable mentions will get you a purity seal, or medal,or possibly an elite advance.

Elite Advances/Bonuses handed out:

May Purchase the Wall of Steel Talent for 10 points cheaper.
Blessed Ammo can be purchased for 5 req (100 rounds remaining, count as Sanctified vs Yu'vath or Bale Childer.
One "Medusa" pattern Plasma Cannon that may be purchased at half price.
One Siege Auspex that may be purchased at half price
+5 Fellowship When dealing with Lord Inquisitor Gathrix
-5 Fellowship when dealing with Sister Vesta
Common Lore: Angevin Crusade +10 and is free to all kill-team members
Peer: Imperial Citizen for 100xp for all kill-team members
Master Quiestioner (Allows automatic success on interrigation) for Elyas
Peer: Navis Nobilite "Navigators" for 50 xp for all kill-team members
Purity seal of St. Drusus (Hallan, Tellemachus, Elyas, Arkhos, Leon, Lucian)
Seal of the Deathwatch (Arkhos)
Tyranid Savant (Allows reroll of lore tests on Tyranids) for all kill-team members
Tech-Tinkerer (Leon)