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Game Master Redelia


I am recruiting for a table of PFS characters to play through these final two levels of the Emerald Spire. Characters who can only play 15 but not 16 are welcome, but characters that can play both are preferred. Please tell me a little about your character. One seat is reserved for the person who asked me to run this.

Recruitment will close in 72 hours or after there are 8 applicants, whichever comes first.

The game will hopefully get started within a few days of the close to recruitment. We will pause the game as needed if everyone will be busy later this month with holidays.

I look forward to playing with many of you.

One clarification: you PFS character needs to be in the level 10-12 range for the first of these two adventures.

Liberty's Edge

Roland is exactly 12th ranger-archer and would be interested if a spot is available. (I have a 10th sorceress if that is a better fit)

Roland was born the youngest child of a farmer in Sandpoint. His parents were killed in a raid by goblins and he was raised by his uncle who was a fletcher by trade. Roland loved to work with bows and arrows and often went into the woods around Sandpoint to hunt.

He helped the local militia with a problem with ghouls and once his uncle passed away, he decided to head to Magnimar and joined the Pathfinder Society under Venture Captain Heidmarch. He has only undertaken a few missions since joining the Society.

Roland is rather stoic by nature, not having spent much time in large cities. He is keenly aware that his common language needs work as he speaks with a heavy Varisian accent.

The Exchange

Korin is a 34xp Investigator who would be interested in it. He just finished dealing with an old enemy of the Society.

Born in the Rosenthal family (all my characters are from this family), Korin was much more interested in his mother's alchemy than his father's nature magic. He joined the Pathfinder Society to become a better monster slayer, which apparently works quite well for him. After he rise to the rank of Seeker, he spend most of his time doing research and tutoring junior investigator of the Society.

He speaks softly (very diplomatic) and carries a big stick (hits hard with his Bec de Corbin).

Grand Lodge

Monkey Boy, the Humble One
Unchained Monk, level 11

I love playing this character, because he's anything but humble . I'm able to RP him without him being a jerk, and in PbP he can be even more entertaining. He is a Vanara (yes I used the boon), and rocks some pretty crazy AC when everything comes together.

Fair Warning: I've played these, and will be using re-plays, unless you prefer someone who is brand new to it. That said they're so9me great levels and a lot of fun.

Grand Lodge

Tess is only level ten but would be willing to play both.

She’s an older elf who has seen it all. She’s a witch, with all the typical hexes and spells, along with a little extra dedication to healing with the healing hex and a couple cure serious wounds spells. Shes played almost all of the specials, so she’s seen some STUFF helping out the Society.

Grand Lodge

Kahwen is a 10th level Unchained Rogue (he'll level up to 11 after the next adventure) who is all about speed. He strikes hard with an elven curve blade.

He loves being a member of the Pathfinder Society and has all the way since his first mission with them in dealing with the Solstice Scar.

He actually is humble and a bit naive and mostly just wants to help his fellow Pathfinders in particular and people in general.

Nonetheless, he can be coldly lethal when the situation calls for it.

Grand Lodge

I checked back. I had forgot to apply my last chronicle sheet, I'm level 12 in fact!

Grand Lodge

I have a Shifter I would l9ve to try

Ill level her up

OK, closing recruitment. I'll announce characters chosen soon.

Sorry, I lost power at home for several hours yesterday, so have not been able to work on this quite as soon as I hoped. I'll be choosing a party tomorrow.

Grand Lodge

Do you know how many you plan to take?

Accepted characters are:
Monky Boy
(qstor's character)

I'm sorry that there wasn't room for everyone. If I was unable to pick you, I hope to see you in another game soon.

For those selected, please dot and delete from gameplay, and give me your chronicle sheet information in discussion. Those threads will be going up in just a minute.

Sovereign Court

Toshiro is ready!

The Exchange

If I go half speed, I will be 35.5xp after th 15th floor and can still play the 16th floor, assuming each floor is 3xp for normal advancement speed.

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