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I purchased this - but at the time of purchase not all the scenarios for season 5 were available yet - I am scheduled to run 5-09 in a few weeks - how do I get 5-09 (and other upcoming scenarios as they come up) to add to my forge account?

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shroudb wrote:

heighten effects start from the level of the effect.


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I have a question about level+ a for kineticist impulse. Lightning Blast is a 4th level feat, and says that at level +3 you get +1d12 damage and +5' range. I thought that meant the increase happens at lvl 7, 10, 13, etc. My GM says it happens at lvl 4, 7, 10 and so forth. My reasoning is that since you can't get the feat til lvl 4, the original level is 4, not 1. GM says otherwise. Please someone clarify, thanks.

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I'm running my pf1 group through Rise, and we've just gotten into book 4 (starting it today as a matter of fact). I went to print out the first two maps on my plotter, and having a problem...

Normally, just screen-shot the map, expand it so it prints out at 1" squares, and print... but the maps in book 4 are such low res that they just pixilate til the details are impossible to read... I've never had this problem before, books 1-3 all worked fine.

Anyone have any ideas on how to avoid this problem - doesn't seem to matter whether the maps come from the map book or the main book (just can't turn off the map details in the main book, but that isn't an issue - the map pixilates so badly that even from the main book, the map details become unreadable when the squares are 1".)

TIA if you can suggest a way to avoid this issue...

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Alex Speidel wrote:
We'll work on getting this added to the FAQ and the Guide, but for now you may take this post as official word that Mahwek is a valid language for Pathfinder Society characters and can be taken just like any other regional language.

Thanks, Alex!!!

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Just curious ... my linguist dedication character just completed 4-12 and now she is eager to learn the language of the locals... However it does not appear on any lists of available languages.

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rokeca wrote:
As far as I know, gongorinans were first introduced in volume 4 of Shattered Star (Beyond the Doomsday Door) - an adventure with a strong link to Yamosoth. According to Archives of Nethys it appears in Bestiary 6. I'll try to get my hands on my physical copy tomorrow to confirm.

Thanks.. got the info I needed from AON... the information is much appreciated. Looks like just a little issue with the text in the AP... (giving the proper name of the creature without it's creature type).

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Melkiador wrote:

I found some more info. Og-Zeugus is a proper name. The creature type is



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that's all that shows in book 3 of the AP, and it says stats are in Bestiary 6... I guess not... thanks for checking

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On page 22 of book 3, there is reference to a monster in one of the rooms of map A. the creature is called Og-Zeugus, and on that page, it says the creature appears in Bestiary 6. I cannot find any reference to the creature in the pathfinderwiki lists for Bestiary 6. I'm trying to prep this part of the book for my players and am leery of purchasing Bestiary 6 unless I KNOW the Og-Zeugus appears in that book before spending the money.

Can anyone confirm that it appears in the book for me? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Sorry for my absence - We had a death in the family and I've been mostly away and not paying as much attention to gaming or keeping up with correspondence and such.

I wouild prefer to keep playing if that's still an option... and yes, I would like pfs credit if possible for the last book.

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They have approved selling your pledge... I am interested in selling mine if anyone is still interested.

This is what is in my pledge:

Reward level

Ruler $ 150 1 $ 150
- Kingmaker 6 of 6: Sound of a Thousand Screams 1
- Weight marker 50
- People of the River PDF 1
- Guide to the River Kingdoms PDF 1
- PFS: The Silverhex Chronicles 1
- PFS: Oathbreakers Die 1
- PFS: Perils of the Pirate Pact 1
- PFS: The Horn of Aroden 1
- Kingdom Management Screen 1
- PFS: You Have What You Hold 1
- Kingmaker Map Folio 1
- PFS: Six Seconds to Midnight 1
- PFS: Fortune's Blight 1
- Kingmaker Poster 1
- PFS: On the Border of War 1
- Kingmaker 1 of 6: Stolen Land 1
- Kingmaker Adventure Path PDF 1
- Kingmaker 2 of 6: Rivers Run Red 1
- Kingmaker Companion Guide PDF 1
- Kingmaker 3 of 6: The Varnhold Vanishing 1
- Slipcase 1
- Kingmaker 4 of 6: Blood for Blood 1
- Kingmaker Adventure Path Special Edition 1
- Kingmaker 5 of 6: War of the River Kings 1
- Kingmaker Companion Guide Special Edition 1
- Kingmaker Kingdom Tracker Accessory 1

Kingmaker Pawn Box $ 40 1 $ 40
Kingmaker Hero Point Token (Exclusive) $ 5 1 $ 5
Noble Manor Flip-Mat Multi-Pack $ 20 1 $ 20
Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition $ 35 1 $ 35
- Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition (PDF) 1
- Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition 1
Legendary Games Forest Kingdom (PFRPG) PDF $ 25 1 $ 25
Subtotal $ 275
Weight 15.90 lbs Shipping costs $ 15.40

Not interested in making a profit - just want to sell it for cost (see total at the bottom of above list) - PM me if interested. thanks

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If I'm playing in campaign mode, I wonder if my gm will allow me to have a nosferotter as an animal companion for an aquatic PC (Azarketi)... lol... probably not, but would be awesome.

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I have always loved anything by HMM! Can't wait for this one!

Any chance of getting a map list? (trying to make one large map purchase for Paizocon games I'm running, rather than a bunch of little ones as the scenarios are released).

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Hello.. I've sent several emails regarding my Lost Omens subscription and have received no replies yet. I am still waiting for the pathfinder society guide. It hasn't been charged to my card yet, even tho it shows I still have the subscription active and I haven't received the product in an form (not physical or pdf). Is this ever going to be processed?

Also, when I signed up for the subscription, the page clearly said if anything was preordered, that would be cancelled automatically and I wouldn't be double charged or double shipped. Yet, I was charged for two copies of the Legends book and have two physical copies now. I'd like to return one and get a refund on it. PLease advise on how to go about this, thanks. (several email requests to resolve this issue were sent as well with no response).

Thanks for your time.

YEah, me too - put me on the wait list in case 2 people have to drop please.. thanks.

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thanks for the post and the sentiments therein....

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HI... I'm interested in the open spot.. 15th lvl wizard

Player Name: JAF0
Character Name: Wizard of the Coast
PFS ID and character number: 52335-9
Faction: Dark Archive
Day Job Roll (or Say "None"): craft alchemy take 10 for 43

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blahpers wrote:
Yes, they can, explicitly. That's the entire point of being able to choose a spell that appears on both class's spell lists.

Is there a faq, or a post by a developer or something definitive that I can show my gm to confirm this?

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I cannot seem to find a definitive answer to my question, so I will ask it here.

Can a Pathfinder Savant select a spell from another class spell list that appears on his own spell list at a higher level? For example, Greater Angelic Aspect appears on the Wizard list at 8th lvl. It appears on the Paladin spell list at 4th level. Can a Pathfinder savant take the spell from the paladin list and hence cast it as a 5th level spell?

So far, I've encountered table variation on this matter, just looking for a definitive answer or faq reference about such selections. Thanks.

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What an awesome contest... I'm so impressed by all the entries... It must have been a very hard decision for HMM... Congrats to all the winners!!!

By then I should have a little more free time.. I'm interested as well... I'm fine with ftf games, still intimidated by prep for pbp.

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sure..... I thought 1-04 would be done before you started 1-05... but I have another character I can run in 1-05, thanks.

1/5 ** Venture-Agent, California—Los Angeles (Camarillo)

Thank you both... I was pretty much sure that the answer was no, but the use of pp for the spell was something that never occurred to me... I'll tell him.

1/5 ** Venture-Agent, California—Los Angeles (Camarillo)

A player in one of my pfs games sent me this email... and I don't know how to answer him, so I'm asking here.

"I want to buy masterwork platemail. I have just over 1500 gp. Enough to buy platemail but not masterwork platemail. Can I spend 2 prestige points to pay the extra cost (150gp) for the masterwork? I guess from a roleplay perspective it would like asking someone from the guild to ask the master craftsman to make the armor rather than a journeyman."

um... signups will be closed no later than 21 sept? isn't that already passed?

I can't play or run True dragons either (played it previously and not 5 star gm)

Lorenzo - I'd like to play in that one, if you've still got room

DevilDoc, that's awesome... keep up the good work!

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Hi Redelia... I'm keeping my name in the pot, but I had planned on posting a bit more of my character's background and such before you make a decision... LIfe got in the way, and I didn't get a chance - between too many obligations the last 2 days and the website issues, I've just not been able to finish writing it all up and posting it... However the concepts are there and Hopefully you like what I posted already and I'll get a chance to write much more for you. What a field to pick from though, I don't envy you the decision making! - JAF0

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Concept: Outlaw Drow Solarion (considering Phrenic Adept archetype)
Combat Role: ranged
Starship Role: captain
Noncombat Role: face

Former member of a secretive and close-knit group of spacefaring drow traders, specializing in black market weapons. When his powers began to manifest, his teammates shunned him. Feeling that he was destined for something bigger and better than arms trading, he has turned to the SFS to seek a new career.

Hope you like him... of course there is much more to his background and crunch that stated here.

... and this is your reminder that I'm in one of your long term games already :)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I'd be interested in playing a gray, a maraquoi or a drow... would you consider any of those? Let me know and I'll finish up a concept asap. :)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I'm interested!. Will post a concept later tonight when I get home.

congrats Redelia!!!

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I'm interested! I have a 2nd lvl pc I could bring if that's okay.

oic... thanks!

okay - I bought the latest humble bundle and got all the season 4 modules in my downloads... all good there...

but the other things all look like comic book issues and a couple of random modules... I don't see anything that look like map pdfs... how do you tell what's what without downloading it all? thx.

Sorry if I'm a few posts behind... Husband is in surgery today and probably won't be able to post again til late tonight or tomorrow... Again, sorry for any delay - feel free to bot me to keep the action moving...thanks.

sorry on phone today and hard to post at length

Kel hands the,Wayfinder to mutahir.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

I'll have to pass, I've played tome with my wizard character... hope the rest of you enjoy the game...

Yes it was down... you can always check at when you're not sure.

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second session of GDVI starts tomorrow I believe... is this still gonna go live tomorrow or if not, what's going on? Anyone hear anything yet?

I'll with 5-6, to accommodate our lower lvl chars unless the majority really want to play up.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Interested, and have a character ready from another thread. Will change race a bit... will post again when I get home


I'll have to back out if the GM mentoring game is going to be true dragons of absalom... I've played true dragons I think... that's the pregen kobolds right?

edit: yup... just confirmed I have played it.

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lvl 7 character (investigator 1/wizard 6) avail for pt 2 of gdVI... but I've played sanos abduction.

waiting til after gameday sounds fine to me too.

I'd join you for that Redelia!

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I'll sign up - 4th lvl monk probably.

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