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Thank you Tyranius for all of your tireless work and unending contributions! It has been a great joy!

And also a huge thanks to Bigrin42 for taking up the mantle!

Throwing my name in for the draw!!

1) Character name: Arratoi
2) SFS#-Character#: 194657 - 703
3) Character Class & Level: Envoy level 8
4) Faction: Acquisitives

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Congratulations all! And well-deserved Shifty!

Ahhhh... PaizoCon.... Perhaps someday....


Guess? Mk 2 wrote:
Okay, what should we make him say while he's gone? :P


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Nefreet wrote:
Man I would love to play something high tier like that, and I have a Dead Suns melee Soldier who I'd love to play again, but I barely have time for the PbPs I'm in now, so I shouldn't try to stretch myself =(

Stretch yourself? Pun intended? Hehehe

And thanks again for reaching out, Cellion. I also really wish I had the bandwidth for it!

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I just came across this video.

I imagine this is what Jhaeman's Sem looked like playing drums in the previous Band on the Run scenario... Assuming the costume worn in this video was a kasatha costume that is!!

And perhaps Sem was playing little children's show gigs until Neon and Noqual picked him up! Ha!

Norbert's aid made me literally LOL as well!

Hey there! Sorry, I missed the link somewhere along the way and didn't know the thread was already up! Thanks for the DM, Shifty!

Here's my character info:

  • Character name: Blazin' Bubba
  • SFS ID: 194657-708
  • Level: 5

    For the pregens, I'm leaning towards the envoy. After that, I don't have a strong preference and am okay with any of the three.

  • Oh 80's fashion........ Makes me laugh AND cry!

    Hey, for the train robbery, is it 4 players or 6?

    I'm torn with the amount of other games going on at the moment and REALLY wanting to go on a sci-fi train heist!!

    Gah! Let's do eeeet!! Count me in!!

    I recently played "The Starfinder Four vs The Hardlight Harlequin" run by the great Shifty here: LINK

    Having played Chox, I have his character sheet in BB code to submit to the project here: Chox BB Sheet

    Can someone with access to the project place Chox's sheet in the appropriate place here? Project Google Drive

    I haven't played the train heist one. Happy to roll with either scenario!

    (Again, assuming you'll have me and there's space!)

    I'd be up for Band on the Run if you'll have me and there's space!

    I'd be up for playing those as well. Haven't played or GM'd any of them.

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    Wooo! Congrats HMM!!!


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    Nefreet wrote:
    BigNorseWolf wrote:
    What the heck is going on in the other universe that there are knives and needles flying everywhere?

    Yesterday right before a Roll20 game I was cutting cantaloupe with a bread knife on my kitchen nook and a tall cylinder of dry spaghetti wobbled off the top shelf, then fell onto the handle of my knife, causing it to propeller into the air and cut the back of my left hand.

    So clearly Del is pulling from our reality.


    bigboom wrote:

    Oh dang. So that means talking smack about Del while IC and OOC is hazardous to our health!!



    GM Ewok wrote:
    Del PM'd me, letting me know the forum has been giving her problems. It won't let her post in this thread! So I'll bot her until it gets resolved.


    So what I'm hearing is that Meloriel has the following ability...

    Meloriel's Reality Slash (Su): If a fellow PBP player talks smack ICly or OOCly about a character played by Meloriel, she may trigger a random accident resulting in the PBP player sustaining an IRL minor slashing wound. When used, this ability results in technical difficulties preventing Meloriel from posting on the Paizo forums for 1d6 days. This ability cannot be used again until Meloriel's ability to post on the Paizo forums is restored.

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    Oh dang. So that means talking smack about Del while IC and OOC is hazardous to our health!!


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    @pwrup @BadEye

    Hi Peter and Adam!

    My comments are as follows...

    Starfinder? Starfinder! starfinder starfinder starfinder! STARFINDER! StArFiNdEr? STARfinder! starFINDER?
    01010011 01110100 01100001 01110010 01100110 01101001 01101110 01100100 01100101 01110010

    Needless to say, I hope to hear a launch announcement at some point in the future regarding Starfinder!

    Hiya Dennis! Congrats on your first SFS scenario!!!

    I took a look at the sign-up sheet and see there is possibly one spot left open at this table? If so, may I sign up? I filled in my character's details at the bottom of the sheet.

    But with Azara's solarion on board, perhaps I won't bring my melee soldier - leaving either of these available to join:
    - lvl 6 ranged soldier
    - lvl 8 envoy

    Heya cmlobue! Count me in! I currently have several options:
    - lvl 6 ranged soldier
    - lvl 8 envoy
    - lvl 7 melee soldier

    I may pull one of them into a different game - I'll see. But otherwise, I'll wait to see what other players will bring before deciding.

    Thank you!

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    Woo! Congrats Meloriel!!


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    Alrighty, with two vanguards and a mystic, I'll bring the level 4 pregen envoy instead of my level 6 soldier (Ratatat). I'll post up my details a bit later on today!

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    Shifty wrote:

    They said 'uplifted bear', they never specified a type.

    /stares in Australian.

    Hey, so are dropbears, by definition, already uplifted???

    ba dum tss!!!

    (hopefully I'm not repeating an already old, worn out joke...?)

    Hi there!

    I was going to bring in a level 6 soldier but it's looking like we'll be running level 3-4 (low-tier). So instead, I'm thinking to play a level 4 pregen instead. Looking at the party composition on the sign-up sheet, I'm thinking to bring the envoy Navasi.

    If it is okay, I'll wait for more folks to check in with what characters & classes they're bringing and then I'll confirm which pregen I'll play.

    Looking forward to the game!!

    Nice one meloriel - that's awesome!! Yep, confirmed! You're a writer alright! ;-)

    The witchwarper sounds very cool!

    Strek Armstrom wrote:
    Can you tell us what languages would be good for our respective Backgrounds?

    Oh I'd be interested to know as well! Being an "Old Hand" and using disguises at EJ offices, are there particular races/languages that are more prevalent than others amongst EJ office staff? Especially small sized races?

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    Strek Armstrom wrote:
    Actually, you know what, Strek could take Powered Armor Proficiency at 5th and delay Weapon Focus until 7th in order to qualify for the Powered Armor Jockey Archetype, which only replaces features at 6th, 9th & 12th, and so wouldn't interfere with him taking Improved Overcharge at 8th.

    So what you're saying is that "Stretch" is gonna grow up to become "POWER Stretch"?!?!

    Perhaps that'll qualify him for another line of work - spokesmodel inserted into this advert!

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    Welcome Remnar! Pleased to meet you!!

    You make a good point... The player's guide DID mention powered armor!! Will be fun to see how that plays out!

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    PaleDim wrote:
    For a space-minotaur, I feel like it ought to be melee.

    You know, I've always been neutral to the idea of playing a nuar.... Until you said the words "space-minotaur" and suddenly I see the appeal! Haha!

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    Cellion, I just recently came across this while taking a closer look at my potential operative build...

    In case you haven't already seen this, the Selective Explosions stunt may be of interest for AoE build concepts. It'll require at least a one level dip in operative though (with either a gadgeteer or hacker specialization).

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    Alrighty, I'm going to take a page out of Nefreet's book and lay out what I've got so far...

    NAME: TBD (maybe "Spook" as a name or nickname)
    RACE: Space Goblin (because they're adorable little critters!)
    CLASS: Operative w/ "Free Trader" archetype (spy specialization, stunt and strike)
    THEME: Corporate Agent
    BACKGROUND: Old Hand (been working his way through corporate politics)
    ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral (sometimes following the rules works, but most times it won't, so a bit of rule bending/breaking will always be needed to get you and your crew ahead)
    STARSHIP ROLE: Captain or possibly chief mate, gunner, pilot, science officer (have one or two skill points to spare and can put them somewhere specific to fill any gaps we may have)
    PERSONALITY: Profit-driven and likes to sow mischief, confusion and chaos amongst rivals & opponents in order to get ahead. But will prioritize crewmates over profit - if not out of loyalty, then out of practicality where one cannot survive alone out in space. (Although I fully expect this character to develop loyalty with other characters fairly quickly... hard not to after relying on each other after multiple combat encounters!) Also tends to change his physical features on a daily basis with his morphic skin. Some days his ears are smaller, other days he's a little taller, sometimes a bit more gaunt or other times a bit more chubby, etc. He picks up languages of small-sized races because it's easier to disguise himself as those races and speaking their language can make the disguise more effective.
    BACKSTORY: Not yet fully formed, but something along the lines of: A goblin who found a way into working at The Company's corporate offices - I'm not sure yet how. Maybe recruited as a goblin with particularly promising profit-making potential or maybe he worked within the company under a disguise the entire time, hiding the fact that he's a goblin. He played office politics to climb the corporate ladder and when it suited him, he'd lie, cheat and steal to get ahead - especially by disguising himself and impersonating others. At some point, if it was known that he's a goblin, he either hit a goblin glass ceiling or broke through it - not sure yet on this either. Ultimately, he got caught doing something bad that he couldn't weasel his way out of - if it was not known that he's a goblin, then he was found out during this incident. Instead of getting fired, he was 'banished' from any further positions at the corporate offices to instead go crew long haul freighters. The Company figures they can still squeeze profit out of him working on ships and he's a goblin, so it's not like he's got a lot of viable employment opportunities elsewhere.
    CATCHPHRASE: Not sure yet... but since people may not ever be sure who he really is, perhaps... "Say my name!!"
    CURRENT CHARACTER SHEET: LINK (not yet finalized)


    On a separate note, I've been tossing around the idea of picking up the "smuggler" profession and working that into my character's backstory. And while searching through holographic gear to help with disguises, I came across this holographic sashimono. I was trying to think about how this works for a smuggler... A big holographic banner that announces to the world, 'I smuggle things! Don't be shy, ask me anything!'??? hehehe...

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    Cellion: I did some googling but just to confirm, cruel is a level 6 weapon fusion, right?

    PaleDim: A couple more catchphrase ideas...

  • If a vanguard: "Chaaaaaarge!!!"
  • Right before tearing into some enemies: "Step into my china shop!" (although Mythbusters totally busted this one which is fascinating...)
  • Something to do with red bulls and wings?

    All: I'm struggling with naming my master of disguises, spy operative goblin. The best I've come up with so far is "Spook" as a nickname or maybe actual name but it doesn't sound cheeky enough for a goblin. Work in progress!

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    Nefreet wrote:

    PERSONALITY: Has your car ever broken down in a desert town a hundred miles from the nearest city and there's one dusty mechanic who you can barely understand who laughs and whistles uncomfortably at the slightest possible joke? Yeah...

    Nefreet, I like how you wrote this while waiting for your actual car to get serviced IRL! Haha!

    Everyone, I'll mention though that I think another social character wouldn't be a bad idea. Sounds like that'd be useful with this AP.

    On a separate note, if another corporate agent theme is selected, there might be an opportunity to combine our narratives.

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    Cellion: I can possibly do a combo also.

  • Mechanically, with the build I currently have in mind, there's two ways I foresee contributing to a combo, both of which will use operative stunts. Either picking up the Feinting Stunt to make targets flat-footed or Set-Up to lower a target's saving throw (which I think stacks with other saving throw debuffs?). If other party members already have abilities to make enemies flat-footed and/or have abilities that require enemies to roll saving throws, then perhaps Set-Up is the way I'll go.
  • I'm up for a narrative combo as well, but I suppose it will depend on the backstories we have in mind. For my character, I'm thinking goblin who somehow found a way into working at The Company's corporate offices - not sure yet how. He played office politics to climb the corporate ladder and when it suited him, he'd lie, cheat and steal to get ahead - especially by disguising himself and impersonating others. At some point, he either hit a goblin glass ceiling or broke through it - not sure yet on this either. But ultimately, he got caught doing something bad that he couldn't weasel his way out of. But instead of getting fired, he was 'banished' from positions at the corporate offices to instead go crew long haul freighters. The Company figures they can still squeeze profit out of him working on ships and he's a goblin, so it's not like he's got a lot of viable employment opportunities elsewhere. These are the broad strokes I've got in mind. Happy to see if there's some way to weave my character's backstory together with anyone else!

    Nefreet: Heya!! Happy to see you here!! "Stretch"...HA!! You know that made me laugh!

  • Alrighty! Space goblin it is!

    I've come up with an idea for my character. I'm thinking space goblin operative but a spy operative which is a bit different from what I typically encounter. Less adept at combat and stealth while leaning more strongly into disguise and social skills. I particularly like the idea of disguise although I'm not sure how useful that will be, especially being limited to disguising as small sized humanoids. I'm also thinking to go with stunt and strike rather than trick attack.

    And per the suggestions in the player guide, I'm thinking free trader archetype with the corporate agent theme and the old hand background. The theme and background feed into a backstory idea I have bouncing around in my head.

    Starship skills-wise, this character would probably be best suited for captain. Secondary to that, he could be an okay chief mate, gunner, pilot or engineer - depending on what gaps the party may need filling.

    GM Ewok, what do you think? I've mocked up a work-in-progress character sheet with the above ideas in mind.

    Heya!! Nice to see familiar faces with Ewok and Cellion! And pleased to meet you PaleDim! I don't believe our paths had previously crossed.

    I've got a question regarding allowed race. Would a chaotic neutral space goblin be allowed? I've got a soft spot for goblins dating back to when I used to play PFS and had previously thought of a variety of high level concepts for space goblin characters for a Dead Suns campaign in this post: https://paizo.com/campaigns/RedeliasDeadSuns/recruiting#29

    I eventually did use the goblin envoy concept (Handsome Gob) in an actual campaign, which led to the amusing oddity of our ship being captained by a goblin.

    For this Fly Free or Die campaign, if allowed, I'd likely borrow a class concept from my post above but adjust the character theme and change the backstory to something appropriate for this campaign's setting.

    Needless to say, my character will likely be a bit on the cheeky side... ;-)

    GM Ewok: Any objection to a goblin for the campaign? If you prefer not, that's totally fine and I'll come up with something else.

    My fellow players: If GM Ewok is okay with it, I'd like to know if anyone may have an objection to a goblin character on board? If there is, then no worries, I'm happy to roll with something else - just looking to get people's input!

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    Hiya! This has JUST started happening to me also. I'm in GMT+7 timezone and my posts were showing the correct timestamp for my local timezone. But sometime within the past 24-48 all the timestamps stopped reflecting my local timezone. Instead, it seems all posts are now timestamped USA west coast Pacific time.

    Also, this doesn't seem to be limited to some specific recent posts. It looks like all posts are now not reflecting my local timezone.

    I tried logging in and out. I tried changing my timezone in message board settings back and forth. But none of that seemed to fix the issue. It's as though the timezone in my message board settings is fixed to Seattle timezone regardless of what I set it to.

    The primary reason I ask is that it throws me off a bit while GMing PBP tables to track when to wait or not wait for players to post before botting them. Other than that, there isn't any practical impact to me. Thank you!!


    Awesome, thank you for the answers! I know it's not the primary goal but one less bit of paperwork record keeping is a plus in my book!


    I have a few very basic mechanics questions. My apologies - I'm sure they're answered somewhere but I cannot find them.

    1. AcP will be tracked wholly online and so there will be no need to record AcP on paper chronicles, correct?

    2. AcP is earned not by individual characters but by the player, correct? So if I play four different characters in four different scenarios, instead of each character individually earning 2 fame, bigboom now earns 16 AcP?

    3. AcP earned via SFS is a separate pool distinct from AcP earned via PFS, so the AcP from the two do not get added together, correct?

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    phaeton_nz, aside from registering as a GM, sounds like you haven't gone through the steps to pay the badge fee and register as a player.

    Take a look at the PaizoCon Warhorn page and scroll down to the "Important Links" section. Then click a link called "Registration Instructions". That should open a doc with instructions on how to register.

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    Yah, it's a good question. Threw me for a loop as well until I re-read Tyranius' Gameday IX announcement post.

    For reference, here's the relevant quote:

    Derek Larsen wrote:
    As you will see we have changed a bit of the recruitment method to how Gameday used to be. The GM's will registry their recruitment links (Google sheet, recruitment thread, Promote within the appropriate Lodge, ect) and the players will go into those links and sign up through there.

    I believe this table may already be full and if so, just throw me on the waitlist in case a spot opens up.

    I've got:
    A level 5 ranged soldier
    A level 6 melee-ish soldier
    A level 7 envoy

    If space opens up, happy to bring any one of the above!

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    Not to worry, Outpost 3 is coming. Granted it's about 1.5 months away...

    Announcement thread

    Here's some names based on movies that I've seen or wanted to see over the past year. This is not a serious entry as I didn't include any themes but I wanted to throw this in for giggles.

    For what I lack in cleverness and well thought-out themes, I hope to make up with quantity of facepalms and groans...

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    Please don't ban me...

  • Shiny!!

    Wow Shifty! True to your avatar, you're some kind of ninja GM!

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