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Not to worry, Outpost 3 is coming. Granted it's about 1.5 months away...

Announcement thread

Here's some names based on movies that I've seen or wanted to see over the past year. This is not a serious entry as I didn't include any themes but I wanted to throw this in for giggles.

For what I lack in cleverness and well thought-out themes, I hope to make up with quantity of facepalms and groans...

  • Avengers: PbPgame
  • Wayfinder: Far From Home
  • 2E: The Rise of Pathfinder
  • Fun & Ferocious Presents: Paths and Stars
  • Outpost: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
  • Jumanjaizo: The Next Edition
  • Once Upon a Time... In Paizowood
  • Outpostland: Double Tap

    Please don't ban me...

  • Shiny!!

    Wow Shifty! True to your avatar, you're some kind of ninja GM!

    I've got a level 5 soldier

    I'll sign up as well! I've got one or two characters in tier.

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    Thank you for sharing!!!

    I've also signed up but feel free to bump me if the table is full.

    I'd be interested in 1-39. I have one, maybe two level 7/8 characters.

    I'm unable to submit an order. I had previously tried to place an order but the transaction was declined as I used an old, outdated credit card.

    I've since entered a new credit card but when I click place order nothing happens. Also, the place order button is bright red.

    Any ideas on how to correct this? Take my money...please?

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    Thank you Hmm for all you've done! I joined the PBP while it was under your watch and in my view, you've been a grand, tireless and respected pillar of the community. I couldn't say thank you enough.

    Tyranius, I'm happy to hear you'll be taking over! In reading Hmm's post, I was literally thinking to myself, 'Tyranius should take over' before I even got to Hmm's words confirming this to be the case. And that's because of all the amazing work I've already seen you do for the community. Thank you for picking up the mantle!

    Yep, if you find a sixth, please go ahead without me. If my bandwidth frees up, I'll check back in to see if there's still space but if not, then no worries!

    Hiya! Just saw Hmm's message on Flaxseed. I didn't realize this thread was still active! My pfs tracker is currently up to date and I've already played Honorbound.

    However, I'm signed up for all I can handle at the moment although one of the tables I'm GMing isn't legal yet and another table I'm signed up to play doesn't yet have a link. So I'm not sure if those will get off the ground.

    But please proceed without me and if my capacity frees up and there's still space here, I'll jump on board! Thank you!!

    DoubleGold wrote:
    You know that Skittercrash I was going to do Monday. Not enough interest, game is cancelled. It seems I can never get a live game to run on rolld20.

    For live games on roll20, I suggest looking for players on the organized play discord server. You're more likely to find folks there, I believe as the forums here are populated with primarily PBP players.

    I believe the server is located here:

    Sorry to hear about the ordeal but happy to hear you're on the mend! Really good to see you on the boards again. Hope your recovery continues positively and looking forward to seeing you in-game again when you're able!

    DM Bigrin wrote:
    Also, make definitive actions that require (or at least encourage) responses from other players or the GM. This is often known as the "Always be Pushing" principle and it helps keep PBP games from stalling.

    This is a massively good piece of advice. However, I refer to it as "always be progressing".

    bigboom flashes a big grin. (see what I did there? ;-) )

    Looks like it's that time of year again for the annual string of posts that pop up letting us know how smurfed the boards are! Mmmm... Smurf-i-licious!

    Wow, a lotta interest across both tiers! My character is a lvl 4 soldier.

    Shifty wrote:
    Kai Starchaser wrote:
    Are any other 1-2 tier scenarios going to be starting soon? There's been a bunch of 3+ lately but nothing lower that I can tell.

    Keen for 1-32 Acts of association?

    I'm going through catching up on scenarios I haven't run yet and that's one in the tier you suggest that I haven't run :)

    I'll sign up as well if there's still space!

    Haha! It's like game of thrones... Everyone is fair game!!! Okay, well note quite like game of thrones but everyone is fair game!!

    So if I read it correctly, there's no reason NOT to sign up, right?

    Hmmmm... As much as I like the idea of throwing together a character named Slappy, I'm starting to contemplate a half-orc solarion named Blazin' Bubba!!

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    So here's what I see so far...

    Nomadical: Mystic 2, Envoy 3
    Dennis: Envoy 1, Soldier 1, Technomancer 2, Operative 3
    Elinnea: Envoy 2, New Soldier/Solarion
    Hmm: hmmmmmm...??
    bigboom: New level 1

    Hypothetically, if Elinnea goes with Envoy, then Nomadical can go with Mystic. Then Dennis would be setup for either Technomancer or Soldier. Just hypothetically...

    Thank you GM XaveTheNerd! I'll drop you a PM.

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    Hello everyone! I've got a request. Since Starfinder came out, I've been more or less dedicated to playing SFS and haven't much touched PFS. However, with PF2 coming out, I realized that I never quite finished a specific goal I had with one of my PFS characters and time may be running out on what I was trying to accomplish with that character.

    So I'm putting out a game request and spoilering the details here just for the GMs to review and consider because the nature of my request is a bit spoiler-ish.

    8-07: From the Tome of Righteous Repose or possibly other scenario?:
    Alright, so I have a PFS character that is a level 7 tetori / qinggong monk. He's basically a crazy mad grappler / wrestler. But the catch is he's a halfling - a rough 'n tumble small lil guy with a big, big dream! He swears that someday he'll grapple down a dragon!!

    So that's basically the goal I've had with this character - which is to play a PFS scenario where he'd have an opportunity to grapple an actual dragon.

    I've played Tome of Righteous Repose before and have been told there is a story path with dragons although I have not yet played that story path. So my request would be for someone to run that for me specifically with the dragon-related encounters.

    Or, alternatively, run some other PFS scenario that a level 7 character can partake in that contains dragons. I personally don't know of any but if any GM is willing to take me up on this and has a suggestion, I'm happy to roll with any scenario with dragons!

    Now in exchange for some kind soul GMing a game for me, I'll be happy to GM any SFS scenario you like. And I'm happy to do so concurrently with this PFS game or after. As for start date, I'm flexible - even if you prefer to wait until after the upcoming Outpost II!!

    Any PFS GMs interested...??

    Hiyas everyone! You'll do great, GM Numbat!

    I don't have a character prepared at this level, so I am happy to slap together a brand new level 1 anything to fill in the gaps based upon what everyone else is bringing.

    Hmmmmmm.....that gives me an idea. I think I'll name him Slapdash or Slappy or Slappt TooGather or...........

    But if we go high tier, I'm happy to play a pregen!

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    Bigrin, thank you for all your efforts!!

    LoreMaster, I believe the current install of PCGEN already comes with alien archive bundled up so no need to copy additional data files over! Just install PCGEN and it should be there.

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    Congrats Kuey!! Nice one!!

    DM Bigrin wrote:
    FYI - I uploaded the Starfinder Armory files to the pcgen newsources repository yesterday, if anyone wants to take them for a spin.

    Oh yah! Most certainly will do sir! Thank you!

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    GM SFS wrote:

    So, so far we would have:

    • level 3 soldier or level 4 envoy (though Ratatat's sheet says 2nd level)
    • solarion 3
    • mechanic 3
    • soldier 1 / envoy 1


    Ah right! Thanks for the reminder. I've updated both my soldier and envoy's profile:


    I've got two possible characters to bring to the table. Either a level 3 soldier or a level 4 envoy. I'll wait a bit to see what others are bringing.

    I'd like to sign onto the waitlist as well just in case you have people dropping out. I won't apply with a playtest class but I have a mechanic, envoy, or soldier available to join should space free up!

    Lih Soloroh wrote:
    Is there any way to get a Starfinder Avatar? It seems like they only have Pathfinder avatars available.

    The Starfinder avatars were fairly recently added. So you could also sort by date so that the most recent avatars are displayed. Then you can scroll through page by page and you should see some Starfinder avatars relatively quickly.

    Anyways, I just popped by just out of curiosity. Unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth to sign up for a long term campaign but I'm a fan of the Glass Cannon podcast and I wish you guys a good time!!

    DM Bigrin wrote:
    You could also look into using PCGEN. We have a new release going out tonight that adds Alien Archive. I am getting close to being done with the Armory as well.

    Does there happen to be a thread around here somewhere that announces when PCGEN gets updated with new sources? Just wondering...

    Thank you very much for the game Hmm!! That was awesome!!

    And thanks to my fellow players - genuinely fun and funny times with you all!!

    I'm also having the same issue with these two campaigns of mine:
    Link 1
    Link 2

    Looking forward to seeing the fix in the next update! Thank you!

    Still here as well! I've got a level 2 soldier and a level 4 envoy available. With Sidor being level 4, I'll probably bring my envoy.

    Anytime works for me! Totally flexible with whatever works best for everyone!


    Test post

    bigboom wrote:
    Unfortunately, turning it sideways to horizontal doesn't help on my device. However, I loaded up Firefox browser and it appears I don't have this same issue.

    Interestingly, everything now seems to be displayed correctly on my device's Chrome browser. However, this issue is now appearing on my Firefox browser. But for me, that's not a problem as I generally use Chrome anyways.

    eggellis wrote:
    Cool. One other question: My character is level 1 and 2/3 now but will probably be 3 or 4 by then. Should I go ahead and sign up for the 3-4 tables?

    Eggxcellent question! Your question was already answered but I was compelled to post a pun...

    However, I'll also add that when you sign up, I suggest you mention this so that the GM is aware your character is not quite there but expected to be at the required level come game time.

    Yah, very weird. I've never seen that before and I've reported!

    May I also suggest checking out an upcoming PBP con?? Lots of games coming to an internet-enabled device near you!

    Click for details

    Edit: D'oh! GM Paladin beat me to the punch...

    Unfortunately, turning it sideways to horizontal doesn't help on my device. However, I loaded up Firefox browser and it appears I don't have this same issue.

    I'm having the same issue with some of my PBP threads. However, I have much more than 3 to 10 characters missing. Sometimes it's more than half the screen, to the point I can't even access the preview, cancel and submit post buttons because they're off screen to the right and I can't get to them.

    I'm also using Chrome on a pixel 1

    I'd like to sign up as well. I'm not yet sure which character I'll bring but I believe I'll have the following characters available come game time!

  • Mechanic Level 3, maybe 4
  • Envoy Level 3, maybe 4
  • Soldier Level 2

  • Liam wrote:
    Done - and that's 3 players

    Thank you! And I'll most likely be bringing my mechanic, so have dotted in with him!

    bigboom wrote:
    Sign me up as well! Not yet sure which character I'll bring tho...

    I've dotted in! I believe I'll have the following characters available come game time!

  • Mechanic Level 3, maybe 4
  • Envoy Level 3, maybe 4
  • Soldier Level 2

  • Liam, may I make a request? Would you mind taking the scenario description out of the campaign's 'Short Description' field?

    That way, it won't clutter up our campaigns tab, particularly when viewed on a relatively small little smartphone screen.

    Thank you!!!

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