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Totally agree with that. Also, don't be afraid to take the plunge. Hop on a game over at Flaxseed and dive in. I think you will find your fellow players will be helpful, patient and make sure you have best experience possible.

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Could not agree more with HMM and GM Blake. Not only do I find myself way more immersed in my character and story in PBP, but it fits into my schedule nicely. I just do not have time to devout 4-5 hours to a game, but PBP is a perfect way to play without having to sacrifice a chunk of time. Not to mention this PBP community is just the best RPG community I have ever been a part of in my (gulp) 35 + years of gaming.

Count me as among the interested Double Gold.

Redelia wrote:

Hey everyone:

There seems to be some confusion about OutPost recruitment. All signups for OutPost games are through the sign-up sheet. In general, there is no need for recruitment threads for these games, because GMs are required to take whatever six players sign up on the sheet.

When a player signs up on the sheet, please do dot into the game immediately if the GM has provided a link to the game.

Thanks everyone!

Gothca. Saw people announcing games and thought we were supposed to add them here. Sorry!

We are under way! Recruitment is now open for GM Brews OutPost II Fragments of Antiquity, PFS 10-13, Levels 5-9, Standard. Will take first 5 to sign up. Please dot here then enter character info on discussion board. Look forward to gaming with you.

Great news! So for clarity, if I chose to run a game here (pbp), I should report it to VOs for OSP to apply?

Great! looking forward to OP2!

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good game!

Thanks for checking folks! My only low level char is already committed to a table. I have been meaning to check out Roll for Combat for a game, I definitely intend to do so. Glen, mind sending me a link to a game so I can lurk? Would like to see how the games are run on RFC.

Are any tables still open for sign ups? Looking for a slot for level 9 character.

I had the privilege of playing is Harker's most recent game and I can say without question my favorite board to date. So sad to lose such a great member of this community at such a young age. I really looked forward to posting every day and this is really juts a terribly sad turn of events. RIP Harker, you will be missed.

Interested and would and have no preference as to class. Seems like I may be late to the party so no worries. If you still need a player, please let me know and I will submit a character tailored to the campaign for consideration.

I am hopeful Paizo adjusts their licensing to allow a DMs guild equivalent for PF1 content. Specifically, I would like to see them allow 3PPs to publish PF1 PFS scenarios after Paizo discontinues their own content for that system. I think it would be a win win scenario for all involved. Paizo can continue to make money off PF1 and the part of the community who would like to see PF1 PFS continue after launch of PF2 will still get new content. Paizo could even limited the pool of 3PPs. Allow folks like Sean K Reynolds, Wolfgang Bauer, Owen or any other superstar content creators to dip back into old school Golarion and allow the best online gaming community to continue to thrive.

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"Aaaaaaand we're back!" Perram exclaims.

Great detailed and well thought out post SteelGuts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a positive and constructive way. Your post echoes my own feelings on PF2. Great post.

Keep 'em rolling Sethran. Welcome Back.

I will preface my comment by stating I am not happy about PF1 PFS coming to an end. I enjoy the characters I have in that system and fully intend to continue to use them in PF1 as long as I am able.

That being said, and after much thought on the issue, I do not think allowing PF1 characters to be converted into PF2 solves that issue. Additionally, I do not think conversion is even viable. Many of the characters I see on the boards (primarily a PbP player) use the full gambit of available materials and options and will not convert into the new game mechanics. This includes races and archetypes as well as boons and what not. I do not see the point of someone converting a teifling gloomblade over to PF2 as it would strip all of the flavor and mechanics from the character in exchange for just allowing the player to basically start with a X level player. From the snippets shown thus far, and I am sure will be made more evident when the books finally hit the wild, PF2 characters for PFS need to be started clean slate.

The bottom line is that PF2 looks like it will be a very different game from PF1. The archetypes will not work the same and many of the options available for PF1, a game with ten years of content, will just not be there when PF2 launches.

I think the two games will be competing against each other for player's time for a while, at least a year or two as the many folks out there who still enjoy PF1 continue to exhaust the available content and PF2 is put through its paces. I would love to see Paizo do a limited license, ala the OP content for the other company's game, to allow a 3PP to publish new PF1 scenarios. I think the market for new PF1 materiel, specifically for PFS, will be there for quite some time if fostered.

The playtest rapidly approaches and I am excited to see the fresh take on the game in totality. Paizo is a great company and has cultivated a fantastic RPG community here.

Any chance of Paizo doing a limited license to one or a select few 3PP to continue producing PF1 PFS scenarios? I would point to the DM's Guild as a model for how that could be implemented. I have not played the latest addition of the other system but have looked into it recently and it appears that those coastal spellcasters allow 3PPs to actually sell scenarios that are officially part of their organized play campaign. I see no reason why Paizo could not do something similar. This would allow PF1 to continue to flourish and allow the great staff at Paizo to concentrate on the new stuff. Sounds like a classic Michael Scott win-win-win scenario. Win for Paizo, win for PF1 PFS fans and win for 3PPs.

I am curious what the growth numbers are for PbP games. Anecdotally, it seems that there are more people playing PFS PbP then ever before.

I love drafts! Great app to draft posts on mobile. Still working on my first GM on slides, but I know I will miss drawings to a degree. Tusk, do not hesitate to fire up a board to GM. I have had nothing but great experiences on PbP boards. We are very lucky to have such a great and supportive community here.

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Huzzah! Nicely done HMM. Also thanks for the slides tip Meloriel, I will give that a try.

EwokBanshee wrote:
Wicked Brew wrote:
Great map pack WMIGM. I kind of get how to set it up now but I experienced something while sifting through the slide/maps. When I am running games in drawings, I usually zoom in 200% and use track pad to navigate the image. When I do that in slides, I kept tending to slide into the next slide unintentionally. Is there any way to prevent that?
I believe you're just scrolling to the edge of the page, and past a little. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn that "feature" off. We just have to be careful around the edges.

That's exactly what I am doing. I have to admit that is going to annoy me unless I can get used to it. I run games almost exclusively from my ancient mac or a beat up chromebook, both use a track pad. I am going to give it a try regardless and hope I can get used to it.

Great map pack WMIGM. I kind of get how to set it up now but I experienced something while sifting through the slide/maps. When I am running games in drawings, I usually zoom in 200% and use track pad to navigate the image. When I do that in slides, I kept tending to slide into the next slide unintentionally. Is there any way to prevent that?

You folks are making a good case for slides and I think I will give it a try on my next run. I am just comfortable with drawings and like the way it works for me, but will give slides a try to give the mobile people an easier time. Never used slides before, hopefully as intuitive as drawings.

Looked like a great workshop. Thanks for posting the slides.

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I still miss the old nation based factions. Thought they brought the world of Golarion into PFS and was a big part of my creative process character wise for my -1.

Ok, sorry for delay guys. RL been getting the better of me. Will post start of next segment within next couple of days.

Gems are like currency, not sold at 50% value. You guys should keep them as they are lighter than gold.

I am hoping PF1 PFS runs a good long while. I also plan to play and run games for a long while. Any chance Paizo would officially license a 3PP to publish PF1 PFS scenarios after they officially end production?

Yes, thanks for the clarification IH. Out of curiosity, how do you think PF2 will effect this? DO you think PbP will still get support for PF1 organized play past official release of PF2 in 2019? I know I am probably asking a speculative question here but just curious on the thoughts of the leadership on this issue.

I agree splitting up Online Region into VTTs and PbP is a good idea. No way PbP games will turn into a boon factory, even fast track games take a few weeks to run through usually. I am sure people can try to game the system, but to what end really? I agree with Shifty that GMs deserve those boons for running games for the enjoyment of the community. I bet most GMs who regularly run games have a stack of race boons that they will never get to use now that PFS for PF1 is being discontinued. If people are going volunteer their time and effort to run games, I say give them stacks of boons.

Anyway, +1 for more PbP cons.

noral wrote:
Is PaizoCon a real con or are there PbP elements as well? Sorry for the dumb question. I am from Germany and never have the opportunity to visit cons so I am not familiar with the format. :-)

A virtual PaizoCon PbP Gameday, running around same time of PaizoCon sounds like a great idea though. Don't think I will make a live PaizoCon in the near future because reasons so I would totally be on board for a PbP gameday to celebrate Paizo with the peeps who also cannot make it in meatspace.

Great idea Zero. Really helps to get new characters an easy jumping on point.

Have a lot of games going now otherwise would jump all over that PDK. Just wanted to say thanks for running open AP games. Only way many of us get to play them.

The OutPost Game day is still finishing up. Once that closes, a bunch of games will probably post here.

Chicago-ish, USA.

America, Heck Yeah!

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Socrates, good luck with your new game. I think the following thread/guides are great introductions for new PbP players.

Pathfinder Society Role Playing Guild Guide

10 Questions that will make your PFS roleplaying blossom. An excellent post by KestlerGunner designed to help flesh out your PFS character.

Building a Better Doomed Hero: Painlord’s Advanced Play-by-Post Play. My go to guide on how to play play-by-post games in PFS.

Oh man, my first box did not have a color, it was as full color image with a wizard and a knight about to fight a dragon. So I guess that makes me ancient.

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Hear that Shifty. I remember the AD&D days. Nothing ever really captivated me like the original PHB and Unearthed Arcana until I first read the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. Still really enjoy PF1, but willing to see what PF2 has to offer. No matter what happens, there is a big part of me hoping PF1 PFS PbP continues for a long long time to come.

Hey, here's an idea. Why not let 3PP's start publishing sanctioned PF1 PFS content ala the WotC Dungeon Master's guild? Think that would solve a lot of the angst surrounding PF2. Anyway, just a thought.

I know its way early, but just curious if there has been a discussion of how Flaxseed will operate in the future after PF2. I plan on levelling my -1 through Seeker at least and was curious if we are still going to be able to use this Lodge as a place to recruit and join PF1 PFS games or if this forum will convert to PF2. I think it would be tough to recruit both here, but not impossible I suppose. Just curious.

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Seriously this community is simply the best. Big ups to Shifty. See, it's actions like this that really justify GM stars to carry over to 2.0. At least for 4 or 5 star GMs IMO.

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I would love to see the nation based factions return.

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I hear you on this Patrick. Change and progress is inevitable, and this is a game after all. I am sure the good folks at Paizo have been looking to do this for a while now and I certainly will check out the playtest and see what they have in store, but the sad truth is that FE is now a dead game walking. I have been mulling this over for the last few days when I learned of SE and the upcoming playtest and to say I have mixed feelings in an understatement.

As for SE, I have no doubt it will be a great game. The designers at Paizo know gaming, are very talented and creative, and flat out know the biz and churn out great stuff. Pathfinder was the reason I came out of gaming hibernation, not touching a game for well over 15 years. I stumbled across the core rulebook and was frankly blown away. I absolutely loved what they did with 3.5. After reading Inner Sea Guide, I was hooked. I started buying up rulebooks, splat books, modules. Dove right into Hero Lab and am still working, or rather was working, my way to having all the data sets. As I poured through the materiel, so many character concepts kept leaping out at me through the pages.

As an added bonus, I discovered the wonderful gaming community here on the Paizo boards. That led me to my most recent gaming passion, PFS PbP games. I have been an active player and mostly active GM for several years. I was looking forward to Planar Adventures and thought the FE ship had many more voyages ahead. The playtest announcement really hit me out of the blue, as I know it did for most folks.

This is not the first edition change I have been through as I am sure many if not all the people here have been. I have yet to have a good experience with any of them. The main reason I so heavily invested in Pathfinder was my certainty in its longevity. The system has lasted for what, 20 years? I concluded there was a reason for that. People liked the system. Sure it has its flaws, but it was a good system that was fun to play.

Again, I am trying my best to keep an open mind, but I am an old gamer and as I write this I cannot escape this one thought: I do not want to start over again. I love my PFS characters and am not happy about the upcoming pnp equivalent of a server wipe. I am not happy losing the hundreds and hundreds of character options I have collected over the years. I am not happy about all the cash I dumped into hero lab and that Lone Wolf will no doubt use SE as a way to force everyone to Hero Lab Online, for more up front dough and a monthly subscription.

I know the counter to my unhappiness is the old "you can play FE as long as you want" and "no one is stealing your books" etc. But frankly, Paizo itself never subscribed to that philosophy. Pathfinder was created because the company recognized that the 3.5 system would die if it was abandoned. I suspect FE will rapidly decline in amount of games available and certainly for PFS which the only way I play the game now.

In any event, I apologize for the rant. This is not meant for a call to action or a request for Paizo to do x, y or z. I still think Paizo is the best company in gaming and hope the SE transition is a positive for them and Pathdfinder in general. I just needed to get these thoughts off my chest and this thread seemed like a good a place as any.

tl;dr Bummer +1

Please please please bring back bold text. Still not working on Chrome.

DM Kludde wrote:

This (link) is what the forums look like for me. Chrome on OSX. It's slightly more pronounced on Firefox (link) and Safari (link), but still faint in my view.

Same here Kludde. No bold visible using Chrome in OS 10.11.6. So far been absolutely maddening in all my PbP games.

I am going through system shock with this redesign. Embedded links are not showing up highlighted in blue and look like regular texts and I am totally bummed they cut out the recent forum posts in the sidebar. I checked that every day for recent posts.

Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

An MMO WITHOUT PvP/Grindfests/microtransactions/mandatory content.

Subscription or in-game currency based.

NOT tied to a smart phone or a social media connection!

An MMO that is true to the lore of Golarion would be great. What I mean by that is where you can play a class from the TTRPG and run round Golarion doing stuff. I would likely subscribe to that for a while if the monthly was reasonable or better yet like a pre-paid phone service where you buy a chunk of game time and are able to use it as time allows.

Another idea for a game I had kicking around my brain was a PFS version on phone/ios/android what would be something like a pick up game. I had this idea playing Clash of Clans and seeing that games matching system. The thought is that you open the app and join a PFS game. The game matches you with a GM and players and the game launches into a digital version of a PFS scenario. Not sure how the actual game interface would work, but I imagine you do not need something thats graphic intensive. I just like the idea of finding time in my day, picking up my phone or tablet, hitting a "join" button and be playing a PFS scenario in a few minutes. Probably too ambitious but this is a speculative thread anyway, right?

Correction for my God's Market Gamble game. Accidentally poached a player from the other game. Thank you Tusk the Half Orc for pointing this out. Corrected muster list is as follows:

Ash 3000
Ewok Banshee

See you on the boards.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
I keep wishing they'd bring back the various Faction traits that went away when their affiliated Factions were retired/reformed (Qadira's Eastern Mysteries, Cheliax's Fires of Hell, Shadow Lodge's Medic, Lantern Lodge's Meridian Strike, etc etc), or just make them available again somehow, somewhere.

I concur with this thought. I thought PFS in general lost a bit of its direct connection to the world of Golarion when the national factions were discontinued. One suggestion could be to allow players to chose a nationality or national origin at character creation much like Starfinder's home world. While not being a faction, a background nation of origin would add character depth, story and unlock background traits options during character creation. As an added bonus, backgrounds could also unlock the old vanities tied to the various national factions (Eagle Knight, Hellknight, Risen Guard, etc.).

Anyway, just a thought.

Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

I am wondering if this couldn’t be something in the Play-by-Post forums! Especially since it seems similar in intent.


A natural fit, but I think traffic on faction posts was heaviest when they were featured on the splash page for PFS. Come to think of it, they really should put the PbP forums on the splash page for PFS. All PbP games I have played have been Society games. Would be a great way to get new players to jump right into games by making them easier to find.

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