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Full Name

"Ash" - Maxim Ashvayne


WS 40 BS 42 S 41 T 40 Ag 43 Int 50 Per 30 WP 38 Fel 32 Infl 30 AP ?? Wnds 15/15 FP 4/4

About Maxim Ashvayne

Homeworld Fuedal World
Background Mutant
Role Chirurgeon


WS: 40
BS: 42
Str: 41
Tou: 40 (un 1)
Agi: 43
Int: 50
Per: 30
Wil: 38
Fel: 32
Inf: 30
Fate: 4/4
Wounds: 15/15
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Move: 4/8/12/24
Carry: kg

base WS -5; BS +5
swap Fel for Int
-2 Str, -1 Inf, +3 Int


Weapon Skill
Ballistic Skill (Fieldcraft)
Agility (Strength)

Skills, Trained:

Common Lore (?)
Forbidden Lore (mutants)
Linguistics (High Gothic)
Medicae +10

Talents & Traits:

Weapon Training (Low Tech, SP)
Hardy (background)
Takedown (role)
Superior Chirurgeon He gains a +20 bonus on all Medicae skill tests. When providing first aid, he ignores the penalties for Heavily Damaged patients and only suffers a –10 penalty for those suffering Critical damage.
Swift Suture
Swift Attack
Hip Shooting
Mighty Shot
At Home in Armour ignore Agility maximum of armour worn.
Unnatural Toughness (1)
Mutation: Bestial Hide


Intelligence +5 (Simple; 100 xp; characteristic)
Ballistic Skill +5 (Simple; 100 xp; characteristic)
Agility (Simple; 100 xp; characteristic)
Dodge (Known; 100 xp; skill)
Logic (Known; 100 xp; skill)
Medicae +10 (Known, Trained; 300 xp; skill)
Stealth (Known; 100 xp; skill)
Superior Chirurgeon (400 xp; T3 talent)
Swift Suture (200 xp; T1 Talent)
Swift Attack (300 xp; T2 Talent)
Hip Shooting (300 xp; T2 Talent)
Mighty Shot (400 xp; T3 Talent)






combat webbing
grapnel & line
lho sticks (12)
Advanced medikit

Weapon maintenance kit

Agent Synopsis:

When the relief force landed to help repel the corrupted, heretical population on Merydian, they were able to unite with the Arbite company that had taken the Governor's Palace. The the governor and his cohort had all been executed, and the Arbite commander was acting as the Imperial magistrate on the planet, directing his retinue and a stalwart reserve of the knightly PDF that had not fallen to either the infection or the cult uprising. Following the combined forces reclamation of the planet, an extensive investigation determined the planetary governor had moved from his orbital station to his planetary stronghold and established himself as a 'king'. He had executed those few planetside with Imperial authority that could oppose him, and in doing so, opened the gate for cult activity to spread rapidly across the planet. This let to the Nurgle-unleashed disease commonly known as "Ash Pox" to infect much of the population, bringing disease, death, and the plague-born. When Arbite forces were unable to contact either the Lord Governor or the local Arbite Command structure, they had reached out to Inquisitor Bouchon and

The Commandant has been tasked with the rebuilding of much of the planet as its new governor, and retained many of the knights and men-at-arms to serve . The remainder of the Arbites, the only ones aware of the previous governor's execution at the hands of their Commandant, have been seconded into the Ordo Hereticus to be indoctrinated and distributed for service. Of particular note is one arbite, who served alongside the palace doctor as a chirurgeon during the siege, and exhibited remarkable skill. His Administratum file lists his father as the chief chirurgeon at the outset of the Entrecite Graymantle Outbreak. Maxim perform the exemplary marks in his scholastics, and in preliminary medical training proved himself highly capable. He had been shortlisted for advanced medical training within the Administratum, but pursued a role in the planetary defense force rather suddenly.

20 Questions:

1. What is your character’s name?
- Maxim Ashvayne, (formerly Maxim Androski; goes by "Ash", "Doc", or "Friar")

2. How old is your character?
- hearty 37 years

3. What would somebody see at first glance (i.e. height, weight, skin color, eye color, hair color, physique, race, and visible equipment)?
- Standing 1.75 meters tall and weighing 72 kg, Maxim's has a lean, athletic build, an angular face, green eyes, and dark hair. He keeps his hair at shoulder length (often loose) and his facial hair at a heavy stubble. Before his affliction with the Ash Pox, he was considered a handsome man. Now his skin is pale gray and mottled, covered with pocked scars, and black veins that run across the upper half of his body, up to his lower jaw. Maxim generally wears black robes with a hood up, and a pale scarf around the lower half of his face. An astute eye can see a set of mail armor mixed in the layers of the robe, and topped with a gray hooded greatcoat made from flakweave. He still has his PDF issued helm which he will don if expecting trouble, but prefers otherwise to keep his head bare. Maxim keeps a standard medikit slung around his chest, and other gear tucked into pockets and webbing beneath the coat.

4. What additional attributes would be noticed upon meeting the character (i.e. Speech, mannerisms)?
- heavy pock scarring, gray flesh, and darkened veins spidering across his chest, arms, neck, and lower jaw
- left eye has staining in white of eye and left side of face is partially "muted", leads to a right-sided smirk being his most common expression
- keeps to low gothic, though is well spoken and shows a keen level of intelligence, if not higher learning
- has a dark, fatalistic sarcasm that comes out at times

5. Where was your character born? Where were you raised? By who?
- Merydian V, feudal world on the edge of the Gilead System (now lost within the Great Rift)
- raised by parents in childhood; by father after mother's passing when Maxim was 10

6. Who are your parents? Are they alive? What do they do for a living?
- Rameus and Yvette Androski: Rameus was a skilled physik and taught his son his craft. Yvette was similarly knowledgable and assisted her husband. Yvette passed away from cancer when Maxim was 10. Rameus died of during the Entrecite Graymantle Plague (Ash Pox) that ravaged Merydian V.

7. Do you have any other family or friends?
- The death of his parents, spouse, and child have left Maxim without any living family. Having been in the service of Inquisitor Bouchon for seven years now, he counts his fellow operatives as his friends and trusted allies.

8. What is your character’s marital status? Kids?
- Maxim is a widower, having lost both his wife, Anya, and their daughter, Angeline, to the Ash Pox that killed so many on Merydian V. Anya and Maxim had known each other since childhood, having grown up together in Kadrek Mons, but began their romance after Maxim had reached the rank of knight-adept.

9. What is your character’s alignment?
- Raised a faithful servant of the God Emperor, Maxim's early perspective on dogma was strict and hard on the Imperial Creed. Between his service in a knightly order, the spread of the Ash Pox plague, and then the ensuing Merydian Conflict, Maxim's tolerance for difference and personal views has widened significantly. He would best be described as a "pragmatic conservative".

10. What is your character’s moral code?
- Maxim is committed to the ideals of the Imperium of Man and his duty as a medicae. It is not a blind compulsion to heal every injured or sick individual, but rather to use his abilities to do "the most good".

11. Does your character have goals?
- Having recently been taking into the employ of the Inquisition, Maxim seeks to prove himself worthy of the task. In addition, he wants to continue to develop his abilities to "mend the broken", and hopes to learn some of the modern techniques from a biologis-magos of the Adeptus Mechanicum if chance presents. He also understands his duties may require his skill at arms, and he seeks to hone his combat abilities further.

12/13. Is your character religious, and what are his personal beliefs?
- Maxim is a devouted follower of the God Emperor and holds the Imperial Creed true in his heart. He bears no ill will for the Emperor for the death of his family, understanding that the Golden Throne is constantly at battle with the forces of Chaos and cannot hold every taint at bay. This must the men and women of the Inquisition take on this holy work.

14. Does your character have any personality quirks (i.e. anti-social, arrogant, optimistic, paranoid)?
- following the death of his parents, his wife, and his child, he has developed a bit of a fatalistic sarcasm to his nature. He is still motivated, and hopeful, but he understands that Chaos is insidious and many lives will be lost in the battle agianst it's machinations.

15. Why does your character serve the Inquisition?
- The spread of Ash Pox across Merydian V, and the planetary governor's refusal to neither implement quarantines to stop it nor reach out to other resources for assistance lead to widespread death and anger. The Brotherhood of Broken Souls, a nefarious cult of Chaos, used the unrest to lead much of the populace in outright revolt. Maxim saw firsthand how the taint of Chaos spreads and destroys worlds. When the Inquisitorial purgation force landed to relieve those forces who had fallen back to the governor's palace, Maxim was enlisted into the Inquisitor's retinue as a Medicae to help treat both the wounded and those now being exposed to the Pox. His world in tatters and his family gone, he is happy to serve the Emperor and the holy Inquisition.

16. What was your character before joining the Inquisitor's Retinue?
- Maxim was raised by parents who served as physiks to the local lord, but like most young men, dreamt to join one of the knightly orders. At the age of 14 he took the Test of Might, and was accepted as a squire

17. Does your character have any distinguishing marks (birth-marks, scars, deformities)?
- Maxim has pox scars covering his upper chest, neck and lower jaw. Tracing throughout this are blackened vein and nerves, both are physical remnants of his battle with Ash Pox. His skin is pale gray and mottled, possessing a leathery texture, with deeper areas having a dark tint (eye sockets, finger nail beds, etc), also a byproduct of his illness.

18. How does your character get along with others?
- The survival of the Merydian conflict brought many unlikely bedfollows together - Maxim has learned to be adaptable and amicable with just about everyone. He is welcoming to most, though following the events of the Merydian Conflict, has a hard time holding back his disdain for those who show arrogant apathy for those lower than them. Though it has been 5 years since his exposure to the outside universe, Maxim is still quietly fascinated by modern technology.

19. Is there anything that your character hates?
- Having seen his homeworld ravaged by disease because arrogant aristocrats wanted to horde wealth and power, and avoid asking for help, Maxim has little patience for those that ignore their duties to others or exhibit high levels of greed. It goes without saying that he despises the forces of Chaos, having lost his entire family to the mechinations of the Ash Pox and the ensuing cultist uprising known as the Merydian Conflict.

20. Is there anything that your character fears?
- Despite his casual references to it, Maxim suffered greatly from the Ash Pox, both in losing his entire family, and being afflicted himself. The disease is "dormant" in him, but their is always the itching fear that something could trigger it to flare back up. In his dreams he recalls the wracking pain that burned at his nerves on the inside, and the cries of his wife and daughter while they suffered in agony from the same. The only grace is they were not corrupted.