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Looks like I missed this but I'm definitely interested.

Hey, thanks for the references! I was looking in particular for something more RAW as this is for a PFS character. So I was concerned if there are no actual valid targets, can a spell still be cast. So I think that reference on Targets help. I mean, if it's strictly read, it talks about choosing a target that isn't valid, not about having no targets at all. But I think the intent of the ruling should be clear.

Just want confirm that a staff magus can’t use spinning staff to recharge his spellstrike if there’s no 2nd target? Kind of sucks cos often by the time it reaches the time to recharge spellstrike, it’s down to the last boss. So it’s choosing between strike or spending one action to recharge.

What if I strike an ally but intentionally miss? Lol.

Perhaps I'm slow but I just noticed that the damage scaling for a 2-action elemental blast falls behind that of a 2-action cantrip. Elemental blast adds 1 die every 4 character levels, while most damaging cantrips adds 1 die every 2 character levels. For example, at character level 5, a 2-action air blast would do 2d6+4 while a telekinetic projectile would do 3d6+4. (The comparison is more difficult with a d8 elemental blast vs d4 cantrip, but eventually, the cantrip will still overtake eventually.)

Of course, kineticist can use gate attenuators to increase their attack modifiers. But otherwise, my sense then is that by design kineticists should seldom use their 2-action blasts? That kind of makes sense, because they would typically have other more useful 2-action impulses which are more powerful than cantrips and which they can effectively use like cantrips. And the 1-action elemental blast is still useful when they have a spare action, while most spellcasting classes don't have 1-action damaging options.

Just want to check my understanding? Thanks!

Yes, Atlach. I’ll let you retcon your turn. As mentioned in my post, to bring him up, someone can retrieve his potion then pour it down his throat.

Magima, sorry about the wrong spelling. As for the disease, apologies if I wasn’t clear. For each of the strikes from the swarm, first need a Ref DC17. Only if you fail that do you need to attempt the fortitude save. So please go ahead to reroll?

Hector, ah yes forgot about the panache. Will adjust when I get back to my keyboard.

I was going to bring my L3 witch that focuses on healing and debuff, but looks like there are a number of L1. If so, I could bring my L1 melee thaumaturge or L1 summoner (with some healing abilities).


I see, got it. Thanks!


Is there any legal way to get access to scorpion whip? Own the relevant source document, and ability to gain access to uncommon item, eg via human?


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Ah yes that’s right. So not possible then. Thanks!


Nefreet wrote:

It is a Rules Question, so this thread will probably get relocated, but I have an answer anyways:

You can't select Flexible Spellcaster Dedication with Ancient Elf.

Choose a class other than your own. You gain the multiclass dedication feat for that class

Multiclass Dedication Feats have the Multiclass Trait, and only represent actual Classes, like Rogue.

Flexible Spellcaster Dedication does not have the Multiclass Trait.

Yes I understand. Should have been clearer. I meant train my ancient elf into something else. Then retrain the L2 class feat into Flexible Spellcaster Dedication.


(I asked about this at the Rules forum but didn't get much response. Trying here, and also since it is a PFS character.)

I've got a L6 ancient elf wild druid, who took Rogue Dedication at L1. As you know, wild druids tend not to cast much spells, so I was thinking of retraining him into the Flexible Spellcaster archetype. (Figured since I won't cast much spells anyway, might as well get some benefits of flexibility.) However, I can't quite figure out how many weeks of retraining is needed.

1. Flexible Spell Preparation needs to be taken at L1 first, as a class feature. This would require one week of retraining.
2. Flexible Spellcaster Dedication needs to then be taken at L2 as a class feat. So another week to retrain the class feat I took at L2 to this one.
3. However, the Rogue Dedication prohibits another dedication feat until two other feats are taken from the rogue archetype. So need another week to retrain out the L1 Ancient Elf racial feat. (In fact, probably need to do this one first before #1 and #2 above.)

Is this right? I would need a total of three weeks of retraining?

If I want to retrain my Druid into flexible spellcasting, would that need two retrains? One for L1 to replace regular spellcasting to flexible spell preparation and another for L2 to replace the class feat to flexible spellcaster dedication? How does that interact with the requirement that “ If you choose this class archetype, you must select Flexible Spellcaster Dedication as your 2nd-level class feat. ”

(And in actual fact, would need one more to train out my ancient elf racial feat from L1 because I can’t take another dedication feat until I’ve taken 2 other archetype feats from that one. Sigh. )

I just noticed that ghostly weapons only work on non-magical weapons. Wondering what's the rationale of this? It really makes this spell worthless because by that level, everyone would be carrying magical weapons.

It seems to be consistently displaying PST for me, but I admittedly could have missed it sometimes. I wonder if anyone has found a fix? Or if it's one on the list of paizo site bugs... :)

I'm not sure how long it's been going on, but I recently noticed that the date and time of my posts are wrong. I've checked my account settings and the time zone is correct, so not quite sure what caused the problem. From I can gather, it seems to be displaying GMT-8 which is not mine. Any ideas?

Any spot left in high tier? I have a blasty ranged kineticist (L8) or a tanky occultist (L9). The former also has some thieving skills which might be helpful for the team?

Followed the link. Didn't understand...

Went off for some random surfing. Couldn't stand it. Came back. Still didn't understand.

Frustrated. More random surfing. Came back. Finally enlightenment...

So what is n-value of Mrs Perkins' Mrs Perkins' Quilt quilt familiar? :)

Watery Soup wrote:

2007: Baba Yaga Witch created entirely to make a math joke.

Ok, you can't tell us that you made a math joke without telling us the math joke. That is just ... completely unethical. :) Joke tax please.

Hey, there's a concept that I had been toying with that could finally be implemented when the magus came out. So L1 magus is keen.

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Downloaded the Secrets of Magic pdf yesterday and just finished skimming through the book. (Will take a while more to really read it!) For someone who almost exclusively plays spellcasters, must say I'm quite excited with all the new magic options! Just a bit bummed out that "Players cannot create their own ... personal staves". Sigh, would have loved for my crafting-focused wizard to be making his own staves...

And if so, anyone willing to take a L3? I've got a witch who 1 XP short to be a multiple of 4.

I recently started GMing Age of Ashes and just completed the first chapter.

My players are going to sell off the treasure they don't need, and I was wondering if anyone might have tabulated the price of each treasure by chapter. Tried searching online and this forum but with no success. I know, it's not that much work to have them search Archives of Nethys for each item, but if a list is floating around, that's even better.


Started playing an Investigator (Alchemical Sciences) and wanted to make sure I'm getting some of the rules right.

1. Was thinking of picking up a familiar (vs archetypes) at some point and use it primarily to feed elixirs I create to allies, and was thinking of the action economy of it. It seems I would have to (1) Quick Tincture, (2) hand elixir to familiar, then (3) command familiar. The familiar would then (1) stride, and (2) feed elixir to ally. Does that look right? Feels kind of a waste of a familiar though since I could simply (1) Quick Tincture, (2) stride, and (3) feed elixir to ally, i.e. do the same without a familiar. Only benefit I see then is if I need to stay at my location for whatever reasons.

2. A couple of familiar abilities don't seem to interact with Quick Tincture RAW. Lab Assistant specifically mentions Quick Alchemy only, while Extra Reagents specifically specifically infused reagents, but Quick Tincture uses versatile vials, not infused reagents. Was wondering if it is intentional for Investigators not to have access to these? (Not a major issue since this is a home game and the GM would allow but just got me thinking.)

3. I noticed that Quick Tincture items only last until end of the turn, while Quick Alchemy items last until start of next turn. Again, I'm taking this as intentional, which means I can't hand an item over to my ally for them to drink on their turn. Hence the whole shenigans in #1 to feed them within my turn. (Familiars, being minions, act on your turn.) Again, just checking to see I interpreted the rules correctly, and wondering if there are other implications.

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I, too, have Level 2 that is on the cusp of levelling up, if a 1-4 game materialises (that I haven't played of course).

I am the player in question, so I shan't comment too much until after the game and leave it to the GM's ruling. That said, is this something that we need an FAQ on, i.e. whether the definition of "unattended" which is used repeatedly across the rules, and/or the issue of Magic Weapon on worn / stowed items.

GM Glyn wrote:
Pathfinder Mirian Raas wrote:
Seeking six Crazy Heroic Pathfinder explorers for an expedition on behalf of the nation of Vidrian, to renew relationships with their centuries-lost trading partner, the Iruxi island of Ekkeshikaar.

I am looking to run two related scenarios in sequence with the same crew. Both are level 3-6 and the second one is a Repeatable scenario.

1st) PF2 Society Scenario #1–09: Star-Crossed Voyages, Levels 3-6, Tag: Horizon Hunters

2nd) PF2 Scenario #1-23: Star-Crossed Court, Levels 3-6, Tag: Repeatable

If you are interested and have a character ready please signup. {link} Signup Sheet

This will be pbp on Paizo Forums. I expected to start later this week after reaching a legal table.

I've played 1-09 but if you happen to run a second table of 1-23, I would be interested. Thanks.

GM Mauve wrote:

Wow! Lots of interest. I'll definitely end up running two tables of this. I believe I can run up to six players, but will double check. Being part of PFS is not a requirement - anyone can play this game!

Also, for those who are interested, remember you must either use A) one of the Beginner Box pregens (Ezren, Kyra, Merisiel, or Valeros) or B) create a character using the Beginner Box character creation guidelines.

Pregens are located here.

Character creation guidelines are here. The Beginner Box character guidelines are a bit more limited than normal - only three ancestries (dwarf, elf, human) and four classes (cleric, fighter, rogue, wizard) are available.

Will pick the two tables sometime tomorrow or Friday, and hopefully we can get started by the weekend!

In the mean time, please let me know if you want to play a pregen (and which one you would like) or if you want to create your own character to play.

Ah I see. In that case I'll bow out then. Thanks anyway!

Hi, I'm interested as well although like the rest, am not new and will bow out for the others. There's a melee monk build or a melee investigator that I've been thinking of trying out.

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If you have chrome, you can just select the paizo cookies to delete. I did that and was able to login after that.

Ah, there it is.

Spellcasting Archetypes wrote:

A spellcasting archetype allows you to use scrolls, staves, and wands in the same way that a member of a spellcasting class can.

So it looks like the only way to gain access to the spell list of another spell school (and thus use items like scrolls, wands and staves) is through a spellcasting archetype.

But how would you gain access to a spell list?

Let's take the cleric archetype as an example. Nowhere does it say you gain access to the divine spell list. Does it mean that even if I pick up the cleric dedication at level 2, I wouldn't be able to use a scroll of heal?

I have a wizard (in PFS) who recently caught access to a feat that makes him trained in the DCs and spell attack rolls of a spell school (not arcane). (Keeping it vague to not spoil the scenario.)

Would that allow my wizard to use magic items that activate spells of that spell school, e.g. scroll of heal if the spell school is divine? Not quite sure where in the rules to look that up.

Interested, partly because I’ve heard quite a bit about Foundry and this looks like a good way to orientate myself to it. Mostly will have a L5 Wizard (Universalist) available.


Mike Bramnik wrote:
Bongo BigBounce wrote:
Will players be allowed to change feats such as Enhanced Resistance after this nerfing?

As Landon said, the organized play team is aware of this, but since some people are out of the proverbial office follow Gen Con (which ended just before this dropped), they'll need a little bit of time to get to it.

Stay tuned!

Resurrecting this thread as I only just found out about the nerf to Enhanced Resistance. ;P Any word about the possibly of a respec out of this feat?

I've not actually played this, strangely enough. Would like to get into it as well.

Themetricsystem wrote:

I must confess, the easiest route for this, like most things, turns out to be Ancient Elf.

Select any Dedication that provides Arcane Spellcasting and you're all set such as Witch for example which could compliment an Investigator quite nicely all at level 1.

I don't think that helps. If I take a Sorcerer multiclass at level 1, I can't take the Champion multiclass at level 2 as you need at least 2 sorcerer dedication feats first. And you can't take any at level 2 (because they are minimally level 4). So the Champion multiclass only comes on at level 8.

mrspaghetti wrote:
There's always Trick Magic Item.

That would require a good Int. Out of combat, failure isn't an issue as you can keep trying, but once you crit fail, that's it for the day. A melee oracle is quite MAD as it is: Cha, Str, Con. :) But yes certainly an option.

Alright, seeking advice for this oracle build that I'm working on. I'm interested in playing a melee tempest oracle (the L1 revelation touch spell is pretty cool). To make sure he is tanky enough, I was planning to take the champion multiclass at level 2. (It also fits the character concept - he's seeking atonement for unintentionally killing a lot of innocent people so joined the church of Sarenrae.)

So in browsing the various spell lists, I found that arcane has quite a few spells that are quite good for melee characters - true strike, false life, haste, etc, so have been cracking my head to find the best way to access them. Realise that since I'm looking more for buffs, I don't actually need to be able to cast them, just need to have access to the arcane spell list so that I can use magic items. (A wand of false life every day is a nice buff.)

I've only found two ways though to get access to the arcane spell list. One is to multiclass again, but with the L2 multiclass to champion, the earliest I can multiclass again is L8 (with L4 and L6 class feats spent on champion dedication feats). The other way is to play a spell-scaled kobold, which unlike other ancestries which gives you access to a cantrip, also gains the "You gain the trained proficiency rank in arcane spell attack rolls and spell DCs". But kobold doesn't quite fit the concept I have of my character.

So, any other ways?

Khouri P. wrote:
kuey wrote:
I've always wanted to play this but I have only L2 characters left. Would that be ok? I believe that if the Chronicle Sheet says L1-2, it is sanctioned for L2 as well, but I'll leave the GM to make the final call. If need, I can create a new character. But with 18 characters, would have to think a bit about what I would want to create. :)
I'm sorry, you are correct, you can play it through at level 2 ONCE for society, so I would allow that as long as we only have 1 level 2, otherwise it would get too easy.

Spent a bit of time thinking about it, and decided that I'm at a stage of my life (primarily my work) where I likely can't give my full attention to the game which wouldn't be fair to everyone. So going to withdraw my application.

Have fun!

Oops. Not sure how that happen. And looks like I can't delete this one... :P

Assuming your familiar has Manual Dexterity, would your familiar pull out a healing potion to feed you if you fall unconscious from dying? Feels like RAW that can't happen because if you don't take an action to command them, they just do nothing. I can understand that animal companions aren't smart enough to do that (maybe they'll just keep licking your face), but familiars should be at least somewhat intelligent to do what it can to keep its master alive? (I mean, they can speak human languages!)

I've always wanted to play this but I have only L2 characters left. Would that be ok? I believe that if the Chronicle Sheet says L1-2, it is sanctioned for L2 as well, but I'll leave the GM to make the final call. If need, I can create a new character. But with 18 characters, would have to think a bit about what I would want to create. :)

I was in Cordell's game and looks like my druid might have been the trigger for the necro. :P

I had interpreted as that item bonuses would apply if using the druid's usual unarmed modifier, but seems there might not be consensus on this. Until an official FAQ comes, I'll just clarify with the GM for each game.

I would get the potency and striking rune anyway because there are times that I just want to wild morph instead of wild shape (when I only have 1 action to spare instead of 2, when I need to be able to cast spells). Need the potency rune also to get property runes, e.g. ghost-touch. (Unless someone also tells me that property runes don't work in which case Khunbish would be a very sad druid.)

Want to check my understanding of the rules here, as it seems I might have been playing my wild druid wrong.

Consensus I seem to find on the internet is that potency runes bonus do not apply when in battle form. However, looking at the rules more specifically, polymorph trait says "If you take on a battle form with a polymorph spell, the special statistics can be adjusted only by circumstance bonuses, status bonuses, and penalties." So yes, the item bonus from potency runes don't apply in battle form, BUT only for the special statistics.

So for example looking at Animal Form, the special statistics would be for example the +9 attack modifier which would not be modified by potency runes. However, it does also say "If your unarmed attack bonus is higher, you can use it instead." I've thus been taking my regular unarmed attack bonus which would have included the item bonus from the potency rune and being higher than +9, have been using that. (Prof +2, Level +4, Str +3, Item +1 = +10.)

Have I been reading the rules wrong? Do I not count the item bonus in my unarmed attack bonus (i.e. it is considered the Animal Form's special statistics)?

Regarding the changes to Pathfinder Schools, do we just port over our current existing schools? Or are we allowed to make a one-time change (assuming past level 1) since the changes are quite substantial? And Generalist being a new school which looks quite viable.

A bit bummed out that soothe is no a longer available under the Scroll school just when I create an Occult spellcaster. :P

GM kuey wrote:
GM kuey wrote:

Still waiting for the following to check in at the discussion thread and dot at gameplay.

1 Aerondor: Teja Khellekdottir
2 Arrowhawk: Luz Lumino
3 Deronas: Su Fix
4 Rangerarcher: Pre Fix

An opening has come up if anyone wants to join a game of 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road for GD IX. First come first serve.

That opening has been filled. Now waiting for the following to check in. Thanks.

1 Arrowhawk: Luz Lumino
2 Deronas: Su Fix
3 Rangerarcher: Pre Fix

Ah in that case would the party prefer a mystic? I found though that games generally progress fine without one.

We now have a technomancer, an envoy and an operative. Not quite clear class Srurdez is. I have a solarian and a mystic which might fit to round off the party. Leaning towards the solarian just so that there's a tank?

As mentioned, I have 3 level 5 characters, a mystic, a technomancer and a solarian. So very depends on what would best support the party.

Tier 6.2 --> 6.3

1. Spend Hero Point on Skill Feat: Str +1

2. Deck preference:
Spell 6 (Rejuvenation): 1d1 ⇒ 1 (Agnostic about getting this since Restorative Touch (Core) has proved fine so far)

3. No loot.

4. Usual Sunburst Trader for Blessing of the Elements

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