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Planescape - Dead Gods - 5e Conversion Guide
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5e: How to Design Background Features
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"I don't get why people see D&D or it's derivatives as medieval European.

You have medieval knights (500-1500 AD) wearing renaissance era armor (1400-1700 AD), wielding roman era falcatas (500 BC-500 AD), worshiping Greek gods (800 BC-600 AD), traveling with native American shamans (12,000 years ago - today) who transform into prehistoric dinosaurs (200 million years ago) while wearing the hides of Saharan beasts, who are accompanied by modern Japanese schoolgirls in black pajamas wielding Tokugawa Era Daisho (1600-1800 AD), a mysterious man in a western long coat wielding an 18th century revolver, and an old man wearing robes and a pointed hat who chants mathematical equations to control reality, all together on a journey to kill brain eating space aliens, giant sentient fire-breathing spell-casting reptiles, and a sentient jello."

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