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Even as the quasit is momentarily distracted from the combat, it stays nimble enough to dodge the clumsy attacks of GAB!, Elytria and Yen Wu. However, Krennel and Rel, with a pillowcase between them, manage to entangle the little demon between them. (Flavor text. Because of Krennel creative use of the pillow case, I'll jump the grapple state to pinned directly.)

Despite this, the demon still manages to fade away from view, but with Krennel and Rel holding him in place, it is not difficult to pinpoint where it is! (Only concealment, i.e. 20% miss chance. Krennel and Rel, because you have a hold on him, has no concealment penalty to maintain grapple.)

(Rel, sorry still need you to keep making fort saves.)

combat map
Bold may act
Round 6: Status: Nil
red thing (-11; pinned)
Yen Wu
Kebro (Dex 8/12)
Rel (10/11; Dex 4/10; poisoned 5/?, fort DC15 or Dex dmg = 2; grappler aid)
GAB! (11/13)
Krennel (grappler)

GM screen:

red concentration DC15: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Ah, thanks. Missed that part of the rules. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Creating my first character and am realising how quickly bulk adds up! Hit upon this idea of having my familiar carrying some of the gear, couldn't find stats (specifically Strength) for familiars to determine how much they can carry. Did I miss it somewhere?

I was going to play Khunbish the druid but I find that I'm not so clear of the mechanics of shapeshifting to build properly since I intend to start him at level 2 (so no free level 1 retraining). Would like to play an Alchemist instead. Would that step on anyone's toes?

Rithon, you are outside the room and can't see the spider from where you are. Can you move your token before I resolve the action? Or if you're fine to be positioned anywhere, I'll move it accordingly.

Hearing the call from Krennel, Yen dashes past his teammates into the room and jams his rapier straight into the abdomen of the giant spider. It strikes some important vital organ and the spider screeches in pain!

combat map
Bold may act
Round 1: Status: Nil
Yen Wu
red spider (-12)

Mature Animal Companions increase their unarmed damage from 1 dice to 2. Does this apply to the 1d4 precision damage by cat animal companions on flat-footed targets?

@Batpony, the link seems to be going to the Campaign page instead of the Google Sheet. But when I cut and paste the entire text, it says the page doesn't exist. :)

Had signed up for a cleric earlier but since we already have one, I might want to consider a druid instead. Another class I would like to play.

Thanks for the clarification. I noticed Vic was talking about alchemists but I guess his points were meant for witches as well.

Also appreciate Keith's points about the benefits of displaying instead of reloading cohorts. (Didn't think of the extra draw needed.) On the other hand I feel there is a significant cost difference between recharging and discarding unless you have ready ways to heal. But I understand the changes. Looks like Flying Squirrel and Snapping Turtle might become more attractive relatively speaking.

And I guess this would apply for PACS games then.

Jones228 wrote:
I was hoping to get a fast game in before Gameday but unfortunately those are the only two I've played. Any chance you'd consider another?

The Commencement is replayable (with a different character), so now might be the time to create your next character. Soon you'll join the rest of us with 5 or 10 or 20. :)

The conversion guide entry on amendments to the Witches' cohorts have made substantial changes to their powers beyond keeping them displayed for their Arcane skill. Centipede, Compsognathus and Daji used to only require recharging cards to use their powers but now require discarding cards. Flying Squirrel and Snapping Turtle did not require use of any cards previously but now require recharging cards. Are these official errata of their powers?

When you discard Blessing of the Spy to explore, it blesses your check for that encounter. During this encounter can someone play another blessing to bless, even if it normally can’t be played freely? My take is that it should be fine since Blessing of the Spy was not played during that step but wants to clarify though.

zeroth_hour2 wrote:
Rulebook p.8, Dealing with Cards sidebar wrote:
When you draw a card from the vault, unless you are told to draw a specific card, draw a random card of the appropriate type...

Thanks! That's what I was looking for.

There are two instances where the rewards are that "each character gets a new boon of any type". I'm assuming that means the character chooses which type of boon, then selects randomly from the vault? Not that the boon of of random type. And not that the character gets to choose the boon. Thanks.

I'm totally new to PACG (now PACS), so this is just my humble opinion. I personally prefer the aesthetics of 4.4 because I like plain text. :) I find different color cells and text more difficult to read, and detracts me from reading the information immediately.

Otherwise, I think your Deck Handler is fantastic! Love pressing the button to collapse empty cells. :) I'm making some amendments though, as I prefer all the card information, i.e. traits, powers, in my sheets rather than linked out to webpages. (Think I copied that from redeux.) Also to adapt for Mavaro who has that irritating ability to get skills from To Acquire of the card at the top.

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Not sure if this works, but if you had hidden the thread, you can go to the overall PbP gameplay page, look for SHOW ∅ (top right hand corner), and click on it. That toggles between showing and hiding hidden threads, revealing threads that you've hidden. You can then search for "Cottonseed" (which might be a few pages down depending on when was the large post on the gameplay thread), then look for right at the end of the line. Clicking that toggles between hiding and showing thread. Hope this works.

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Ah never mind! I realised I misunderstood what that button does after after reading your reply and skimming through the script. (I had read it earlier as that if I pushed the button, the sheet would automatically populate my hand with cards up to its max.) So it works perfectly. Sorry about that. :P

The Bot Behind the Screen wrote:

Interest check...

I just got through playing 1-31: Treading History's Folly, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Enough so that I'm now considering running it here. It's a tier 3-6 that follows up on the special (1-99) and has the Faction tag for Second Seekers (Jadnura).

I've got an L3 ysoki technomancer who would be really keen. Read that it's a continuation of The Scoured Stars Invasion, and Speck would really love to know what the sequel entails.

Hey, thanks for working on this. It looks great!

I got one question though. I can't quite seem to get the "Push cards up to fill empty space." button to work. The first I pressed it, it asked me if I wanted to give permission for it to run script. But after I've done that, when I press that button, I get the messages "running script", then "finished script", but nothing happens. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Here's the deck handler in case anyone wants to take a look.

GM Ilmakis wrote:

I've just finished to GM my scenario and I propose to run "The Commencement".

Anyone interested?

Yeah, thanks for running it. I enjoyed it tremendously.

If @Redwolfe77 is up for it, could you reserve a spot for him? I believe he recently joined us, and while he's in a Skittershot game with me, I'm sure he'll love the opportunity to play a character of his own creation.

Oh yes, definitely! So long as each character have different PFS/SFS number, go right ahead. That's one of the reasons actually why many of us play PbP. While each game runs much slower than F2F games, being able to run through multiple characters simultaneously partially makes up for it. At the start though, I would recommend going slow until you find what your capacity is. After all, it should be fun and not end up being a chore to "update" each character.

One caveat though. When playing pregens, you have to decide in advance which character you want to assign the credit to. This would effectively lock that character from playing other games as it is technically in a game, albeit in the guise of the pregen.

Wasteland_Wizard wrote:

I have a question involving recruitment

Is it ok to recruit for casual games on this particular forum?
And if so, could I find a GM here willing to try DMing a casual, even homebrew game, on a green (as to say new) sub-community for paizo formed on discord as a bit of a play test to see the viability of its use?

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge is set up for the purpose of recruiting for PFS PbP games. For general recruitment, including homebrew games, I think you can make use of Paizo's general recruitment forum.

I spend practically all my Paizo time on Flaxseed (and its sister lodges) that it is easy to forget that there are very active recruitment going on outside of it! :)

I would like to play Dakoyo as first choice, followed by Quonx. Thanks!

@Eric, I believe it is L1-2.

GM Ietsuna wrote:
I just wrapped up my first SFS GM game and am keen for another one. Anyone for Skittershot?


I'll love to play Skittershot. Missed it the last time when quite a few were running it.

Welcome, RedWolfe77! Yes, this is the perfect place to find SFS games! (It's a bit quiet now though because it's Paizcon weekend.) If you've done PbP, then the Paizo site isn't too different. (In fact, I think it's simpler, at the cost of fewer bells and whistles.)

A good place to start is the link right at the very top of the page. You should see a button labelled "Important Links." The link for New Agents should provide most of the information you need.

The only information not there (I think) is how to register for an SFS character. To do so, follow the "Organized Play" tab above, and click on "My Organized Play". You'll be asked to login and after that you can register a new character.

That's what I like about kineticists. I don't think there's a best element. While there are optimal builds, which element you take really depends on your preferred playstyle.

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It does nothing for kinetic blast (other than the +1 attack). Haste only grants additional attack to weapon attacks, which a kinetic blast isn't. It's a SLA.

However, kinetic blade (and whip) will benefit from haste because you actually form a weapon using your element. That is one reason why some people do kinetic blade builds. With iterative attacks and haste, the damage can be quite overwhelming.

Hey sorry, I missed the announcement on Flaxseed! :P

I've got a range inquisitor that I've not played in a while. Though it seems we need more frontliners, in which case I have a rather devastating rogue (though mostly only when flanking)?

Essentially, a mechanic get one free repair (10% of max HP, 25% with repair drone trick) per day. Additional repairs per day will cost 1RP.

Yeah, it is not optimal but it is fun. And gives you more tactical options in combat.

One of the challenges I've found playing a combat drone is its low HP. A typical Starfinder character would have significantly higher SP+HP than a combat drone's HP alone. Also, a character could have combat "healing" of SP (from envoys) or HP (from medics, serums). Combat drones' DR help somewhat but not against energy attacks. Pumping up AC is difficult as well. Out of combat healing is also relatively limited. The good thing though is that even if your drone is completely destroyed (happened once for me), you can rebuild it completely within 24h. In a multi-day adventure, that is great, but even if not, that it is not costly to replace is nice.

I'm interested as well, particularly at high tier but I have many options from 2-5.

L2: Alchemist
L3: Warpriest, Gunslinger
L4: Monk (UC),
L5: Inquisitor (ranged), Rogue (UC)

Shifty, if any of the tables end up T3-4, I'd be interested. Thanks!

BR Dinketry wrote:
Mavaro II - ACG kuey wrote:

Hi, Mavaro reporting!

I'm quite inexperienced still. Played my first game (also using Mavaro) at the last special (Cosmic Captive). Only after that did I realise that it won't bring my character all the way to tier 6. Am currently in another game playing Yoon, but I really want to bring Mavaro through as well so really glad that BR Dinketry took me in. :)

My PFS number is 215076-1003.

I'm good with Google Hangouts. Will email you separately on that and the other requested stuff.

I'm currently in Singapore, so time zone is not that different. :) But will be popping back to London in a few weeks, then returning again in Aug. Visited South Island (and Dunedin) a few years. Amazing place!

You’ve answered my question about which version of Mavaro you’ll be bringing as he has two versions: the Class Deck or the Mummy’s Mask version. Both are acceptable to play for PACG. You’ll be playing the class deck version, I think, correct?

Yup I'm using the Occult Adventures 2 version. Ordered the MM one but not here yet.

Yeah I got quite confused reporting my latest games when some of my players have 7 digits!

I'm up for playing Save the Renkrodas too!

Hi, I would like to play if there's still space. Thinking of Mavaro from Occult Adventures 2.

I don't see why not. Your CL is now 3, which gives another missile.

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kuey wrote:

Did you miss out on any SFS games that you really want to play but they are all full? Or they were not offered?

Fret not! We still have two experienced GMs, GM Wolfspirit and Cellion who are keen to run SFS games for Outpost II! So you've missed out on something you would like to play, let me know and I'll try to arrange something with them. Please let me know what scenario(s) you would like to see happen via this Google Form. There's space for five but if you have more requests, go ahead and submit multiple forms. Thanks!

Seems there might be some interest in more SFS games after the start of Outpost II so let me try this again. If you didn't get into any SFS games for Outpost II or find that you have more bandwidth for more, let me know via this Google Form and let me see what I can arrange with GMs who are still available.

Game on!

Previous Round.

Kai Starchaser wrote:
" I followed the news of an initial exploration into Salvation's End with a lot of excitement. I've heard rumors the society might be visiting it again soon!"

Iteration-177 turns over to Kai, and while their body language is similar as when listening to Theshe, more subtle cues gives you the sense they are listening with greater interest this time: the way they lean forward, the tilt in the head. "Yes, I have heard some rumours over the grapevine about Salvation's End but information is really tight about the role the Starfinder Society played in this. But really, I am not surprised at the return trip. That's what you do! And do so well! Of course, it would all be speculatory but what do you think we will discover there?"

Success on Culture.

Stewart Charles wrote:
"Zo! I wanted to thank you personally for funding the recent expedition to Salvation's End. I do hope my colleague here isn't boring you too much with his poetry. Azara, we've got THE biggest name in entertainment here. Why don't we let him tell us what gets ratings these days? So, Zo! what are your viewers looking for in the next big thing?"

"Ah, another keen enthusiastic fine member of the Society! Oh no, oh no, he is not. Quite intriguing, what he suggests. I mean, we are always looking for new angles. Noveltry, freshness! That's what the audience wants." He pauses here as he studies the two Starfinders front of you. "Hmm, seeing you two garbed in your impressive battle gear has got me thinking. There are some things, however, that never goes out of style. I mean, people are still people, driven by the same hormones and neurons, whatever form that might take for different races. Acts of physical prowess will always entertain and impress. Or even consummate skill with weapons! Hmm, you know I have been considering some reality vidshow filled with action! Romance! Battles! You two fine specimen interested?"

Acrobatics, Athletics or Attack Roll.

In the handouts, if you see "???" under skills, that means that there are more undiscovered skills that you can use with that NPC.

Bold may act
Round 2:

Wasteland_Wizard, I can help you take a look with Cashara. Will PM you after I've taken a look.

Kali Altzairu wrote:

Yes, well, I've got some of those, haven't I?

*roots through your archives*

Ah, would that be one Ekanta Hanoi, the Fighter and rather serious creeponaut?

*ding* *ding* *ding* :)

I just got mine approximately an hour ago.

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Did you miss out on any SFS games that you really want to play but they are all full? Or they were not offered?

Fret not! We still have two experienced GMs, GM Wolfspirit and Cellion who are keen to run SFS games for Outpost II! So you've missed out on something you would like to play, let me know and I'll try to arrange something with them. Please let me know what scenario(s) you would like to see happen via this Google Form. There's space for five but if you have more requests, go ahead and submit multiple forms. Thanks!

I've been treating those sessions as reruns of earlier episodes, albeit with somewhat different outcomes... And different party members...

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Great to see you, Granta! Just in time for Outpost II sign ups!

Oh yes, I am. My ysoki technomancer Second Seeker just hit L3.

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eggellis wrote:
I have a level 5 that I'd like to play. What is Outpost 2 though?

Outpost II is our next online PBP convention that runs from 11 Mar - 6 May. Announced on Castamir here by our beloved Hmm and you can find the sign-up sheet here!

Join in the fun!


Hi, I'm new to the Card Guild, and got a question. There are usually 3 characters per class deck. Are we allowed to play more than one character from one class deck, so long as we keep track separately which character has which cards from the deck? For example, with OA2, can I concurrently be playing Mavaro and Yoon?

Charli Poshkettle wrote:

Continuing the conversation from recruitment:

Alright, so who has characters at level 5 and up? I currently have three in that territory: Charli, Magical Mu (the recipient of all my Dead Suns chronicles) and Bat Elf, who just leveled up. So theoretically, I could sign up for three high-level tables at Outpost and help them happen.

Though realistically, I only have the bandwidth to play two Outpost games. So maybe what I should do is move Mu from Beacon Code Dilemma to King Xeros...? It's going to be the one time she gets played on level 6 before she pops up to Level 8 due to AP credit.

Maybe King Xeros needs a Icon Melee Technomancer used to showing off in the Gladiatorial ring!

If my solarion survives Shifty's game, I'll have my first level 5! :) Signed up for 1-4 games though, as I've neglected some of my other characters for a while. But let me drop on of them to join you at one of the King Xeros. Again, this is provided he survives... :)

Andy shares that these skeletal champions are not only resistant to non-bludgeoning weapons, they are also immune to cold, on top of usual undead traits. They are also particularly resistant to channeling of positive energy.

He then starts an inspiring song to encourage his team. Jivan flings another coin but it is deflected by the skeleton's shield. Tofang, however, fires with pinpoint accuracy, his bullet knocking out a rib of a skeleton.

Lumo, when you channel energy, you choose either to heal the living or damage undead, not both. I'll not resolve your actions just yet until you confirm which you are going for, especially in light of Andy's sharing.

As for Bon, with a flurry of punches and kicks, he smashes one of the skeletons into smithereens.

combat map
Bold may act
Round 1: Status: Inspire Courage (+1 attack, dmg, save vs fear)
red skeletal champion
orange skeletal champion (-3)
yellow skeletal champion
Lumo (21/33)
Genevieve (12/18)

GM screen:

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