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* Venture-Agent, California—Los Angeles (Camarillo) aka JAF0

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What an awesome contest... I'm so impressed by all the entries... It must have been a very hard decision for HMM... Congrats to all the winners!!!

By then I should have a little more free time.. I'm interested as well... I'm fine with ftf games, still intimidated by prep for pbp.

sure..... I thought 1-04 would be done before you started 1-05... but I have another character I can run in 1-05, thanks.

* Venture-Agent, California—Los Angeles (Camarillo) aka JAF0

Thank you both... I was pretty much sure that the answer was no, but the use of pp for the spell was something that never occurred to me... I'll tell him.

* Venture-Agent, California—Los Angeles (Camarillo) aka JAF0

A player in one of my pfs games sent me this email... and I don't know how to answer him, so I'm asking here.

"I want to buy masterwork platemail. I have just over 1500 gp. Enough to buy platemail but not masterwork platemail. Can I spend 2 prestige points to pay the extra cost (150gp) for the masterwork? I guess from a roleplay perspective it would like asking someone from the guild to ask the master craftsman to make the armor rather than a journeyman."

um... signups will be closed no later than 21 sept? isn't that already passed?

I can't play or run True dragons either (played it previously and not 5 star gm)

Lorenzo - I'd like to play in that one, if you've still got room

DevilDoc, that's awesome... keep up the good work!

Hi Redelia... I'm keeping my name in the pot, but I had planned on posting a bit more of my character's background and such before you make a decision... LIfe got in the way, and I didn't get a chance - between too many obligations the last 2 days and the website issues, I've just not been able to finish writing it all up and posting it... However the concepts are there and Hopefully you like what I posted already and I'll get a chance to write much more for you. What a field to pick from though, I don't envy you the decision making! - JAF0

Concept: Outlaw Drow Solarion (considering Phrenic Adept archetype)
Combat Role: ranged
Starship Role: captain
Noncombat Role: face

Former member of a secretive and close-knit group of spacefaring drow traders, specializing in black market weapons. When his powers began to manifest, his teammates shunned him. Feeling that he was destined for something bigger and better than arms trading, he has turned to the SFS to seek a new career.

Hope you like him... of course there is much more to his background and crunch that stated here.

... and this is your reminder that I'm in one of your long term games already :)

I'd be interested in playing a gray, a maraquoi or a drow... would you consider any of those? Let me know and I'll finish up a concept asap. :)

I'm interested!. Will post a concept later tonight when I get home.

congrats Redelia!!!

I'm interested! I have a 2nd lvl pc I could bring if that's okay.

oic... thanks!

okay - I bought the latest humble bundle and got all the season 4 modules in my downloads... all good there...

but the other things all look like comic book issues and a couple of random modules... I don't see anything that look like map pdfs... how do you tell what's what without downloading it all? thx.

Sorry if I'm a few posts behind... Husband is in surgery today and probably won't be able to post again til late tonight or tomorrow... Again, sorry for any delay - feel free to bot me to keep the action moving...thanks.

sorry on phone today and hard to post at length

Kel hands the,Wayfinder to mutahir.

I'll have to pass, I've played tome with my wizard character... hope the rest of you enjoy the game...

Yes it was down... you can always check at when you're not sure.

second session of GDVI starts tomorrow I believe... is this still gonna go live tomorrow or if not, what's going on? Anyone hear anything yet?

I'll with 5-6, to accommodate our lower lvl chars unless the majority really want to play up.

Interested, and have a character ready from another thread. Will change race a bit... will post again when I get home


I'll have to back out if the GM mentoring game is going to be true dragons of absalom... I've played true dragons I think... that's the pregen kobolds right?

edit: yup... just confirmed I have played it.

lvl 7 character (investigator 1/wizard 6) avail for pt 2 of gdVI... but I've played sanos abduction.

waiting til after gameday sounds fine to me too.

I'd join you for that Redelia!

I'll sign up - 4th lvl monk probably.

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YOU started it, lol... note: it's hard to rhyme 'Hmm'

no vigilante love, eh? no problem... enjoy the game!

My monk sorceror is called to another game...I do have a 7th vigilante avail. That's almost as good as a 6th lvl char, lol

Hello AZ! Nice to meet you.

I'm interested... have a lvl 6 monk/sorc... never played this scenario before. is this for pfs characters or just a one-shot thing?

I've played and run rotrl, currently playing cotct, wouldn't mind playing hr

Not sure about falcon's hollow, sounds familiar, but IF I've played it, it would have been a long time ago.

season 6 of pfs, played some of them, not all

obviously haven't played your homebrew ;)

Oh, hi Ilsa... didn't know that was you... hi Bash... and 5 is fine with me, though I wouldn't mind a 6th as losing a player or two over time is pretty typical... of course we can always start with 5 and recruit more if we lose someone.

Snowheart, I asked about APs and Society play here... see the response from GM Redelia - She says you CAN run with house rules and apply the credit to society characters! It's called 'campaign mode'. Not sure of the particulars regarding chronicles and such, but I'm sure the information is out there.

@GM Redelia - thanks!

Question for the GMs here about running an AP for Society credit. I know that you have to apply the credits to a Society character, but do you have play it with a society character or iconic? Can an AP be played with characters that are not necessarily legal for society play? I've heard of some home games that kinda are run that way... but what is the correct way of doing APs?

If we don't have to play sfs legal characters, I will be playing an operative... if we do play sfs legal characters (and I'm not sure that's entirely necessary if playing for sfs credit... just have to apply the credit to a current sfs character.)... anyway, if we do play sfs legal characters, I'll likely be playing a technomancer.

I play a vigilante, currently up to 6th lvl.. very difficult to play effectively in pfs... just not a good fit imo.. .but I haven't given up on him yet...

just curious, will you be running this for sfs credit? (please say yes! lol)

if not, that's fine too.

I like my rolled stats! lol j/k... They were good, but that's okay... I could live with 25 pt buy easily... though I do like my character's race (aquatic elf)... wouldn't mind being a true dragon though! lol.

That would be great if someone wants to take over... I don't have the modules either and it's a big expense... maybe someone who's an ap subscriber... or maybe we could all pitch in a little via paypal or something to help the gm out?


what is the leaders in liberty contest and how do you vote in it... Isn't there something on one of the faction cards for doing so?

I'm in!!! PIck me!! lol

We all would, but I'm hanging in... the GM posted not long ago slammed at work and would post there soon, so hoping DM Corerue gets back to this eventually too... *crossing fingers*

no... was just thinking that myself... I hope he or she is okay.

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