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I am looking for six players who are interested in playing the Dead Suns adventure path for Starfinder. This will be for Starfinder Society credit, but in campaign mode. Recruitment will go for exactly two days after this post.

Races: All core and legacy races allowed. I am willing to discuss other races from the Alien Archive.

No restrictions on any material from the Core Rulebook.

All characters will be of good alignment, and are expected to act like it.

I may introduce minor house rules about things such as starship battle DCs and the difficulty of combat maneuvers.

Stats in character building are allowed to go over 18, but only if the race has a bonus to that stat. Stats can be lowered to 8, and that does give extra points that can be applied to stats you want to raise. Point buys are still flat as expected in Starfinder.

I am reserving two spots for people who have GM'ed for me in the past or have been players with me in longterm Pathfinder campaigns. If you believe this applies to you, please remind me of when.

I do not expect aliases or even full character builds until participants are chosen. What I do expect is race, class, theme, and any archetypes. Also tell me what role in a party you plan to fill, and give me a few sentences of backstory.

This is a long term game, so I will be considering your posting history in determining who to accept.

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I'm interested!. Will post a concept later tonight when I get home.

Definitely interested! I don't have an extensive posting history yet, so that may count against me, but that's okay. Still, I'll start thinking up a concept and post it when I get home from work.

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Definitely Interested. Looking to try out a Shirren healing Mystic (Spacefarer). I plan to fill the healing / buffing role along with combat.

He will feel responsible for his swarm killing off entire cities of people and is looking to make amends where he can by traveling the stars.

My posting rate is very good as I am able to post several times in a day, everyday.

I too am interested. Would you permit a Skittermander from the Alien Archives?

Thinking an Envoy (Ace Pilot). She would take on the diplomatic/face roll out of combat and buff allies with improvisations in combat while shooting from range.

She was just overjoyed when the Vex arrived and asked for some help with their ships. In fact, she had so much fun helping them upgrade and repair the vessels, she took to the stars. All those swirling, pulsating colors out there beckoned her. She just knows with her charming personality and winning smile, she can help all in the verse...err...pact worlds...

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Caveat - I am playing Dead Suns and will be running it too. Not sure if that disqualifies me or not. For what its worth, I think I'm pretty good at separating player and character knowledge. Being human, I'm certainly not perfect at it :-(

Brell (Nosy) is a Ysoki operative (explorer) xenoseeker.

He would know a great deal about many things (especially life forms and other cultures) and be competent at just about everything. His role would depend to a great deal on the party. Obviously he would be good at combat, general exploration and not being noticed. He would likely be the Science officer and backup engineer and pilot

Brell grew up on Absalon Station and has always been utterly fascinated by the great variety of life forms and cultures that come to the station on a regular basis. As an adolescent his inquisitive and impulsive nature got him into trouble on several occasions as he was found in places where he shouldn't have been or tried to help a being that he thought was in trouble. Fortunately for him his juvenile record was put under seal when he became an adult and he was able to find employment as a computer programmer. A life where he made a good income, was respectable, and that his parents approved of. In other words, boring. When he saw the advertisement for people to join the Starfinder Society he leaped at the chance and quickly applied.

Posting - I've been involved in quite a few PBP games that didn't last very long so a quick glance at my posts and aliases will incorrectly make me look like a quitter. The longest lasting game I was in lasted about 1.5 years (I was Sir Haldern). The game that I think best shows my writing style would be this one where I played two characters, a Tengu Gallako and his Crow familiar Vralk. Vralk rapidly became the "primary" character with Gallako becoming essentially his straight man.

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RePete wrote:

I too am interested. Would you permit a Skittermander from the Alien Archives?

I would certainly consider it.

Super interested (This seems to be the trending starting statement)! Thinking about playing a Ysoki Mechanic (using an exoskeleton) with the scholar theme. Going to be focused on hacking, ship repair, and ranged weaponry.

Motivation would stem from his desires to study firsthand any new technology, preferably those from more advanced civilizations. Joining the Society would be the fastest way to get such permissions and get on-hand research.

The Exchange

I'd love to join if not too late. I have two characters I'd like to play but haven't had a chance yet. I'd be glad to do either as helped part balance.

Salvo, known to most as Sal. Ysoki mercenary drone mechanic. Sal has worked in a number of larger mercenary bands over the year as an engineer providing support and assistance for those in the front lines. Currently free from his contracts he's looking for something different to test his newly completed Mark 1 Artillery drone. Focus on engineering and computers out of combat. In combat he will let Mark 1 do most of the fighting while working to build defenses for the rest of the team and boost offense with overcharge. I don't think the AP goes long enough but eventually Sal will pick up some heavy weapons himself and become a one mouse Artillery support unit. Well, him and whichever Mark he's on by then.

Trascilion, Shirren Scholar Operative(detective). Trascilion has spent years studying and mastering genetic engineering. Convinced that the secret to freeing the rest of his race from the bondage of the swarm must lay along those lines. Trascilion is looking to take his studies beyond the lab in hopes that experiencing the Vast will give him the tools or inspiration to complete his self imposed mission. Very much a knowledge focused character, in combat he'll look to provide the right info and attack at the right time.

I would LOVE to play in your game. I'd like to play a Draelik (From the Alien Archive). If you'd rather something more normal, I'd be happy to play an Android.

I'd like to play a mechanic with an exocortex who focuses on Longarms. He adds some skills to the party, but deals a lot of damage in combat as well.

Deeka is a Draelik who has abandoned the ideals of his home planet. He no longer believes in spreading chaos and entropy. Instead, he has joined the Starfinder Society to try and spread some peace and unity across the universe.

For posting history, I have quite a few characters. Lumo and Johnny show off my high posting rate and the character I deliver in my posts.

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I'd be interested in playing a gray, a maraquoi or a drow... would you consider any of those? Let me know and I'll finish up a concept asap. :)

Dotting prior to proper submission.

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I would be happy to toss my hat (or spacesuit helmet) into the ring.
Will post a more detailed proposal later.
Good game for all!

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Wow, do many people, but I'd love to try applying to this. I'll get a concept post together later.

Hey, I'm definitely interested. Would like to run the AP sometime, so getting the chance to play it would be great!

Concept-wise, I'm thinking of a human tinker, an engineer, who travels through the galaxy (spacefarer theme) to pick up knowledge of mechanics and what not, to add on to his own creations. However, he is also slightly xenophobic. Having slowly seen his home, Absalom Station, being "invaded" by more and more aliens, he can't help but become slowly resentful.

Why human? Because I noticed that in all my Starfinder games, no one is playing humans anymore! So I want to explore what being human is like in a galaxy where they are now a minority. :)

Mechanically, he is not going be a mechanic but rather a soldier, with either the armor storm or bombard specialisation as those most fit the tinkering concept. In combat, he will be a frontliner (AC and SP might be of concern for a while as stats would be diverted to Int). Will be pumping skill focus or skill synergy to push up engineering. This will allow him to serve as a ship's engineer in starship combats.

I know mechanically, this is not very optimised but I wanted to see how much I could push the concept. So, let me know if this works. :)

Interested in this. FYI though I am already in one Dead Suns AP (non-PFS) with a different character.

Concept: Lashunta (Korasha) Icon/Solarian (Weapon)
Tactical Role: Melee (& thrown weapons)
Starship Role: Captain
Noncombat Role: Face

Scores: 18/10/10/11/8/16
HP: 11
SP: 7
RP: 4

The character (still working on a name) was a bodybuilder and trivision actor. For many years he was the starring character in a Castrovel Tri-Vee show called "The Knights of Golarion" set on a fictionalized Golarion before the gap (which the writers, having no actual information about what Golarion was like, just invented almost everything wholesale). He played a Solarian hero.

In order to hone his performance he continued to research the Solarians, visiting monasteries, studying their history and practices, and spending time among Solarians while they trained. He felt this would enable him to portray a Solarian character more realistically.

But one day, while meditating among Solarions, his power awoke! He suddenly found himself with the abilities of a real Solarian! For a while he continued acting on the show, but eventually, though still a novice, he decided that he must use his abilities for a higher purpose.

When the studio learned that he was leaving the show suddenly, they sued for breach of contract. Never good with managing his money, he found himself penniless. But through crowdfunding he managed to raise funds to buy some equipment and go to Absalom Station and join the Starfinders.

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As Kuey, I'd be happy to be part of the adventure, both for the pleasure, and to be able to play it before DMing (PbP & tabletop).

My proposed character would be:
A young female human (late teens) Envoy, who is a Scholar.
Party role being social interaction, Skills (trying to cover most of the trained only ones) and Healer (SPs via Inspiring Boost, to compliment the HPs the Mystic would "cover") - a support character I guess.
From Absalom Station - she has never traveled yet - she was a University student, a curious and joyful soul, who led a protected life, her father being a Corp' suit.
But, due to his disappearance, the family's status has dropped, with the mother having to find employment, moving to way lower down the Spire, dropping out of the University... (toying w. the idea that the father was married and supporting his mistress and love-child on the side).
Now she's s still curious, still has an upbeat personality, but is hit hard by the harsh reality of her new life.

I'm thinking a human male Ace Pilot Operative (probably hacker, possibly ghost), still fairly young. Obviously he'd be fairly effective in combat. Out of combat he'd generally be there for skills, scouting, stealth and infiltration, driving, and things like that. On a starship, I'm picturing him as a pilot, but he'd be able to fill in reasonably well just about anywhere other than the Captain's chair.

Born and raised in the poorer areas of Absalom Station, he grew up fascinated with computers and machines of all sorts, and would often sneak off to the upper levels to get a closer look at the ships docking with the station. He also got very good at moving quietly and remaining unseen while evading the dangers one finds down in the Spike, and found that there were a number of opportunities for someone with that particular combination of skills. He spent his teenage years doing freelance hacking and espionage work for individuals, gangs, and even a few smaller companies here and there.

He got bored and tired of it eventually; he wanted more out of life. So, one day he gathered up what money and equipment he had and stowed away on a ship bound for Akiton. Slipping off the ship and onto the planet's surface, with a chance to finally make something of himself, he was ecstatic... for a very short while. Much to his consternation, he soon found himself doing a lot of what he was doing back home. After a few years on Akiton, he jumped at the opportunity to go back to Absalom Station and join the Starfinders. If he can't escape the things he's good at, why not finally put it to good use? It couldn't be any worse than spending the rest of his life on that red ball of dirt.

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JAF0 wrote:
I'd be interested in playing a gray, a maraquoi or a drow... would you consider any of those? Let me know and I'll finish up a concept asap. :)

JAF0, after seeing how well Kwiazy turned out, I would certainly consider a drow from you. It may require a little more backstory as part of your submission to explain why he is good, though.

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Sedoriku wrote:

Wow, do many people, but I'd love to try applying to this. I'll get a concept post together later.

Don't forget the two reserved spots. You are eligible for those (Faliana/Tad).

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Well I would like to throw my hat in the ring:

For this I have a Vesk Technomancer. Born and raised on Absolom station so a "second generation" type thinking, knows some of his racial history, but is much more cosmopolitan. He is also on the small side for a vesk, but still his wiry and strong.

He was studying and teaching at the Arcanarium until recently. There was an incident involving a gnome and high energy magic. Now his is out and about looking for adventure.

Starship role would be science or engineering.

I'd love to be a part of this. May I introduce Digger Wesrick, Human Envoy.

He's an old-timer, getting on in years, but has learned in his time that he's better at nudging at the edges than charging in. He's a stubborn old man with an inexplicable fear of zero gravity, but he'll be at your back in the worst of times and take all the credit for a victory even if all he did was shoot from the back.

He's meant to act as a face primarily, with battle support and partial skill monkey. He's supposed to be that endearing crotchety guy, and hopefully that came across.

I'm super interested in this AP, and I'm glad to see other GMs are running it here for PbP!

My concept for this would be an Android Technomancer with the Xenoseeker Theme - she is a follower of the Triune, awakened into consciousness on the planet Aballon twenty years ago and has taken to the worship of the machine deity. Her faith in the Triune also drives her towards the exploration through the use of the Drift, knowing that her god would not have bestowed such gifts on mortals if they did not want them to be pilgrims seeking out new worlds and new alien species.

While happy with her faith and her overarching mission in life, she finds that there is a void that she hadn't been able to fill in her years on Aballon. Only after coming to Absalom Station and observing the organics has she realized that she was actually lonely. So now she attempts in very awkward ways to try and make connections with other individuals, often consulting self-help references to aid her attempts at casual conversation and socialization.

Concept: Xenoseeker Android Technomancer
Combat Role: Support/Blaster
Starship Role: Science Officer
Noncombat Role: Hacker/Researcher

Hi, i'm going to throw my hat in as well even if i'm new; if anything i'm curious what you as a GM would think of the character concept.

It would be a Goblin Mechanic with an Exocortex, probably themeless or outlaw at best. Somewhere deep in either Absalom Station or on one of the Pact World they experimented to see if they could make lesser life smarter and obedient soldiers; so they shoved an AI into a goblin to do just that. Problem was the little troglodyte escaped and now thinks the voice in his head is a constant divine intervention.

The AI was made to problem solve and adapt. When it found out it's creators planned to make it expendable as well, it saw a problem; adapted; and plans to solve the problem by staying alive in its new host and one day shutting down its creators.

Concept: Goblin Mechanic on the Run
Combat Role: Specialist/Ranged
Starship Role: Mechanic
Noncombat Role: Scout

It's probably not helpful in this situation, but I'd like to submit a primary character and then I have a couple of secondary submissions for an 'if it piques your interest' since I'm really hoping to play him at some point.

Primary Submission: Per'el 'Danger' Troblevey
Concept: Elf Mercenary Soldier (Arcane Assailant) - Former ceremonial guard following in the footsteps of his now deceased older Starfinder brother.
Combat Role: Melee primary, tank secondary
Background: Crunch and background are both in the Profile link above.

Secondary Submission: LG Male Human Envoy (Priest) - A southern preacher-style Priest of Iomedai, what he lacks for in powers he makes up for with quick wits and quick guns. Due to his seeming lack of blessings despite his faith and position in the church, he has been sent to represent the church in the reforming Starfinders. (If needed character could also be built as Mystic Icon with small changes)

Posting History: I've only begun PbP games on the forum in the last couple of months, though I am currently in a SFS game that can be found here as Isho Ishi, Ysoki Medic and Mechanic and also an Ironfang Invasion AP as Elrik Barrow that is just starting. Hopefully my post quality makes up for my lack of history.

Thanks for the consideration.

Wow. Lot of interest for this game, but that's great! I know I am late to the party but will throw my hat into the ring in case there is a lottery or something.

Primary Submission: Niro Baron
Concept: Human Operative Thief Criminal
Combat Role: Ranged/Sneak/Flank
Background: Raised on an industrial world and worked/hustled/stole way our of indentured servitude. Now a hardened thief always looking for the next big score.

Posting History: Regular pbp player that has not problem with daily posts. See Heccan for sample posts and frequency.

That is just a concept would love to play, but I would play any character necessary to fulfill party needs. I am confident I could whip up a decent concept and backstory to fit any roll.

Very cool of you to run an AP like this and open it up to the community Redelia, thank you for your time and consideration. If I don't make the cut, no worries and have a great game. It's threads like this one that make these forums the absolute best gaming community bar none.

Peace, Love and Good Gaming


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Concept: Outlaw Drow Solarion (considering Phrenic Adept archetype)
Combat Role: ranged
Starship Role: captain
Noncombat Role: face

Former member of a secretive and close-knit group of spacefaring drow traders, specializing in black market weapons. When his powers began to manifest, his teammates shunned him. Feeling that he was destined for something bigger and better than arms trading, he has turned to the SFS to seek a new career.

Hope you like him... of course there is much more to his background and crunch that stated here.

... and this is your reminder that I'm in one of your long term games already :)

I am interested, but am suffering from a headache right now. Therefore no character concept or anything else at this moment. I can have something up this weekend. I probably ran something for you earlier, will let you know in my next post here.

If this means I am out of luck that is fine. I am also running the AP locally, but can keep character knowledge separate from player knowledge.

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Hello! I'm also interested in applying. I don't have much of a posting history because I started playing PBP here just about a week ago. However, I'm able to post daily and can oftentimes post multiple times per day.

If allowed, I'd like to go with playing a space goblin because Paizo goblins never fail to make me smile. I'm happy to play any class if a space goblin is allowed (whichever best rounds out the group), so I've put together a goblin concept for each class. The backstory for my character would be as follows, with a bit of tweaking to suit whichever class may ultimately be selected:

He grew up scrounging together an existence in downtrodden neighborhoods within Absalom station. The abject poverty led some residents to overlook typical anti-goblin prejudices and form cordial, if not friendly, bonds for mutual support and survival in such conditions. This goblin in particular got along with the children of many other races by playing in various condemned engineering passages & maintenance tubes. These areas, although abandoned, were still powered, unpredictable, and dangerous. On numerous occasions, he saved the lives of childhood playmates and they saved his life as well. It's a wonder any of them survived early childhood but it was through these interactions that the goblin learned that doing good brought worthwhile rewards. In his 'teens,' he met a benefactor that saw unusual potential in the goblin. That benefactor (whom I'd tailor according to whichever class may be selected) provided the skills and the role-model the goblin needed to advance beyond being a typical goblin thug or gang leader. Instead, this goblin aspires to establish a peaceful, productive goblin tribe that can legitimately co-exist with other races on Absalom station. But to accomplish this, he would first have to establish a name and good reputation for himself amongst both goblins and non-goblins.

Side Note: As a player, there is no way that I can see my character succeeding at this. A peaceful goblin tribe would be like cats and dogs living would result in mass hysteria!

My various class concepts are:

An Envoy xenoseeker named Handsome Gob but he also likes to be called just 'Handsome' because of course he does. He sees the establishment of trust and friendly relations with all races to be of paramount importance in establishing the envisioned tribe. He also thinks giving and receiving harmless practical jokes as the best way to establishing those relations.

Non-Combat Role: Face
Combat Role: Support
Starship Role: Captain or Engineer

A Mechanic priest named Cogs with an exocortex. He is a follower of Triune and believes the exocortex AI in his head is actually Triune directly speaking and assisting him, so he does seem a bit 'off' to the sane folks around him. He also believes that obtaining official recognition from the church of Triune is critical to establishing the tribe's legitimacy.

Non-Combat Role: Tech-Based Skills
Combat Role: Ranged Weapons
Starship Role: Engineer or Science

A Star Shaman Mystic icon named Spaceman Spiff aka Spacey Spiff, Spiff, Spiffy, etc. Being a space goblin that can fly around in the vacuum of space without a space suit, he has become a bit of a curiosity with a small following amongst a circle of goblins and non-goblins alike. He figures that if he becomes famous enough, he can leverage that celebrity status into convincing other goblins to form a tribe with him and convince non-goblins that such a tribe is not a threat. After all, celebrities are trustworthy, right?

Non-Combat Role: Survivalist and Face (particularly first contact with beings with whom we do not share a common language)
Combat Role: Magic Support
Starship Role: Captain, Gunner, perhaps Pilot

A Ghost Operative ace pilot named Tiptoe. This goblin focuses on getting the job done quickly and quietly but likes to leave a calling card (I'm thinking a little space goblin plushy) that would be discovered after he's long gone. He thinks that if he does enough jobs for governmental or quasi-governmental organizations, he can get enough backing to establish the envisioned tribe.

Non-Combat Role: Stealth, Scouting, Subterfuge, and perhaps a bit of Survival & Tech Skills
Combat Role: Ranged Weapons
Starship Role: Pilot, Gunner, perhaps Engineer

A Solarian spacefarer named FarOut. Despite being a warrior, he's, like, just trying to become one with the universe, man. He believes in fighting for peace and love, dude. In a nutshell, he's a new age space goblin hippy who will, whenever possible, try to subdue an opponent rather than kill them as death brings negative karmic mojo (but this isn't a strict vow that he always adheres to, especially if his teammates' lives or the mission is at stake). He always wears some article of tie-dye clothing, typically a bandanna. As for the goblin tribe, he's not absolutely convinced Absalom station is the best place, so he's looking to explore the 'verse to find the raddest possible spot with the most righteous energy, bro.

Non-Combat Role: Face
Combat Role: Melee
Starship Role: Captain or Gunner

A Guard (or maybe Blitz) Soldier scholar named Wambam, sometimes called Wam, sometimes called Bam. This is a tough little goblin who is slightly self conscious about his small stature and over compensates by acting (somewhat) indestructible - he's always trying to protect his team by taking hits. Assuming he survives any given encounter, he likes to declare how much tougher small races are. He believes the best way to establish a long-lasting, stable tribe is through a combination of martial strength and enlightened scholarship (although his definition of 'scholarship' may be unconventional by rational, non-goblin standards).

Non-Combat Role: Athletics/Acrobatics, perhaps a field medic with Medical Skills
Combat Role: Melee/Tank
Starship Role: Gunner or Pilot

A Technomancer mercenary named Brik. A bit of a pragmatist, he knows that establishing a tribe requires resources and contacts, starting with credits and the type of organizations that pay lots of credits for a job well done. He'll take jobs so long as it pays well and the cause is not unjust. Oddly, he derives an unusual amount of joy rendering his enemy's technological devices useless, at which points he yells, 'Ha! Brik'd it!" No one understands what he's talking about.

Non-Combat Role: Tech-Based Skills
Combat Role: Magic Support
Starship Role: Engineer or Science

Apologies, this post came out longer than I expected but even if I'm not selected, this was a fun exercise in thinking up what space goblin characters I would want to play in 'campaign mode' games. I hope this was as amusing to read as it was to write! Perhaps once I get a bit more PBP experience under my belt, I'll GM an adventure path where everyone plays a space goblin...

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A bit less than 6 hours left, guys.

Magabeus, even if you have not run something for me specifically, your contributions to the online community do put you into that category. If you can get something in by the deadline, please do. Otherwise, I will still consider you as an applicant and if you are chosen, let you fill in any holes in the party with a character that you would enjoy.

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Redelia wrote:
Sedoriku wrote:

Wow, do many people, but I'd love to try applying to this. I'll get a concept post together later.

Don't forget the two reserved spots. You are eligible for those (Faliana/Tad).

I'd forgotten you were the face behind little Tad! It's always so comforting to read his posts. :D

Also sorry about getting this idea in pretty late, the big site outage yesterday was during my best posting times so it really threw a wrench in my posting.

Assuming a Ryphorian is an acceptable race, I'd like to try playing Driaxum, a winterborn outlaw starshaman Mystic. (oof that's a mouthful)

And for a bit of background:
Driaxum always idolized the SkyFire Legion and the promenent Summerborn rhyporians who were the face of the legion and always wanted to undergo the genetic treatment to become one. His highly religious and conservative family however strictly forbade the young man from it, finding it unnatural. The young Driaxum, in rebellion, started hanging out with more and more unsavory crowds, pushing the envelope in a childish attempt at punishing his parents.

It never resulted in much until he joined the Romaxin Gang. Up until that point, he'd always been playing at being a rebel, without doing much worse than stealing a few small trinkets here or there,but the Romaxin Gang was serious and soon forced Driaxum into large robberies and gang conflicts. The gang also forced the man into learning Sarenrae scriptures and start to worship the Dawmflower, hoping to take advantage of her forgiving nature.

I have more, but I have to run to work and won't be able to post the rest for a few hours.

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Forgot to mention. Believe I GM'd once in the past for Lyrics of Extinction.


I'll throw in my hat, if the recruitment is still open.

I typed up a full profile, and then Paizo ate it. :(

Anyways, this PC is a human sharpshooter soldier with the Phrenic Adept archetype and the xenoseeker theme.

I can get the profile completed either tonight after the kids go to bed, or tomorrow sometime.

His role will be as the gunner, but he's not a typical soldier. The phrenic adept gives him some useful out of combat stuff to work with, and his starting feat expands his skills, so they're beyond the typical soldier.

Jacques "Jack" has interests in learning about alien races. He recently separated from the military, and is looking to join the SFS as a chance to explore the universe. He had latent psychic abilities that have yet to manifest - but he will soon discover what life has in store for him while he pursues his dreams amongst the stars!

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Okay, I have some time now., I'm going to try reworking the first half of Driaxum's background as it's not really flowing like I'd like it to.

Driaxum always idolized the SkyFire Legion, and the many promenent summerborn who were the face of the legion. As such from a young age he always wanted to undergo the genetic treatment to transition into one. His highly religious and conservative family, however, strictly forbade him from it, finding it unnatural. Not having the right to choose for himself until it was too late to easily undergo, the young man started hanging out with unsavory crowds, pushing the envelope in a childish attempt at punishing his parents.

His actions never resulted in much more than petty pranks and skipping classes at school. That is until one day after a particularly nasty fight with his parents, he joined the Romaxin Gang. Up until ten he'd mostly been play at being a rebel, and for a while the rush of actually being one was fun. The gang intially only had him do much more than stealing a few small trinkets here or there. However the gang started to press him to do more and more, quickly pushing the young man outside of his comort zone. Driaxum began to want to leave the gang, but was too far in that they were more likely to kill him than let him go.

One day, when the gang was planning on robbing a church that was being a nuisance and murdering the priests, he came up with an idea in a bid to avoid having to take part in the slaughter. He'd use the knowledge his parents had given him and pose as a priest of Sarenrae and scope the place out. It went well, and the gang leadership decided to take further advantage of the persona, forcing Driaxum to study scripture and start praying to her.

Surprisingly, he actually developed the powers of a mystic, learning to cast a few spells, despite the circumstances. Thinking to take advantage of te Dawnflower's forgiving nature, the gang started using him to front and hide their intentionsm, making the young mystic ask for forgiveness afterwards.

This worked for a while, until one day, after a particularly nasty space combat, though it had been closer to a slaughter, Driaxum discovered his powers had been cut off. He told te bosses of the gang, but believe he was just holding out on them, they turned on him. He tfled, but being on a ship, had few place to run. He was soon cornered near an airlock, and instead of being captured or tortured, he decided to take the airlock. With a final, and for the first time sincere prayer of apology to the goddess, he threw himself out into the vacumn. He quickly passed out from hyperventalation, expecting the worst, not realizing the goddess had given him one last chance.

He woke up hours later, the Romaxian Gang long gone, alone in space. With all of the time to think and reflect, he decided to repent, and truly repent. Unable to go back to Triaxus with the bounty on his head and the Romaxian Gang liable to shoot him on sight, and therefore unable t join his beloved SkyFire Legion, he caught a ride on the outside of a ship headed for Abasalom and the Starfinders.

Having seriously tried to turn over a new leaf, Driaxum tries to act the part of a good holy man, being kind and helpful, no being quick to judge or disiss. But beneath that there asre still a few of his old habits, immediately judging the value of things, hiding his credstick orweapons on himself, and being quick to defend himself if he feels threatened.

Role: Healer and secondary combat support
Starship role: Gunner and secondary pilot
Out of combat: some skills support

I have more, but I have to run to work and won't be able to post the rest for a few hours.

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Because of the website issues, I am extending recruitment by one day. Thanks for all the interesting looking submissions so far, guys.

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Dangit I forgot to erase that last line in my last post! I really don't have any more to add!

Redelia, it looks like you have more than enough applicants, and I just got the opportunity to run this IRL. I will pull my submission from this game. Good luck, everyone!

I have two concepts that I would like to try out:

1) Dribble: a female skittermander mystic with the overlord connection. Dribble wants nothing more then that everybody is friends . She believes that the Starfinder society is the best place to make new friends and be a power for good. She is chaotic good.
Party role: face; Starship role: either captain, science officer or secondary gunner; theme: xenoseeker;

2) Jake: a desperate human soldier from Akiton. He earned his living in a tasheron mine, but when the mine closed down he fell down hard. His childhood love left him and he started drinking more and more. This in turn led him to become associated with less savory people. When his father died Jake found out that he could not face himself in the mirror. He signed up with the Starfinder Society, hoping to turn a new page. His alingment is true neutral at the beginning with probably a development towards neutral good during the AP. I think that fits better with his background than shoe-horning him into a good allignment. His main motivation is to escape his former life. Doing well for others is not the first thing he is interested in.
Party role: fighter (armor storm); Starship role: pilot or gunner; theme: outlaw.

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Hi Redelia... I'm keeping my name in the pot, but I had planned on posting a bit more of my character's background and such before you make a decision... LIfe got in the way, and I didn't get a chance - between too many obligations the last 2 days and the website issues, I've just not been able to finish writing it all up and posting it... However the concepts are there and Hopefully you like what I posted already and I'll get a chance to write much more for you. What a field to pick from though, I don't envy you the decision making! - JAF0


Ok, I'm pretty sure I have Jack's profile complete.

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Recruitment is now closed. I will try to make a decision tomorrow and let you know.

Other thoughts on my android technomancer's background:

Her name is Mithri. She decided on that name after observing how pretty. Mithril metals were a few weeks after her 'birth'. She was happy on Aballon to start, finding work in technological research labs, first just as an assistant but learning about the relationships between technology and magic as she continued. She eventually was taken as an apprentice by another android technomancer, Pyrite.

Pyrite became something of a father figure to Mithri. He was nearly a century old when they met. Mithri suspected that he might have known her previous incarnation, but he never expressed anything to confirm that feeling. He taught her the value of technomancy, and of the Triune. She took to the faith readily, especially excited by the idea of exploration as a life long pursuit.

A year before the current one, Pyrite disappeared. It happened without any warning for her, leaving all of his possessions at the lab and leaving her with a burning question. No one had seen him enter any rebirth chamber, and despite his age he seemed determined to finish his research before he passed on. This mystery of finding what happen to her mentor is what pushed her to finally break away from her insular lifestyle and finally seek out new worlds and species - and perhaps one day, find her missing mentor.

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You guys really did not make this an easy choice. I've mostly picked players rather than characters.

Magabeus: Dribble, skittermander mystic
Tyranius: shirren mystic
JAF0: Drow solarion
RePete: skittermander envoy, pilot
Pumpkinhead11: goblin mechanic (I wanted to include one newer player)
Sedoriku: I don't think we need a third mystic, but I still want to offer you a slot, if you can come up with a character you would enjoy who would fill out the party.

Those selected can come post in the discussion thread.

For those of you who I could not include, thank you for you interesting character ideas. I wish you happy gaming.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I hope everyone enjoys the game!

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